40+ People Who Got Called Out for Lying On Social Media


We all know what it’s like to want to present a super-perfect version of our lives on social media. Who hasn’t added the odd filter or flattering angle to make their selfie look a little better than in real life? Or posted an idyllic couple’s holiday snap, when twenty minutes ago you were arguing about who got the bed sandy?

We all bend the truth a little on social media to give the world the best impression of our lives. But these guys took that a little too far—and were called out online for posting flat-out and hilarious lies.

All Lies

Another day, another silly random lie from someone on the internet. Let’s hope that this poster simply wanted a way to appreciate the beauty of this stunning model. But pretending she has won a Guinness World Record that doesn’t actually exist? Just why?

It’s all very strange. Whatever the original poster’s intent, it obviously didn’t work very well, and a representative from the Guinness official account publicly negated this strange claim. Surely if you were going to post a lie like this, you would see it coming?


Fantastic Ms. Fox

Media personalities and journalists do have a bit of a reputation for sometimes delving into the personal info and private matters of celebs’ lives, sometimes even digging up or revealing info to the world that the star in question would have preferred to keep private.

So this is obviously what the Huffington Post thought when Jimmy Kimmel started quizzing Megan Fox about her pregnancy on live TV.

It seems they were a bit quick to judge, though, as Kimmel shot back instantly to confirm that Fox had given express permission in advance to talk about the subject.

Humble Brag

We are shaking our heads at this one, we really are. Hey, let’s face it—we’ve probably all done this at some point, haven’t we? Haven’t you ever felt so desperate for attention or admiration, that you pretend you’ve got something when really you don’t at all?

But pretending to own something that doesn’t even exist yet? That’s just setting yourself up for failure. You’re just driving yourself down a hole of embarrassment—and giving everyone else a good laugh at your expense.

In it to Win It

Another thing we all love to do on social media is brag about our achievements.

To be fair, if we had won a race, we would probably brag about it on Facebook too!

The only problem is, this guy didn’t actually win, and the real winner was there on his Facebook to call him out.

Next time you’re going to claim someone else’s victory, make sure you block that person from your post, otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for an embarrassing callout like this guy.

Urban Decay

Face palm! We think this person was trying to compare the beauty of China with what they assume to be the capitalist, overbuilt nature of America. Except they forgot that America actually is full of its own rural beauty… this just isn’t it.

For what it’s worth, China also has a huge amount of busy, built-up city areas as well. Both countries have areas of different kinds of beauty.

We are not sure what kind of trouble this poster was trying to stir up, but it obviously didn’t work too well.

Head Games

Shudder! We almost hope that this photo was real, because it’s just so amazing. Imagine if these giant skulls really had been real?

We’re sure that these people discovering them wouldn’t have been acting this calm, in any case.

But we have to wonder why the person commenting really had to burst our bubble.

Sometimes, before you bust someone’s lie on Facebook, just ask yourself—is the truth really better than the story they’ve spun?

Why not sometimes just let them get away with it, for entertainment’s sake.

Mr. July

Who hasn’t lifted a promotional calendar photo from the first page of Google and tried to pass it off as our own sporting feat?

Um…pretty much all of us.

This guy really goes too far in claiming for himself an impressing snowboarding move.

The touch of false humility (“I didn’t land it”) just feels a little too calculated and makes it so much more of a lie.

We don’t blame this commenter for calling out this post as a total lie. Cringe!

Rick Nicked Nick’s Pic

We know the internet is rife with plagiarism and people trying to pass off other people’s work as their own.

But seriously, if you are going to make this total knockoff posts, at least go to the trouble of blocking out the original artist’s name?

Or, you know… don’t plagiarize. Yes, that’s what we meant actually.

Anyway, we don’t know for sure that this guy simply goes personally by Rick and professionally by Nick? It could be the same guy. Let’s judge favorably, people.

Art Imitating Art

YouTube star PewDiePie has such a massive following, his fans will go to any lengths to get themselves noticed by him.

One guy decided to try getting PewDiePie (real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) by posting this pretty amazing sketch of him online.

Only one problem… it wasn’t his sketch, and the pic had already been shared on social media before.

Guys! If you’re going to try to pull off massive lies, at least do your research. Or maybe just do your own work…

Falsely Accused

Aww! We all love these hilarious and super cute dog-shaming photos, where long-suffering owners capture the chaos and destruction that can often be wreaked by their beloved furry friends.

This dog owner must have wanted to get in on the fun, and posted this hilarious snap of their dog guiltily sitting next to a spilled-open cushion.

But look at the comment below, and look closer… this was either one remarkably agile dog, or the work of a sneaky human. It’s a set up! This dog is innocent!

It Wasn’t Me

Social media might cause us problems sometimes, like comparing ourselves unfavorably to body- and face-tuned photos of impossibly perfect models in their activewear, but it does also have its upsides.

These days, when the press or media try to put out incorrect information—or just flat-out lies that might get them more readers, it’s easier than ever for celebs to put the record straight directly from the horse’s mouth.

We are not sure where this paper got these “facts” from about Chris O’Dowd, but thanks to Twitter, he was able to shoot this misinformation down right away.

Mile High Lies

Why would you do this, Lil Bow Wow? This is a very depressing realization.

It’s one thing to be flying coach—we mean, we all do it, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of in being simply a regular person.

But pretending that you are on your own private plane, only to be outed by a fellow passenger, is just so cringe we could die.

Also, we would totally believe someone as famous as Bow Wow would be able to afford his own plane. Don’t ruin our dreams guys.

Mis-Taken Identity

Here’s another social media lie that we simply can’t fathom why anyone would do it.

SURELY, if you’re going to post a photo of a celeb and pretend it is actually you, you don’t really think anyone’s going to believe you, do you?

Maybe if you’re sending it to your 80-year-old grandma, who doesn’t understand the internet, or to a very young child.

Actually, a very young child would probably call you out too, seeing as they seem to be born with innate iPad and WiFi-seeking abilities.

Am You Serious?

We don’t even really understand the point this person is trying to make. Are they actually trying to convince us that “am” is not a word?

But then they also do seem to understand that “I am” and “I’m” are the same thing. And yet one of them doesn’t exist?

Whatever they are talking about, they seem to be pretty convinced of it, and their own knowledge of spelling and grammar.

Shame about that typo in “doesn’t” below then, isn’t it?

Voice From the Beyond

Wow, this a creepy one.

It’s actually quite a common dream (or nightmare) to be attending your own funeral. Apparently, it means you have some sort of fear about your future, or an upcoming change in your life. But for famed horror director John Carpenter, this creepy vision was actually coming true.

Imagine tuning into the news and reading a report of your own death?! It sounds like the plot from one of Carpenter’s scary movies.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, Carpenter was able to confirm directly that he was in fact still of the living.

That’s Not What It Means

Ahhh, we understand what happened here. This savvy customer perhaps thought they could shave a few valuable seconds from a boring household task.

When purchasing a refill bottle for their soap pump, instead of pouring the new soap into the pump bottle, they simply stuck the pump into the refill bottle.

Makes sense, no?

No. It doesn’t make sense at all, and it also doesn’t work.

Well, what to do next in this situation? Blame the manufacturer, of course.

These things should work however we want them to, even if we use them wrong! The customer is always right!

No Pets Here

When selling a piece of furniture, you want to reassure your potential customer that the item is in great condition and has not been damaged by anything.

So, we can see why this poster was keen to highlight that no pets had been anywhere near this sofa.

But what do you mean, there’s an actual cat sitting right on top of this sofa in the seller photo?

That’s not a cat. That’s an extremely lifelike anti-cat device, to deter any real cats for getting on the sofa and ruining it with their paws.

Yes. Definitely. Nothing to see here.

Lies Lead to the Dark Side

Oh please. If you’re going to spread silly lies about someone famous, why on earth would you choose Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, aka the ultimate force for good and truth in this world?

And in other worlds, in galaxies far far away, in fact.

Fortunately, Hamill was able to shoot don this misinformation with a brilliant, short burst of truth.

Silly Heroic Hollywood–don’t put words in our hero’s mouth. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of a Skywalker.

Black Lyin’

Ooh, look. The black lion—the famed mythical type of lion that people have claimed sightings of for years, but no one has actually ever proven. It’s like the Loch Ness Monster of the Serengeti.

Anyway, this keen black lion enthusiast decided to try and prove the existence of this mythical beast once and for all.

Unfortunately, he didn’t really do his homework in finding a good photo to doctor, and the original was found pretty easily.

He also didn’t put much work into the photoshop effort, which any eagle-eyed seeker of lion truths, can see is kind of shoddy.

Do the Math

We totally want to open an account at a bank run by this guy. Imagine the whopping levels of interest we could receive!

But then, that probably wouldn’t be fair to take advantage of his total lack of math skills.

In claiming that 365 quarters would add up to $9,125, he has slightly skewed his workings there.

$9,125 is what you get from 25 DOLLARS a day, not 25 cents.

But hey, if we could get that kind of return on our investments, that’s the kind of piggy bank we’d like!

Don’t Meet Your Heroes

Oh dear. This one isn’t exactly a lie—or if it is, it’s one of the silliest ever.

No, we think what’s happening here is that this poster simply doesn’t have any idea how to differentiate one superhero from another.

It’s impossible to us how you could possibly confuse Spider-Man with Superman—one is overpowered only with an extraterrestrial glowing type of rock, and one’s taken out with a spritz of bug spray.

Also, there’s something super off about the boy on the label’s measurements. Have they just stuck a little boy’s head and legs on an adult Superman?

Vintage Shop

At first glance, we were pretty taken in by this photo. It does look pretty much like a cool snap of a supermarket after hours in the 70s.

But as this eagle-eyed commenter has pointed out, there’s a huge stock of Powerade right there in the shot—which wasn’t invented until 1988.

What a strange choice of lie—why would you even do this?

We can’t trust anyone these days—next time we see a retro supermarket pastiche, just who are we meant to believe??

Truth Mom

It’s pretty much the golden rule of social media—don’t be friends with your parents. Or if you really have to, then don’t let them see any of the posts or photos you share on your profile.

And if you really have to do even that, then AT LEAST don’t go posting bare-faced lies, that your oversharing mom will 100% always call you out on.

Good on you, anonymous mom. Your son should be thanking you for keeping him on the straight and narrow. And, well, for buying the car, too.

I Lost My Job… On Purpose

Oh, look at this guy! Poor man has lost his job, and now is having to turn to his friends to ask for donations.

Let me just get out my wallet—except, this helpful friend below has pointed out that this guy didn’t actually get let go. He did the letting go… and he quit.

Hmm, not so sure we feel so sorry for you anymore, mister! How about trying to make an honest living, instead of an ill-thought-out Facebook hustle?

Coffee to Go… Away

This is such a cute message. Imagine first thing in the morning, not even feeling properly awake yet, coming away with this compliment scribbled on the side of your coffee cup.

That’s the problem though… the original poster was also imagining it.

It turns out that she had just lifted this image from Google, and was trying to pass it off as something that happened to her.

The commenter below just couldn’t help but call her out on it—next time, if you need an ego boost, write a little pep talk on your coffee yourself!

Piece of Cake

OMG! If we accidentally baked our phone into a cake, we’d probably have quite a few thoughts. The first being, oh my god, my life is over. The second probably being—wow what an expensive cake, better taste good.

And the third would probably be—I should really take a photo of this, but how can I, without a phone?!

Anyway, this OP most probably didn’t have any of these thoughts, as she just lifted the image from a YouTube video where someone else did this.

Such an obvious lie—really takes the cake, doesn’t it.

Egg On Your Face

The internet is a strange, often frightening place. The further you venture into it, the odder people you encounter, and the weird and wacky things people end up doing in their quest for attention.

This person, for example, has bought 48 eggs, and painstakingly cracked them all into muffin cases—two each, in an attempt to pretend they were all miraculously double eggs.

Of course, that is one of the more well-known ways to gain friends and admirers—by having twice as many eggs as a regular person, by mistake. Yep. #lifegoals

Season of Goodwill

Isn’t this lovely! Someone decided to spread some Christmas cheer by leaving this generous tip for their server, along with an uplifting message.

Sure, some people might judge you for posting about your own good deeds on social media, saying that you’re just doing it for the attention. But at least you’re doing it, right?!

Right. Except this person wasn’t actually even doing it… they were just pretending to, for the likes.

Good thing someone else on their friends list was able to spot the fake and call it out for everyone else to see.

Trauma Glorifying

We hear about bombings all too often and they’re one of the most tragic things a country can experience. But when they happen, people often come together to get through the aftermath of them.

While this post about the Oklahoma City bombing seems innocent enough, this responder did their research and found that the poster was lying about losing their nephew. We can’t understand why someone would lie about that.

One of a Kind

Remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe hates Pottery Barn? Rachel can’t stop buying beautiful furniture from the shop, so she keeps making up stories about how each item is one of a kind.

This is kind of like that story, except instead of trying to fill your home with lovely things while protecting your friend’s feelings, you’re filling your wallet with money by lying about your product.

Actually no. Not the same at all.

Thank goodness this savvy commenter was able to put the record straight before anyone fell for this sneaky scam.

Meat Cheat

What a bizarre and questionable thing to be wondering. “Loses its meatness” is our new favorite phrase.

To be fair, it isn’t this person who’s posting ridiculous lies on Facebook—it’s their “vegan” friend who’s at fault here.

Is this friend having a laugh at their expense? Or is there really a pepperoni-eating vegan out there? Especially on pizza, which generally also has cheese on it, so even a meat that’s “lost its meatness” would still not make it a vegan pizza. So many questions.

Vaxx Lyrical

Oh dear. Observe here the murky waters of the internet at its darkest—the vast ocean of anti-vaxxers’ misinformation.

Here, not only is this person posting misleading pseudo-science in an attempt to deter others from providing their children with life-saving protection, but they’re also asking others to back up the circumstantial evidence.

Unfortunately, even that also turned out to be a lie, as one long-suffering Facebook friend flagged up on her post.

Thank goodness that person was there to call her out on the lies!


Awkward! Although really, we should have realized straight away that this Facebook hack wasn’t a real genuine one—how many times have people taken advantage of open Facebooks to post something complimentary?

Normally, the Facebook hacker will pretend that the poster is complimenting them, not themselves.

Aside from that red flag, it’s clear this was a bit of self-love rather than from a secret admirer, as they posted it from their mobile phone rather than the library computer as they claimed. Busted!

Literary Snob

We are not quite sure what to make of this one. On the one hand, the poster is making a good point, that you shouldn’t feel superior to others for having read a certain book.

But then they do also seem to suggest that they themselves have read the book, which is clearly debunked by the conversation in the comments below.

Probably next time, just to be safe, we wouldn’t get into a literary or educational debate without having actually experienced what you’re talking about.

Celeb Style

Let’s be honest—who hasn’t been inspired by a recent celebrity interview, and worked the dialogue into their own life and passed it off as original? You too, right?

After all, there’s definitely no chance that anyone else will have watched the same footage of a popular talk show host interviewing one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Nuh-uh. You take that quote and repurpose it to big yourself up a bit on Facebook. Definitely won’t get caught out with that one.

Daily Fail

Whoops! How inconvenient when the celebs you publish blatant lies about online actually end up seeing your post and calling you out directly!

Thankfully, this unfounded fixation on Keeley Hawes’ weight, and misinformation about completely fictitious diet plans and weight loss, was able to be nipped in the bud.

Hawes saw the Tweet and responded right away to squash the fake news that was being spread about her, before it did any damage to any impressionable people who might be reading it.

Date Night

Oh DEAR. This one is positively painful to read.

If you’re going to make up a random lie to get out of your social commitments, fine. But DO NOT then post about what you are actually doing, where the person you canceled on can see!

And especially not if the subject of your lie will also see it—and especially, ESPECIALLY, if that person is also your boss!

Oh the humanity… We know she made a silly mistake, but we can’t help but cringe for this woman. At least she’ll know for next time (and hopefully still have a job).

Secret Studying

This is an interesting one. Don’t most people pretend that they are studying, while in fact they’re designing a small civilization on an ultra-detailed online cosplay forum?

Here we see a very strange subversion of normality—this poster is trying to convince us they are not studying at all, while their roommate can literally see them studying with their own eyes.

To be fair, someone may look like they’re studying while 8 feet away from you, but they could easily be twiddling their thumbs and taking “what kind of pot plant are you” quizzes on Buzzfeed.

Feelin’ Vegan

Hey, you can’t judge this guy too harshly. Everyone has weaknesses, right? This guy clearly wants to be a vegan, so he is at least a vegan in spirit—isn’t that what counts?

Um, no, we think when it comes to being a vegetarian or vegan, what you eat is pretty much all that counts—or at least the very minimum to classify you as a non-meat-eater.

Sorry, fella—you haven’t made the cut this time. Stock up on some tofu before you make this claim again.

Dr. Google

We all know the type. A self-professed medical expert, who spends all his time on the internet, offering up all sorts of (often unsolicited) health advice and sometimes unfounded fears to complete strangers in need of reassurance.

Hilariously, this particular internet doc had someone try to call him out on his medical credentials.

Instead of just owning up, he continued the charade of being an actual qualified M.D. claiming certification from a real-life medical school.

Unfortunately, that medical school hadn’t had any graduates yet…

Awkward! Won’t be putting that one up in the wall of his imaginary office, will he.

So Eggstra

It’s really remarkable to learn quite how much egg-related social media fraud there is flying around on the internet.

Why are people so obsessed with eggs? And why is everyone making up weird lies about eggs that aren’t going to impress anyone anyway?

Here we have someone pretending to have just discovered a lovely patterned box of eggs, when in fact the photo had already been posted on the internet multiple times.

How did the commenter even know this, anyway? Where are all these egg enthusiasm forums we are obviously missing?

Dirty Laundry

Apart from randomly unnecessary lies about eggs, which appears to fill most of the internet, we also particularly like when two people on Facebook end up airing all the bad blood between them—especially when it’s utterly publicly, and totally unprompted. Our fave!

Here we have a person who decided to declare to no one in particular just how much they hate liars.

Unfortunately, they themselves seem to have quite the history with being less than truthful.

When will people learn to delete their angry exes from Facebook?! They so get in the way of subsequent self-congratulatory lies.

In Da Club

Whoops! There’s no getting around this one. This gal is obviously out and about on the town, but for some reason didn’t want her boyfriend to know where she was.

Perhaps she’s a little under the weather, and she knew he wouldn’t want her going out into the night?

Yes, we’re sure that’s it. Definitely no foul play or suspicious behavior here.

We definitely don’t think this girl is in any kind of trouble at all with her boyfriend after these texts. No siree.

Call for Help

Yikes! This status looks pretty scary… until you read the comments underneath.

It’s a good point—if you think someone’s breaking into your home, wouldn’t you think to call the police before updating your status?

To be fair, perhaps this woman was trying not to make any noise, and silently posting on Facebook might alert someone else to call the police without having to do it herself and possibly draw the intruder’s attention.

But that doesn’t seem to be her reasoning… no, rather, she claims not to have a phone. While posting via mobile. Ok then.

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