45 Hilarious and Wholesome Moments That Vets Have Experienced at Work


Being a vet can undoubtedly be stressful and challenging, but it can also be gratifying. Imagine you’ve had a long day at work, taking care of animals, and the swan whose life you just saved chooses to make your day with a big hug. We don’t know about you, but that would surely melt our hearts and make it all worth it. We’ve compiled some adorable and hilarious pictures that will make you wish you had chosen a career as a vet.

Purrfection in a Kitty

If you haven’t seen a purrfect kitty today, here’s one for you. The eyes, ears, and mouth all scream perfection! There seems to be something going on with its neck, but we hope it’s been taken care of by now. He’s such a cute little munchkin!

The adorable little thing was brought in for a checkup by a rescue, and we hope it found its forever home. Anyone would be lucky to adopt this baby. Where do we sign up?


These Cuties

Kudos to this vet for being incredibly observant. If she hadn’t noticed this mama lactating, the koala mother-child duo probably would’ve been separated forever. We’re glad the baby was found and reunited with its mother.

Three cuties are in this picture, and we’re pretty jealous that the biggest cutie gets to hold not one but two koalas. What we wouldn’t give to be able to hold just one koala!

Human and Husky

Well, that picture is all the reply this person needs. Their dog is doing great! The husky seems quite content playing airplane feet with the vet, and she seems to be having a great time too.


Did you also notice those pens on the floor? It’s funny how they’re positioned in a way that makes it seem like they came out of the husky.

Heart on His Nose

While some of us are wearing our hearts on our sleeves, this little fur baby is wearing his on his nose! The Dalmatian is named Wiley, and he’s from Denver, Colorado. That little face could absolutely break hearts!

Just look at the little heart on his nose! Unsurprisingly, Wiley has stolen the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, having an Instagram account with over 200,000 followers. According to his owner, Wiley is “cute, and he knows it.”

Dylan the Majestic

Make way for His Royal Fluffiness, Dylan, the Norwegian Forest cat! One look at Dylan is all it takes to know he’s thinking something along the lines of, “I’m majestic and should be treated like royalty. I know I’m doing you a favor by letting you take pictures of me, but I’m nice like that.”


The Norwegian Forest cat is a breed of domestic cat originating in Northern Europe. They’re known for having a top coat of long, glossy hair and a wooly undercoat for insulation.

A Comfort Dog

Isn’t this one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! Here’s a comfort dog who’s taking his job pretty seriously. He stands comfortingly by the patient’s bedside and has a soothing smile.

His job as a comfort dog is a very important one, and we hope the veterinarian rewards him well with plenty of praise and yummy treats.


The Little Boss

It’s always the little ones that boss you around. Maybe the cat isn’t trying to boss the vet around but is actually giving him a good head massage. We wouldn’t mind having a massage like that ourselves!

The young man looks like he’s hard at work and has no need to be su-paw-vised. The cat and the human make an adorable pair!

Meet Matilda

This little cutie’s name is Matilda and, according to the OP, she only weighs 2.3 lbs. It’s no wonder her mom’s able to bring her to work at the clinic! Given how tiny and adorable Matilda is, we bet she can go everywhere with her human.


Although, admittedly, we don’t think we’d manage to be very productive with such a sweet distraction lying around. We blame the sweater – it takes Matilda’s cuteness to a whole new level!

Hold Your Nose

This little one is so cute that we’d risk the potential stink of cuddling with them! Really, though, skunks have a bad rep, but they’re not just going to spray you unprovoked.

As long as you let this adorable fluff know that you’re not going to cause any harm, they won’t give you any unwanted cologne. After all, it’s not like other animals – including human babies – never smell bad, so let’s all cut skunks some slack.


There’s a Glitch in the Matrix

There seems to be a glitch in the matrix because this little fluff is so adorable that it doesn’t even look real! Does anyone else think this fox looks like it’s made from CGI, or it belongs in a cartoon?

We can totally see this cutie as the star of a Disney movie. In fact, something about its facial expression reminds us of Nick from Zootopia. Tell us we’re not alone on this one!

Little Guy

Bearded dragons are highly social, friendly, animated, and gentle animals that are easy to tame. It’s easy to see why some people consider them great pets. However, these animals require more attention as they can easily be at risk without the proper food and adequate warmth.


This picture is both adorable and hilarious. With this animal standing on the stethoscope like that, the doctor can probably hear more than just the little guy’s heartbeat.

A Funny Face

We’re confident the dog didn’t “insist” on keeping his face like that; instead, his face “insisted” on being that way. After all, the dog was “mildly” sedated. We wonder what his face would look like if he were more heavily sedated.

It’s really adorable how he’s propping his whole head up by hanging his nose on the bars. With his nose hanging out, tongue hanging out, and eyes slightly out of focus, we can confirm he’s indeed mildly sedated.


Always Happy

Dobermanns are known to have a remarkably high pain tolerance, and this cutie’s smile is proof of that. Although she got bitten by a snake, she stayed happy the entire time she was treated.

Apparently, most Dobermanns can be in discomfort and won’t care as long as they’re getting love and attention. That just goes to show how strong they are. We hope this sweetheart makes a full recovery and never gets bitten again!

A Riveting Face

The whole vibe we’re getting here is that of Alistair in Open Season 3. The big guy looks eager to see the doctor, which isn’t something we see often. We can’t stop staring at his face; there’s just something riveting about it!


Maybe it’s his eyes and smile showing four teeth. Or maybe it’s the fact that we think if we saw this animal in real life, we wouldn’t be surprised if he opened his mouth and said, “Hello there, neighbor!”

Hiding From Humans

It looks like Yam’s hiding mission is 60% complete. However, Yam thinks Operation Hide From Humans is a success and requires no further effort. We don’t blame him; he can no longer see the humans, so they must be gone, right?

Can you imagine his surprise if someone pulls the handle of the cabinet? It’d be hilarious! Regardless of the results, we’re giving Yam an A for effort. Hiding from humans is challenging, and the big guy did his best.



If we were taking care of Kenya, we’d consider it a pleasure, too. The beautiful serval looks graceful and majestic while posing for that picture. Servals are wild cats native to Africa and are typically not too friendly.

They’re categorized as Dangerous Wild Animals and require a license to be kept privately. Looking at how cute Kenya is, it’s easy to forget she’s quite dangerous. We’d love to spend a few minutes with this cutie!

Horsing Around

According to the OP, this adorable little horse fell asleep on the vet’s feet while they were talking to the horse’s humans. Hey, we get it, those medical conversations can get super tedious! Why not incorporate some animal entertainment in the vet’s office for these occasions?


After all, don’t human doctors’ offices have playsets and books for kids to use while they’re waiting? Don’t worry, you can use our idea, just make sure to give us credit!

New Feathers

A 12-week-old parrot had its wing trimmed severely, making it unable to fly. Thankfully, this veterinarian, Catherine Apuli, gave the bird a new pair of wingtips made from donated feathers.

The procedure is called imping, which is the method of repairing broken or damaged feathers. We highly recommend not clipping your bird’s wings yourself, as you can render them flightless, which is dangerous. Instead, seek the help of a vet who will cut a tiny part of the wing while ensuring the bird can still fly.


Benjen the Purrito

Cute little Benjen was turned into a Purrito! How charming! However, we think Benjen doesn’t look as gentle as we expect a Purrito to look. He looks like he’s got a bone to pick with his owner for swaddling him.

If we were his owner, we’d definitely be thinking of treats that’ll pacify him once he stops being a Purrito. He does make a cute little Purrito, though!

You Can’t See Me

It’s so cute that this cat thinks he’s John Cena! Everyone knows you can’t see John Cena, but you can definitely see this cute fur baby!


The poor thing probably assumed the vet couldn’t see him in that corner simply because he could no longer see the vet. We hope someone reassured him that he’s safe in the vet’s office and maybe gave him a treat.

Support Animal

Here’s another pet who seems to be scared of visiting the vet. Just look at those big, brown eyes! At least this cutie has a support stuffed animal held safely in his jaws.

Some dogs need to be given treats when going to see the vet, others only need their favorite support animal. If we were taking our dog to the vet and they had a look like that on their face, we’d seriously consider going back home – or not.


Cute Duo

Imagine if everyone had pockets like this to carry emotional support kittens. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We aren’t saying this is an emotional support kitten, but we are saying this kitten is adorable.

This vet seems delighted to have the cute little kitten in his pocket. The kitten also looks quite comfortable there. This duo makes a handsome team!

Proud Mama

This cute little ball of fuzz is now the proud mama of two adorable – and even smaller – fluff balls! Thank you to the lovely vet for helping this doggy become a mommy, and for sharing the wonderful pictures with the internet.


Our favorite photo is the third one because the new mom seems to be winking in it. It kind of looks like she’s saying, “Yeah, I created this cuteness, that’s my superpower!” Even in the first moments of being a mom, this pup is already proud of her kiddies!

After Hours

We have a lot of respect for vets and techs, and this picture gives us another reason to respect them. Even though she was exhausted, this vet stayed there caring for that dog.

Indeed, not every hero wears a cape. We don’t have tears in our eyes; you do! We can only hope the dog ended up being okay. With love and support like this, he had the best chance possible of pulling through.


Doctor in Training

This hardworking vet took some time out of her day to show the world her new assistant, and we couldn’t be more grateful! This cute kitty looks ready for a full day of helping her human save some lives!

It’s got the cap, the mask, and the determination all ready to go. Now, all this cat needs are some tiny gloves for its paws, and a teeny little stethoscope. Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands – or, paws – with Doctor Cute Cat!

Standing at Attention

This adorable pup is a German shepherd and golden retriever mix. So, basically, it’s the most loyal dog in the world. And apparently, it’s also the fluffiest! This doggo looks ready and raring to go for whatever its visit to the clinic has in store.


Given this pup’s breed, we wouldn’t be surprised if it barked enthusiastically at whatever the doctor said to do. There’s just no ruining that adorable smile. In fact, if anything, this dog’s positive attitude is contagious!

No Need for a Blanket

Who needs a blanket when these adorable little fluffs have got you covered? Someone, please tell us that this vet put this picture on all his dating profiles. Attractive? Check! Employed? Check! Loves animals? Check!

In fact, not using this perfect picture to score a date is pretty much the definition of love-blocking. Of course, it’s very possible that this dude is already in a relationship. In that case, we can all take a moment of silence together.


Bird’s X-Ray

Here’s something you don’t see every day – the X-ray of a bird held down by human hands. The result is something that almost looks like a work of art.

Have you ever seen an x-ray so tiny, and so precious?! Hopefully, this cute little bird had a speedy recovery and is now in perfect health.

All Smiles

We truly can’t decide whose smile is cuter – can you? The OP wrote that their friend is doing an internship in Tawain and sent this photo. We can’t even imagine the OP’s jealousy right now!


At least they can feel comforted knowing they don’t need to be worried about their friend getting homesick or experiencing culture shock – he seems to be having the time of his life! The only question is who’s happier to be there – the friend or the cat?

An Adorable Owl

If there were an award for the World’s Cutest Patient, this owl would surely be one of the nominees! Those are a mesmerizing pair of eyes! We know all owls are predators, but this one looks like it would never hurt anything.

Owls are naturally nocturnal birds of prey with incredible eyesight and night vision. This little one seems to have no problem with her eyesight. We wonder what brought her in to see the vet.


Supermodel Cat

This big guy was brought in for dental surgery, and we imagine he was sedated for the process. We also imagine the medicine was still in his system when the vet took this picture.

They wanted a model for marketing purposes, and they got one. Look at that pose! Some of us are so terrible at posing for pictures that we’d be lucky to look this good in a picture.

Listen Up!

Don’t worry about feeling heard around this doggo – it’s all ears! This little pup looks like the dog version of Disney’s Dumbo with those adorably large ears. Do you think it can fly with them? Hear whispers from miles away?


Or, perhaps its superpower is the ability to melt even the iciest of hearts, just with its fluffy presence. As it turns out, not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they just have really big ears.

Sincere Gratitude

Wow, that is one giant swan! Have swans always been this big, or have we just never noticed their size? A vet saved this big cutie’s life, and the swan expressed her gratitude by hugging the vet. How adorable is that?!

Animals express gratitude and affection just like we do, and we’re glad this moment was caught on camera. Kudos to this vet for a job well done!


Doing What He Can

It’s sweet how Ron got promoted from being a stray to being a vet’s assistant. We love how eager he is to help and how he’s ready to do anything he can, including making rounds and sitting next to sleeping patients.

Research has shown that a cat purrs at a frequency of 26 hertz. This frequency corresponds with the frequency that scientists use in vibrational therapies to promote tissue regeneration. Ron is lying on a sleeping dog here and maybe helping the dog recover more than he knows.

Vet and Puppies

One of the perks of being a vet is getting to see and help adorable little animals. A job that occasionally allows you to play with puppies is a job many of us would sign up for.


The vet looks happy posing for this picture, and why wouldn’t she when surrounded by little angels?! They all look lovely in the picture. Who doesn’t love a pack of puppies – especially when they’re this stinking cute?!

Doug at His Job

It’s not every day you see a dog who’s not only a receptionist but also takes his job very seriously. Meet Doug, the calm receptionist. We’re sure he’s ready to listen to your questions and bark it out to the appropriate personnel.

We think that sign is charming. How else would we have known he was Doug and eager to help? If you ask us, every vet office needs a Doug.


Gotta Hide

What better way to hide from your human than to go down a trash hole? It’s a pity the hole could only fit his head, though. Doesn’t this remind you of how ostriches try to hide from danger by burying only their heads (which is actually a myth)?

Nothing makes our day like seeing a cat trying to hide from humans and failing beautifully. Maybe he thinks it’s a game of reverse whack-a-mole? No matter what, he’s certainly a cutie!

Cute Kittens

Posing for a picture while waiting for a vet check is a fun way to pass the time. These kittens are only nine weeks old, and they already look majestic. That’s certainly not an easy feat to pull off!


Maine Coons are a large domesticated cat breed that are direct descendants of the Norwegian Forest cat. No wonder they share the same fluffiness and grace seen in Norwegian Forest cats!

A Bit Nervous

We don’t blame this dog for tapping into his inner high-jumping skills. Visiting the doctor can be scary sometimes, and it’s okay to get a little nervous and jump on a cabinet to escape the probing hands of a human being.

It’s a good thing he was just a little nervous. The jury’s still out on whether we’d like to see his reaction if he was very nervous. Actually, we wouldn’t mind being around him if he was more nervous because we’re sure he’d still be a good boy.


An Accident

Birds can’t perceive most glass as a barrier and often attempt to fly through windows reflecting the sky or nearby greenery. This bird was fortunate to have a vet doctor at the scene of the accident. What are the odds?!

We hope the vet doctor got some ultraviolet window decals to prevent more bird accidents from occurring. Accidents like this sometimes leave a bird with head trauma. Other times, the birds dust it off and continue on their merry way. We hope this bird’s injuries weren’t serious.

Back Home

We can imagine how tired this vet must have been after her overnight shift. She headed home and crashed on the couch while snuggling her fur babies. We’re glad her significant other captured this moment and shared it with the world.


We’re sure they took the picture quietly because the black cat looks like he’s daring them to cause a ruckus and wake the sleeping lady. Everyone knows better than to cross an angry cat!

Not Starving

Anyone would be worried if their cat didn’t eat for three days. We can only imagine this owner’s surprise after discovering that their cat wasn’t starving but found the neighbor’s cat’s food more delicious.

The cat doesn’t even seem to be sorry. He probably gave his human hints that he didn’t like the food he was being given. We advise the owner to ask the neighbor what food their cat eats and get it for his cat.


Kitty Is Getting Fiesty

As humans, we know that visiting the doctor can be a scary and stressful experience. The same is true for our pets. When you pack them up into a crate or carrier to take them out of the home and into a car, they know something’s up. When they arrive at the vet, they know they’ve arrived at a place they don’t want to be.

This isn’t more true than for this poor kitty who was being a bit of a jerk on his visit to the vet. How much of a jerk? Well… he had the head ball of shame put on him to stop him from biting the vet. We don’t know whether to snort laugh or feel sympathy. Maybe both?

Hammie the Hamster

Checkups are crucial, and little Hammie knows that. The hamster may not enjoy the process, but he’s getting through it without complaining. He’s such a good hamster!


However, is it just us, or does Hammie look slightly surprised? It could be the effect of suddenly having a cold stethoscope pressed against his tiny body. Once again, we must commend brave little Hammie for not bailing on the vet.

A Cat With Hiding Skills

Apparently, this cat’s trying to hide from the prying eyes of humans, and someone needs to congratulate that little guy because he pulled it off! We can’t see him at all! Oh, wait, there he is – in the sink! Well, at least he tried.

For a moment there, we thought that was a picture of an empty sink. The cat looks intent on being hidden and he’s confident no one will find him in his hiding spot. It’d break our hearts to be the ones to bring him out of that sink.


The Tiny Kitten

This tiny kitten was stretched out for an X-ray, and interestingly, it took two technicians to hold down that little guy. One technician would probably not have been able to get the job done on their own.

Obviously, the kitten couldn’t wait to be done with the X-ray. We don’t blame him; we understand why he’d prefer quietly sitting over being stretched out.

Little Gandalf

We love how the previous owner surrendered this cutie to its new owner and didn’t just abandon it somewhere. There’s no shame in realizing you can’t care for an animal. All you have to do is act responsibly and turn the animal over to someone who can take care of it.


If Gandalf was tiny and a cat, we imagine he’d look like this. So, a big thumbs up to this great vet for saving little Gandalf! How could anyone turn down that little face?!

A Boxer in a Cap

This is what happens when you’re a big softie, and your vet doctor knows it! They put a cap on your head and take a picture of you with your goofy face. This dog certainly looks like he’s wearing that face cap with all the dignity he can muster.

He looks good, though, and we wish we could rub his spotty belly. Giving him a cap was genius! All he needs now is a scalpel, and he’d be ready to scrub in!


Clinic Cat’s Got Style!

This adorable cat found a cute shirt, and we don’t blame him for guarding his property, especially since he looks so good in it.

The shirt is giving off Ace Ventura vibes, and we love it for him! All he needs now is a pair of cute little sandals, and he’ll be set to start his new adventure!


We’d look that way, too, if we went to sleep and woke up neutered. Just kidding! The husky probably looks out of it because he was sedated for the process, and the medicine was still in his system when this photo was taken.


Those eyes, though! That dog is definitely seeing things nobody else is seeing. It’ll probably take a few days for his system to be clean again, but we’re sure he’ll still be a darling.

At the Vet

Cheddar looks like he’s having the time of his life at the vet’s office! He definitely isn’t in any pain, and that’s a good thing.

Cheddar was brought in for a hurt leg, and we hope he had a speedy recovery. We’re sure this cute kitty will be running around again in no time!


Chilling With a Lioness

Posing with a lion may seem dangerous, but would we trade places with that vet in a heartbeat? We certainly would! That lioness struck an excellent pose!

The doctor and the lioness make a fantastic pair, and we wouldn’t mind seeing more photos like this.

Fashion Forward

This is really sweet, as it’s not every day you see a vet give a cat fur boots after shaving the cat’s legs. This is the real-life Puss in Boots we never knew we needed!


Is this little cat trying to tell us that Ugg boots are going to be back in style? Judging by how good this cat looks in its cute little boots, we wouldn’t mind Uggs trending again.

Tony Sees the Vet

We finally have one cat who isn’t scared of being touched by the vet! Tony’s first visit to the vet was an excellent adventure for him, and he wouldn’t stop purring.

It’s true that cats purr when stressed as a self-soothing mechanism, but Tony’s a kitten, and most of them love being touched and haven’t developed a fear of the vet yet.


More Than Suspicious

The OP is right, the owl does look like it’s plotting to end the vet’s life; she should tread cautiously. We wish we could figure out why that owl’s out to get her. We haven’t seen an animal look that furious in a very long while!

Owls are wild animals, aren’t naturally affectionate towards people, and don’t respond well to captivity. This owl probably needs to understand that the vet only has good intentions for it and wouldn’t hurt it.

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