Ariana Grande’s Ex-Husband Shares Big News On Social Media

Ariana Grande's Ex-Husband Shares Big News On Social Media

Ariana Grande-Butera is an American singer and actress famous for her powerful voice and whistle notes. She has won many awards, including two Grammys and 36 Guinness World Records. Grande began on Broadway at 15 and became famous for her role as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon.

Her debut album Yours Truly came out in 2013. Hits from her second album My Everything (2014) like Problem and Bang Bang, made her a global star. Sweetener (2018) and Thank U Next (2019), her later albums, received critical acclaim and shattered streaming records. Positions (2020) and Eternal Sunshine (2024) also topped the charts.

She is one of the best-selling artists with over 85 million records sold and 98 billion streams. With over 380 million Instagram followers. Billboard has acclaimed her as Woman of the Year. She has also featured in both Time 100 and Forbes Celebrity 100.

The 28-year-old real estate broker, who divorced the pop star in March, and the 31-year-old It Follows actress shared affectionate photos from their travels on her social media on Sunday.

In the first photo, Maika is on tiptoe kissing Dalton as they stand in the street with the setting sun behind them. In the last photo, they are lounging on a yacht embracing while dressed in matching black outfits. The actress captioned the pictures with a shooting star emoji.

Dating Rumors

Dalton and Maika were first seen kissing in October on a date night in Los Angeles. Several sightings of them together have occurred since, including a PDA-filled moment at LAX airport last month.

Before meeting Maika. Dalton had married to Ariana. They started dating in 2020, quarantined together during the pandemic, and appeared in Justin Bieber’s Stuck With U video. They became engaged in December 2020, but they had separated over a year ago.

Due to a prenup, no children, and no major disputes, their divorce finalized quickly. Ariana agreed to a one-time payment of $1,250,000 to Dalton with no future alimony. They established their settlement terms in October. And they have been waiting for the judge’s order to take effect for six months..

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez married in a small private ceremony at her home in Montecito, California, on May 15, 2021. They announced their split in July 2023, and Ariana filed for divorce in October.

After the breakup, Ariana started dating her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater, which caused a lot of talk and controversy. She deleted all wedding photos with Dalton from Instagram. Sources said they tried to fix their marriage but failed, with Dalton even flying to London in January to try to save it.

Fans thought Dalton might have cheated on Ariana after she dropped her song Eternal Sunshine. The song’s mysterious lyrics made people wonder if there was some cheating going on. Fans on social media claimed Ariana deserved an apology if Dalton had been unfaithful, especially since she faced accusations of being a homewrecker due to her relationship with Ethan Slater.

The guessed fans that the words, now she is in my bed, laying on your chest might suggest something about someone else being with Ariana now. Now I am in my head, wonderin how it ends from Ariana’s song Eternal Sunshine hinted that Dalton might have cheated on her during their marriage.

Ariana new partner, Ethan, filed for divorce from his wife Lilly Jay in July. They have been married since 2018 and welcomed a son together last August. Ariana and Ethan reportedly began a romance while filming Wicked in London over the past year.

They met on set in December 2022, where Ariana plays Glinda and Ethan plays Boq. The revelation of their relationship has left them stuck together, preventing them from returning to their respective marriages.

Only after they got divorced did Ariana and Ethan become friends. But another source disagreed, saying this was not true and they had proof. They tried to hide their relationship and pretend everything was normal with their ex-partners. Despite their differing interests.

Both couples split in July, with Ariana announcing her separation from Dalton just before confirming her relationship with Ethan. Ethan then filed for divorce from Lilly, citing irreconcilable differences and seeking joint custody of their son.

Despite Ethan being married to Lilly, observers noticed Ariana and Ethan displaying affection in public, with sightings of them kissing at a pub in Hampstead and being loving at Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar party in March. In 2018, Ethan and Lilly, his high school sweetheart, tied the knot, and they welcomed a son in August 2022.

Three months later, in November, he shared admiration for his soon-to-be ex-wife on their fourth wedding anniversary. Ariana had already liked the post before it got taken down. In the song Yes, And? Ariana seems to respond to critics of their relationship. She repeatedly asks Yes, and questioning why people feel the need to comment on her life.

She sings, Your business is yours, and mine is mine, and wonders why others care about her personal life. Now, I boldly declare, I am done caring about what you think. I would not hide behind your assumptions or change who I really am.

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