Most Viral AI Created Images On Facebook (50 New Pics)

OMG! Scroll through these wild AI pics that went viral on Facebook.

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Get ready to be amazed (and maybe a little creeped out) by the power of artificial intelligence! In the ever-evolving world of social media, AI-generated images have been taking Facebook by storm. From breathtaking landscapes that look like they’re straight out of a dream to hilarious mishaps where AI tries (and fails) to understand our requests, this collection showcases the wonders and weirdness of AI art gone viral. So, buckle up and prepare to see what the future of creativity holds!

01. Finally someone on facebook with some Sense

I was looking at the circles for like 20 seconds trying to see what was wrong and then it hit me.

02. Two people shaking hands

Try this with an art generator that is not a year old.

03. We are still in the Six Finger Stage

An average person with hand has more than 6 fingers in 1 hand.

04. Times were different.

Stumbled upon an old picture of my grandpa when he was in Boy Scouts.

05. Now that’s a great idea.

My dad made this out of water bottles recently and said to never tell mom.

06. Chewable

So after my mom shared AI pics of children and dogs with me, I went through her FB feed.

07. God Bless

My son made a inter-dimensional portal.

08. Character from Rex the Runt


09. Truly beautiful

My gifted sons just created a time travelling machine.

10. A very angry bird

11. Black Man Spaghetti Sculptures


13. He Herman!

14. So Funny

Prompt : Create a photorealist of an artist man tattooing a beautiful woman with a perfect body with the ” steampunk vapor tatoo machine “, there’s no ink just a vapor on the woman . ultra detailed & ultra high definition 16k steampunk tatoo vapor machines landscape surreal background, strange character 8k

15. Marketing Material

16. BEST fails

17. For the birthday

For the birthday of my mom i h ave try something but it was a FAIL krkrkr

18. Hello Kitty

19. Good Luck

20. Love this

21. Beautiful

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