How to Handle Everyday Annoyances with Real People’s Tips


Sure, sometimes we need better ways to do things in our daily lives. There are simple tricks that can solve many problems, some of them are really clever and unusual. Luckily, creative people have come up with these ideas. We gathered their best tips for solving common problems at home, with your clothes, at work, and more.

Use Your Phone Camera to See Into Hard-To-Reach Places

This person amazed everyone by using their phone’s selfie camera like a periscope. Instead of twisting around or bending in awkward ways to see cables, they just used their phone to check everything easily. It’s a smart idea we can all learn from and use in our own lives!

The same trick works with the back camera too! You can use it to see difficult-to-reach spots, especially those in high places. Try it out!

Turn Your Thumb Into a Ruler

Put a mark an inch from the tip of your finger. It might seem small, but it can be super handy for tasks at home. Sewing becomes much simpler, and measuring things becomes a breeze because you’ve got a quick measurement right on your hand. It’s a simple but really useful trick that can make life easier.

Make sure you’re accurate with the measurements. Getting them wrong could lead to problems, so being precise is really important for tasks like these.

Bobby Pins Will Solve Your Knot-Related Troubles

You’ve probably seen those bobby pins around—they’re those hair clips that seem to multiply and scatter everywhere in your bathroom. But guess what? They’re not just for hair! Next time you’re stuck with a stubborn knot, feeling frustrated and wondering why it won’t budge, grab a bobby pin. It might just be the perfect solution to untangle that mess!

This simple trick is a lifesaver, saving you from unnecessary stress and frustration. Nothing’s more annoying than struggling with something so small and simple, right?

Keep Cables Organized for Eternity

Check out how tidy those cables look! Impressive, huh? Wouldn’t you love yours to be that organized? Plastic zip ties are the real secret to keeping those cables in line. Well, maybe not the only way, but they’re definitely one of the cheapest and most effective methods. When you do it right, it looks incredibly neat. Plus, the great thing is, it’s hard to go wrong with this trick!

Isn’t it strange? As we get older, the need for organized cables seems to grow. It starts bothering us more than before, for some reason.

Take Advantage of the Rain

Whoever came up with this must have a real knack for ancient hunter-gatherer wisdom! They cleverly honored nature while making it work for them. By connecting their gutter to the garden, they made a smart, eco-friendly watering system for their plants. And guess what? It’s super easy for anyone to do! Just a bit of time and effort, and you’ve got yourself a similar setup.

It’s all about the plants, a gutter, and a sprinkle of rain. This system makes great use of extra rainwater to give the plants a drink, just like nature intended. And here’s a bonus: it probably saved them a bunch on their water bills!

Put Stockings Over Drains to Stop Insects From Coming Out

Bugs in our personal space? No thanks! Until we negotiate a bug-human treaty, stocking up on stockings might be a good move. Wrapping one around the bathroom drain can stop those curious bugs from wandering where they don’t belong.

This trick is a bug-buster if they sneak in through your drains. Drains happen to be a favorite entry point for bugs, but this stocking trick can outsmart their infiltration strategy.

A Quick Fix for That Professional LinkedIn Shot

Getting that polished, professional photo for something like LinkedIn can be a real challenge. It’s all about the right clothes, the perfect haircut, and more. But here’s a creative solution that can make nailing the clothing part way easier. Check out how well it worked for this person!

Here’s a quick hack to get that “blazer” look instantly. Grab a pair of black jeans, drape them over your shoulders like shown in the picture, and voila! Instant blazer.

Put That Wet Phone in Rice Immediately

Modern phones are super fancy, but they’re also pretty delicate. A little water in the wrong spot can send them into a frenzy. That’s why we suggest keeping a container of rice handy for any phone emergencies, just like this savvy grandma does.

If your phone gets too wet, try placing it in a bowl of rice or, alternatively, salt. This simple trick might just rescue your phone!

Make Sure Everyone Knows if the Coffee Is Fresh

Every office has its coffee politics, right? So many discussions and decisions about the office coffee! That’s why we’re all about coffee harmony, and this person is on board with that too. Check it out: they found a way to keep their colleagues informed about the freshness of the office brew, ensuring no one has to endure a stale cup.

His solution is brilliantly straightforward. He just used two styrofoam cups of coffee to create a clever freshness gauge that can be adjusted. If only it were automatic, right?

Keep Your Dog’s Drinking Area Permanently Clean

Cleaning up after a messy dog can be exhausting and pretty thankless, right? It’s a constant chore without much reward. That’s why this person’s idea is so brilliant: they surrounded their dog’s water bowl with a mini garden. It’s just plain genius!

The idea behind this is that the plants soak up the extra spilled water, preventing it from making a mess on the floor. It’s a solution that should become more common—it’s practical and smart!

How to Cancel Any Service Without An Annoying Back-And-Forth

It’s a modern frustration: canceling a subscription or service is often way tougher than signing up for it. You end up dealing with a slew of folks from various departments, all trying hard to convince you to stay. It can get seriously overwhelming when they just won’t give you a break.

Here’s a clever solution: when stuck in a situation like this, say something completely absurd to get them to cancel your subscription. This person’s go-to line is, “I’m going to prison.” Surprisingly, the customer service reps quickly agree to cancel their subscriptions every time.

Add a Crane to Your Home’s Balcony

Listen up, apartment and house dwellers with elevated entrances! If you’ve got a balcony, here’s a nifty shortcut for bringing stuff up from the ground without lugging it upstairs. Simply attach a hook to a rope and secure it to your roof. It’s simpler than it seems and can save you a ton of effort.

Think about effortlessly bringing everything into your apartment without breaking a sweat. Sounds tempting, right? If that doesn’t tempt you, you might just be immune to temptation!

Your Sweater’s Hood Was Actually Made to Hold Cute Puppies

Hoods weren’t originally meant for this, but they sure do make a perfect spot for puppies, especially when worn backward. If you ever need to go through a no-dogs-allowed area with your pup, try wearing your hoodie backward, pop your little furry friend in the hood, and enjoy your walk hassle-free!

Look at that guy in the photo—doesn’t he look thrilled? He’s beyond happy, holding his adorable dog in his hoodie. It’s pure joy! What’s not to smile about?

Get Rid of Birds by Putting Fake Fruits on Your Garden Crops

At first, this woman’s gardening trick raised some eyebrows among her friends and family. But when they saw the results, they were amazed. She started painting rocks to resemble strawberries and placed them around her berry plants before the fruits appeared. The ingenious plan? Birds would peck at the red rocks, but since they dislike hard surfaces, they’d eventually leave the real fruit alone, protecting the harvest once it starts to grow. Brilliant, right?

The garden enthusiast shared, “Every day, eight crows would flock around my raspberry bushes. But once I placed the painted rocks… no more crows.”

For When You Want Eyes in the Back of Your Head

If you ever need a quick check-up, like making sure there’s no food lingering on your face, here’s a neat trick for you. The person who posted this image got creative and stuck a spoon to their computer monitor, turning it into a handy mirror!

It’s not an everyday trick, but there’ll come a time when that spoon-mirror idea will be a real lifesaver.

Give Your Ears a Rest While Still Wearing a Mask

To keep your face mask from slipping or tugging at your ears, try attaching it to a headband. How? Buttons are the key. Check out the picture below to see how this person used buttons to secure their mask. They might not have realized it, but they stumbled upon a clever solution!

If masks are a regular part of your day and they keep slipping off, try attaching buttons to a headband—it might just solve the problem!

Help a Stranger Who Lost Their Keys

Ancient civilizations were clever at highlighting important things by marking them. They used whatever they had to make items stand out visually. This same idea works wonders in our world today. Take this person who lost their car keys, only to discover that someone had marked their location on the street for them to find.

This gesture is not only really thoughtful but also quite clever. Most of us wouldn’t even think to mark something out like this on the street.

No Leash, No Problem

One option is to use a leash, symbolizing control and authority over your furry friend. Another, more unconventional choice, is an open bag of chips. Surprisingly, this crafty alternative seems to work just as well and has a more relaxed vibe compared to the leash’s authority.

The dog, drawn by the tempting scent of salty goodness, will follow the bag of chips wherever it leads. It’s a clever way to guide your pet!

The Ultimate Book Opener

This gadget is a DIY project that anyone with basic woodworking skills can tackle. Those who invest the time and effort into making it understand it’s time well spent. Book lovers understand the struggle of books constantly closing on them. That’s exactly why this gadget is so handy!

The greatest perk of this nifty contraption is how it eases the strain on your fingers. Say goodbye to the struggle of keeping your book open with desperate finger efforts!

A Clever Way to Get Around a Broken Touch Screen

The fear of our phone’s touch screen failing is a real nightmare for many. But wait until you discover this trick: by plugging a Micro USB into a USB, connecting that USB to a Bluetooth device, and using a mouse, you can navigate your phone without the touch screen. It’s a game-changer!

It’s pretty wild, but this trick really does work! With this in mind, you can save important files and respond to messages while you save up for a new phone. It’s a handy solution in a pinch!

Turn Your Empty Pill Bottles Into Cute Spice Containers

Those prescription pill containers might seem useless once empty, but they’re actually perfect for a spice makeover! Instead of tossing them away, repurpose them as spice containers. Picture them filled with paprika, cumin, curry, and all your favorite spices – it’s a pretty clever idea!

Absolutely! Picture the surprise on your guests’ faces when you bring out a prescription container filled with cinnamon or any other spice. It’s worth it just for that priceless reaction!

Use the Backs of Frames as Stands for Your Technology

It can be nostalgic to look back at old photos of loved ones, capturing cherished memories. But repurposing those photo holders into a computer stand is a creative idea! It’s like giving those holders a new life and a whole new purpose.

Gotcha! Instead of tossing away cherished photos, try using an unused frame for this hack. It’s a great way to keep your tablets or laptops at the ideal angle without sacrificing your beloved memories!

Make Sure Your Tiny Dog Can’t Escape Through the Fence

The original poster had a bit of a dilemma with their small dog squeezing through the backyard fence. To keep the pup safe, they came up with a creative solution: they “thickened” the dog up a bit, turning him into a “hot dog” by dressing him in a cute costume.

Absolutely! They not only boosted their pet’s cuteness but also found a clever, practical way to keep their little escape artist safe. Kudos to their creative thinking!

The Best Way to Warn People There’s No Toilet Paper

It’s quite a clever way to let people know when there’s no toilet paper, preventing what could have been a tricky situation. Imagine someone’s kindness and ingenuity in helping you out like this when you’re in a tight spot. It could save a lot of awkward moments! If more people did this, it would definitely make for a kinder, better world.

You’re right, not everyone will take this thoughtful step, which is just a part of life. But it definitely makes us grateful for those moments when someone does make the effort to warn us like this.

Dog Cones Are so Out, Cowboy Hats Are so in

Parents and dog owners share the responsibility of taking care of their little ones, making sure they don’t scratch themselves silly. How to manage that? Well, here’s a unique solution: use a cowboy hat and let your dog have a little fun with it. It’s a great way to prevent scratching, and it’s absolutely adorable!

Isn’t that little guy just the cutest in his cowboy hat? He looks so happy and healthy! Maybe more people should consider dressing up their dogs as cowboys—it’s definitely a fun sight to see!

Color-Code Your Earphones for Easier Use

Symmetry might be overrated sometimes. In fact, a bit of asymmetry can be pretty handy. Consider these earphone caps: if you swap one with a spare from a different pair, it becomes easier to tell right from left without any hassle.

Absolutely! It’s a smart move to save your earphone caps since they have a habit of getting lost. Earphones often lose their silicone caps, so it’s wise to keep a few extra pairs handy at home.

Wheelbarrows Can Be Great Outdoor Seating

You might have thought you’d never need a wheelbarrow in your life. “A wheelbarrow? Why would I ever use one?” you might have said. But prepare to be surprised! This person found a whole new use for it – they turned it into the ideal camping chair. Who would’ve thought?

Isn’t it impressive how comfortable and relaxed this guy looks in his ingeniously crafted chair? He’s in total harmony with the world. It’s definitely something worth considering for our own lives!

Wrenches Are Handy When Lifting Heavy Buckets

The mysterious history of wrenches isn’t really a thing—no hidden secrets there! We made that up to add some spice to this lifehack. But this hack is legit and might actually save the day if you’re in a jam someday.

If you’re ever wrestling with a heavy bucket full of stuff, try wedging a wrench between the curves of the handle. It might just make your life a whole lot easier.

A Simple Bra Hack for the Horse Lovers

Breaking news: Bras double as DIY eye shields! Unless you’re a horse owner, it’s hard to imagine when you’d need them, but this trick might surprise you one day. Life’s full of unexpected moments, and who knows when your bra-eye-shield combo might come to the rescue!

In this case, there was a horse with an eye infection and no material to cover its eyes except a bra. Surprisingly, it did the job, and the horse got the treatment it needed!

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