How to Avoid Sending Unwanted Christmas Cards


Sending holiday cards is a cool tradition. Usually, they have nice pictures of families on trips or from a photo shoot. But sometimes, people do more fun stuff. They might include their unusual pets or wear funny costumes. You never know what you’ll get! Hopefully, it’ll be a Christmas card that makes you laugh. We made a list of the funniest and weirdest holiday cards just in time for you to compare them with the ones you get in the mail. Happy holidays, and have fun!

All For One and One For All

This family wanted to make their dog feel included for the holidays. They made their Christmas card all about the dog’s recent procedure, showing that pets are important members of the family too!

Absolutely! For this family, sticking together through tough times, even during the holidays, is what it’s all about. They show that they’re there for each other, no matter what.

Gingerbread Family

That’s a clever twist on the classic gingerbread family idea! It’s a funny and creative Christmas card that adds a playful and slightly mischievous touch by suggesting the gingerbread family is running away. It’s meant to be funny and might give you a little chuckle!

Orange You Glad It’s Christmas

Oh no, a spray tan gone wrong can sometimes make you look more orange than sun-kissed! It’s like aiming for a natural glow but ending up a bit too much like an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka—it’s not what you expected!

Seems like getting a spray tan right before taking your holiday photo might turn into a funny surprise! Unless you’re aiming to make everyone laugh with a hilarious Christmas card, it’s probably best to plan the tan for a different day. It can create an unexpected, amusing moment for the holidays, though!

The Circle of Life

Combining a cheetah attacking an antelope, snowflakes, and a desert background could create a surreal and unexpected image. It mixes elements from different environments and situations, resulting in a unique and surprising scene that sparks the imagination!

That’s a hilarious and unexpected idea for a holiday card! Sometimes the most surprising combinations can turn into the most memorable and entertaining cards. It’s definitely a creative way to bring some humor and uniqueness to your Christmas greetings!

O Holy Night

Those photoshopped cards can sometimes toe the line between being intentionally funny or just slightly off, creating a whole new level of humor! It’s like they’re so oddly edited that it’s hard to tell if it’s intentional or not, which adds an extra layer of amusement to the card. That kind of uncertainty can indeed make it even funnier!

Ah, that’s a delightful thought! Sometimes, when you look at a picture or a scene, it feels so alive that you can almost imagine hearing the people in it singing or talking. It’s like the image comes to life in your mind!

You’re Bacon Me Crazy

Lady Gaga’s unique style might have inspired some creative holiday photo ideas! It’s possible that her fashion line played a role in someone’s choice for their family’s holiday photo attire. Sometimes, seeking inspiration from unique sources like that can lead to a really creative and memorable Christmas card!

That’s a fun way to repurpose outfits! Something you wore for your Christmas card photo one year might end up becoming a Halloween costume the following year. It’s a clever way to recycle and get more use out of your wardrobe, turning festive attire into a playful costume!

A Christmas Goat

Having a baby goat in your Christmas card is pretty adorable! But maybe having a whole bunch of baby goats would make it even better? The more goats, the merrier the card!

Absolutely! A baby goat wearing a Santa hat steals the show on any Christmas card. It’s undeniably cute and brings a ton of joy. Who wouldn’t adore a festive little goat spreading holiday cheer? It’s a guaranteed smile-maker!

The Gangs All Here

Sounds like you’ve got all the essentials for a classic holiday card! You’ve got the festive sweaters, the pets making an appearance, and maybe the kids are cooperating… kind of? It’s a recipe for a fun and memorable holiday card, even if the kids are not entirely on board!

Absolutely, there’s nothing wrong with someone choosing their own unique way to celebrate the holidays! Sometimes, people prefer the company of their furry friends or have their own reasons for choosing unconventional ways to spread holiday cheer. Creating a funny Christmas card with a realistic-looking doll might just be their way of adding a playful twist and avoiding those “children” questions! Everyone has their own style of celebrating, and that’s what makes it fun and diverse.

Have A Holly Jolly Catsmas

Cats have a special way of becoming an essential part of the family! When your cat means everything to you and brings so much joy, they truly become your light and the heart of your family. Pets have a remarkable ability to bring immense happiness and comfort.

It’s always a win when the cat is on board for the holiday photo shoot! When your furry friend cooperates and becomes the star of a funny Christmas card, it adds an extra touch of joy to the festivities. Cats can bring unexpected charm to any photo, especially when they’re happily involved!

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

Photoshop can work wonders when your pets aren’t in the mood for a photo shoot! Sometimes, merging their floating heads into a picture can create a humorous and creative effect for a funny Christmas card. It’s a playful way to include them, even if they weren’t exactly cooperative during the photo session!

Absolutely, color coordination can add a special touch to a photo! When everyone, pets included, unintentionally matches a unique shade of green, it creates a quirky and funny Christmas card moment. The combination of the color coordination and the slightly odd appearance of all four beings in the photo really amps up the humor factor!

Holiday Face Swap

That sounds like a fun and whimsical twist on reality! It’s fascinating how a simple swap in proportions can turn a photo into something completely unexpected. What else do you notice about the image?

It’s understandable how certain trends might work better in certain contexts than others. What might be fun and light-hearted on social media platforms might not always translate well into more traditional settings like holiday cards. Sometimes, the unexpected can end up creating unintended effects. Have you seen any other examples where trends clashed with more traditional forms?

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

That’s a hilarious take on it! The contrast between the start of a spooky scenario and the end result being a funny Christmas card could make for quite the unexpected and entertaining story. It’s amazing how a simple image can evoke such diverse thoughts and narratives! Do you enjoy watching holiday-themed movies, whether they’re heartwarming or have a hint of spookiness?

Watch out! Turning around might land you on the naughty list.

Too Accurate

It’s easy to feel that way when it seems like everyone around you is hitting those big life milestones. But hey, Emily’s quirky Christmas card is a unique way to stand out! And who knows, it might just bring some extra cheer and laughter to the holiday gatherings. Sometimes a bit of humor can deflect those questions. How do you usually handle those moments during the holidays?

Being the fun single aunt rocks! You get to spread joy and have a blast without the relationship status questions.

A Christmas Cat-astrophe

Sometimes, the holiday spirit comes with a beard and a hat! But hey, your resistance might just make the card even funnier. Embracing the silliness could lead to a memorable and entertaining holiday greeting. What’s the funniest thing you’ve done for a holiday card?

Pets in costumes always steal the show! They might not always love the idea, but they definitely make the holiday photos extra adorable. The struggle might be real for them, but their cuteness makes it all worthwhile. Have you ever managed to capture a particularly funny or memorable pet-in-costume moment for a holiday picture?

It’s A Holiday Fumble

Dad’s choice: the Heisman Pose. Holiday card creativity at its finest!

The sacrifices for good presents: enduring the holiday card photoshoot, even if it’s a bit lame! It’s all part of the “being nice” strategy throughout the year. The rewards might just make it worth the effort. What’s the most creative or unusual thing you’ve done to ensure those good presents during the holidays?

How Many is Too Many

Wow, that’s a whole pack of furry friends! Wrangling 33 dogs must make for an incredibly chaotic and adorable holiday card photo. It’s hard to imagine how they all managed to stay still for the picture! Did you happen to see the final result?

Thirty-three dogs definitely make for an impressive holiday card, but it’s true, that’s a whole lot of canine companions! Getting them all in one place for a photo must have been quite the task. The chaos and fun that many dogs bring can surely make for a memorable and unique card! Did the final picture turn out as chaotic as one might imagine with that many pups?

The Christmas Wrappers

That sounds like the hottest holiday release! A mix tape from this crew could definitely bring some unique tunes and festive vibes. I wonder what tracks they’ve got lined up! Any guesses on what their hit holiday song might be called?

Those track titles are brilliant! “Santa Wrap” and “Christmas in da Hood” sound like catchy holiday tunes with a twist. I can imagine those songs bringing a lot of cheer and laughter during the festive season. Do you think they’ve got an entire album’s worth of holiday-themed tracks?

A Desert Christmas

A holiday card that raises questions definitely adds an element of intrigue! Whether it’s about the theme, the characters, or the setting, sometimes the best part is unraveling the mysteries it presents. What’s the most puzzling or intriguing thing about this particular holiday card to you?

So many mysteries wrapped up in one holiday card! The outfits, the cactus backdrop, the timing, and their current whereabouts—it’s like a holiday-themed detective story waiting to be solved. The mix of elements makes it all the more intriguing. If you could solve one of these mysteries from the card, which would it be?

Mrry Xmas, Ttyl

Absolutely! The holidays are a perfect time to gather with family and cherish those moments together. Regardless of how the holiday card turns out, it’s the togetherness and quality time that truly make it special. What’s your favorite part about spending time with family during the holidays?

Absolutely, it’s refreshing when families embrace their quirks and make light of the everyday chaos for their holiday card. Sometimes, showcasing the reality of family life, complete with its ups and downs, can create a more relatable and amusing card. It’s all about finding humor in the chaos! Have you ever seen or been a part of a holiday card that highlighted the true essence of family life?

Presenting Around The Christmas Tree

Gather ’round, it’s time for the grand unveiling of presents! “Around the Christmas Tree” has a certain magical ring to it, like a scene straight out of a festive storybook. The joy and excitement of sharing gifts and creating lasting memories often make these moments unforgettable. What’s your favorite part about the gift-giving tradition during the holidays?

Human Santapede

I bet that made for quite the holiday story! What did they come up with? Rocket-powered sled? Turbo-charged snowmobile? Reindeer-shaped hot air balloon?

Oh, goodness! Sometimes, the best intentions lead to unexpected outcomes. Hopefully, it brought some laughter and cheer despite the unintended “creative” direction. Did they end up sending it out anyway, or did they have to go back to the drawing board for their holiday greetings?

Elf on A Shelf

That little elf on the shelf always brings a touch of magic to the holiday season! It’s such a fun tradition to see where the elf ends up each day. Have you had any memorable hiding spots or creative scenarios for your elf?

A life-sized elf certainly stands out more! That must have added an extra level of excitement and surprise to the tradition. Did they get really creative with where they were hiding, or did the size itself make it challenging to find good spots?

A Frat Boy Christmas

That sounds intriguing! Are they maybe planning a special experience or a surprise that’s more about creating memories than material gifts? Sometimes the most meaningful presents aren’t things you can wrap up in a box.

Oh, a humorous photo! That’s a unique and light-hearted way to bring some fun into the holiday season. I’m sure it was all in good fun and meant to create some laughs. Did they add any quirky touches or props to the photo to make it even more amusing?

Happy Snakemus

Absolutely! Pets are family too, whether they’re furry, scaly, or anything in between. Including them in the holiday celebrations can make the season even more special. Did they have any fun ways of involving their pets in the festivities? Maybe special treats, cute costumes, or their own stockings hung by the chimney with care?

Oh, that must have been quite the sight! Carrying large reptiles through a mall could definitely turn some heads. As for Santa’s expression, I can only imagine the mix of surprise and amusement when faced with such an unexpected encounter. Maybe they had some clever carriers or specialized bags to transport their scaly friends? It’s definitely a memorable way to celebrate the holidays!

Disgusting The Ho Ho Family

Ah, the classic holiday indulgence! Sometimes the temptation of those delicious treats is just too hard to resist. Did they have a funny or relatable moment where they might have overdone it a bit with the cookies and eggnog? It’s all part of the festive spirit!

It’s those moments that become the best stories later on! Having a good laugh and enjoying those cookies is what makes the holidays so special. It’s the memories that stick around, even if the cookies don’t last quite as long. Did this fellow have a particularly memorable cookie-related incident during the holiday season?

How Many Men Does it Take to Decorate A Tree

That’s definitely an imaginative way to handle the holiday blues! A bit of Photoshop magic can create some amusing and intriguing holiday cards. It’s a creative twist that could bring a smile and a moment of confusion, maybe even prompting a double-take from recipients. Did they add any funny or quirky elements to their “group photo” to make it even more entertaining?

They threw a wild tree lighting bash that left everyone wanting an invite next year!

He’s A Mean One Mr. Grinch

Uh-oh, sounds like dressing dad turned into a bit of a holiday mishap! Was it a case of mistaking sizes or maybe an unexpectedly unconventional outfit choice that didn’t quite fit the occasion? Sometimes, those unexpected moments end up being the funniest stories later on!

Whose brilliant idea was it to outfit this grown man in a full-body spandex suit? His expression only adds to the hilarity of the situation!

A Family of Ornaments

It’s unclear whether the kids anticipated this surprising outcome in the end.

Their beaming smiles might suggest they’re either thrilled about being transformed into giant ornaments or genuinely excited about this quirky Christmas card concept, albeit a tad unconventional!

Trapped in a Winter Wonderland

Thinking creatively often leads to the most memorable and amusing holiday card ideas, like the clever notion of posing inside a snow globe for a hilarious Christmas picture.

Ah, it seems despite their effort and acting skills, the final result didn’t quite match the intended holiday card concept. At least they gave it their all!

He Did It

Santa might often attribute mishaps to the elves, but in this funny Christmas card picture, it looks like the mischievous kid might be the real troublemaker, earning himself a place on the naughty list!

While Santa might sometimes pass the blame to the elves, the truth is, sneaking into houses and swiping cookies while everyone’s asleep sounds more like the work of a mischievous little one rather than the hardworking elves!

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