Fashion Designers Who Took Creative Freedom To The Extreme

Fashion Designers Who Took Creative Freedom To The Extreme

Runway fashion is the fancy clothes you see in fashion shows. They’re not the same as the regular clothes you buy in stores. Models and famous people wear these special outfits made by designers. Sometimes, these outfits can be a bit strange and hard to understand. Do you agree?

Paging Dr. Pimple Popper

It’s no secret that we’ve all suffered from zits and pimples in the past. And while you may have grown out of your hormonal teenage skin changes, it seems as though the designer behind this red carpet dress wanted to remember this stage of their life and immortalize it in their art. The end result is a plastic thong dress, complete with huge fake zits and boils – and some serious side cleavage. 

This Design Will Grow on You

Sure, we love a celebrity red carpet event as much as the next person. But most of the time we don’t care about the movie premiere or the awards ceremony. It’s much more fun to check out the best and worst dressed, and we can’t help but think that this celeb would have definitely ended up on the latter list. Although it’s safe to say that this design is growing on us. Actually, it’s growing on her!


Even Rihanna Has a Bad Day Sometimes

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Rihanna is a style icon. Her red carpet looks have been known to show off her figure, push boundaries, and cause a stir in the fashion world. But if you thought Rihanna was perfect, think again! Although this singing sensation rarely puts a foot wrong, fans were a little confused when she dressed up like this for a Dazed magazine shoot.

When Your Entire Wardrobe Consists of Two Pairs of Jeans

You’ve heard of dress pants, but have you ever heard of pants dress? This sleeveless and off-the-shoulder dress looks like an old pair of distressed jeans you’d find outside of a Goodwill store that you turned into an art project. Sometimes DIY projects are taken a tad too far, and this is undoubtedly added to that list. Either way, it’s very obvious that this girl wears pants in her relationship.

Time to Play Badminton

It’s important to remember that models have lives outside of their modeling careers, you know. And this particular model obviously didn’t want to be late for her badminton lesson, which is why she went to the runway show dressed as a shuttlecock! Of course, this was actually the look that the designer put her in for the haute couture show, and it certainly made heads turn. It also made the dress turn.


Darth Maul’s Long Lost Sibling

Look away if you have trypophobia because you’re not going to like this design! Rapper Doja Cat graced Paris Fashion Week with her fiery presence in 2023, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she caused a stir. From the red paint and outfit to the 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals over her whole body, she looked straight out of Star Wars. The only thing she seemed to be missing was some horns.

But Does It Have Pockets?

What do you do when you have to attend a fashion show at 1 pm but can’t miss your daily 2 pm naptime? Well, it seems as though this woman has found the perfect solution! This sleeping-bag-inspired gown is unlike anything we’ve seen, as she really does look as though she’d be ready for any napping opportunity. She even has a pillow on her head for extra comfort when she needs it. 

Introducing the Creature From the Black Lagoon

The fashion world is ruthless. Designers can spend decades trying to get their name out there, and one wrong look can ruin their career in an instant. Because of this, they try to create original pieces that stand out from the crowd – and this look certainly does that. From the crop top to the maxi skirt with the train to the balaclava, this whole look is out of this world. 


$450 and This Could Be Yours

We totally understand why some clothing is so expensive. Especially when they’re designed by esteemed designers who are extremely well respected in the fashion world! But as much as we understand the price tag associated with ornate evening gowns and tailored suits, we don’t understand pieces like this. This $450 “skirt” is simply a load of rope tied together in a rather attractive pattern. Surely you could make that yourself?

The Crows Have Eyeliner

In today’s day and age, celebs seem to be in constant competition with each other. Not only in terms of their careers but also in terms of their outfits. Every red carpet event is a chance to outdo each other on the bizarre-o-meter, and it seems as though Blac Chyna put her foot in the race during this Grammy’s appearance. With her black feathered wings and her dark eyeliner, she looked straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

Tying the Knot, Quite Literally

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a celebrity’s wedding look. From extravagant and expensive wedding gowns to casual elopement dresses, these looks are always iconic. And while wedding outfits are normally romantic and ethereal, the designer behind Cat McNeil’s wedding dress took her nuptials a little too literally. As she tied the knot, she quite literally wore some pieces of fabric tied together into a knot. And it left little to the imagination.


An Art Project Gone Wrong

Nowadays, designers are all about sustainability. They’re using recycled materials, they’re straying away from fur and leather, and they’re repurposing old clothes into new wonders. And it seems as though this designer had the same idea! Instead of throwing away all of their scraps of fabric, they decided to instead turn them all into a whole look. This is the end result, and it’s certainly in a world of its own.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Have a Cat

Model and actress Cara Delevingne is known for her impressive style. She can pull off everything from fancy evening gowns to casual streetwear, and we thought there was nothing she couldn’t make cool. But it seems as though we thought wrong because the look below has taught us a lot about fashion faux pas. It’s also taught us that you should never leave your cat alone in your closet if you know what’s good for you!

How to Stay Prepared in the Kitchen

When creating an outfit, designers have to be precise. The same can be said for cooking. Too long in the oven and your food can burn – which is why you always need to be on hand with some oven gloves or pot holders to take your food out as soon as possible. We can only assume that this woman always wanted to be prepared in the kitchen. How else can you explain this outfit?


Whoopsie Goldberg

Do you ever wonder whether celebrities look back at some of their red carpet looks and cringe? Well, we have a feeling that Whoopi Goldberg does. The actress wore this infamous dress-turned-jumpsuit at the 1993 Oscars, and people had a lot to say about it. From the bizarre color combinations to the skirt over the pants, many wondered whether she’d gotten into a disagreement with the fashion designer who made this outfit. 

The Award for the Strongest Head Goes to…

Anya Taylor-Joy is someone that can get away with being kooky and quirky – and there’s no doubt about the fact that she takes advantage of that! She gives her designer friends complete freedom when it comes to the outfits she’s dressed in. But we can’t help but think that maybe she should start reigning them in slightly. For the sake of her neck, anyway. Outfits like this must leave her in so much pain.

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