Cheap people who tried to get out of paying for things and got shamed


It’s natural to try and get something for a bargain. That said, these people should absolutely feel ashamed of themselves. Forget the friendly tete-a-tete of bargaining, these people simply don’t care. They think the way to get something is to simply demand as much as possible and offer nothing in return.

Babysit for peanuts?

Childcare isn’t an easy job in the best of times, and it’s even worse when you’re being majorly swindled. This parent tried to hire a sitter for their kids at a knock-down rate, only to have it made clear pretty quickly that the wages they were offering weren’t going to fly.

We know it’s not easy to find a sitter, but asking someone to spend full days taking care of your kids for peanuts is pushing it a bit.


We’ve seen some unreasonable demands in our time, but this just takes the (wedding) cake. Obviously a wedding is one of the most important moments in your life, and you’re going to want to be able to remember it properly with gorgeous pictures of the day to look fondly upon.

However, the person who put out this ad is going to have nothing but chalk drawings to stare at if they keep making demands like this.

Garage banned

The scariest thing of all is the fact that whoever posted this ad actually got themselves to think that someone would pay THEM several hundred dollars to do the work of tearing apart that absolute hazard of a building and hauling the junk away.

They seem to think that they can swindle someone by phrasing it as if they would be buying the building, but we wouldn’t buy that unless we were gathering a collection of buildings to be immediately condemned.

Stream dream

Having someone else let you use their streaming service is a sacred arrangement, especially if they’re not charging you for it. But he benevolence they display in giving you the tools you need to recklessly marathon your favorite TV series repeatedly, without asking for anything in return, should not be taken for granted.

Apparently, nobody got that memo to these people, who had the audacity to email and ask for the new password. They even said thank you! Who said people don’t have manners anymore?

Trailed off

“Don’t waste my time” might be the phrase that sees the single most ironic usage in the entire English language. This unintentional comedian took being picky to a whole new level when responding to an ad offering free kitchenware.

Not only did they only want the pink cups for some reason, they were also incredibly insulting about the rest of the stuff on offer.

As a pro-tip, it’s not a great idea to insult the people giving you free things.

Not-so-smart TV

Asking whether or not you can negotiate with someone opens up a fairly varied realm with no real set rules apart from general etiquette. This means that if you play your cards right and get very lucky, you can end up with some unbelievable bargains. However, don’t immediately put out a ridiculously low-ball offer, because you’re likely to get rejected very soon.

That’s what happened to this haggler, who upon being told that their offer was too low and being provided with a counter, rudely bowed out of the conversation.


To be honest, we just think this one is pretty cruel. We’ve all been on dates that weren’t going well, and known there was no future beyond the check. However, this lady wasn’t even really going on a date; she was simply using it as a way to score some free pizza.

That’s one thing, but to insult the hopeful she tricked in such a mean way is beyond the pale. We love free pizza, but it’s not worth treating someone like this.

Carn’t believe it

Now this is real entitlement. We don’t know if the person who posted this is trying to make an easy buck with the world’s worst con, or if they actually think taking a photo with their care is really that much of a privilege.

To be honest, we don’t really want to know. We’re extremely surprised this motorist didn’t wake up to find their car had been given a new paint job entirely with eggs.

Shelve that offer

While checking different prices can be a good way to save a few dollars, it’s normally best done with competing companies that have an incentive to get you on board. If you do it with an individual trying to get a good return on their investment, they’re liable to tell you to take a hike.

That’s what happened when this person tried to get the price of a bookshelf down by making the point that it was cheaper in a local store. Unfortunately, the seller performed the lost art of calling their bluff and made it clear the store might be their best option.

A full-course monster

We’ve never felt so much searing fury as when we gazed upon this crime of a post. The person who posted this claimed that they’d been feeling ill for a little while, their mother had been incredibly kind in dropping off food for them, and they really appreciated it.

Oh wait, no – they started dunking on their mom’s cooking skills and complaining about having been brought several meals for free. We have made the decision to adopt this monster’s mother as our own, so they can be properly appreciated.

Twisting your armchair

There’s really no pleasing some people. Speaking to someone offering an armchair for the knock-down price of literally free, this bold negotiator asked if there was anything else the seller could offer. It takes a lot to look at something that’s free and feel like you’re getting a bad deal.

What we’re wondering is why they don’t just talk to the guy with the coffee table instead. Thankfully, the seller gave them exactly the response they deserved. We think it’s a good offer!

Pool your resources

We talk a lot about playing hardball, and there’s no ball harder than the one that rockets around a pool table. Now that our incredible segue has your attention, check out someone who gives the notion of taking liberties a whole new life.

Initially, they agree to $350 for a pool table and arrange to have it dropped off immediately. However, it soon transpires that not only are they not home and expect the seller to wait two hours for them, they also only want to pay $150. We’re not experts, but we don’t think the best way to get a good deal is to undermine it entirely just before the finish line. Maybe.

Korean barbecuewww

We have to admire the hustle present in this one, really. A hopeful on a dating app proposed that a date to go get Korean barbecue should be arranged. Sounds like an excellent choice, a nice evening, sure.

Unfortunately, the person who responded to them suggested doing something else having just eaten – only to find out very quickly that this person’s heart belonged to Korean barbecue and only Korean barbecue. We’d also be interested in finding out the success rate of this tactic. For purely scientific reasons, of course.

Lo-go away

We’re not sure anybody has to deal with more terrible offers than an artist or designer. It can take considerable time to make someone understand that exposure is not a form of accepted currency, and even then people try nothing but the lowest of low-ball offers.

The incredible business mind this designer had to deal with seemed to believe they were going to get a set of prospective logos completely for free, even suggesting that they’d by no means be guaranteed to be satisfied enough to pay. That’s the sort of customer we want to work for!

Why even pay

This one made us lose what little hope we had left. Upon being asked if they do free work, this person responded with a comment so dripping in sarcasm that you’d need to put up a wet-floor sign up around it.

Unfortunately, the prospective buyer (we use that term very loosely) seemed to think that the sentiment was entirely genuine, agreeing that paying people for work they do is simply irrational. They’re going to have a very rude awakening one day.


What is it with people and babysitters? This person was looking for someone to look after their four children, and they were willing to offer a very reasonable rate. Sorry, reasonable for them that is. As one commenter rightly pointed out, the money they were offering worked out at $25 a day for 10 hour days, or $2.50 an hour!

A piece of advice to parents: if you need someone to take care of your kids every day of the week for most of the day, you’re going to have to make it worth their while.

Making a Splash

People seem to forget sometimes that things cost money, and when you’re having them delivered by a person, not just a delivery service, that also takes up someone else’s time and energy.

When this guy messed the pool table seller around, he got his revenge. In the time it took for him to get back from work, the seller printed out a picture of a pool table, stuck it to his porch, and wrote a note reading, “enjoy the pool table. Had to run.”

Just desserts

Some people who don’t want to spend money live a frugal lifestyle. But others like to pretend they aren’t cheapskates and go for elaborate meals with the knowledge that they won’t be able to afford the full price.

Tom tried to get around the bill by claiming he had a bunch of coupons and discounts, but the restaurant wasn’t having any of it. They told him the longer he protested, the bigger his bill was going to get. That got him to pay up.

Grand pia-no

We’d all like a free, high-quality grand piano – and we don’t even play the piano! This might be the single most outrageous request we’ve ever seen. For anyone not in the know, the price of a high-quality grand piano can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Hey, wait, this person put the praying emoji and made sure people knew it was a serious request with a hashtag. So really, don’t they deserve a free grand piano?

Coupon, coup-off

Everybody loves a coupon. They can knock a sizeable chunk off the price of something – or make it free if you’re very lucky. However, generally they can only be used to pay for a specific product or service.

If you offer, say, a coupon for pizza as partial payment for a set of eyelashes, you’re liable to get a blank stare in return. We can’t say we don’t respect the audacity of the offer, but even we wouldn’t take pizza in lieu of payment. Probably.

Does not compute

Electronic items are a tricky one to bargain for. They tend to be pretty quickly depreciating assets and can end up seeming outdated before they’re out of the box, let alone after a few years of use. That said, we’d like to think that out of basic decency we wouldn’t try an offer this shameless.

Not only does this person ask for a laptop at almost half the price, they also try to make a play for a mouse that isn’t even being sold. Surprisingly, the person selling the laptop doesn’t immediately end the conversation and agrees to meet up. Oh, wait, this unashamed bargain-hound just can’t control themselves – so they make yet another offer, for even less!

Washer and buyer

Sometimes as an alternative to a cash transaction, people will undertake swaps instead. If you can offer someone something they don’t have but do need, both parties can end up benefiting pretty solidly.

However, if you’re looking for a washer and dryer and can’t pay the whole price, offering an older and more busted washer and dryer set probably isn’t the excellent deal you might think it is. Unless perhaps the person you’re buying from is building a house from scrap. Maybe not even then.

One fish, two fish, red fish, used fish

We’ve seen a lot of ridiculous suggestions in our time, but the idea of a used fish has us howling with laughter. This plucky customer was trying to get a good deal on a fish (again, howling) but wasn’t happy with the suggested price.

They then tried to suggest that despite being a well-bred, bigger than average fish, its pre-owned nature made it less valuable – as if it were a blender or a laptop. At least the seller seemed to find it gill-arious. Thank you, thank you, we’re here all week.

A truly unbelievable offer

We’re speechless. We’d like to wipe our eyes and find that it was all an illusion and this person had actually put in a legitimate offer. However, we’ve been doing that for an hour and our eyes are hurting, so we’re going to have to face up to the fact that this really happened.

The only, and we do mean only, explanation we have for this person’s offer is that somehow they’ve managed to reach the modern day from all the way back in 1902 – when $60 might, MIGHT, have been a reasonable offer for a used car.

‘But I really liked your games…’

In the modern age, people have gotten into the habit of sharing passwords with each other when it comes to their accounts. But the more this happens, sometimes people you don’t know also get a hold of your information.

And by the looks of it, this person was mooching off of another persons’ games for quite a long time until the account owner changed the password. Ahh, but it looks like he feels entitled to his password for a little bit longer, eh?

The perfect playplace

It’s unclear what goes on in some peoples’ minds when they post things like this. Why in the world would anyone agree to something like this? What do they have to gain? Oh wait… they can receive free lemonade.

Lemonade is tasty and all, but we don’t blame this person for sending him the wrong number. This person needs to learn a lesson. If you want something valuable, you’ve got to pay for it with actual cash.

Moving far away from you

Moving isn’t an easy task… It requires no small amount of heavy lifting, and also intelligent thinking regarding how to get large objects in small places. This mover has a set price: 20 dollars per hour.

But this person thought he could squeeze his way into a five dollar price, and got pretty testy when the response was no. We’re just snowballing, but our guess is that your father probably would’ve been a little bit kinder.

A stranger at a bar

A bar can be a great way to meet new people, but apparently it was a way someone thought they could get a parking ticket paid. Someone requested $250 for a parking ticket, only to get a response, “Dude I barely know you. I’m not gonna give 250 to someone I met at a bar last night.”

Last night??? How can the first guy be serious? This is obviously a very crazy request, and he clearly only wanted him for his money.

I thought we were cool, bro

You have any long lost friends you haven’t spoken to in years? Let’s be real, we’ve all got them. Once in a blue moon, they’ll get in touch with us randomly, or vice versa.

But how often does it happen where you get a text from someone after years of not speaking, only to learn they want money for a debt, and not have to pay you back? Yikes… it’s no wonder this person fell into debt in the first place. We don’t envy the person who gives in to his demands.

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