Best And Worst Movie Kisses Of All Time

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When executed well, a kiss between two beloved characters in a movie can be a heartwarming moment that the audience enjoys. However, there are times when on-screen kisses don’t quite hit the mark and end up being uncomfortable or unpleasant to watch.

If we look at some of the most iconic films in history, we can find instances where well-known actors shared awkward, overly wet, or even unsettling kisses on-screen. Keep reading to discover some of the most cringe-inducing movie kisses of all time.

1. Noah and Allie’s

First up, we have a classic movie that left a lasting impression on me during my middle school years, giving me unrealistic ideas about romance. This film has it all: a strong build-up, incredibly attractive actors, sizzling chemistry, and, of course, that unforgettable kiss in the rain. It’s the epitome of cinematic perfection.

2. Luke and Leia’s

Absolutely, that’s a cringe-worthy moment for many viewers. In the Star Wars franchise, Luke and Leia’s kiss is indeed awkward, especially considering the later reveal in the storyline that they are siblings. It’s a classic example of how on-screen kisses can become cringe-inducing when the context or information about the characters changes. Let’s hope we don’t see such uncomfortable situations in future movies.

3. Will and Elizabeth

Certainly, your favorite wedding kiss scene sounds quite unique and captivating. A spontaneous wedding can indeed add a touch of romance and excitement to a movie. The choreography highlighting the characters’ teamwork emphasizes their compatibility, making the moment even more special. Asking Barbossa, a character known for his humor, to officiate the wedding adds a humorous twist to the scene.

The camera circling around the couple during their passionate kiss in the rain must have added a cinematic flair that made the moment truly memorable. It sounds like a well-executed and unforgettable scene that combines love, humor, and cinematic excellence.

4. Fat Amy and Bumper

Absolutely, you’re spot on. While a passionate kiss can be quite appealing, there’s a fine line between passionate and excessive. Fat Amy and Bumper’s over-the-top tongue action in their kiss is a perfect example of crossing that line. When tongues start exploring nostrils, it’s safe to say they’ve gone a bit too far. While it’s meant to be comical and exaggerated for comedic effect, it can be a bit much for some viewers who prefer a more subtle approach to on-screen kisses.

5. Lakita and Jamal

That sounds like an incredibly touching and memorable moment in a movie. Jamal and Latika’s reunion at the train station, accompanied by a montage of their journey and struggles, must have been emotionally powerful for the audience. The detail of Jamal gently kissing Latika’s scar to show her that she’s perfect despite her past experiences is a beautiful and heartwarming gesture. And the tenderness of their kiss leading into an epic dance scene adds depth and romance to the story. It sounds like a truly special cinematic moment that captures the essence of their enduring love.

6. Ginny and Harry

I understand your disappointment with how Harry and Ginny’s relationship was portrayed in the Harry Potter movies. It’s not uncommon for fans of book adaptations to feel let down when certain aspects of the characters’ relationships don’t come across as strongly on screen. In this case, it seems like the on-screen chemistry and portrayal of their romantic moments didn’t meet your expectations. Awkward and unenthusiastic kisses can indeed be cringe-inducing, and it’s disappointing when such an important part of the story doesn’t translate well to the film version. Many fans share your sentiment about the adaptation of this particular relationship.

7. Peter and Mary Jane

I had quite an impression from that movie when you were 8 years old! Kissing someone upside down, as depicted in that scene, can indeed be seen as both cool and romantic. The idea of pulling down a superhero’s mask for a passionate kiss adds an element of secrecy and intimacy to the moment, which many find appealing. It’s a classic cinematic moment that has left a lasting impact on viewers, both young and old.

8. Mark and Juliet

A common point of contention among viewers when it comes to romantic moments in movies. The kiss between Juliet and Mark in “Love Actually” can be seen as problematic for some, especially given the context of the story. Juliet is happily married to Mark’s best friend, making the kiss on the lips seem inappropriate and potentially disrespectful to her husband.

Different people have varying opinions on how such situations should be handled in movies, and it’s not uncommon for viewers to find these types of plot developments uncomfortable or unrealistic. It’s a reminder that storytelling choices can sometimes generate mixed reactions among audiences.

9. Kathryn and Cecile

The kiss between Kathryn and Cecile in “Cruel Intentions” to be quite steamy and memorable. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair’s passionate on-screen kiss in that movie has indeed become iconic and is often remembered as a notable moment in the film. The chemistry and intensity between the characters certainly left an impression on viewers and contributed to the movie’s notoriety. Different movie kisses can evoke a wide range of emotions and reactions, and this one seems to have left quite an impact on you.

10. Bella and Jacob

The situation between Bella, Jacob, and Edward in the Twilight series. Bella’s actions, in asking Jacob to kiss her while she’s engaged to Edward, can be seen as emotionally complicated and potentially hurtful to Jacob. It’s understandable why some viewers might find this aspect of the story uncomfortable or problematic.

The dynamics in love triangles can often lead to complex and morally ambiguous situations in storytelling. Bella’s actions reflect her inner conflict and the difficult choices she has to make. While she may not intend to hurt Jacob, her actions can indeed be interpreted as stringing him along, as you mentioned. The complexities of human emotions and relationships are central themes in the Twilight series, and they can generate mixed reactions among readers and viewers.

Sam and Austin

a deep appreciation for the powerful and symbolic kiss scene in the movie you’re describing. The transformation of Austin, shedding his cool jock persona to pursue Sam, adds depth to the moment and reflects a significant character arc.

The timing of the rain and the connection to Sam’s earlier statement about waiting for rain in a drought is a beautiful and poetic touch, symbolizing the rarity and significance of their love. The choice of the song “Hear You Me/May Angels Leave You In” to accompany the scene also enhances its emotional impact, and it’s clear that the music selection was spot-on.

Scenes like this one, which combine meaningful symbolism, well-chosen music, and character development, can truly make a movie memorable and emotionally resonant.

William and Penny

Kissing someone who is not in the right state of mind to provide informed and enthusiastic consent is inappropriate and can be a violation of their personal boundaries. The comment about “boldly going where many men have gone before” adds an uncomfortable and unnecessary tone to the situation.

It’s essential for media to portray responsible and respectful behavior, especially regarding intimate moments. This scene appears to depict behavior that is not considerate of the other person’s feelings and autonomy, and it’s important to recognize and discuss such issues when they arise in storytelling.

Chiron and Kevin

The soft, intimate, and tender moments between characters, such as the kiss between Chiron and Kevin, can be just as powerful and memorable. These quieter, more realistic moments can often resonate deeply with viewers because they capture the genuine emotions and connection between the characters. It’s a reminder that the simplicity of a kiss can be just as meaningful and moving as any elaborate cinematic gesture.

14. Josie and Sam

I understand your concerns about the student-teacher relationship depicted in certain movies. Relationships between students and teachers can raise ethical and legal issues, and they are often viewed as inappropriate due to the inherent power dynamics and potential for exploitation.

It’s important for media to handle such relationships responsibly and ethically, taking into consideration the potential real-world consequences and impact on viewers. Different people have varying opinions on this topic, but it’s not uncommon for individuals to be uncomfortable with or critical of student-teacher relationships portrayed in movies, especially if they are not handled in a way that acknowledges the complexities and potential ethical dilemmas involved.

15. Lara Jean and Peter

It’s wonderful to hear that you appreciate how Lara Jean and Peter in a teen flick took the time to communicate and resolve their problems before sharing a sweet first kiss. Effective communication is indeed a crucial aspect of any healthy relationship, and it’s great to see it emphasized in a movie.

The scene you described, with compliments, eye contact, a hot tub, and great music, sounds like a perfect blend of romance and teenage nostalgia. Such moments can make for heartwarming and memorable cinematic experiences, highlighting the beauty of young love and connection.

16. Hedwig and Casey

James McAvoy’s character, with multiple personalities, asks to kiss Casey to be creepy and unsettling. The film “Split” explores psychological and thriller elements, and the concept of a character with multiple distinct personalities can certainly create a sense of unease and intrigue.

Acting performances, like those of James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy, can play a significant role in conveying complex and challenging narratives. However, it’s important to recognize that scenes like this can be emotionally intense and may not be comfortable for all viewers. The impact and interpretation of such moments can vary from person to person.

17. Noni and Kaz

It sounds like a beautiful and heartwarming scene that highlights an important message of self-acceptance and support within a relationship. Moments like this in movies can be incredibly impactful as they showcase characters embracing their authentic selves and receiving unwavering support from their partners. It’s a reminder of the power of love and acceptance in helping individuals overcome self-esteem and image issues. Such scenes can resonate deeply with audiences and leave a lasting impression.

18. Claire and Owen

In situations where characters are facing imminent danger or crises, it’s often more appropriate and responsible to prioritize addressing the immediate threat rather than engaging in romantic gestures. This can be a source of frustration for viewers who feel that characters should be focusing on the task at hand, especially when there are lives at stake.

While romance can add depth to a story, it’s important for filmmakers to balance it with the overall narrative and the urgency of the situation. In some cases, romantic moments during high-stress scenarios might not align with viewers’ expectations of how characters should respond to the challenges they face.

19. Rose and Jack

The kiss between Rose and Jack in “Titanic” is indeed one of the most iconic and memorable moments in cinematic history. The scene’s buildup, with Rose’s decision to break free from societal constraints and embrace her true desires, adds depth to the emotional impact of the kiss.

The choice of the song “My Heart Will Go On” as the musical backdrop further intensifies the moment, making it even more powerful and resonant. It’s a testament to the film’s ability to capture the essence of a passionate and forbidden love story, leaving a lasting impression on viewers around the world. This cinematic kiss is a perfect example of how the combination of storytelling, music, and chemistry between the characters can create an unforgettable movie moment.

What are your favorite movie kisses? Which kisses do you wish you could forget? LMK in the comments below!

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