Have You Seen These Hilarious Airport Encounters?


Patricia Woodruff once said, “The airport is the only place you can walk around with no shoes, a glazed look on your face, and sleep on the benches and no one judges you.” This means the airport is a special spot where you can be yourself without worry. It’s where people arrive and leave, and in between, lots of fascinating and strange things occur. That’s why airports are great for capturing unique moments on camera.

Too Tired For This Flight

Here’s one of the funniest things you’ll only see at the airport. This girl is either having the time of her life on that luggage cart, or she’s just too exhausted to take another step after who knows how many miles her little feet have walked.

 Birds On Flight

Birds are taking flight. This might not strike you as particularly noteworthy until you catch a glimpse of a Saudi Prince who recently flew 80 falcons to the United Arab Emirates using Etihad Airways. Now, you might wonder: what could he possibly need 80 falcons for? The answer lies in the sport of Falconry, a beloved pastime in the Middle East.


Scan The Baby

Airport security checks are about as rigorous as it gets in air travel, and this mother is right in the thick of it. It involves taking off items like belts, shoes, and jewelry to pass through. In the picture, you can see this woman untying her shoelaces, preparing to go through the process.

Do You Want To Log Out?

Always log out when you use a public computer, or who knows what will come out of it, maybe something as harmless as this prank on Jasmine who used the computer at the Newcastle International Airport to log in her Facebook account and forgot to log out.Free computers are usually available at airports for commuters to use during the waiting period, and sometimes, people use it to log in their social media account. Poor Jasmine will probably come down from her flight to find that she has posted pictures of two men making funny faces on her timeline.

 A Tower Of Baggage

These two suitcase towers are what you will see when you walk into the Terminal A of Sacramento Airport. You are probably wondering how real they are too. You’re not alone; it is a sight to marvel at.


Look Dad Is A Work Of Art

Being a dad is fun and demanding, and this is a perfect example of that. When this dad fell asleep at the airport, he didn’t expect to wake up looking more colorful than ever, but his daughters were up to the task with stickers and makeup.

The Airport Acrobat

Okay, this is awkward. Stretching before and after a flight is a good idea given how cramped up one can be after a long flight with the seat close together and no room to stretch the legs and maneuvers during the flight.

Dream Come True

You think falcons are the only birds privileged to fly in airplanes. Not at all. These Humboldt penguins did too, but then it is not like penguins can actually fly so it must have been a dream come true.


 Show ‘em Your Moves

Old wisdom says; keep your inner child alive; this woman is definitely following that advice. Maybe a little too literally, but you can’t blame someone for wanting to have fun, especially in the long boring wait before a flight.

A Queer Gentleman

What do we have here… it is a man in a suit and a bikini bottoms with a feathered scarf. This is not one of the weirdest things one can find at the airport but don’t worry. It is not what it looks like; he is just standing on the side of a railing poster.

 A Piece Of Something

May The Fourth Be With You

May the force be with you. The Fourth of May is the national Star Wars Day on which several fans of the fantasy movie franchise dress up in different to celebrate one of the most relevant movies in pop culture.


 The Flying Bride

Here’s another way of getting special attention on your flight… Just wear your veil!We just hope that the wedding dress arrived safely to the destination, because she obviously decided to wear something more comfortable for the flight.

 Ride Of My Life

It has been established that suitcases can do more than take in clothes and other petty things, they have space on the outside for you to board a kid too and the kid is on board this one. The man does not seem to mind lugging his kid around the airport, and this kid appears too excited to care either.

Kim Kardashian And North

If there is a list of people who can pull off a gorgeous look no matter the place and time, Kim Kardashian will be on that list. In these pictures taken at the airport, she does it again with a baby in tow.


For Better And For Worse

Arrivals and departures, that is what airports are all about, and this makes it a fertile ground for different emotions. Happiness, sadness, anxiousness, tiredness, name the feeling and you will find someone experiencing it at the airport.

Man’s Best Friend

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a bottle of beer comes pretty close, plus you can’t drink a dog. That must be why this Australian man paid an extra $30 just so he can check in his beer with the rest of his luggage.


We have seen lots of ‘welcome home’ signs before, but none quite like this one. This is the most adorable of them all, and anyone can recognize the effort and the good-heartedness of the little girl holding it.


Let The Man Rest

After flying, the most common activity people do at airports must be sleeping. For reasons that cannot always be explained, commuters have found airports to be the perfect spot to catch a nap, and they have devised several ways to have a comfortable nap despite the usually uncomfortable environment.

When All The Benches Are Taken

Well, sleeping at the airport just reached its extreme. But who knows, the woman must have been so tired for her to settle for a carpeted floor as a bed and her luggage as the headrest. With how soundly asleep she looks, it will be a miracle if she doesn’t miss her flight.

The title “Have You Seen These Hilarious Airport Encounters?” invites us to enjoy funny moments that happen at airports. It shows us that there’s more to airports than just travel – they’re full of interesting and amusing things to see!


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