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These signs can be challenging but crucial.

Ever had doubts about whether your guy is really into you? Lots of people deal with this but find it hard to admit.

When you’re looking for love, it’s simple to ignore or brush off signs that show your partner might not be fully committed.

I had this one client who was crying and all mixed up about her relationship. Her situation is pretty common, and it’s crucial to spot those signs sooner rather than later.

Knowing these signs can help you make smart choices about your relationship and keep your heart safe in the long run.

Sign 1: He’s Only Available on His Terms

When a guy is really into you, he’ll make time for you, not just when it suits him.

If you’re always the one bending over backward to fit into his schedule, and he’s not making any effort to meet you halfway, it’s time to take a breather.

Take my buddy Mark, for instance. He’d only hit up his girlfriend super late or at the last minute to hang out. That left her feeling like she wasn’t a big deal to him.

Remember, a relationship goes both ways. If you’re the only one making an effort to meet up, it’s a big sign he might not be as into it as you are.

Real love means finding a middle ground and showing respect for each other’s time, not just slotting someone in when you’ve got nothing else going on.

Sign 2: Lack of Interest in Your Life

If your partner really cares about you, they’ll be genuinely interested in what’s going on in your life, your dreams, and your everyday stuff.

But if he keeps dodging the conversation when you try to share, or worse, acts like he couldn’t care less, that’s not a good sign.

I had this client once who’d tell her guy all about her job wins and hobbies, but he never seemed to remember or get into those talks.

A solid relationship needs both people to be curious about each other and support each other.

So if your partner’s reactions to your stories and passions are just blank stares or sudden changes of subject, it could mean he’s more into a surface-level connection than really bonding with you.

Sign 3: Takes Advantage of Your Generosity

If your guy is always taking advantage of your kindness, it’s a big warning sign.

You know, like if you’re always the one picking up the tab, doing favors, or going out of your way to help him, but he never seems to return the favor.

I knew this one girl who was constantly doing nice things for her boyfriend, but he never seemed to appreciate it or do anything nice back.

A relationship should be about give and take, not just one person doing all the giving. So if you feel like you’re being taken for granted, it might be time to have a chat about it.

Sign 4: Ignoring Your Feelings

If your partner is constantly ignoring how you feel, that’s a big problem.

You know, like if you try to talk to them about something that’s bothering you, but they just brush it off or act like it’s not a big deal.

I had a friend who would open up to her boyfriend about her feelings, but he would just change the subject or pretend like everything was fine.

In a healthy relationship, both people should be able to express their emotions and be there for each other. So if your partner keeps ignoring your feelings, it might be time to reevaluate things.

Sign 5: Keeping Secrets

If your partner is always keeping secrets from you, it’s a major red flag.

You know, like if they’re always being cagey about where they’ve been or who they’ve been talking to, even when you ask them straightforwardly.

I knew this guy whose girlfriend would always dodge questions about her phone or get super defensive when he asked about her plans.

Trust is a big part of any relationship, and if your partner is constantly hiding stuff from you, it’s not a good sign. It might be worth having a serious conversation about honesty and openness.

Sign 6: Playing Mind Games

If your partner is always playing mind games with you, that’s a big problem.

You know, like if they’re constantly trying to mess with your head or manipulate you into feeling a certain way.

I had a friend who was always getting mixed signals from her boyfriend. One minute he’d be super affectionate, and the next he’d be distant or cold.

In a healthy relationship, both people should feel secure and respected. So if your partner is always playing games with your emotions, it’s time to have a serious talk about boundaries and honesty.

Sign 7: Mixed Signals

If your partner keeps sending you mixed signals, it can be really confusing and frustrating.

You know, like if they say they’re really into you one moment, but then they act distant or avoid spending time with you the next.

I had a friend who was in this situation. Her boyfriend would say all these sweet things, but then he’d go days without contacting her.

In a good relationship, both people should be clear about their feelings and intentions. So if you’re getting mixed signals, it’s important to talk to your partner and figure out where you both stand.

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