Kate Hudson Wants To Play Stevie Nicks In Biopic But She Felt Vulnerable

Kate Hudson Wants To Play Stevie Nicks In Biopic But She Felt Vulnerable dailyjugarr.com

Kate Hudson is an American actress and author. She won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Almost Famous (2000). She is Known for films like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Bride Wars, she also appeared in TV shows like Glee and Truth Be Told. Co-founder of Fabletics, Hudson has written two books and released her debut album, Glorious, in 2024.

Kate Hudson wants to play Stevie Nicks in a biopic. The Glass Onion star told Rolling Stone it is her dream role. Hudson recently debuted her own album Glorious.

She loves interesting lives and telling their stories well. Kate admires Stevie Nicks the most but jokes her family would worry if she played Stevie, fearing she did get too immersed in the role. Stevie Nicks is the top icon for her and many girls who love rock. Stevie life, her music, Fleetwood Mac’s journey, and her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham form an epic rock and roll saga.

Hudson finds Dusty Springfield story fascinating. Dusty was shy and struggled with stage fright, but she was also hesitant to be open about her sexuality. Hudson believes a movie about her could be powerful.

Reflecting on her own music experiences in film, Hudson mentioned her role in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days where she sang You’re So Vain and almost being cast in Moulin Rouge. She attributes her breakout role in Almost Famous to her love for music, which she shares with her character Penny Lane.

Musical Journey From Hesitance to Collaboration

Kate Hudson has started her music career after decades as an actor, feeling less afraid of rejection now. She attributes her hesitance to her deep love for music and the fear of being wounded if rejected. Growing up in a family of famous actors, she knows the pressure of following in their footsteps.

However, now in her later years, she feels less vulnerable to criticism and more focused on sharing her art. She acknowledges that not everyone will love her music, but she refuses to let fear hold her back from expressing herself creatively.

Kate Hudson’s passion for music dates back a long time, but she struggled with daddy issues that held her back from pursuing it. Her relationship with her father made her fear rejection if she pursued music and people did not like it.

However, she recently released her debut single and album, marking a new chapter in her musical journey. Performing live brings her immense joy, describing it as her happy place. Despite initial nerves, she is learned to overcome her fears and be present in the moment when performing.

Kate Hudson also spoke about collaborating with her fiance Danny Fujikawa, on her music. He co-wrote one of her songs and wrote and produced several others on her album. She emphasized how important it was for her to have him involved in the process because of his talent and keen ear for music.

Their collaboration made the experience intimate and personal, reflecting her true self in the music. She feels fortunate to share such a vulnerable part of herself with him, finding talent attractive and cherishing their musical connection as a couple.

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