40+ Times People Predicted Things and They Actually Happened

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The world is a pretty unpredictable place, and while we like to try and guess what the future will hold, most of the time we’re way off.

But these people took guesses at what the future would look like and somehow, they ended up being 100% right. Their theories stood the test of time and they’re pretty unbelievable. You won’t believe how well these posts aged.

Wear Protection

Wearing protection during certain activities has always been important, but we’ve never heard of someone wearing a mask in the bedroom.

We’re not sure what kind of humor this is or how this person was able to predict a worldwide plague. Still, we have to admit, this is pretty funny, now that we’ve all been through a pretty universal experience. Alright, guys, admit it—who did this during the pandemic?

Out of Touch

It’s crazy to think that less than 20 years ago, we were all walking around without our heads buried in our smartphones. It’s hard to even recollect what our lives were like without having the whole world available at our fingertips.

Wow, if only the world had listened to Jeff when they had the chance. We might’ve saved ourselves from the anti-social, technology addiction we’ve all become so used to.

Among Us

Sometimes, success comes quickly, and other times, it takes a while for something to reach the fame and fortune it deserves. For this video game, some divine timing was all it needed to reach its intended audience.

After all, we all dipped our toes into the Among Us universe at least some point during the pandemic. Thank goodness those loyal fans were there from the beginning, to support this game before we all caught wind of it.

Dynamic Duo

If there’s one thing Ryan Reynolds does well, it’s comedy. With such good chemistry and a hilarious public feud with his famous friend, Hugh Jackman, this guy thought it only seemed right that the two star in a comedy film with each other.

Well, they just might get their wish when Deadpool 3 comes out in the next year, where an X-men character will be introduced to the Marvel Universe, and the two stars will be on the same screen together.

Dynamic Duo

For some folks, getting themselves motivated to go to the gym can feel like a chore. But there is a special kind of people who will never understand the difficulty of getting up and heading out to get those gains.

This guy might not have regretted going to the gym before, but he’s definitely rethinking his life choices after being locked in a gym with no way out.

Ya Filthy Animal

Joji is one of those artists whose lyrics rip your heart out and stomp on it, which just so happens to make his music perfect for those moody days.

But who would’ve thought this lyrical genius would’ve started out in such hilarious and wild circumstances? If anyone knew Filthy Frank was made for bigger and better things, it was this YouTube user.

Stop Littering

In the early days, people were stoked about the internet existing at all. When Google was created, suddenly, the possibilities became endless.

Well, times have clearly changed, especially since all these promises made by Google are no longer kept by the search engine. We can’t even imagine what a litter-free Google search would look like now. Oh, Google, you used to be so promising.

Stay Positive

It always amazes us how information changes as science becomes more advanced. Though it might take years, there are many things we do differently now that we know the facts about the materials and chemicals that surround us every day.

This old ad is so concerning, that it’s almost laughable—after all, imagine how many people stuck their batteries in the fireplace just to see the pretty flames.

Setting it Straight

We all go through many transformations and realizations in our lifetime. Sometimes, to get to these big epiphanies, you just need a little push.

If you’ve ever questioned if you were straight or not, you might have had the universal experience of crushing on a celebrity you had no business liking so much. We love the comment from this person, and we like their update even more.

Let’s Face It

Celebrities know that they’ll be in the public eye as soon as they reach some sort of fame—after all, it’s basically in the contract. However, no one expects the terrible faces they make to be caught on camera and made into a meme.

Luckily for Dan Levy, this face—and the outstanding performance that went with it—did, in fact, win him an Emmy award. Now, that’s a whole lot better than a date, right?

Time After Time

We often think of the future as being so far away, but these Pinky and the Brain bookends are so old, we as a society have already passed the date they were hopping to through time.

Oh, Pinky, if only you had seen the world in 2020 and gone back to 1950 with some ideas about how to stop the chaos that ensued that year. We might’ve been a whole lot better off. Too bad.

A Star is Born

Lady Gaga wowed fans with her sultry voice and incredible songs. Not to mention, her style made her someone you just couldn’t miss.

However, it wasn’t until 2018 that Lady Gaga made her way to the big screen, breaking our hearts and blowing our minds with her acting skills in A Star is Born. This person had an inkling years before anyone else—someone get this person a scouting position.

Back in Time

Ah, the good old days, when the country seemed to be in some civil agreement and people weren’t yet messed up from isolating for three years due to an insanely unexpected international disease.

Twitter is all fine and dandy, until someone throws something like this out into the Twitterverse. We know this guy was just joking around, but how on earth was he so accurate?

Pizza Mexicana

Taco Bell has come up with quite a few interesting items to add to its menu over the years, though many have been taken off, to the disappointment of its customers. One person, in particular, was mourning the loss of the Mexican pizza.

Luckily, Taco Bell takes their customers’ feedback very seriously, and soon after, the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza was making its comeback everywhere—without the need for giving up souls at all.

Legalize Skateboarding

People for years wanted to criminalize skateboarding. They were scared of injuries, the crowd it attracted, and the things associated with it. Still, no matter how hard they tried to condemn the sport, it prevailed.

In fact, skateboarding was so successful that in 2020, it debuted as an actual Olympic sport. Now that’s one way to render a shirt completely useless and untrue.

In the End

Both Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones had quite a following when they were premiering. But as shows with such controversial topics and artistic decisions by the creators of the shows, we’re not sure exactly what fans were expecting when it came to the endings.

Though this fan tried their best to convince themselves and others that GOT would have a different outcome than Breaking Bad, we’re not sure they were satisfied by how they brought the show to a close.

Flying High

There’s a reason people study different things in university and pursue different interests. Trying to wrap our heads around engineering and mechanics as people who have never studied them before is simply impossible.

Though the people at The New York Times did their best, they were just a little bit off when it came to predicting when airplanes would be invented. Nice try guys.

More Than Enough

It seemed like just yesterday we were all flocking to supermarkets and clearing the aisles of toilet paper and hand sanitizer as we struggled to understand what was descending upon the country. This lady, on the other hand, got the package of a lifetime.

Now, isn’t this a reminder that sometimes, life hands us gifts we don’t even know what to do with in the moment? What a blessing these people received.

What a Smile

Always one of the best actors to play dark characters, Joaquin Phoenix was a natural-born Joker, and got to play the role in 2019, bringing to life a new version of the Joker no one had seen yet.

We’re not sure how they called it, but this person knew Phoenix was meant to don the face paint and the creepy smile that has become so notorious. Good call.

A Big Deal

The Simpsons has always had a knack for prediciting the future. Their blunt satire on our society always seems to be a few years too early for audiences to be fully willing to accept, and yet, they’re always right.

This time, they predicted an acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Walt Disney Co. all the way back in 1998—more than 20 years before the deal was completed. Now that’s just creepy.

Protecting Others

Batman has always had a big responsibility to the people in his community, but he also had a big responsibility to our society long before we ever really knew what was about to happen.

Listen, if Batman is telling you to wear a mask to protect those around you, it’s probably best to listen to him. Who would’ve thought this superhero would have such an important message for us eight years before the pandemic happened?

Making a Promise

Falling ill is not something we wish on anyone. Sometimes, illnesses can be detrimental to both our physical and our mental health—but not for this guy.

Instead of letting it get him down, this man was deadset on beating cancer and getting better—and just like that, a few years later, he got the good news he’s been waiting for. Now that’s an update we’re ecstatic to hear.

Track You Down

We value our freedom and our privacy, which is why the thought of having someone know exactly what we’re doing and where we are at all times is scary, especially when it’s the government we’re talking about.

It’s just too bad that our smartphones seem to know a bit too much about us—and that this book from 2001 predicted exactly what our fate would be.

Immediate Regret

The stock market is constantly changing. In fact, we can rarely keep up with the trends, the companies to invest in, and the general ups and downs of it all.

For the most part, the stock market is all about taking a chance, and this guy wasn’t ready to take that leap when it came to Bitcoin. Poor guy. We can feel the regret from here.

Not Adding Up

When we were in school, we often sat in our math classes, yearning for the bell to ring and wondering when we were ever going to use these equations. But our math teachers drilled it into our heads, convinced we needed those skills.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad we learned some of the things we did. However, having a calculator on our phones makes life a little bit easier than our teachers told us it would be.

High Tech

At the turn of the century, the world had no idea what was coming next. Technology had just started to make its debut in homes through new and innovative ways, and the world was full of possibilities.

While these might’ve seemed incredibly out of reach in 1999, Yahoo predicted all of these hypothetical improvements pretty accurately. Now, that’s creepily impressive.

Spot On

Sometimes, we think we’re too invested in the lives of celebrities as a society. Other times, however, we can’t wait to know what celebs will name their children.

This guy didn’t even have to wait to find out Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s kid—he already knew it somehow. Maybe the couple took to Twitter to help them figure out a name and stumbled across this tweet. What a crazy coincidence.

Taking Attendance

Opening our phones by using facial recognition is convenient and easy. Using facial recognition to report attendance is a whole different thing.

At the thought of this encroaching use of technology, this person was ready to flip out. However, this comment would become a lot more relevant in just a few short months—just not for the reason they might have thought.

Dreaming Big

For every young aspiring actor, there is a dream role that makes them love the entertainment industry. But Tom Holland is different—he actually made that dream a reality.

Three years later, he was gracing our screens as the young and charming Spiderman, making a name for himself alongside the two iconic actors that preceded him in the role. If manifesting is real, Tom Holland definitely did it.

No Escape

Though people have mostly thought of the telephone as a device of convenience, phones carry with them burdens no one truly expected. However, many of us have come to discover we don’t like being reachable at all times.

Just as they predicted many years ago, we are indeed unable to escape our telephones now. Admit it—your pocket feels empty when you don’t have your phone in it at all times.

Living in a Bubble

We might not have invented the individual cars to fill our roads that this article had foreseen for our world, but 2020 had us all living in a bubble, staying as far away from others as possible while still trying to go about our normal days.

We don’t know about you, but we would’ve much preferred the small vehicles than social distancing. What an unfortunate world we were living in.

Kiss and Tell

When we’re younger, we yearn for those relationships that keep us guessing. Are we making out today or are we breaking up? Who knows?

We’re so glad to be out of that stage and interested in adult relationships. The excitement and nonchalance of this post is cracking us up. Oh honey, it’s probably for the best. We love the positivity though.

Ordered it Online

What would we do without our quick and easy two-day shipping when we’re in a bind for just about anything? There’s nothing quite as satisfying as ordering a package and having it show up on your doorstep immediately.

We hate to say it, but Time pretty much called it when they said online shopping would shut down our malls. Oh, how times have changed.

Face to Face

As our world becomes more globalized, and our families and friends travel all over the world, we miss the face-to-face contact we’re so used to having. Luckily, there’s a great feature on our smartphones that allows us to see the faces of the people we love most.

It’s totally normal to fear something so unknown, but this person was so far off from the truth. Facebook post fail.

Leave it All Behind

There are some days when we toy with the idea of packing everything up and disappearing for a little while. There’s no time like the present to achieve your dream of traveling—unless you were planning on doing it in 2020.

This guy really couldn’t have chosen a worse time to consider a total life change. However, now that the world has calmed down a bit, we hope he went out to achieve his dreams.

Price is Right

Apple did something courageous and risky with the creation of its iPhone. With something so new and innovative, at such a hefty price, there was a possibility their company could fail.

Instead, Apple drew us in the same way then as they’re drawing us in now—they know we can’t live without these phones, and it doesn’t matter what the price tag is that’s attached to them. We’d be flabbergasted if we weren’t so impressed with their products.

The Real Trouble

Remember when there was a whole conspiracy theory that the world was about to end in 2012? It caused a whole bunch of people to go into a frenzy—but nothing happened.

We should’ve learned then to appreciate what we had and not take things for granted. Too bad it took another eight years and a global pandemic to really end our world as we knew it. How’d this person know what was going to happen?

Lots of Love

Creativity knows no bounds, but achieving exactly what you want, and putting it out to audiences requires a bit more finesse than one person can do. When Matthew A. Perry had an idea, he needed just a bit of help making it come true.

All it took was one tweet, the right partnership, and a lot of hard work for his vision to be executed, but in the end, it all worked out, and Hair Love got the recognition it deserved. What a great development.

Dollar Makes Me Holler

There are some people who have such a strong vision, that they almost seem out of their minds. Yet, instead of running away from their seemingly crazy ideas, it might just be worth it to hear them out.

This guy was posting videos, begging people to invest their money in Bitcoin. Congratulations! If you did, then you’ve become rich just like this guy. If you didn’t, you just might want to take a risk next time—it might be worth it.

Small Tilt

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has been leaning since its construction when the people realized the foundation was just a bit off balance. With such an off-kilter building, it seemed there was no way this building would stay upright for so long.

However, 2020 came and went, and so far, the Tower of Pisa remains upright, in all of its leaning glory. Thank goodness for that.

Caught on Film

The cameras of the past required a whole bunch of moving parts, including an entire studio room to develop and blow up pictures from the film inside of the cameras.

At the time, this article blew people’s minds—how could a camera exist without film? Now, there’s no going back to anything less convenient than the cameras we have now—or even the ones attached to our phones!

What a Prediction

We all watched in awe as Argentina beat team after team during the World Cup in 2022. Millions or even billions were tuned in to every game as the team climbed and climbed until they had officially claimed the World Cup championship title as their own—with Lionel Messi leading them all the way.

While incredible, we’re almost more amazed that someone tweeted the exact outcome that would happen seven years later. What did he know that no one else did?

Confidence is Key

Every aspiring artist is sure to have their fair share of doubters, whether that be people in your family or people you’ve never met before. Tyler the Creator was no stranger to haters, but instead of letting them affect his confidence, they fueled his fire.

Tyler spoke his dreams into existence and turned this tweet into reality. What an incredible journey he has to look back on with pride, especially as he strokes his music awards and television appearances.

Blockbuster Event

When Netflix started gaining popularity, movie fans everywhere were suspicious of the concept of having movies sent to your house to rent. However, no one was more offended than Blockbuster.

Though they really tried to keep their fan base loyal to them, nothing could’ve stopped the speed at which Netflix created and popularized streaming for everyone. Poor Blockbuster—you never stood a chance.

Friends Forever

Friends is one of everyone’s favorite sitcoms. There’s something so classic about the friendship between the group that makes audiences so nostalgic.

So, when they took it off Netflix, you can imagine the uproar it caused among dedicated fans who have been catching up on their favorite episodes at every opportunity. Whoever tweeted this probably had quite a few people with something to say about wishing this terrible fate on them (even if Avatar: The Last Airbender is a pretty good show.)

Rest in Peace

Every year, we lose another few beloved celebrities to an untimely death. With such a powerful contribution to the world, it’s terrible to see them pass. When Betty White and Bob Saget passed in the same year, we’d just about had enough.

However, when Queen Elizabeth II died in the same year, we were just about ready to give up. While this person might’ve just been observant, we’re still a bit wary of how they knew she would be next. How suspicious.

Comedic Gold

After years of writing for Saturday Night Live, John Mulaney decided to step out from the writers’ room and try his hand at stand-up.

Well, it turns out Mulaney was made for the stage. Though it took him a little while to find the fame and success he had now, someone was rooting for him all the way from the beginning. Now that has to be nice for a new comedian to feel.

Now It’s Personal

For a while, Diary of a Wimpy Kid took over children’s bookshelves everywhere, and for good reason. While children everywhere were obsessed with the fun drawings and the relatable world of the middle schooler, the books also had quite a few interesting moments that only got better with time.

Though our robots look a bit different than this drawing, if you have an Alexa or a Google Home, then this page will look more than a little bit familiar to you.

Pass Us By

Whenever something new is introduced to our daily lives, it always takes us a while to get used to it. Then, one day, we look back and wonder how we ever survived without it.

We’re sure the internet was a difficult thing to adapt to, after only relying on books and libraries to give us the information we need. However, this newspaper clipping couldn’t have been more wrong. After all, what are you using to read this article?

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