How to Find Strength in Strange and Terrifying Photos


People like scary stuff like haunted houses and scary movies because feeling scared but intrigued is exciting. That’s why we enjoy looking at spooky photos from the internet—they give us a similar thrill. So, grab something comfy because these pictures might give you goosebumps!

Just When We Thought Sharks Couldn’t Be Any Scarier

Sharks might seem really mean no matter how you see them. You might not have seen a picture of a shark from underneath before, but now you have! Their teeth and rough skin make them look like they’re laughing at you, like they know something bad is going to happen. If you were scared of sharks before, seeing this might make you even more scared.

Once you’ve seen such a striking image, it’s hard to forget. At first glance, it’s tough to believe this is actually a shark, right?

Someone Get This Creepy Owl a Coffee

Ever seen an owl before it’s had its morning coffee? Well, here’s something unusual: the wet owl. It looks like it’s had enough of a tough day and has no energy left. It’s not even mad or annoyed—just totally defeated.

It feels like owls should have feathers that keep them dry in the rain, but either this owl is different, or they stay hidden when wet (probably for a good reason).

The Water Bottles Are Watching You

When you think you’re alone in your room at night, you get ready for bed, placing your water bottles nearby in case you get thirsty. But what you don’t expect is the scary surprise: the shadows from the bottles look creepy and make you feel like you’re not alone—they seem to be watching you in a spooky way.

Even though it’s obviously just a shadow, it’s still pretty scary. Imagine if it’s actually the shadow of a spirit or ghost shaped like your water bottles!

The Real Reason MRI’s Are Discouraged During Pregnancy

Getting an MRI can be frightening. Nobody enjoys being scanned by a large machine, no matter the reason. They’re especially cautioned against during pregnancy. But it seems this expecting mother went for an MRI despite the advice and might have found out why it’s strongly advised against. The image shows something more than just a typical baby in her belly.

Seeing such a scary image of your unborn child can really shake you up. For someone unsure about having kids, this might push them toward a life without children.

The Dark Side of a Penguin

Penguins are usually adored for being adorable and funny with their waddles. They seem cuddly and nice. But if you’re a fish swimming peacefully underwater, seeing a penguin might not give you the same warm feelings. It turns out, penguins have pretty weird-looking mouths and sharp teeth. This one especially looks a bit wild with its intense eyes, all set for its next meal.

No worries! It’s tough to see those adorable, waddling penguins in quite the same way after seeing that picture.

The Kind of Intruder Australians Worry About

Australia is known for having some scary creatures, like deadly snakes and sharks. Kangaroos aren’t usually on top of that list for people from other countries—they’re more focused on the really dangerous animals. But locals in Australia actually get really scared of kangaroos, and this picture explains why. They’re more worried about kangaroos than burglars; they lock their doors just to keep these animals away.

That sounds pretty intense! If a kangaroo suddenly showed up at your door, staring with red, spooky eyes and wanting to come in, what do you think you’d do?

She Lost Her Soul During the CAT Scan

A lot of folks don’t like getting CAT scans. Even for the calmest people, the tight space can be really unsettling. But for some who deal with severe claustrophobia, it’s even tougher. Take this patient, for example. She tried to get her CAT scan but couldn’t stay still, and this is what happened as a result.

Apart from being incredibly scary, it seriously seems like this image shows someone’s soul departing after death. That’s likely how she felt in the midst of that panicked moment.

The Moth of Horrors

Usually, moths are nice bugs, but they don’t get as much love as butterflies. They’re not as colorful and show up at night. But most moths are harmless and kind of nice. There’s always one exception, though, and it seems like this moth is it. Found in Australia, it’s got retractable horns and can fly around, which is pretty unusual for a moth.

It can feel like something straight out of nightmares! With such creepy creatures around, it’s hard to imagine how anyone in Australia manages to sleep peacefully.

The Bridge to Satan’s Winter Home

This picture is pretty interesting rather than super scary. The snowy haze and the metal bridge make it feel kind of magical and mysterious. It looks like a bridge to both nowhere and somewhere else at the same time. But driving on it could be really scary because there’s no clear sign or direction about where it goes or what’s at the end.

It’s hard not to be amazed by this gorgeous bridge covered in snow. Driving on a bridge during a snowstorm is already risky, and this picture shows just how much of a risk it can be!

Big Freddy Krueger Vibes

Picture this: It’s a lazy Saturday morning, and you’re making pancakes at home. Your cat strolls over, curious about the delicious smell. Instead of doing the usual and shooing them away, a weird idea pops into your head. You poke a few holes in the pancake and playfully put it on your cat’s face. Your cat’s so surprised, they just freeze while you snap a picture.

The wildest thing about this photo is how the cat’s owner got such a good picture before the cat dashed to remove the pancake from its face.

A Real Life Superhuman

It’s a common question: “If you could have a superpower, what would it be?” Some folks might say they want to feel no pain. Surprisingly, there are actually people who experience exactly that. There’s a condition called “Chromosome 6 Deletion” where a person feels no pain whatsoever. They don’t feel hunger or the urge to sleep, and they can’t understand fear either.

When Olivia Farnsworth was 7 years old, she was hit by a car and dragged along the ground. The incredible part? She didn’t feel any pain during the accident, and even more amazingly, she didn’t have any injuries afterward.

How to Build a Mountain Road in China

Driving or walking on a road built on the edge of a mountain can be really scary. Just the thought of it can make people feel queasy. Yet, here are the people who actually built that very road that others are too scared to use. The structure they’re walking on doesn’t seem too sturdy itself, and it’s likely they live in constant fear while doing their job.

How did the crew manage to build the original pathways they’re standing on now? That job must have been even riskier and required an even braver team of workers.

The North Pole of Saturn

It’s pretty surprising to realize that every planet has its own north pole. Saturn, unlike Earth, has a north pole shaped like a hexagon. Because of this, Saturn deals with ongoing storms, cyclones, and some really wild weather. While it might look beautiful from far away, that shape isn’t as nice as it seems—it brings some pretty intense conditions.

At the peak of Saturn and within the hexagon’s center, it seems almost eye-like, resembling the watchful eye of a storm, overseeing and maintaining order.

Don’t Mess With This Four-Legged Chick

This baby chick seems like a mix between a chick and a dog. It’s still cute even with its unusual condition, but it’s kinda scary to see it this way. This little one can walk on all fours, which most chicks can’t do. It’s called Polymelia, a genetic thing. Let’s hope this chick grows up healthy and can do chicken stuff just like all the others.

Is it two legs instead of wings? Or does he have wings too? Or in the wildest scenario, does he have four legs and four wings?

The Demonic Piece of Meat

If you’re thinking about going vegetarian, here’s something to make you really consider it. Imagine a super creepy steak that looks like it has a demon’s soul in it. It’s got eyes, a face, and even a whole body. The long, skinny arms almost seem like they could turn into wings. It’s seriously scary and might just make you say no to meat forever.

Perhaps this is the upset spirit of the animal that ended up as your meal. Hopefully, whoever got this steak stopped to think before taking a bite.

They Will Settle for You

Dealing with computer issues is never great. It’s not a good idea to keep things running on your computer while you’re asleep, especially when you might wake up to something like this. Someone was just watching Netflix and forgot to turn off their screen. The next day, they found a frozen screen with the words “I’ll settle for you” stuck at the bottom.

They might as well ditch the computer completely and never use it again. It seems like a haunted computer, and they should steer clear of it right away.

She’s Just Offering Her Services

At first, it seems like a regular ad for cleaning sofas. But if you take a closer look, it gets weird. This lady offers her “services,” which turn out to be really odd and creepy. She says she’ll sit on your sofa for 20 minutes until it’s all wet. Then, after a few weeks, maggots show up where she sat. Her cure? Eating those maggots. Strange, right?

She’s clear that what comes on the chair isn’t just sweat, but it’s not water either. And all this for just $30! Would anyone be desperate enough to give this a shot?

A Very Grim Warning

Rather than carving something on their tombstone, someone who recently passed left a message for those who come by. It says, “Stop for a moment as you go by. As you are now, we once were. As we are now, you’ll be too!” It’s both eerie and kind of thought-provoking. It’s hard to say if they meant to spook people or just bring some reverence to this resting place.

No matter the purpose behind it, this message is a sad reminder for anyone visiting the graveyard. And the sign is simply hung up, covered in plastic, not even an official marker.

One Light on in the Abandoned Hospital

Imagine an empty hospital building—it’s already pretty spooky. Now think about it at nighttime. To make it even creepier, imagine seeing just one light on inside. Makes you wonder, right? Is there a patient who didn’t want to leave, even after the hospital closed? Or maybe someone’s squatting there for some unknown reason?

Chances are, we might never know the answer because there aren’t many brave souls willing to enter that building at night and find out what’s really going on there.

The Adventures of the Demon and the Boar

This picture might just be the scariest of the bunch. At first glance, it’s hard to figure out what’s happening. But if you look closer, it’s like a strange scene: a boar running through the woods alone gets joined by a big demon with wings who wants a lift. Somehow, they team up, and there you have it!

It’s a good question—who took that picture, and why were they in those spooky woods at night? How did they not freak out when they saw that?

The Mysterious Cable to the Sky

The really surprising thing about this story, with a weird cable standing tall in a playground and stretching up into the cloudy sky, isn’t just that it’s there—it’s how the person reacted. Most folks would likely bolt as soon as they saw this eerie thing, but this person? They were brave enough to actually try and yank it out!

It’s even creepier that nothing happened when they tried to pull the cable out. Where does it come from, and where does it lead to? The mystery just gets deeper!

Showering With a Clown

It seems pretty thoughtless to have a clown-themed shower considering how many people are absolutely terrified of clowns. Kids and grown-ups alike would be rightly scared to step into this creepy shower. It’s not just feeling like someone’s watching you all the time; even the position of the water faucet could’ve been better to avoid looking weird.

The clown’s unsettling smile and downward gaze make it even creepier. There’s nothing okay or normal about this shower—it’s probably not used much, except in someone’s worst nightmare.

A Chilling Body Paint Illusion

At first look, it’s tough to figure out what’s happening in this picture. Is it real, fake, or a painting? It’s pretty unclear. But when you find out that the film’s special effects team painted this person’s hand, it starts to make more sense. You can spot where the real fingers are in the background, although it’s tricky to see.

Imagine being so skilled at your job that you can do something like this! It’s incredibly lifelike—the person whose hand it is probably got spooked just by looking at it!

Mark Needs to Watch His Back

Portland can be a bit unnerving, and it’s not known as one of America’s safest cities. But for a guy named Mark, it seems especially risky. He went to his parking spot only to find his tires slashed and a note on his windshield. “You were SO easy to find, Mark. You should drive more carefully.” What did Mark do to deserve this, and why were people looking for him? Maybe he didn’t even know he was in trouble.

Hopefully, Mark got the message and started being more cautious after that. Perhaps it was just a one-time thing for revenge, and he’ll be in the clear soon.

The Fish That Sees Everything

If you’re curious, there’s a fish out there with some seriously huge eyes. The Big Eye Grenadier fish might not have the clearest eyesight, but you can’t miss the size of its eyeballs. They usually hang out in the deepest parts of the ocean near the seafloor, so those big eyes probably help them see better in the dark down there.

This fish seems like a real-life Disney character with its super big eyes—just like most Disney characters! It’s a shame it didn’t show up in The Little Mermaid.

Just About Anything Seems More Fun Than That

It’s a bit puzzling who’d want to buy a Game Boy after seeing such a creepy and unsettling ad, but surprisingly, they were still pretty popular. It’s hard to figure out what effect they were aiming for other than shock and disgust. Somehow, it did work—it’s been decades since this ad from the 1980s, and people still talk about it.

This ad stirs up a bunch of different feelings. The guy’s face is really creepy, and it’s unsettling to think someone posed for this (hopefully, it’s just a really detailed drawing).

The Most Cursed Face Swap

Face swapping can be pretty scary—exchanging faces with someone else is always a bit startling. But folks got really creative with it. Instead of just swapping human faces, they started swapping with dogs, cats, and all kinds of pets. Who knew it would even work between a young boy and Thomas the Train?

This is definitely one of the creepiest and most unsettling face swaps you’ll find online, even though it’s technically possible. It’s hard to believe this is what the filter was made for (or was it?).

Playing Baseball to Save Your Life

Death Row is a really awful and scary place. The people there live in constant terror, never knowing when their time will run out. Back in 1910, they had a really disturbing practice for Death Row inmates. They were forced to play baseball games, and each game they won postponed their execution date.

It’s a really disturbing way to push these inmates, and in the picture, some of them seem surprisingly young to be on Death Row—some even look like kids.

We Wish We Could Unsee This

This face swap is one we never thought about wanting. And honestly, we really didn’t need it. Just a quick peek below will show you why we wish we hadn’t seen it. But that’s exactly why it’s on this list. So, what’s in the picture? Well, it’s an unfortunate face swap between a dog and a horse, if you hadn’t guessed already.

We’re not exactly looking to bring either of these creatures home as a pet, but if we had to pick, we’d definitely choose the one on the left.

Koalas Are Cute but Their Brains Aren’t

It’s surprising how much a koala bear’s brain resembles a chicken breast, isn’t it? The koala’s brain is quite smooth compared to the human brain and brains of many other animals. What does that tell us? Well, koalas might be super cute, but they’re not exactly the brainiest creatures around.

Koala bears might not recognize eucalyptus leaves as food if you hand them a bunch that’s been picked off a tree. Their brains don’t get it unless they pick the leaves themselves.

The Black Crack in Utah

If you’ve got vertigo, you’d probably steer clear of this 65-foot-deep crack in Utah, unlike these brave hikers. But there’s something truly frightening about this deep, dark scar on the earth. It’s spotted along a trail in Canyonlands National Park, and anyone who falls in might not come out. It’s hard not to imagine this eerie blackness leading to somewhere completely different.

Seeing the world split apart like this feels like something out of a dystopian story, but it’s all too real with this example. It’s scary to know there might be more of these crevasses out there. Lesson learned: Watch your step when you’re out in the wilderness!

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