40 Of The Craziest Things Caught By Airport TSA


Working for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is tough. With more people traveling, the job is crucial for catching things that shouldn’t pass security. While most travelers aren’t trying to bring dangerous stuff, some carry really weird things that even surprise the TSA. Get ready to be amused and amazed by the bizarre items that leave TSA workers scratching their heads!

Is That A Scorpion And A Cobra?

This rice wine is far from ordinary. At Ontario International Airport, a passenger checked in a bottle of rice wine with an unexpected twist—a scorpion and a cobra inside! It caught attention, but surprisingly, it was allowed on the flight. Quite the unusual travel companion!

Lucille From The Walking Dead

If you’re unsure whether your baseball bat wrapped in rubber barbed wire will pass airport security, it’s a good idea to leave it at home. Bringing such items can cause issues during screening. Better to play it safe!

A Special Birthday Cake

If you’re worried about whether your item will clear airport security, you can send a picture to @AskTSA on Twitter or Facebook. For instance, a woman once inquired if her birthday cake was allowed on the plane. It’s a helpful way to get clarification before heading to the airport.

An Actual Live Lobster

If you’ve witnessed a live crustacean at the airport, it’s safe to say you’ve seen it all. Surprisingly, if you’re considering bringing your seafood dinner on the plane, lobsters are allowed through airport security in both checked and carry-on luggage. A unique travel experience for seafood enthusiasts!

Are Tools Allowed?

Simply put, if the item you want to bring in your carry-on has metal spikes, it won’t pass through security. Metal spikes tend to raise concerns during the screening process. It’s best to leave such items at home to avoid any issues at the airport.

Hiding Parrots In Your Clothes

A woman once got stopped at security for hiding two parrots stuffed in socks. She taped the socks to her leg and chest, and TSA agents discovered them during her pat-down. Talk about a creative, but not-so-smooth, attempt to bring birds on board!

Nun-Chucks – The Only Exception To The Weapons Rule

While it’s common sense that regular nunchucks aren’t allowed on a plane due to being considered weapons, it turns out that “nun” chucks (presumably cute or novelty ones) are an exception to that rule. Sometimes, a clever play on words can make a difference in what’s allowed during air travel!

Delivery On Time, Every Time

Good news for New Yorkers who want to avoid subpar pizza: pizza pies are welcome in both carry-on and checked bags, as long as they’re willing to go through the X-ray machine during security screening. Carry on, pizza lovers!

Spiked Gladiator Mask

If you’re planning to visit Rome in your gladiator costume, it’s a good idea to pack the outfit in your checked bag. A guy found out the hard way that his gladiator helmet wasn’t allowed on the plane. While it’s not a weapon, those spikes raised concerns during security screening. Safety first, even for ancient fashion!

Sword Collection

For all the ancient sword collectors, here’s a heads-up: your swords cannot be brought on the plane in your carry-on bag. They are considered weapons, and there are no exceptions to that rule. Best to leave your historical weapons safely stored at home!

Not Your Average Sized Package

Pole vaulting is all about flying in the air, but did you know that the poles can fly too? If you’re bringing a pole vault, you’ll need to call the airline ahead of time to arrange for the oversize package, but the good news is that pole vaults are allowed as checked luggage. So, you can still soar to new heights with your equipment!

Could Be An Explosive Device

At first glance, this item might look like something more sinister, but it’s actually just a book. Its appearance, however, could easily be mistaken for an explosive device disguised as a book. It’s a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, especially when it comes to airport security.

When In Doubt, Check It In

Exactly, even if an item is an old weapon or an artifact, it is still considered a weapon. As mentioned before, all weapons and fake weapons will not get past TSA. It’s important to adhere to the regulations and guidelines to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience.

Yes To Cow Horns

For all the cow horn enthusiasts out there, here’s news to keep you on the edge of your seats: you are allowed to pack your horns in your carry-on. So, feel free to bring your bovine-inspired accessories along for the journey!

Careful At The Metal Detectors

Metal detectors at the airport can be triggered by various things, causing a hassle to identify the culprit. However, if you pass through with a metal grill, it’s pretty clear that the grill is setting it off. Bringing attention to your bling might make the security process a bit more straightforward!

Someone Actually Brought An Alligator Head On Board

Ever wondered if you can take an alligator head on a flight? It might not be a common thought, but apparently, you can. Air travel does have its share of surprises!

Bees On A Plane

That’s indeed a bizarre situation! A woman showed up at the airport with her grandmother’s bees in a can, leaving TSA stumped. Unable to decide, they deferred to the airline to make the call. Bees on a plane sure make for an unusual travel story!

 Doesn’t Look Like A Notebook

It turns out this item is just a notebook, but its design suggests something entirely different. When items with questionable appearances go through the X-ray machine, it can trigger a flag, leading to additional questioning and inspection. Looks can indeed be deceiving, especially at airport security!

An Odd Combination

Bringing a bow and arrow is one thing, but a bow and shovel combo? That’s a unique combination. Perhaps this traveler has multiple hobbies and decided to pack them together. It sure makes for an interesting and unconventional suitcase content!

Calling The Bomb Squad

Absolutely, while it might be a harmless truck hitch, its appearance resembling a grenade is a reminder not to bring anything that looks like a bomb to the airport. It’s crucial to avoid causing unnecessary commotion and ensure a smooth and safe travel experience for everyone. Safety first!

Slipknot Honorary Member

This creepy gas mask is undeniably unique. Whether the person is a fan of Slipknot or aiming for a Mad Max film extra look, unfortunately, he can’t pack this in his carry-on. The spikes on the mask, especially when they double as bullets, raise security concerns. It’s a clear example of how certain items, no matter how unique or interesting, may not pass through airport security.

Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo

It seems this person attempted to bring a jar containing what appears to be baby sharks onto the plane. Even if the sharks don’t look real, the unusual contents caught the attention of TSA at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. It’s worth noting that regardless of the contents, TSA rules restrict carrying more than 3.4 ounces of liquid in your carry-on. Quite the fishy situation!

One Car Headlight, That’s Right, Just One

It does make you wonder about the choices people make when packing for a flight. One car headlight, in particular, seems quite random. The airport is full of interesting and sometimes puzzling items that people attempt to bring along. Perhaps there’s a unique story behind that solo headlight’s journey!

 What About Bear Spray?

It does make you wonder about the choices people make when packing for a flight. One car headlight, in particular, seems quite random. The airport is full of interesting and sometimes puzzling items that people attempt to bring along. Perhaps there’s a unique story behind that solo headlight’s journey!

 How Cute Are Those Penguins

The idea of penguins flying on planes is both amusing and delightful! These two adorable penguins, Penny and Pete, are frequent fliers who go through airport security scanners just like everyone else. It seems even penguins have their own travel adventures at places like the San Antonio International Airport. Quite a charming image!

Taking On The Power Of The Seven Dragon Balls

The passenger with the dragon balls had an interesting query indeed! Traveling with dragon balls, in this context, refers to a fictional item from the anime and manga series “Dragon Ball.” In reality, such items are harmless, and the @AskTSA Twitter account likely clarified that they are allowed in carry-on luggage since they pose no real threat. It’s always amusing when pop culture meets airport security inquiries!

Renaissance Fair Props

Absolutely! Dressing up for a Renaissance fair is a blast, but it’s a good idea to keep your props, especially if they resemble weapons or other potentially restricted items, in your checked luggage. This way, you can fully enjoy the fair without any issues at airport security. Safe travels to the land of knights and maidens!

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