The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Cat


Sure, here’s a simpler way to put it: Cats can be mysterious compared to dogs. They don’t always play fetch or come when you call them for food or a walk. Figuring out what they want or like can be tricky, whether it’s treats, toys, or just wanting some alone time. We’ve gathered some great advice to help you be a top-notch cat owner, even if you’ve had cats before.

Deep Food Bowls Actually Annoy Your Cat

We don’t usually think about how deep our pet’s food bowls are when we buy them. But it’s actually important for cats. Deep bowls can bother cats because their whiskers are sensitive. When their whiskers touch the sides of a deep bowl while eating, it can be uncomfortable for them.

Based on PetMD, deep bowls might overwhelm your cat with too much information, stressing them out. So, when shopping for bowls, aim for ones that are shallower to help your cat feel more comfortable.


Most Cats Don’t Like Belly Rubs

Simply put: Some cats enjoy belly rubs and see it as a sign of trust. But for many, their belly is a sensitive and vulnerable area, so they might not like it, especially from strangers. It’s better to avoid giving belly rubs to new cats until they feel comfortable with you.

In short: Cats might still enjoy being petted there, but they’re often more cautious and protective of their belly compared to other parts of their body.

Avoid Irritating Your Cat With Bell Collars

Attaching a small bell to your cat’s collar can help you know where they are and prevent them from catching birds or mice. But, cats have sensitive hearing, and the constant sound of the bell can bother them. It’s like if you had to wear a noisy bell around your neck all day – it’d be annoying!


So, it’s usually better to skip putting a bell on your cat’s collar, especially if your cat gets scared easily.

Remember That Your Cat Is Sensitive To The Cold

Cats might just be little fluffballs, but that doesn’t mean that they can endure cold weather. In fact, they’re kind of sensitive to the cold. So, it’s a good idea not to leave them out at night during the winter months. Cats usually run at about 100-102F°, and a lot of vets will advise you to keep the temperature in your home at at least 70°, so your cat doesn’t get too cold.

If you see your cat moving closer to the heater, fireplace, or trying to snuggle under a blanket, it could mean they’re feeling chilly.


Help Keep Your Cat Calm With Lollipops

Most cats tend to be pretty relaxed, but some can be more anxious. Thankfully, there are easy ways to help a high-strung cat chill out. One way is by giving them a special treat called a lollipop, usually found in pet stores, that sticks to walls and hard surfaces.If you can’t find a treat like this, or if you simply don’t have time to run to the store, then you can spray your cat with water. It’ll cause him or her to immediately begin grooming themselves. 

Shorten Your Cat’s Name To Help Them Better Recognize It

Naming things can be tough, whether it’s a cat or a child. For cats, shorter names work better. Try to keep it to one or two syllables. Longer names can confuse your cat when you’re trying to call them.

If your cat’s name is quite long, like “Sharp Fluffball Mcscratchee Nails,” you can simplify it to something shorter, like “Fluffball” or “Nails.”


Keep Your Cat’s Diet Balanced by Alternating Wet and Dry Food

While some pet owners stick to just one type of food, typically dry food, for their cats or dogs, it might not be the healthiest choice. It’s generally better to diversify your pet’s diet by changing it occasionally. For instance, alternating between dry food for part of the week and wet food for the rest can help ensure they receive all the necessary nutrients.

Dry food often contains high amounts of carbohydrates and lacks moisture, which can strain a cat’s kidneys. However, it does offer benefits, so it’s a good idea to switch between dry and wet food to balance things out.

Keep Your Cat Happy By Giving It A Brush

Teaching your cat to brush themselves might initially seem challenging due to their lack of thumbs, but it’s surprisingly simple. Cats are naturally meticulous groomers, and attaching a cat brush to a wall can encourage your furry companion to enjoy rubbing against it. Not only does this activity keep them content, but it also provides a way for them to stay engaged when they’re feeling bored.


Witnessing them use a miniature comb to groom themselves is incredibly endearing, yet that’s an extra delight. The primary objective remains ensuring their happiness and well-being.

Get A Scratching Post, And Learn How To Repair It

Cats indeed have a reputation for scratching couches and pillows due to their natural inclination to scratch. Investing in a scratching post early on is key. It allows your feline friend to fulfill their scratching instinct in a more appropriate manner. When the scratching post wears out, reviving it by wrapping it with twine or yarn can give it a new lease of life.

The twine or yarn feels just like the material on a scratching post, so your cat will prefer scratching on it instead of your furniture, even when the post gets old and worn down.


Be Wary When Blowing In Your Cats Face

Interestingly, some cats find it calming when you blow gently in their face, unlike most dogs. However, it’s different for each cat. While it relaxes some, it might make others uncomfortable, leading to an unexpected reaction, like getting scratched. So, if you decide to try this, it’s crucial to be super cautious and observant of your cat’s response.For some cats, blowing in their face might not just annoy them but can be seen as a form of aggression. The last thing you’d want is to unintentionally provoke a conflict with your cat. Understanding their cues and respecting their boundaries is crucial to maintain a peaceful relationship.

Reward Your Cat To Keep Them Interested In Lasers

While rewarding cats for tasks isn’t as widespread as with dogs, it can be beneficial for reinforcing positive behaviors. When playing with a laser pointer, for instance, a cat’s natural hunting instincts kick in. However, if they continually chase without catching anything, it can be a bit frustrating. Using treats or a small reward after play sessions can help them feel fulfilled and satisfied, reinforcing their positive play behavior.

Exactly! Rewarding your cat after a laser pointer play session can make them happy and prevent any frustration from just chasing the light without catching it. It’s a great way to keep their spirits high and make playtime even more enjoyable for them!


Feed On Schedule To Reduce Anxiety

Cats might appear carefree, but they do get antsy when their feeding time is missed. Establishing a routine for your cat’s meals helps keep them calm and content. Just like us and other animals, having a consistent schedule brings a sense of security and comfort to their day-to-day life.

Consistency in your cat’s routine reduces their anxiety and prevents unexpected reactions, especially regarding meal times. When they know what to expect from their day, including regular feeding schedules, they tend to stay much calmer and more composed overall. It’s a great way to keep them content and relaxed!

How to Encourage Your Cat To Use Their Litterbox

Most cats are cool with using a litterbox without much teaching. But sometimes, a few cats might not like it and avoid using it. You can fix this easily! Put some fabric or sand in the litterbox to make it comfier for them to step on. That should do the trick!


In case you don’t have sand, soil, or fabric, you can use paper in the box, but it might not be as comfy for your cat compared to the other choices.

Climbing Space Is Essential so Build up

Here’s a cool idea, especially if your place is small. Make shelves and tiny staircases for your cat to explore and stretch out. It gives them space to play and run around, burning off extra energy!

You can find ready-made towers and shelves for cats at pet stores, but making your own isn’t too tricky. There are lots of online guides to help you out!


Deter Your Cat From Destroying Plants

If you’ve got houseplants, cats might mess with them, tearing leaves or digging in the soil. To stop this, try adding stuff like dried leaves, flowers, or pine cones. Cats usually don’t like these textures, so they’ll likely stay away. Another idea is to put marbles in the pot.

In essence, aim for things that you believe will stop them from getting into the pot. You might need to test a few options to see what works best for your cat.

Get Your Cat A Box To Keep Them Off Keyboards

Having a cat walking on your laptop while working from home can be quite a hassle. But there’s a nifty trick to keep them busy and away from your keyboard. All you need is a box and a desk that can fit it.


Try putting an open box on your desk; your cat might find it more appealing than your laptop because, for some reason, cats really love hanging out in boxes.

What to Do if Your Cats Show Aggression Towards Each Other

Cats can get territorial, especially if you have several. It’s crucial to give them space to play and roam without crowding each other. Making shelves where they can chill alone helps. If another cat bothers them, they can push them off easily.

The cat chasing might not like it the first time and might not try again. But if you give your cat a spot for personal space, they should be okay.


Touch Their Paws Frequently To Make Trimming Easier

Getting cats to cooperate, especially for claw trimming, can be tricky. Yet, you can help them adjust to paw touches. Try gently holding or touching their paws whenever possible. Not constantly, but make it a habit to touch them occasionally.

Doing this turns it into a game for them, making claw trimming time more relaxing. It might even make them more open to cuddling.

Switch It Up When It Comes To Meals

We touch on this in another section, mainly about dry and wet food. It’s crucial to diversify your cat’s meals. Just like us, they’d get bored with the same food every day, and it could lead to health issues in the long run.


Exactly! Keep their meals varied. You don’t need to whip up gourmet dishes, just switch up the brand or flavor of cat food from time to time.

Give Your Cat A Water Fountain Instead Of Stagnant Water

Here’s a little-known tip about your cat’s water bowl: they prefer running water over still water. You don’t need a full outdoor fountain; a small cat fountain from a pet store will do the trick. It encourages them to drink more and adds some entertainment too!A small cat fountain adds a nice touch compared to a bowl of still water. Plus, these fountains keep running even when you’re not around, ensuring continuous fresh water for your cat.

Bathing Your Cat Might Not Be Necessary

You don’t have to own a cat to know they despise baths. Surprisingly, if you’ve been struggling to bathe your cat regularly, it might not be necessary. Cats are experts at grooming themselves, thanks to their rough tongues.


Bathing can disrupt their coat’s natural oil production. It’s best to bathe them only if they’re extremely dirty or have encountered something particularly smelly.

Use Cereal Containers To Keep Dry Food From Going Stale

It might seem obvious now, but storing your cat’s food in a container, like a plastic cereal container, is smarter than leaving it in the bag. Dry cat food tends to go stale fast, and no one, not even your cat, enjoys stale food. Eating stale food can also lead to health issues over time.

Plus, pouring becomes a breeze when using a container compared to a bulky cat food bag. Bonus: you can repurpose your cereal containers for this!


Weird Sounds Can Point To Underlying Issues

It’s essential to understand that sometimes your cat’s odd noises are just that—odd noises. However, it’s crucial to note that these sounds can sometimes signal underlying health issues. PetMD suggests various health problems that could cause these unusual vocalizations. Paying attention when your cat acts unusually is important for their well-being.Underlying issues like high blood pressure and thyroid problems can be serious if left untreated. If you observe unusual sounds from your cat, consulting a vet is the best course of action for their health and well-being.

Get Rid Of Litter Box Odor With Green Tea

One of the perks of having a cat is they naturally use a litter box, sparing your floors or carpets. Yet, litter boxes need regular cleaning and can get smelly if left too long. Fortunately, there’s a simple and natural fix for that.

Adding dry green tea to your cat’s litter box can effectively eliminate any unpleasant odors that might have otherwise lingered in your room or home.


Use Baking Soda And Vinegar As Cleaners

Accidents happen when you have a pet like a cat. Consider using natural cleaners instead of harsh chemicals. Vinegar and water in a spray bottle can kill bacteria, while a sprinkle of baking soda helps remove stains and odors.

Actually, you don’t have to own a cat to benefit from this tip. If you worry about harsh cleaner chemicals, this natural solution can clean nearly anything.

Don’t Fill Up Your Cat’s Food Bowl All the Way

If you’ve ever seen a really fat cat, then odds are the issue is that they’re being fed too much food. Cats will eat however much food is in their bowl, meaning if you fill it to the brim, then they’re going to eat all of it. Keep your cat from becoming obese by not filling up their bowls to the top at every meal. It’s also important that they have a regular feeding schedule.


When your cat becomes overweight, it can cause various health problems. Keeping your little friend healthy and happy for as long as possible is the goal.

Help Your Cats Sleep By Playing With Them Before Bed

 This tip benefits both you and your cat. If your cat’s full of energy at bedtime and tends to disturb your sleep, try scheduling a play session before hitting the hay. It strengthens your bond and can even help you unwind and de-stress.

For optimal results, engage your cat in activities that tire them out thoroughly. This ensures a better night’s sleep for them, and if you’re lucky, for you too!


Keep Your Cats Water And Food Bowls Separate

It’s common to place pet food and water bowls together, but it might not be ideal. Cats prefer their food and water separate as the scent near their food can deter them from drinking. Americat suggests that separating the bowls is better for your feline friend’s preferences.

Absolutely! When food spills into their water bowl, it’s not pleasant for your cat. Keeping the food and water bowls separate helps prevent this issue.

Keep Up With Air Filters In Your Home

Absolutely, maintaining good air quality in a home with pets is crucial for everyone’s well-being. Changing air filters regularly can significantly reduce allergens and odors, creating a healthier and more pleasant environment for both humans and furry companions. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep the air clean and fresh. Have you tried any specific methods or products that have worked well for managing these issues?


Changing air filters regularly helps maintain better air quality for both you and your cat. It’s a quick, inexpensive task that can improve the air and keep everyone happy and healthy!

Leave Carriers Out So Your Cat Gets Used To Them

Absolutely, leaving carriers out and open can help normalize them for pets. Making them part of the furniture, so to speak, can reduce the stress associated with being confined to a carrier during travel or vet visits. It allows pets to explore and become comfortable with the carriers on their own terms, turning these spaces into familiar and less intimidating spots. Has this technique worked well for your pets?

Definitely! Familiarity can ease their anxiety during trips or vet visits, making the experience less stressful for everyone involved. When they associate the carrier with a familiar and safe space, it can significantly reduce their nervousness and help them stay calmer during these outings. It’s a simple way to make these necessary journeys more manageable for our furry friends.


Use A Pheromone Diffuser To Alleviate Stress

Absolutely! Pheromone diffusers, like Feliway, can be incredibly helpful in creating a calming atmosphere for stressed cats. These diffusers mimic natural feline facial pheromones, promoting a sense of security and comfort for cats in new or stressful environments. It’s a subtle but effective way to support their adjustment and help them feel more at ease in their surroundings. Have you found these diffusers to be helpful for your cat or any other pets?

Pheromone diffusers like Feliway are scentless and help cats feel calm in stressful situations, even if we can’t detect any change. It’s a subtle way to support their comfort and well-being.

Get Pet Insurance For Unexpected Costs

Absolutely, pet insurance can be a lifesaver when it comes to unexpected vet bills. Just like with humans, medical expenses for pets can add up quickly. Having pet insurance can provide peace of mind, ensuring that your furry companion gets the care they need without causing financial strain. It’s a proactive way to safeguard their health and your wallet from unforeseen circumstances. Have you looked into pet insurance for your furry friend?


Veterinary expenses can be comparable to human medical bills, depending on the situation. Nowadays, comparing rates from various companies for pet insurance is relatively simple.

Cats (Usually) Land On Their Feet

Absolutely! While cats have an impressive ability to land on their feet, it’s not foolproof. Monitoring their actions and ensuring they aren’t attempting risky jumps is crucial. Even though they’re agile, falls can result in serious injuries, depending on the height. It’s important to be vigilant to prevent potential accidents that could harm your cat. Have you taken any precautions in your home to minimize risky jumping areas for your cat?

The incredible ability of cats to land on their feet is due to their “righting reflex,” which relates to their remarkable sense of balance. This talent is truly extraordinary and merits its own dedicated post to explore in detail.


Use A Rubber Glove To Remove Pet Hair More Easily

Here’s a neat trick: Instead of relying on a vacuum, consider using a rubber glove to gather pet hair. It’s effective for both cat and dog hair—since the hair is naturally drawn to the glove, making it easy to collect swiftly and efficiently.

Absolutely! Some rubber gloves are designed with built-in pads specifically for easy pet hair removal. The beauty of this method is that it’s chemical-free and doesn’t require additional cleaners. If needed, you can dampen the glove with water for even better hair collection. It’s a simple, eco-friendly way to keep your home free of pet hair. Have you tried any specific glove brands or variations that worked particularly well for you?

Pay Attention To Hair Balls To Monitor Health

Absolutely! Occasional hairballs are normal for cats, but persistent gagging, coughing, or frequent vomiting could indicate an underlying problem. When these symptoms become frequent or severe, it’s wise to consult a vet. It’s better to address any potential health issues early on for the well-being of your cat. Have you encountered situations where a vet visit was necessary due to frequent hairball-related symptoms in your cat?


Constantly coughing up hairballs can be a sign of an issue because most cats have evolved to self-clean and efficiently digest swallowed hair.

Beware When It Comes To Using Products Designed For Dogs

Even if your cat and dog get along well, it’s crucial to use separate products designed specifically for each of them. Everything from food to toys is tailored to their different needs based on size, chemical balances, and their distinct physiology. Ensuring they have the right products helps maintain their health and safety. Have you encountered any specific challenges or differences in choosing products for your cat and dog?

However, there are products available that are safe for both dogs and cats, so it’s advisable to carefully check the labels for suitability.


Make Your Cat A Window Basket

This window basket perch is a cat’s dream spot! It lets them lounge by the window and watch the world go by from their cozy bed. The beauty is, it’s quite simple to DIY and customize with different cushions and materials to suit your home’s style. Grab a few brackets, plywood, a basket, and cushions, and you’re good to go! Have you tried making one for your cat?

Mount the brackets beneath the window, secure the plywood on top with screws, attach the basket, and then fill it with cushions. For an added touch, consider adding rope to create the illusion of it hanging. It’s a straightforward process that can create a delightful perch for your cat! Have you experimented with any DIY pet furniture or accessories before?

Store Food In The Fridge So It Lasts Longer

Absolutely! Storing cat food, especially wet food, in the fridge helps maintain its freshness, ensuring your cat gets high-quality meals. However, it’s essential to take it out well in advance of feeding time to allow it to return to room temperature since cats generally prefer their food not to be cold. This practice not only encourages them to eat but also supports their overall health. Have you found any specific storage methods or tricks that work best for keeping your cat’s food fresh?


That’s a great strategy! Allowing the cat food to sit on the counter for about 30 minutes before feeding time ensures it reaches a comfortable room temperature for your cat. This way, it’s not too cold, making mealtime more enjoyable for your furry friend. Simple adjustments like these can make a big difference in their dining experience.


“The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Cat Owner” covers various aspects, from understanding your cat’s needs to creating a comfortable environment. By learning about their behavior, health, and preferences, you can ensure a happier, healthier life for your feline friend. Remember, small changes in diet, environment, and care routines can make a significant impact on your cat’s well-being and your relationship with them. Ultimately, becoming a better cat owner involves patience, knowledge, and a deep bond built on trust and understanding.

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