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Alright, buckle up, fashion darlings, because the 2024 Met Gala Dress code just dropped like a bombshell, and it’s all about embracing “The Garden of Time” vibes. But before you dive into your closet in a frenzy, let me break down what this year’s exhibition concept is all about.

Mark your calendars for Monday, May 6, because that’s when the Met Gala is going down, folks! Our fabulous co-chairs Bad Bunny, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, and the queen of fashion herself, Anna Wintour, will be rolling out the red carpet to welcome all you gorgeous guests to the museum. And get ready for an exhibition like no other: “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” It’s gonna be epic!

Met Gala 2024 | Adut Akech | Bad Bunny | Amal Clooney  | Olivia Rodrigo
Met Gala 2024 | Adut Akech | Bad Bunny | Amal Clooney | Olivia Rodrigo

Forget about the Brothers Grimm or Disney fairy tales, folks, because this upcoming show is all about celebrating fashion so delicate and precious that it’s like a sleeping beauty waiting to be awakened from its slumber. We’re talking about those breathtaking pieces that are so stunning, they’re just too fragile to be worn again. Picture them nestled in the meticulous archives of the Costume Institute, waiting for their moment to shine once more. And who’s our knight in shining armor, you ask? None other than the curator extraordinaire, Andrew Bolton, who’s here to awaken these fashion treasures for the world to see. Talk about a modern-day fairy tale!

Get ready to feast your eyes on a mesmerizing array of fashion wonders, my friends! We’re talking everything from a 17th-century English Elizabethan-era bodice, dripping with the essence of the natural world think delicate florals and intricate details that capture the beauty of Mother Nature in all her glory. But wait, there’s more! Alongside these timeless beauties, we’ll also be treated to more modern pieces that channel the same spirit of ethereal elegance. And here’s the cherry on top: the exhibition will be divided into three enchanting sub-themes: Land, Sea, and Sky. Can you even handle the anticipation?

Alright, let me drop some literary wisdom on you to fully grasp the inspiration behind this year’s dress code, “The Garden of Time.” A short story penned by none other than J.G. Ballard back in 1962, sharing the same mesmerizing title. Now, you might recognize Ballard as the mastermind behind the acclaimed novel “The Empire of the Sun,” which even got the Hollywood treatment from none other than Steven Spielberg. But back to our story literally! This tale serves as the creative fuel for our fashion journey, so buckle up for some time-traveling style adventures!

Imagine stepping into a world of pure bliss alongside Count Axel and the Countess in their dreamy utopia. A stunning villa perched on a hill, boasting a terrace with panoramic views of a garden straight out of a fairy tale. But here’s where things get really enchanting the garden itself is like something out of a fantasy, with crystalline flowers that shimmer in the sunlight. Each bloom is a masterpiece, with translucent leaves, stems that gleam like glass, and precious crystals nestled at their hearts.

Now, before you get too lost in the magic, let me hit you with a twist. Like all good stories, there’s a hint of darkness lurking beneath the surface. In classic Ballardian style (yes, that’s a thing now), our paradise isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Think dystopian vibes, where holding onto this idyllic paradise is as futile as trying to grasp every grain of sand in your palm. It’s a tantalizing mix of beauty and bleakness, where the line between utopia and dystopia blurs into something truly mesmerizing. Who’s ready for a journey into the surreal?

Count Axel’s Villa

Beyond the elegant walls of Count Axel’s villa, chaos is brewing as a relentless mob closes in with each passing hour. To reclaim the peace and serenity they once knew, the Count must make a desperate choice: pluck the petals of a time-reversing flower from his cherished garden, sacrificing its beauty and essence until not a single bloom remains.

As the story draws to a close, the once-grand villa stands abandoned and forlorn, its gardens neglected and overrun by thorny belladonna plants. Amidst the tangled foliage, a haunting sight awaits: a statue frozen in time, depicting the Count and his beloved Countess, forever entwined amidst the prickly embrace of the plants. It’s a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of beauty and the inevitable march of time. So, are you ready to bring this tale of enchantment and decay to life through your own fashion journey?

Alright, fashionistas, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: what are we wearing to the Met Gala? Let’s dive into the endless possibilities of interpreting the theme. At its core, the dress code and the exhibition both revolve around the concept of fleeting beauty.

Now, if we’re taking the theme quite literally, we’re talking about embracing the “garden” aspect of “The Garden of Time.” So, melancholic florals that are so moody, they make moody florals look cheerful in comparison. We’re talking about embracing the delicate beauty of flowers that bloom for just a moment before withering away. It’s all about capturing that ephemeral essence in our fashion choices.


Oh, honey, let me tell you about this show-stopper that’s stealing the spotlight in the exhibition! We’re talking about a jaw-dropping black evening coat straight out of the late 1800s, designed by none other than Charles Frederick Worth himself. And get this, it’s not just any coat. Picture a luxurious jacquard textile woven with parrot tulips that practically leap off the fabric with their “aggressive dynamic quality,” as described by the experts at the Met. Can you even handle the drama?! This piece is a true testament to the power of fashion to captivate and enchant, even across centuries. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with pieces like this at the Gala!

A look from Dries Van Noten’s Spring 2014 collection. Photo: Vogue Runway
A black evening coat by Charles Frederick Worth from 1889, featured in the upcoming exhibition. Photo: the Metropolitan Museum of Art

2014’s and 2017’s

If we’re taking cues from Dries Van Noten’s Spring collections, we’re in for a real treat. Picture this: pieces from his Spring 2014 line adorned with parrot tulip embroideries that echo the opulence of Worth’s iconic cape. It’s like a beautiful homage to the timeless allure of floral motifs in fashion.

And let’s not forget about Van Noten’s Spring 2017 collection, where he collaborated with the avant-garde floral artist Azuma Makoto to create a spectacle like no other. Models strutting down the runway surrounded by exquisite flowers frozen in blocks of ice—talk about a feast for the eyes! Channeling that crystalline floral aesthetic would be the perfect nod to J.G. Ballard’s ethereal world.

So, whether you’re rocking delicate tulip embroideries or embracing the icy beauty of crystallized blooms, you’re sure to turn heads and capture the essence of “The Garden of Time” at the Gala. Let’s make Ballard proud, shall we?

Get ready to bloom at the Met Gala with some seriously floral flair! Consider Simone Rocha’s couture debut via Jean Paul Gaultier, where models carried silver-dipped roses, or check out Giambattista Valli’s look 36 for dramatic sequined florals. It’s all about embracing the flower power!

For a non-floral nod to Ballard’s text, consider Valentino’s Spring 2014 music note look, capturing the elegance of the Countess’s harpsichord melodies. And for a faithful rendition, go for classic sophistication with black velvet and a silk cravat, just like Count Axel.

Don’t forget the overarching theme of the exhibition: the allure of bygone fashion. Natalie Portman has already stunned us with a recreation of Dior’s Junon gown, a piece featured in the exhibition. So, why not keep the Dior love going? Picture someone attending in Dior’s iconic Venus gown from 1949, another gem from “Sleeping Beauties.” It’s all about paying homage to the timeless elegance of fashion history while making a statement on the red carpet. Get ready to turn heads and make history at the Met Gala!

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