25+ Internet Liars Who Wish They Could Take It All Back


If we were to make an “Internet 101” type of rules, then the first one will definitely be “Don’t trust the internet.” Now, we are not saying that everyone out there is a liar, but there are so many people who rely on fake news and narratives to go viral, that it is just important to be careful.

You are a bot!

Social media is filled with bots and fake accounts. The sad part is, that they don’t exist for anything good; so it is best to stay away from them. Fortunately, most bots aren’t so advanced yet, making them fairly easy to spot.

The person who programmed this one clearly didn’t expect something like this to happen, as this clever user busted their bot by exploiting its simple response parameters. Or… Were they also a bot, making this even more hilarious? We might never know.

They’re not gone, actually

This person claimed that their local animal shelter was empty after all of its dogs were adopted. The post went viral and many people got their heart warmed, but, to their surprise, the story turned out to be a little different in reality.

An employee from the shelter later explained that every dog had to be temporarily transported to Northern rescue groups, due to the local being shut down for disaster relief. On a positive note, if you are wishing to adopt a pet, they still have plenty of buddies to choose from!

Always check what you’re laughing at

This is but another reminder of why we should not make fun of events that we are unaware of. The person from the photo joked about how we shouldn’t text while driving, in order to avoid unexpected accidents.

They might have not had a bad intention, but what they didn’t know was that the image they shared was from a crash that occurred due to a brake failure, not the driver’s fault. To our relief, the driver is at least safe from the accident.

Beauty, but not from Ireland

We really can’t blame the guy who shared this picture, because there’s a big chance that they just got confused and forgot to do a bit of research. What happened is that they wrote that the kids from the photo were Irish, when in reality, they were all Dutch.

In fact, it wasn’t just some random image on the internet, but a piece of a shot for no other than Vogue. Lots of us have this stereotypical image of Irish people being redheads, so we’ll forgive the guy this time.

She didn’t say it seriously

It’s sadly a tendency for media to distort content in order to make an attractive story out of it. This article stated that actress Brie Larson was annoyed by the fact that Disney wouldn’t provide her a free subscription to its streaming service, despite being part of several movies featured in the platform.

However, that’s far from what actually happened, as she was of course joking when she made the comment on an interview. Hopefully this didn’t cause her any trouble.

Dangerous treatment

Okay, it is important to do research and make sure that we know what we’re talking about before spreading any misinformation. It’s just common sense. However, when talking about medical-related subjects, it’s needed to put extra attention to everything, in order to avoid harming a person.

This user explained how respiratory illnesses can be treated with nebulized hydrogen peroxide therapy when, in fact, hydrogen peroxide can destroy our lungs! Fortunately, another user called it out. We hope the person deleted the post altogether.

Rolls don’t need to be baked

These kinds of posts featuring a shocking fact that is, more often than not, fake; are commonplace in social media nowadays. A user had shared an image of backed King Hawaiian’s rolls, as if they had just learnt that they needed to be prepared before eating.

The post quickly went viral, but in response, model Chrissy Teigen and King Hawaiian itself both denied this. To be honest, part of the fanciness of these buns is that you can eat them out of the pack, so it’s sad to see how many people got tricked.

Netflix, a threat to the environment

If we read a statement that seems suspicious, it is better to do a bit of research in order to confirm whether it is true or not. In this photo, a post was claiming that an hour of streaming Netflix caused more emissions than driving 4 miles.

This must’ve been shocking to know for more than one person. Luckily, an user came to the rescue and explained how wrong they were. In fact, watching a movie on the platform actually causes less emissions than, say, driving to your local videoclub to rent a movie.

The both sides of rural

You can easily tell that the user who posted this comparison was pretty one-sided to China, as they could’ve chosen a nicer photo to represent rural America.

While the first photo depicts the natural, calm and warm rural environment that you would normally imagine from there, the second one… doesn’t quite look like one. In fact, with all these cars, locals and a highway covering up the mountain that’s left behind from the photo, it looks more like a suburban area, if you ask us.

Totally Spacey

Elon Musk is not a man you want to mess with. After all, he’s one of the richest people in the world and he hasn’t earned that status for no reason. Even still, not everyone’s a fan of him, especially Sharon who called him out online after visiting his SpaceX facility.

We bet she wasn’t expecting him to respond back and put her right in her place. Yikes!

It’s not my responsibility

Landlords are to be respected, as you really don’t want to have a problem with them. Still, that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t call them out if they’re wrong about something. The landlord from the photo was demanding, and very seriously dare we say, that one of their tenants eradicated the annoying bedbugs from their apartment.

Now, this turned out against them, because the tenant showed them how it was actually their responsibility to do this. We can only imagine the reaction of the landlord when they read the message.

He didn’t even know about the chair

One of the most reliable ways of successfully advertising a product is by partnering with a public figure, as their good impression of it is often enough to encourage their fans to try it out. Yet, what happened here doesn’t sound like a partnership. Quite the opposite, in fact.

As seen in the photo, this You-tuber noticed after years that his image was being used in a gaming chair ad without him even knowing. We’re totally with him in this one. It doesn’t matter how good the chair could be, this just isn’t right.

Believe it or not….

People love to post pictures to the Internet of their dogs getting into antics. You know why they love posting them so much? Because they always receive an incredibly warm reception.

Everyone loves to see cute pictures of dogs, and you can easily rake in the likes or the upvotes by sharing a pet pic. But this person didn’t really think through their caption. They thought the added drama would get more attention, but they didn’t realize that their photo was obviously staged. No dog unzips a pillow just to make a mess. People do that for Reddit upvotes.

It was far from awkward

When there’s a big event, news media often decide to write about even the smallest thing that could serve as an attractive story, rather than the event itself. Here, a tabloid commented on how an encounter between Caitlyn Jenner and Ricky Gervais during the NTAs was extremely awkward and inappropriate for Jenner.

Soon after, Gervais declared that they actually had a kind conversation, and there wasn’t anything going on. He even tagged Jenner so she could confirm his statement. What’s truly awkward is that he had to reaffirm this in the first place.

John Carpenter isn’t dead

You know, if you’re going to write an article about how someone is dead, you’re going to want to triple check that they are, you know, actually dead. If not, you are just going to offend someone who is getting older but is very much alive.

That’s exactly what happened with this Rotten Tomatoes article that tried to take a look back at the best movies directed by the late John Carpenter. Carpenter is still quite alive, however, even if his movies feature quite a bit of death. How did they not just Google him before writing…? We just did!

Grocery Store Glam

Some people seem to think that strangers are interested in them, even when no one actually cares. We’re glad to hear that this gal was feeling herself in her church outfit, but we’re pretty sure everyone was too preoccupied with their own grocery shopping to look her way.

We’re guessing that she’ll regret posting this after getting a bunch of replies telling her she’s deluding herself. The internet can be a cruel place.

Childhood tradition

Not everybody has a strong relationship with their parents growing up. So when we hear about sweet traditions between parents and their kids, it always warms our hearts a little.

Except, that is, when it’s not true. We’re not sure if the mom is trying to freak out her kid, or the guy has made up this story about his own childhood, but either way, we’re not buying it.

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate

You know someone has made it big in the celebrity sphere when they’ve managed to generate an entire Facebook page dedicated to talking about how much they suck. Taylor Swift is one of the biggest names in the celebrity sphere right now and it’s clearly too much for the haters to handle.

She’s one of the least problematic celebrities as they go, so this person clearly has a personal vendetta—even though it’s clear the whole thing is made up.

Don’t Fall For It

Ask 99% of men out there and they’ll tell you that women are complicated and hard to understand. But at the end of the day, if men understood every little thing about how the female mind worked, what would be the point?

All we have to say is that men everywhere can rest assured that not all women are like this. Just perhaps think twice before oversharing in case it comes back to bite you later.

I Disagree

Our economy is built on the backs of all kinds of people in all kinds of positions. Those in minimum wage jobs makes the economy go around just as much as those in higher paying positions.

However, to blame one group of people within one profession as the root of a problem is giving them far too much power, when the system is the problem. Get an education if you can, work hard, and go where your talents are appreciated.

Yes, you do advertise your game

Advertising plays a crucial role in showing off your product to the public. Even if said product is already popular, companies spend a lot of capital in ads each year, so they can bring more people in.

Thing is, advertising it’s known to be a standard at this point; so we don’t get why the team responsible for RAID: Shadow Legends would lie about this. When they claimed that they don’t sponsor their game, a You-tuber responded that he had proof of them doing just that. It would’ve been better to tell the truth.

Stolen comment

This reminds us of the person who tells out loud a joke that you told them in silence as if it were theirs. When asked what was the silliest thing that we thought as children, this user decided to steal, word for word, a story that had already been shared years ago.

Their plan worked out, because they got many reactions in response. But, to their surprise (and our delight), the person who originally shared the story noticed it and called it out with proof. At least, we had a laugh reading the comment.

World record for best false rumor

To be honest, we can’t really blame this guy, it seems like he had good intentions. He posted on social media that model Nyakim Gatwech was a candidate for the Guinness World Record for having the darkest skin tone in the world.

The report was shared by several other popular news media before, so that explains why a lot of people got misinformed. In response to his post, the official Guinness World Records account commented that such category didn’t exist. This is why it’s necessary to double check just about everything we share.

It isn’t a pyramid, hun

There’s literally nothing as annoying as a person that constantly tries to drag you into a pyramid scheme. Except for being told that said pyramid isn’t actually one, of course.

Ok, we understand. They’ve gained a low reputation in the public eye recently, so it must be hard to incentivize people to become investors. Yet, if you’re trying to masquerade the system from them so they participate, especially when there’s evidence of it being a pyramid like in this case, then there’s something clearly wrong there. Luckily this guy didn’t fall for the trick.

A production mistake

Each year in the UK, the Remembrance Sunday takes place to commemorate the contribution of military and servicemen and women during past conflicts. As part of the event, several political leaders are invited to express their gratitude and lay a wreath in the presented Cenotaph.

But, it so happens that the prime minister accidentally placed his wreath upside down. This is considered a disrespect, so the media covered the clip with 3-year-old footage of the same event. Their plan didn’t work out though, because people quickly noticed and called it out.

Grandpa is well and alive

Some people are just so out of their minds that will go and do things like this for insignificant internet reaction points. This user shared a picture of their grandpa, who had recently passed away.

Thing is, grandpa is still pretty much alive, and that wasn’t even their picture to begin with! We can’t imagine how his grandson must have felt when he saw him while casually scrolling through social media. At least he called it out, and the account of the user who made the post got deleted.

They have no problems with veterans

This company was shocked to check their Yelp page and see that someone had left an angry review saying that the company doesn’t care about veterans. The backstory behind this one is a little bit unclear, but we can more or less make out what happened.

It seems that someone who was a veteran came into the store, harassed women, and then was asked to leave in order to ensure the safety of the people being harassed. To us, it doesn’t sound like the store has problems with veterans. It just sounds like they have a problem with jerks.

He won a nonexistent World Cup

The fact that there’s just about nothing true about this post it’s plain hilarious. You see, this user shared a photo of how soccer player N’Golo Kanté transitioned from humble beginnings to being a World Cup winner in 2019.

To be honest, we value these kinds of stories, but not when they’re fake. First, the guy from the left isn’t him. Second, there wasn’t even a World Cup that year. Did we miss anything? Kanté has made a big effort to stand where he is now, so why not just share the original story?

Her aunt is a famous model

This user claimed that the person from the photo they shared was their aunt, who worked as a model in Italy during the 80s. The woman depicted in the photo is, in fact, a model from the 80s, but that’s about it.

She isn’t Italian, nor their aunt whatsoever. The guy wanted to get away with their post, but sadly chose a rather popular person to call their aunt, so it didn’t take long until people discovered the lie. A bit of research could be useful next time.

Our cameras recorded everything

We are not sure of what happened here, but we are guessing that it wasn’t something good. As shown in the review made by a patient, they had a little problem with the receptionist that attended them when they visited their doctor for an appointment.

However, they might have caused the problem in the first place, because the owner responded telling them that the system cameras had captured everything they did, and their attitude wasn’t exactly friendly either. This must’ve been very awkward for the rest of the patients of the office.

Weather expert

If you’re ever debating in social media, please ensure that you know what you’re talking about. If not, you could end up like this person. He opposed the woman who’s seen in the photo in a discussion related to climate change. He was so confident in his word, that even suggested that she spend some time in a climatology classroom.

What he didn’t know however, is that she wasn’t only a certificated climatology professor, but was also more than capable of proving him wrong. That must’ve been embarrassing, to say the least.

It’s official

While saying that something is official might be enough for some to be convinced, one should always double check if the presented information is true before believing anything. A post made by a random user apparently confirmed that the production of the next Guardians of the Galaxy film was beginning early next year.

However, the director of the previous movies himself showed up to invalidate their statement. We’re as impatient for the movie as the next person, but really, there’s no point in tricking fans like that.

Not even mad about this

The band Slipknot has been known, amongst other things, for its members; who hid their faces from the public until wonder and investigation ultimately revealed them. Its current bassist, Alessandro “Vman” Venturella, was no exception, as a fan identified his distinctive tattoos shortly after the MV for The Devil in I went online.

It was reported that he was shocked, as his phone blew up with notifications for hours. However, although the media understood this as if he was outraged by the event, he later confirmed that he was actually having a wonderful day.

Called out by the person in the pictures

If you’re going to use photos of someone without their consent, you better make sure that those photos aren’t going to find their way back to whoever was pictured.

This company found some pictures of a woman who lost weight and used them as part of their ad campaign for some type of fad diet. She came online to expose them and say that she actually lost her weight by simple diet and exercise. Burn! Also, really, claiming that she lost 251 pounds just seems insulting. She wasn’t even that big to begin with…. Leave her alone!

Limit your gaming sessions

You can tell this is false just by the fact that the “breaking news” this user shared wasn’t even founded in a reliable source. It looks like he just thought about this and posted it.

He claimed that video game players were restricting their gaming sessions to shorter times during the pandemic, due to online gaming representing a threat to internet bandwidth. That’s curious, considering that streaming Netflix uses about 30 times more data per hour. And we don’t watch Netflix for only an hour, right?

The math guy of school

The image you’re seeing depicts an inoffensive joke about how much time it will take for Bill Gates to spend all of his money, if he decided to spend 10 million dollars per day.

Due to the nature of it, we doubt that the user who shared the image tried to be specific about the numbers, and probably only intended to be comical. But one math enthusiast took it a bit seriously and did the exact calculation. It’s hilarious, because the result was far different than what the author of the post had guessed.

Hey, that’s not you

It can be hard to post one of our photos to social media if you are a bit shy. However, even worse than that might be posting photos of other people without their permission, as if they were you.

This is exactly what this girl did, but she luckily got busted by the person from the photos she was sharing. If someone you know does something similar, why not encourage them to share their own photos? A little compliment could help to make them feel confident.

Not even in a pandemic

The user who shared this picture tried to be sassy about how no one in Glasgow would ever buy vegan food — not even in the middle of a pandemic.

However, that very same image, with almost the very same joke, already went viral a few years back; as it was taken in Houston during the Hurricane Harvey disaster. As a result, it was easily recognized by many. Apparently, there are plenty of vegans living in Glasgow, so whatever they tried to do wasn’t going to work anyways.

Mark Hamill speaks up

Mark Hamill is quite the legendary actor. And that’s partially because he played one of the most legendary characters of all of movie history: Luke Skywalker. The guy made a triumphant return to movies with his recent appearance in the new Star Wars trilogy.

We’ve gotta say, however, we think that his career peak might be this moment right here. When a news agency reported that he said that Watchmen was his favorite movie ever, he had only this to say: “No I did NOT.” Savage! The caps lock may have been overkill. C’mon, Mark, it’s a good movie.

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