36+ Things That Made Us Question Everything


Social media is a truly fascinating place. Just when you thought people had done everything crazy there was to do, they share secrets and thoughts that make us do a mental double take.

From interpreting a text message completely incorrectly to finding out your divorce is happening because of an innocent lie your daughter told, these posts really make us stop and wonder just what is going on in people’s heads. Prepare to have secondhand embarrassment.

Getting Wild

The movies we watch as kids influence how we think about life and love. Beauty and the Beast taught us that good people will find love in the end.

However, now that we’re thinking about it, Belle was awfully quick to fall in love with her captor, who also happened to be an animalistic creature. Were they showing us a love story or were they romanticizing a story of Stockholm Syndrome where an underage girl fell in love with an animal?

Mutually Beneficial

Though we often appreciate some chivalrous behavior from our significant others, don’t let traditional relationship norms keep you from showing your boyfriend just how much you appreciate him.

After all, boys love flowers just as much as girls do—they’ve just never been offered them from their significant other. Why not give them a chance to be pampered like a princess?

Here’s a Tip

Most kids have held their very own lemonade stands on a hot summer day. It’s a great way to keep them busy, while also teaching them the ways of finances and business.

Turns out this little girl already has a head start when it comes to making strategic business decisions. Don’t ever offer people their money back—just accept what they give you and thank them for their contribution. It seems like we have a lot to learn from her.

Out With a Bang

Valentine’s Day is a difficult day for many. If you’re not in a loving relationship, you have to spend February 14th watching everyone around you enjoying their happy lives.

Our first reaction is utter terror at the thought of being flattened by a meteor. But this guy may have a point. After all, an impending asteroid hitting Earth might be easier news to swallow than realizing you’ll be spending another year of V-Day alone.

Swiping Left

These days, no one can be trusted. With so many dating apps to join and people to message online, there are far more disloyal people than there are loyal ones.

This girl discovered her boyfriend had a Tinder account, but we can’t find it in us to feel bad for her. It’s hard to muster compassion when she herself was active on Tinder. We’re in awe at her audacity to post this online and then wonder why people are upset with her too.

First is the Worst

We all have daily lists of chores we dread doing. Here’s an invaluable piece of fatherly advice—get the most annoying tasks out of the way, so you can enjoy the rest of your day with a sense of accomplishment.

Dads can be so smart, but this one is showing us just how dense they can be as well. Just a few months after passing on a piece of advice, this dad exposed himself for thinking that a birthday phone call was just a dreaded thing to check off his to-do list.

Mamma Mia!

If you’ve ever attempted to do an Italian accent, chances are high that you threw your hand up in a very specific way. Somehow, this gesture makes everything you say 100% more Italian—and apparently, 100% more offensive to goats.

Maybe this goat has a problem with the Romance language, or maybe it’s all goats in general with an aversion to the language. Either way, follow this sign’s advice and stick to a different language. Stay away from feeding it while you’re at it.

Going Shopping

Some of us have no choice but to figure out the best way to budget our money. With a little bit of creativity and a knowledge of recipes, you can make your money go a lot farther.

However, this guy might have had just a little bit too much creative freedom with a lack of cameras and who knows what kind of weapon. Too bad supermarkets take their security a lot more seriously these days.

Freeze Frame

Living in a state that often gets hurricanes sounds like a horrible time. Luckily, there have been enough tropical storms that people pretty much know what they’re doing. If you’re curious about how to prepare for a hurricane, follow the advice of the storm veterans.

But we’d advise against following this person’s advice. If you can’t figure out why, we’ll give you a hand.

Funny Love

Kids always say the most honest, innocent things that have us clutching our stomachs as if they punched us in the gut. This child only wanted to give his parents an anniversary card, but he had no idea of the impact of what he wrote.

To be fair, they were the ones to get married on the day of pranks and jokes. Still, hearing your marriage is a sham from your own child is something no parent wants to do.

Feeling Peachy

It’s one thing to be ignorant of the way kids speak to one another over text, but it’s another thing entirely to completely misunderstand suggestive messages, especially when they’re being sent to your husband right in front of your eyes.

Oh, sweetie, we’re terribly sorry to say this to you, but if your husband is rushing over to relieve someone from their “burnt dessert”, he’s not the kind man you thought he was.

Water You Doing

When the summer gets too hot, some kind of water activity is the perfect way to spend time with friends, while cooling yourselves down. However, we’re not sure this person understands the rules of a water fight.

Instead of going for a more refreshing option, it seems this person just wants to cause some harm. They woke up and chose more than chaos—they chose violence, and we’re so thrown off by it.

Sticky Fingers

When life gets tough, a bit of retail therapy is all you need to feel better. There’s something about buying new things you don’t need that just soothes the soul.

Murk seems to have something to say about that. Retail therapy might be his go-to activity in his free time, but you’ll never catch him pulling out his wallet. We’re so impressed by his honesty, and right to the retailer itself, no less.

Living Long

Taking a photo on the first day of school every year is the perfect way to see how kids change over time. This guy liked school so much, he decided to become a teacher just to continue going to a classroom for as long as possible.

However, other people might view this career choice less as growth and more as regression. After all, after seeing how teachers are treated in this country, this would be our last option for a job.

Divine Intervention

Getting in a car crash is traumatizing for everyone involved. If you’ve ever been in an accident, you’ve probably become a much more nervous, cautious driver.

That clearly has not happened with this girl, who seems to be in harm’s way more than the average person. We’re happy she has somehow found her faith through all of this, but if a higher power has a plan for her, we hope it’s a plan to take her driver’s license away.

What the Guac?

Avocados are finally being recognized as the delicious and healthy food we’ve always known them to be. Not only do they have the necessary fat we all need to ingest, but nothing tastes better than a big bowl of guacamole.

Someone, please teach this guy how to properly eat an avocado—we’re begging you. Biting right through the skin feels like a crime. We can only imagine what these comments are saying.

Chilled to the Bone

Every year when Halloween comes around, we want to go bigger and bolder with our decorations than last year. But after a while, how many plastic skeletons can we realistically buy before it’s over the top?

We really thought this person was going to give us an alternative to the plastic decorations we buy at the Halloween store. We’re all for her environmental consciousness, but it’s her alternative methods that we can do without.

Just Purrfect

Stray animals pull at our heartstrings and awaken our protective sides. If you feel the need to take a stray animal in and rescue it, just make sure it’s not actually a wild animal.

It’d be terribly upsetting to bathe and feed an animal you thought was a lost kitty, only for you to realize it’s actually a mountain cat that definitely has never been in a human’s home before. Who’s going to tell them this is definitely not a tabby cat?

Loud and Proud

Finding out that the person you’ve been talking to actually has a significant other already is disappointing. Instead of letting him get away with his betrayal of his girlfriend, this girl decided to get her own revenge.

But their attempt at exposing him completely backfired when he owned up to it—and even posted the picture himself! This guy has the confidence we aspire to have, just not the morals.

Nice Ring to It

After dating someone for a while, it seems inevitable to eventually take that next step. However, when your boyfriend is taking too long to pop the question, an ultimatum may be necessary.

Just make sure you’re very specific with your request. Otherwise, you might come home to your partner expecting to engage in a wrestling match, rather than a man who’s down on one knee.

Getting Old

As an actor, you can only hope that the shows and films you star in speak for your talent and carry on your legacy after you’re gone. It’s too bad that Leonardo DiCaprio’s reputation has become more well-known than his endless filmography.

If only he would stop breaking up with girls after they get older than the age of 25, we might just stop making jokes about his dating patterns. Until then, we hope he enjoys surfing on Yahoo.

Oh Ship

By now, we all know the story of the Titanic. After all, these days, it’s practically a pop culture reference after the film was made about it—and this restaurant found a way to turn it into its theme.

We’re pretty impressed by the play on words, and they clearly know how to use the shock factor. Let’s just hope that their food speaks for itself, and doesn’t end up being a shipwreck.

Kid Uncle

We all hope to live to old age with our partners, but sometimes, life can be cruel. After our partners pass, we still deserve to be loved.

If we can learn anything from our grandparents, it’s that the older people get, the less they care about what people think of them—and the less age gaps matter. We wonder what the age difference is between this person and their kid uncle.

My Condolences

Matching with someone on a dating app can feel like a conversational minefield. Usually, you tiptoe around topics, keep it breezy, and try to suss out the compatibility before meeting in person.

This girl doesn’t mind sharing some pretty heavy stuff with a stranger on an app. Unfortunately, discomfort makes people do and say weird things. We’ll give this guy the benefit of the doubt by saying he’s responding with discomfort, not an utter lack of sympathy and common decency.

Wireless Connection

We’ve added Bluetooth to just about everything, but adding an extra channel for Tesla users to talk to one another is taking things to another level. No part of us wants to hear the voices of strangers coming in from our speakers without our knowledge.

This world isn’t a video game—it’s probably better to leave people and cars alone. Something about this seems like a terrible idea.

Talking to the Moon

Anytime we think about space, we spiral into a sense of existential dread. When Neil Armstrong went to the moon, he probably came back with all sorts of understanding and clarity about the world.

Well, this is definitely not a discovery we expected Armstrong to have, though it does bring all of humanity together. In the end, we’re all the same—all people who aren’t as cool as Neil Armstrong.

Proving Them Wrong

Dyslexia must be challenging to deal with. It changes how someone sees and understands the world, and we can’t imagine how difficult succeeding in school must be when you can’t always read your letters in order.

Despite having this learning disability, this person persevered and showed just how successful they could be. No amount of dyslexic reading could diminish what this person can accomplish.

Made to Order

By now, we’ve gotten accustomed to the various words Starbucks has pushed on all of its customers—and yet, somehow, we always forget the names for the sizes until we get to the counter.

This guy experienced a moment of panic right when he was about to order, but wasn’t quick enough. We’re sure the barista didn’t say anything of the sort, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there was at least a look of judgment.

Feta-get About It

As more and more people discover their lack of tolerance for dairy and desire to lower their consumption of meat products, restaurants have had to be much more accommodating. This seafood restaurant gave it a try, but didn’t seem to meet the standard.

Offering a salad as a vegan option is great—just don’t pile a whole bunch of cheese on top. That, or just admit you don’t care at all. Either works.

On Fire

Once you’ve learned to ride a bike, you’re set for life. After all, no matter how long it’s been, you can always remember how to do it. It’s that easy.

High school should’ve been easy, but you can ask just about anyone—it’s one of the more uncomfortable times of our lives, for a multitude of reasons. Hey, at least Randey finally gets to leave high school in his past.

Eat Up

There are so many problems on our planet. One that continues to be brought into question is feeding the world’s population. No worries, folks, because this guy just came up with the solution to this major issue.

Apparently, someone really didn’t know how to take a joke and found where this guy lived. Too bad this jokester couldn’t care less about his address being posted on the internet—after all, he already knows where he lives.

Cry Baby

Confrontation is never fun, but there are ways to have a conversation without making someone feel worse. This person has yet to understand how to do that.

Though a pet name might’ve been a way to start an apology, they were in no mood to cheer anyone up. Instead, they chose violence and insults. Imagine having to correct someone who thought your snub was actually a term of endearment.

Where Babies Come From

If you want your child to experience an identity crisis, all you need to do is keep important information from them until they’re old enough to blame you for keeping them in the dark.

Adopting your kid is a good example. However, if you don’t have any secrets to keep from them, why not make one up and stage photos for them to discover much later? This is the most creative example of parental trauma we’ve ever seen.

Sleep Peacefully

There’s nothing quite like kissing the love of your life. When life gets busy though, and schedules start to differ, a sweet kiss before they leave is a sweet way for your partner to say goodbye, while still letting you sleep.

But context is everything. If you live alone, a kiss on your forehead while you’re sleeping is suddenly the very opposite of sweet. If that happened to you, it’s time to move.

That’s Ruff

There are few things that people on the internet agree on, but collectively deciding to troll someone is something people are quick to jump on. For example, when a dog drawing contest happens, which drawing do you think people are going to choose to win?

That’s right—the answer is the scary, funny drawing of a dog over the pretty, detailed one. No, this is not a contest of talent, it’s a contest of which one will make people laugh more.

You Got Scammed!

Every application and website is bound to have a few bugs and problems, but when there aren’t enough employees to deal with every single customer’s issues, creating a virtual bot might just be the perfect solution.

However, having the computer address problems does take that human aspect out of the equation. Who would’ve thought computers would be so bad at sympathy?

Photographic Evidence

You never know who you’re talking to online. To make sure the person you’re chatting with is really who they say they are, ask them to send you a picture. That way, there’s no way to dispute their existence.

This person almost had us fooled. We’d be happy to believe this girl is real—thank goodness for mirrors and ill-taken selfies to expose people for who they really are.

Alternate Universe

Sometimes, we let our minds run wild and imagine all the alternate lives we could be living if we had made different choices in our lives. Now, imagine if we were actually able to visit those alternate versions of us.

We’ve been insulted before, but we’re not going to lie—if a different version of ourselves expressed disgust at our current situation, we’d be more than offended. Disappointing ourselves would be the ultimate failure.

Mind the Gap Employee

In this world, it’s always better to be kind than be right. This employee was neither—and he severely paid the price for it after rudely addressing this customer.

Who knew that for $40, a bit of research, and a few flyers, you could totally expose someone for the things they never thought would be discovered? Whoever made this poster really put a lot of effort in, and we’re impressed.

Struggle Bus

For a little while, it seems that most people your age are at the same level of figuring out their careers and lives. Then, suddenly, without warning, people of the same age are in very different financial situations.

The type of people you date is totally up to your personal preferences. Just make sure that you’re able to uphold your own standards, unless you want to risk making a fool out of yourself.

Making a Change

Some people just love watching the world burn. If we found out on social media that a couple we were friends with broke up, we’d be pretty shocked.

Luckily, Mike just has an odd sense of humor and wants to share his news with the world. Thank goodness Rachel set the record straight. Yes, he no longer has a girlfriend, but that’s because she just became his wife.

Dream Come True

Toy Story ruled our childhoods, but these movies came out years ago. In fact, enough time has passed that some of us have had children of our own.

Clearly, this guy had an inner child he needed to appease. We’re not sure why he couldn’t have gotten his daughter in the photo either, but hey, she’s probably too young to remember this anyway.

Get a Job

We’ll admit it—sitting at a desk for hours on end does have us dreaming of a really rich man to come and sweep us off our feet and offer us a life of not working.

Unfortunately for us all, this is one dream that will never become reality. Getting everything you want without doing anything yourself just isn’t realistic. Time to go and enjoy another day at the 9 to 5.

Rallying the Troops

With such huge stores and great deals, this retail chain brings tons of people into their buildings every year. Things tend to fly off the shelf—though not in the way this retailer would want.

This person clearly has an itch they continue to scratch no matter how illegal it might be. If you’re trying to keep a clean record—and a clear conscious—we’d recommend not listening to this guy.

Perfect Timing

The internet is a crazy place. You really need to watch what you post, or some random girl you encountered one time might just use some information of yours to ruin your life.

This is one of the most clever ways we’ve seen someone use Facebook. We can’t imagine just how upset this cop will be when he’s stuck in court all because he didn’t let this girl get away with speeding.

This One Please

Language is a crazy concept. Even the most innocent of sayings in one language might seem incredibly disturbing in another.

If you’re in a place where the majority of the people speak Dutch, it’s a good idea to learn a bit of the language. Otherwise, you might be convinced that the people of the Netherlands are a pretty messed up society.

That’s Cheesy

When one of the people in a couple works more than the other, packing them lunch to take to work is a sweet way of showing you care about them.

However, we’re not sure we’d call this lunch when it looks like a recipe for an upset stomach. Who needs that many eggs or that many slices of cheese? Why are they packaged up? We have so many questions.

Red as Rubies

When you’re redecorating, you might want to hire a professional to help you think through the important decisions before you put them into practice.

Clearly, that didn’t happen at this hospital, where they decided this design would be a cute way to decorate the floors. Instead, it just looks like they dragged a bleeding body through the halls. What a horrible mistake to make.

Too Little, Too Late

Even child of divorce has a moment where they believe they had something to do with their parents breaking up. This child is a special case, where she actually was the reason her parents decided to split.

The seven-year-old girl proved to be very crafty indeed and created a whole lie just to get revenge on her mom for grounding her. What a way to break up the family.

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