Will Smith multitasks like a boss in Bad Boys 4 BTS: Aiming gun and filming simultaneously

Will Smith multitasks like a boss in Bad Boys 4 BTS- daily jugarr

Will Smith has become really skilled in making movies in Hollywood and now he is taking it to the next level by filming himself in his own big action films.

Fans are super excited about some new behind-the-scenes footage from the movie “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” where Will and Martin Lawrence star. This video shows Will using a gun and filming a big fight scene at the same time .it’s pretty awesome. He got a camera strapped to his waist and he is filming himself fighting bad guys. At one point, he flips the camera to show what he is seeing then back to his face.

People who saw the movie in theaters did not know Will filmed this himself until now and they are really impressed. Will’s camera work from all angles is getting a lot of love.


“Bad Boys 4” is hitting theaters this weekend, and everyone eager to see this new perspective on the big screen.

In the office yesterday, we were talking about the slap incident and how Will Smith’s recent behavior has made people forget how talented he is. He is a great actor shining in different types of movies. He was awesome in a super popular TV show made hit songs and created the Men In Black movies. Then, he moved into different kinds of movies and even got nominated for three Best Actor Oscars winning one. And now, he is back with another Bad Boys movie just because he loves it. what’s cool about him. He does not need the money, he just loves acting. Will Smith is unique like that. Even though he is super rich, he keeps making movies because it is his passion.

And you know what? The slap was memorable. It is a pop culture moment we’ll always remember like Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs. I love those moments.

Oh, and there’s this famous story about Will Smith turning down a big role in “The Matrix” to make “Wild, Wild, West.” Looking back, it might seem like a mistake but no one knew how huge The Matrix would become and the directors were not famous back then. The movie could have been a flop. Will had just made Independence Day and Men In Black, so why change what was working? Plus, Wild, Wild, West is fun. It is not The Matrix, but still I do not blame him.

Will Smith was seen filming his latest movie Bad Boys 4, and he was all action. The 55-year-old actor was spotted on set holding a gun and wearing a big camera around his waist and shoulders. In a behind-the-scenes video, Will, dressed as a cop, walks forward with a serious look, pointing his gun ahead. He smoothly turns the camera to face him before continuing after the bad guys.

In another shot, Will turns the camera again, fires at his target, and gets a “good” from a crew member. The video gives fans a view from the camera’s perspective showing Will in an intense shootout keeping a focused stare as music plays in the background.

This footage comes three months after the official trailer for Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die was released in March. Will and Martin Lawrence team up again to fight for justice in Miami. The trailer shows them racing around the city involved in a shootout at a convenience store and trying to clear their captain’s name. The film includes intense scenes like a mid-air fight jumping from a burning van and running as fugitives.

Martin promoted the movie on social media with a cartoon drawing of himself and Will. At a preview screening, he joked about a scene involving a stunt double making the audience laugh.

Before the film’s June 7 release, Will shared a picture on Instagram with Martin and Tracy Morgan at a screening in New York City thanking Tracy for coming. During the screening, Will reflected on working with Martin, sharing an emotional moment from their first day on set. Martin stopped and told Will, “I love you, brother,” setting the tone for the rest of the filming.

Will wished Martin a happy birthday in April with throwback photos of them, writing, Screen Rant attended the red carpet event at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Written by Chris Bremner and Will Beall and directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, this movie picks up where Bad Boys for Life left off but is still great for new viewers.

In this movie, Will’s character, Mike Lowrey, and Martin’s character, Marcus Burnett, try to clear the name of their late captain, Conrad Howard (played by Joe Pantoliano). Early reactions call it a hilarious high-energy film possibly the best in the series, which is impressive for a franchise that started in 1995. The movie hits theaters on June 7.

At the premiere, Screen Rant talked to the stars, directors, and key cast members.

Will Smith & Martin Lawrence on Working Together Will Smith: It is just fun. Martin is a comedic genius, so it is great to watch him work and see what he will do next. It’s like a comedy masterclass.

Martin Lawrence: With Will, it’s the same. He is sharp and can do both comedy and drama.

Directors Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah on Making the Movie Adil El Arbi: It was a big challenge to make something new and not just copy the last movie. We worked with Will, Martin, the writer Chris Bremner, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer to add new energy and flavor to every scene.

Bilall Fallah: Michael Bay, who directed the first two movies, gave us advice: “Don’t mess up my baby.” We wanted to honor his work and even included a cameo of him.

Future of the Franchise Adil El Arbi: We’d love to take the Bad Boys international. Imagine them in London, Paris or Asia.

Quinn Hemphill on Stunt Training and Working with the Cast Quinn Hemphill: I loved the stunt training and fight choreography. Working with Jacob Scipio was great. Acting with Will, Martin and Rhea Seahorn was amazing. Rhea who plays my mom is incredible.

Chris Bremner on the Movie’s Themes Chris Bremner: We started with the idea, “What if the Bad Boys were the bad guys?” We wanted to evolve Mike Lowrey’s character adding more depth and unexpected emotional moments.

Will Beall on Continuing the Franchise Will Beall: The key is balancing action, comedy and family drama. Will Smith is a great producer with a strong sense of story which really helps.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die promises to be a fun action-packed ride with new challenges and adventures for Mike and Marcus. Catch it in theaters on June 7, Bad Boys.

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