If He DOES THIS, Then He’s a Man Who Lies!


Have you noticed these signs in your relationships?

Honesty is like the beat that keeps our relationship dance in rhythm.

Every day, I hear stories some heartwarming, others gut-wrenching about how trust is super important in romantic relationships.

In my journey, from soaking in lots of different human interactions across many countries to coaching both guys and gals, I’ve figured out that truth isn’t just about what someone says. It’s also about what they don’t say and how they say it.

So today, let’s shine a light on some sneaky signs that might suggest a guy isn’t being totally truthful.

Why do some guys lie?

Well, the reasons are as diverse as the stars in the sky at night.

Psychological research suggests a multitude of reasons:

For Burgo, J. (2012), it’s a defense mechanism to protect themselves from perceived threats or judgments.
For Psytherapy, lying stems from a desire to control a situation or an outcome.

My experiences with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) taught me that getting to the bottom of these behaviors is super important if we want to deal with them.

A guy might lie because he’s trying to dodge a fight or because he’s scared of losing something important, like a relationship.

It’s like a big messy puzzle, with everyone’s own fears, wants, and stuff from their past all tangled up together.

Sign #1: Inconsistent Stories

One big giveaway of dishonesty is when someone can’t keep their story straight.

I remember coaching this lady who was confused because her partner kept changing up the details in his stories about his past.

Every time he talked about something, little things would be different.

This inconsistency is a surefire sign that someone’s not telling the truth.

MacMillan, M. (2023), backs this up, saying that keeping track of a made-up story is hard work and often leads to slip-ups.

It’s kind of like trying to juggle too many balls at once eventually, one’s gonna hit the ground.

Sign #2: Avoiding Eye Contact

Here’s Sign #2: Avoiding Eye Contact

Another giveaway that someone might not be being honest is if they keep avoiding looking you in the eye.

I remember this guy I knew who would always glance away whenever we had a serious conversation.

Experts say that avoiding eye contact can be a sign of discomfort or even dishonesty.

It’s like they’re trying to dodge the truth by not facing you directly.

Sign #3: Being Defensive

Here’s Sign #3: Being Defensive

Another big clue that someone might not be telling the truth is when they get super defensive.

I’ve seen it happen where you ask a simple question, and suddenly they’re all on edge, like you’re attacking them.

Experts say that being defensive can be a way for someone to deflect attention away from the truth.

It’s like they’re putting up a shield to protect themselves from having to admit what’s really going on.

Sign #4: Body Language Clues

Paying attention to someone’s body language can often reveal if they’re being honest or not.

For instance, if they’re fidgeting a lot, avoiding facing you directly, or crossing their arms defensively, these could be signs that something’s up.

Experts say that our bodies often give away more than our words do, so it’s worth keeping an eye on how someone is behaving physically when they’re talking to you.

It’s like their body is telling a different story than their words are.

Sign #5: Mysterious Disappearances

When someone you’re dating starts pulling disappearing acts without any explanation, it could be a sign that they’re not being totally honest.

I’ve heard stories where everything seems to be going great, and then suddenly, they drop off the radar for days without a word.

Experts suggest that inconsistent availability or sudden disappearances might indicate that someone is hiding something or avoiding confrontation.

It’s like they vanish into thin air, leaving you wondering what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Sign #6: Sudden Changes in Behavior

If your partner’s behavior suddenly shifts out of the blue, it could be a signal that something’s not right.

For example, they might go from being super affectionate and attentive to distant and cold overnight.

Experts say that abrupt changes in behavior could indicate that something’s going on beneath the surface that they’re not being upfront about.

It’s like they’ve flipped a switch, and you’re left wondering what triggered the change.

Sign #7: Lack of Responsibility

When someone consistently avoids taking responsibility for their actions or blames others for their mistakes, it can be a big red flag.

For instance, they might always have an excuse ready whenever they mess up, or they might try to shift the blame onto someone else.

Experts say that refusing to own up to mistakes or shortcomings can indicate a lack of honesty and accountability.

It’s like they’re dodging responsibility like it’s a game, instead of being upfront about their actions.

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