How to Overcome The Hidden Beauty of Being a Bride


In movies, there’s often a storyline where a woman discovers troubling things about her fiancé and chooses to walk away before the wedding. But have you ever pondered if such scenarios unfold in reality? The tale you’re about to delve into revolves around Richard and Sarah, a couple on the brink of marriage, until unexpected events altered their course. To safeguard their privacy, the names have been altered.

Making Big Wedding Plans

Sarah and Richard agreed not to see each other for a few days before their wedding.

Sarah had a clear idea of how she wanted her wedding to be, and she made sure everything was just right. But unexpectedly, she ended up causing a scene on the big day, even though everything else was going perfectly.

Happy Faces Everywhere

On the morning of the wedding, everyone was in high spirits. The bride was thrilled and filled with happiness, thinking about what her life would be like after getting married.

She had thousands of happy and excited thoughts racing through her mind. Little did she know what was about to happen next.

Girl Talk

Like in many places, the girls were more excited than the boys. Sarah and her friends gathered in a room at a fancy hotel to chat about the upcoming big day.

They laughed, chatted wildly, and discussed every detail. Sarah’s married friends shared their stories and gave her advice. The idea of enjoying her honeymoon with the love of her life gave her goosebumps.

Unexpected Wedding Jitters

Everything was going smoothly, with lots of fun and games. Then, one of Sarah’s friends teasingly joked about the changes that would come into her life after getting married.

At that moment, nobody noticed that things began to turn difficult for Sarah. She adored Richard, but she started questioning whether love alone was reason enough to spend her whole life with him.

A Great Friend

Jennifer, as a caring friend, helped Sarah realize that finding true love isn’t simple in today’s world. She made Sarah see that what she had was rare and special, something only fortunate people come across. Sarah was reminded how special it was to have someone who asked her to marry him.

Sarah understood her friend’s perspective, yet she couldn’t shake off her doubts about making a mistake. To avoid potential problems in the future, Jennifer came up with a perfect idea.

Bending The Rules

Because Sarah and Jennifer had been best friends since childhood, they knew each other inside out. Jennifer understood Sarah’s stubbornness, and she didn’t want her best friend to lose a great man just because of her fears.

So, Jennifer devised a plan to bend the rules a bit, ensuring her friend wouldn’t make a mistake.

Execution of The Plan

Now fully prepared to execute her plan, Jennifer excused herself and hurried back to the hotel room in search of something specific.

Nobody knew what Jennifer was looking for. All she assured them was that everything was fine and there was no need to worry. However, was everything truly okay?

Calling Richard

As Jennifer disappeared into the room, Sarah waited anxiously, almost on the verge of tears. Then, Jennifer returned and handed her a phone.

They both realized the best thing to do was to call Richard. Sarah found comfort in the thought that the love of her life was the only one who could ease her distress.

Red Alarms

When Sarah called Richard, he sensed immediately that something was amiss. They had agreed not to talk or see each other before the wedding, so her breaking the rule signaled that something serious was happening.

When Richard answered, Sarah began by apologizing for calling and then opened up about her fears and doubts regarding their wedding. Richard was shocked to hear this and fell silent for a few seconds. For Sarah, those moments felt like an eternity.

Feeling Much Better

Feeling a lot better after expressing herself, Sarah decided to hang up so that Richard wouldn’t run out of words. She wanted him to have some heartfelt words saved for the altar.

Deeply in love, Sarah’s beaming smile reflected her newfound confidence and happiness. Jennifer, listening in on their conversation, felt incredibly happy and proud of her wonderful friend.

Ignoring The Messages

As Sarah’s wedding day drew closer, she received numerous messages from people sending her their best wishes.

Feeling exhausted, she decided to ignore the messages for the time being. She even handed her phone to her friend for safekeeping.

An Unknown Number

Despite her intention to avoid checking messages, Sarah couldn’t resist the curiosity after receiving the third one. The temptation was too strong.

It’s hard to say exactly who it could be, but perhaps it was someone trying to convey last-minute wishes or congratulations to Sarah. The messages might have contained heartfelt wishes, advice, or even just a simple note of joy for her big day.

Heartbreak Waiting To Happen

That’s a tough situation. When Sarah checked the messages, she discovered that the unknown person was actually familiar to her fiancé, which raised concerns about a potential heartbreak she might have been inadvertently avoiding.

Feeling like her world had come to a standstill, Sarah was frozen. She couldn’t move, speak, or process what she’d just discovered. Instead of confiding in her friends, she retreated to the bathroom, locking herself inside to process the overwhelming situation in solitude.

Worried Friends

As texts continued flooding in from the unknown number, Sarah found herself reading each message in utter disbelief. Unable to control her tears, every word in those texts felt like a sharp stab to her heart, intensifying her anguish with each passing moment.

Overwhelmed, Sarah flung her phone away in a mix of disgust and anger. Her friends, waiting outside, grew concerned and started knocking on the bathroom door, worried about her sudden withdrawal.

Gaining Courage

Despite the pain and shock, Sarah knew that wallowing in tears or feeling like her world had ended wouldn’t change anything unless she gathered herself. Summoning her strength, she rose, picked up the bouquet of flowers, grabbed her cracked yet functional phone, and walked out of the bathroom.

With her first step out of the bathroom, Sarah made a firm decision to confront the situation head-on instead of running from it. The moment felt like it needed some stirring background rock music to amplify the intensity of her determination.

Keeping It All To Herself

Deciding to keep everything to herself, Sarah left for her wedding with a quiet confidence. There was no facade or forced smile, just a resolute woman determined to accomplish something significant that day.

Despite the tense situation and Sarah’s mood swings, Jennifer wasn’t focused on the potential ruin of her best friend’s special day. There was something else at play.

Double Dealing

The texts that Sarah received were from a girl with whom her fiancé, Richard, had been having an affair. This revelation added an intense layer of complexity to the already challenging situation.

Sarah was deeply disgusted and hurt by the betrayal, feeling that Richard’s actions were a serious breach of trust. For her, trust was fundamental, and with it shattered, she believed there couldn’t be a relationship.

Making the Big Decision

Despite her intense anger and feeling deceived by Richard, Sarah chose not to wallow or create a scene. Instead, she decided to gracefully call off the wedding in her own way, opting for a dignified approach in handling the situation.

Sarah’s perspective shifted—she no longer felt sorry for Richard. Instead, a sense of excitement built within her as she anticipated the moment when she would reveal to everyone who the ultimate punchline was on.

Little Moments Started To Add Up

In her interview with Danielle Colley, Sarah confessed that upon receiving those text messages, she initially couldn’t believe them. But as she revisited little moments in her mind, everything started to piece together, and her doubts began to be replaced by a growing realization that the messages might be true.

Sarah began to feel like she’d been deceived for over six years, feeling like she’d been made a fool of. Now, she was determined to turn the tables and make Richard feel the shame she’d endured. She had a plan in mind for just how to do it.

A Huge Announcement To Make

Sarah realized she had nothing left to lose. Despite investing six years with someone she believed was the love of her life, she no longer cared about anything. The money spent on wedding preparations or the memories created with him held no significance anymore.

With guests traveling from various places to attend the wedding, Sarah saw this as the perfect opportunity to return the favor to Richard in a manner he’d never forget.

A Liar and a Thief

Richard’s deception wasn’t just about lying to Sarah; it was also about stealing something incredibly valuable from her: her precious time.

Richard’s deception robbed Sarah of six years of her life, and he didn’t consider stopping it even as they were about to marry. He could easily discern from Sarah’s expression that something was amiss.

She Still Loved Him

As Sarah arrived at the front, she was still grappling with mixed emotions about what she intended to do. Despite everything, her love for Richard made her question whether what she was about to do was truly necessary.

Despite appearing radiant and being admired by everyone, Sarah couldn’t shake the feeling that her dream day had turned into a nightmare. She realized that her dream wedding dress was merely a facade, just a simple costume in the grand scheme of things.

A Bold, Bold Move

With composure, Sarah began to read the text. She focused on maintaining a steady voice, determined to convey her message clearly.

Sarah read the text aloud in front of everyone: “This weekend. You and I. It is on hot stuff. Bring your A game. Your body is f****** incredible. And s*** do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do.”

The Cat Was Out of The Bag

Whispers and gasps spread among the guests as they started to hear about the explicit nature of the encounters between Richard and the other girl.

Sarah, despite Richard’s attempt to grab her hand, pushed him away and displayed the phone to everyone from which she was reading the texts. As he tried to step forward to retrieve the phone, she swiftly ran away with it. As anticipated, Richard was left looking pale and humiliated.

A Free Bird

Despite being left alone at the altar, Sarah felt a sense of liberation. She felt like a free bird, able to breathe again and live her life with newfound freedom.

With conviction in her heart, Sarah knew she had made the right decision. Turning to the congregation, she fearlessly announced that she would not be marrying a liar and a cheater.

Cheering Sarah

After the drama subsided and Richard left the church, there was a moment of silence, followed by a bit of awkward applause, and then a wave of huge cheers erupted from nearly everyone present.

Despite feeling unsure about her next steps, surprisingly, there was a party after all the chaos. Strangely enough, it helped ease the tension and reassured Sarah that her life was back on the right track.

Praises Everywhere

That’s a wonderful comment from someone online! They praised Sarah’s strength and forward-thinking, emphasizing the importance of honesty with oneself and others. It’s a message of support and blessings for everyone involved.

That’s an incredibly supportive comment! It acknowledges Sarah’s bravery and expresses confidence that she deserves and will find someone better. The commenter wishes her luck and happiness, recognizing her as an internet sensation for fearlessly speaking up without concern for the repercussions.

Lessons were Learnt That Day

Sarah’s experience taught her the importance of self-focus. Despite the ordeal, she hasn’t lost faith in the existence of true love. However, she’s now more cautious when it comes to trusting people, having learned from her past.

It’s wonderful to hear that Sarah has emerged more confident and ready to tackle new challenges in life. Hopefully, she encounters someone who genuinely loves and cherishes her for who she is. She’s on a path to new beginnings and possibilities!

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