Male Fashion Disasters: 21 of the Worst Dressed Fails

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Project Runway pales in comparison to these stylish gentlemen! Feast your eyes on some of the most memorable fashion blunders in men’s history. What’s amusing is that these poorly dressed individuals proudly showcased their unique fashion choices in public. Move over, Best Dressed lists; I’m all about celebrating the most unforgettable fashion mishaps! These male fashion enthusiasts are truly in a league of their own!

The Day Nike Sales Plummeted

That poor dog… That poor, poor dog

Those shorts are a Grand Slam

Girl, where did you get those shoes?

I’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve but this is ridiculous!


Crack Kills

What do ya reckon PETA would say about this fur coat?

Revoke his Man Card now

In search of a nice string of pearls

Forever alone in Sooner Country

Hipster Diester

What do you do with that old couch from the 1070’s?

Hello, Kitty!

Uhm, while you’re at the mall…

Isn’t he on Community?

Sweet Little Rock’s’ Rollers…

Whoa!  Looks like you could use some help with all those sacks!

Brokeback Mountain: The Soho Edition

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