There’s an ‘Anti-Karen’ Group, and a Karen Wrote in to Complain About It


The world keeps turning, which can only mean one thing: people are coming up with more trends each day. There have been plenty of memes and words that have gripped the planet over the years, but 2020 has seen the ultimate rise of one – the Karen.

If you’ve never had to deal with a Karen, then you can think yourself lucky. They leave no stone unturned and have spoken to more managers than you could ever imagine. Unfortunately, most Karens don’t take too well to being called a Karen, especially when there is an entire group dedicated to them.

All for Karen

Many of us have seen a Karen or two in our lifetime. They’re the people that can’t help but talk to the manager and often want the world to hear their opinions – even when no one asked them what they were thinking.

Living with a Karen can be challenging, but it can often be worse for people who get caught in their path. Social media is filled with pages of people sharing their experiences with a Karen. Sadly, one was happy to learn about their existence.

The start of it all

One woman, appropriately named Karen, uncovered a page called ‘No KaReN’ and she wasn’t pleased. Apparently, she had only just learned about the name. Discovering the page was enough to push her over the edge.

Karen explained that she was a part of a feminist movement and how she thinks that calling people a Karen is pretty offensive. Could this all be thanks to her real name? Oh no, this woman was merely at the beginning of her rant.

Doing her research

Karen had already done her research as she apparently browsed through the page before she made her complaint. It turns out that even on the internet, Karens will still find a manager to complain to.

Sometimes, they just need to look hard enough to find one. So how did Karen come across the page in the first place? That would be her 14-year-old daughter. While her daughter probably thought it was amusing, her mom didn’t see the funny side.

Fighting her corner

It appeared this Karen thought the page was all about her name – and anyone else with the name Karen. Of course, it can be a hilarious outcome when things appear to naturally line up, but this was all a coincidence.

Although Karen was seemingly offended at her name being used, she was ready to fight her corner, not just for her but also for all future Karens to come. It turned out she had also uncovered another page that seemed to ruffle a few feathers. Now, she wanted both pages to be held accountable.

Strength in numbers

Social media can be a great way to bring people together as well as a way to divide the world. It appeared that Karen wanted to take things down before they spread any further, but it was too late. 2020 has given us many things, including a rise in the term “being a Karen.”

Apparently, Karen felt so attacked by the page that she not only reported it to the social media team, but she also found examples of other people who had enough of being called Karens.

The good and the bad

Of course, social media hasn’t always been the best place. Thousands of people have come together to share their varied opinions on matters, and they usually leave someone feeling hurt. Thankfully, social media can also be a tool to bring people together and educate the world.

Who was in the right? Karen felt as though she was being attacked by everyone on the page. Still, the fans have all come together to build a community for themselves. Should they be torn down?

Turning against her

It seemed as though Karen was putting all the blame on this group. They were the ones that appeared to be behind so many of the memes and stories, and she wanted it to end. Little did Karen know that things are out of control.

It can be tough to scroll through social media without seeing another video of a Karen caught in the wild or one making someone’s life a misery. Now, even her own daughter was starting to turn against her.

Setting things straight

It didn’t take long for the owner of the page to get in touch with Karen. It might be no surprise that someone with a page called ‘No KaReN’ had an interesting answer for Karen. However, they weren’t sure how to react.

To start, they wanted to know if Karen was being serious or if she was trying to pull a prank on the page. All the owner wanted to say was the page isn’t directed at any person in particular, just someone that fits the Karen stereotype.

Too far spread

The owner of the page continued to set things straight. Hopefully, this was just a case of someone called Karen getting the wrong end of the stick, and their explanation would put their mind at ease.

The owner continued the point that it wasn’t about women named Karen. The term is supposed to be a joke. Although they weren’t glad to hear that Karen was so upset about the name, they knew it had gone too far on the internet. There was no way to end things.

Proof of reports

If there is one thing that Karens are known for, it’s complaining. It’s even better if they can get their hands on the manager. We wonder if managers are trained at how to deal with Karens or if they have to make it up as they go along and hope they come out the other side?

This Karen said she had already reported the page to social media, but what if that was just a threat? The owner of the page wanted proof. After all, pics or it didn’t happen, right?

With deepest regrets

It looked as though the owner of the page was about to wrap things up, but they still had more to say. It turned out they didn’t really care about what Karen had to say and thought she was nothing more than one of the Karens they talk about on their page.

Apparently, they were currently looking for a care to give about Karen’s complaints. Sadly, everywhere seemed to be out of those. The owner appeared to care more about what is going on in the world than Karen’s opinion.

Getting legal advice

This Karen was really riled up. If there’s one thing that many people want to avoid, it’s upset a Karen. They have powers that can take down even the strongest of managers. However, this page wasn’t going down without a fight.

The page owner created the space thanks to people like this, and now they were going to put it to good use. Karen continued to threaten to call her lawyer to have the page removed. Only time would tell if she’d go through with the threats.

Stepping things up

While Karen was busy messaging the page about their content, the owner was thinking up the perfect reply. It turns out they had enough of someone complaining – especially as they thought Karen didn’t get the point of the page.

It seems that Karen still thought the page was trying to attack her name rather than a group of people with similar traits. The gloves were off. The owner of the page wasn’t here to mess around anymore.

Going over the point

How many ways are you supposed to say something to someone? What do you do when you have explained something every way you can think, but they still don’t get the point? It can be pretty frustrating for everyone involved.

It’s like trying to give someone directions only for them to ignore you and drive past the turning. That’s what happened when the owner of the page got a reply from Karen. They were through with trying to be nice to her.

Standing by the page

The great thing about the world is that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that everyone will be happy with what you have to say. That’s just what was happening with the Karen page.

As if that wasn’t enough, the owner of the page wasn’t willing to budge. They feel they have every right to be on the internet and post what they like. That being said, it means that Karen can report the page whenever she wants.

Using some backup

Things quickly took a turn when the owner of the page started talking about Karen’s personality. She had already asked them to look at some of the pages she had worked on as she believed this proved the point that Karen shaming should be a thing of the past.

Sadly, the page owner saw things in a different light. They thought that Karen loved to leave bad reviews everywhere she went – something that made her fit the Karen stereotype with ease.

Coming together

Sometimes, it takes one person to change an entire planet’s way of thinking. Other times? Things have gone too far, and there is no way to turn it around. The internet is a magical place that has a way of taking something and running with it until the end of time.

The Karen-pocalypse is one of those times. People from far and wide feel unified when they uncover a Karen. It doesn’t look as though the name will be going anywhere any time soon.

Stoking the fire

Of course, it wouldn’t be an argument without someone having the last word. That was the case when the owner of the page sent one final message to Karen. You know they say that you shouldn’t poke the bear?

That’s just what they did when they told Karen they couldn’t wait for her next message. They are ready for the fight – even if it means taking on one of the greatest forces in the universe. That is if Karen isn’t already on the phone to the cops.

Asking for a friend

The messages between the page and Karen wasn’t the beginning of the page in question. It’s also not the last that we will hear of the group. The page currently has more than 180,000 followers who love to post everything and anything at all times of the day.

Someone had an important question to ask. Recent times have seen many of us take to social media. One person wanted to know if everyone else now felt like their local groups were filled with internet Karens.

Try for yourself

Some people embrace criticism. Others? They don’t take it so well, especially when they feel as though it was completely unjustified. That was the case with one coffee shop after seeing that someone had left a bad review of their coffee.

According to one woman, it was the worst coffee she had ever tasted in her life. Rather than let it drag them down, the coffee shop decided to embrace the review and use it to draw people in.

Taking on nature

Many of us have learned you don’t want to mess with nature. That’s no worries for the Karens of the world. If there is something they don’t like, they will find a way to track down a manager. Even Mother Nature isn’t safe from the barrage of complaints.

Someone took to the ‘No KaReN’ page where they uploaded this gem. Apparently, someone was upset when they nearly had an accident near a local dam. Thankfully, others were there to set the record straight.

Caught in the act

Certain people aim to take down a Karen in public. According to one member of the page, they finally had their chance to put a Karen in their place. They claim they were at their local store when someone started shouting at them about opening another checkout.

Why? They were wearing their work uniform, even though they didn’t work in the store. It didn’t take long for Karen’s fellow shopper to outdo her in volume and embarrassment.

Taking strong action

Many Karens have had enough of being called the name. Rather than change their ways, many people want the word Karen to be banished for good. In fact, one person was so upset by the name that they have started to refer to it as the K-word instead.

They have had enough. In protest, they have reached out to the chairman of one social media to warn them if they don’t ban Karen references from their site, then they will leave the site for good.

No longer friends

Not all Karens want to make your day as bad as they can. Judging by this person, they can also be pretty polite. Someone uploaded a message they received from someone telling them they no longer wanted to be their friend on social media.

It wasn’t an unwarranted burn. Apparently, she didn’t like the content they uploaded, so much so it would take hours for them to forget about what they had just read. It was time to say “goodbye” to Debbie.

Feeling hurt

Social media changed when one site introduced reactions. It was no longer about if you liked something or not – it was all about how that post made you feel. Some of us still remember the first time our post was loved or hated by someone else.

Now, it’s a part of most of our lives. Not for this person. We guess this was the first time someone ever got an angry reaction. They were so insulted by the response that they were left with no choice but to report them to the admin.

Fix that car

What happens when you upset a Karen with your car? You get a written note left on your car, apparently. They were so angry that they had to type the entire thing in capital letters and underline their plea for someone to “fix” their car.

Not everyone is a great head. Those that are often love the sound of their engine. If that sounds familiar, you best make sure you don’t move into a neighborhood controlled by Karens.

Call them what they are

In case you thought that the movement campaigning against the use of the word “Karen” was just limited to one lone marauder, think again. There are actually a ton of people that take offense to the term, saying that it unfairly targets women and especially people named Karen who are nice individuals.

We’re not sure about that, but this person does raise a fair point: it dodges the issue of them just being rude and stupid. Why not just call it like it is? Well, it seems that the word “Karen” has become shorthand for that.

An upset Karen of a different variety

Here we have a woman named Karen getting upset, but it’s not because she isn’t being allowed to talk to the manager about the lukewarm mozzarella sticks she was just served at Chili’s. In this case, it’s actually because she has the wrong number of a guy, yet she still seems to feel pretty entitled to him responding to her positively.

Uh, you’ve got the wrong number! It’s almost like she’s about to ask to speak to the manager of Steve, Incorporated. This poor fellow at least kept his calm and continued to be polite.

A Karen in action

The stereotype of the modern-day Karen definitely misses out on some key characteristics and unfairly targets a demographic that is not ALWAYS awful. With that being said, a lot of the stereotypes tend to ring true. Don’t believe us? Just look at this real photo taken of a Karen in her natural environment: yelling at minimum wage workers.

This woman was demanding to see the manager of this iHop, and she was definitely enforcing the Karen stereotype while doing so. Seriously, just look at that haircut! It’s pretty much straight out of a meme.

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