The Unresolved Case: Oklahoma Teen’s Death Sparks Questions and Controversy

Oklahoma Teen's Death Sparks Questions and Controversy

Noah Presgrove, a 19-year-old who had hoped to join the military, died on Labor Day in 2023. His death remains a mystery, and forensic expert Dr. Michael Baden has shared his theory on what might have caused it.

Noah attended a party with friends, where he was involved in an ATV accident and got into an argument with his girlfriend. He returned to the party but later collapsed and was hit by a truck on a nearby highway.

The medical examiner’s report revealed that Noah had internal bleeding and a punctured lung, which might have been caused by the ATV accident. He also had a high level of alcohol in his system, which could have made him unaware of his injuries.

Dr. Baden believes that Noah might have been internally bleeding and intoxicated, which could have caused him to collapse on the highway. He thinks a truck might have hit Noah while he was lying on the ground, causing his fatal injuries.

Noah’s family is still seeking answers about his death. His sister, Madison, says no one has come forward with new information, and they are still waiting for answers.

Dr. Baden believes that Noah’s death is consistent with a hit-and-run incident, which could be considered a homicide. He thinks the authorities are hesitant to classify it as an accident or a homicide due to the unclear circumstances.

Noah had recently graduated from high school and had planned to enlist in the military with his cousin. His death remains a tragic mystery, and his family continues to seek justice.

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