Eerie Drone Photos That Send Shivers Down Our Spine


Gone are the days of throwaway cameras and waiting for photo development. Now, in a matter of seconds, you can capture and see instant results. Drones took it a step further, giving both pros and amateurs a fresh perspective. The photos they produced, showcasing unexpected scenes, caught the attention of millions and left everyone amazed.

No Dream Is Too High

This drone image is enough to make your heart race just by looking at it! Now, imagine what it must feel like to walk along this path. One piece of advice: don’t look down! Tianmen Mountain, located in China’s Hunan Province, stands a staggering 5,000 feet high. At its summit, a temple awaits those who make the journey. Initially constructed with wooden planks, the path has since been replaced with glass, adding an extra thrill to the breathtaking experience.

Take A Swim On The Wild Side

Some people are willing to take risks and walk on the wild side, but floating among an ocean full of sharks takes it to a whole new level. The ocean is undeniably fascinating, but predicting how a shark might behave is unpredictable. Here, a woman appears to be calmly relaxing in a starfish float position, seemingly undisturbed and enjoying the sun despite the presence of sharks.

Don’t Look Up From That Book

Despite the impact of the cult classic movie Jaws, some people seem remarkably comfortable around sharks. The hammerhead shark, named for its distinctive head shape, is known to travel in large groups of around one hundred individuals. The thought of how many others might be nearby is indeed unsettling. The proximity of these sharks can be quite unnerving, especially considering their potential numbers.


Not For The Faint Hearted

No matter how many ropes secure you, the outcome of a climb is never certain. Venturing out for a solitary ascent, this adrenaline junkie found himself in a precarious situation. Having made it quite far, he discovered loose rocks above him. With no quick way down, the challenge took an unexpected turn, adding an element of danger to the adventure.

The Missing Man

No matter how many ropes secure you, the outcome of a climb is never certain. Venturing out for a solitary ascent, this adrenaline junkie found himself in a precarious situation. Having made it quite far, he discovered loose rocks above him. With no quick way down, the challenge took an unexpected turn, adding an element of danger to the adventure.

For The Rich And The Famous

This extraordinary tennis court is the epitome of luxury, perched 1,000 feet above ground on the helipad of the iconic Burj al Arab in Dubai. It provides an unmatched experience for the affluent, allowing the rich and famous to play tennis while enjoying breathtaking views of the city. This exclusive setting radiates opulence and offers a distinctive perspective of Dubai’s skyline that is unparalleled by anything else.

This Photo Is The Result Of War

This somber drone image doesn’t inspire excitement; instead, it portrays the grim impact of prolonged conflict in the Middle East. Taken over a Syrian city, it vividly illustrates the enduring devastation caused by years of war. The image serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing challenges and suffering faced by the region, providing a glimpse into the relentless struggle for peace and stability in this troubled part of the world.

The City Of Pripyat

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion is a globally recognized symbol of disaster. Whether through history lessons or the acclaimed TV series, the event remains deeply ingrained in our collective memory. In 1986, the residents of Pripyat were hurriedly evacuated, leaving behind their belongings as they fled. This tragic event stands as a lasting reminder of the severe consequences of nuclear accidents, its legacy haunting the world’s consciousness and underscoring the importance of nuclear safety.

From A View That Not Even Birds Get

Drones have revolutionized photography, opening up possibilities for capturing unimaginable images. From towering skyscrapers to remote mountain peaks and even flying over active volcanoes, these unmanned cameras have redefined the limits of visual exploration. They enable access to locations too hazardous for human presence, pushing the boundaries of photography to new heights, both figuratively and literally. In doing so, they bring the previously unreachable within the lens of possibility. The drone photo captures scenes we once thought we’d never see.

Far Above The Clouds

This captivating image, captured high above the clouds in a fog-covered Spanish city, highlights the magnificent landmark, The Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, in Barcelona. The grandeur and architectural beauty of the temple emerge from the mist, forming a striking contrast against the ethereal backdrop. The photograph beautifully encapsulates the mesmerizing essence of this iconic structure, providing a unique and enchanting perspective on Barcelona’s architectural wonders. Despite its eerie vibe, the image is undeniably stunning.

Majestic Mammals Above The Sahara

Elephants are renowned for their majesty and intelligence, standing out as one of the most remarkable mammals on Earth. The depth of their souls is often evident in their expressive eyes, and like humans, they form close-knit family groups, showcasing strong social bonds and a sense of community.

Looks Like An Astronaut On Another Planet

This captivating image, resembling a scene from a science fiction movie, is truly amazing. Is that a spaceman on another planet about to be covered in lava? Actually, no, it’s not!

Watch Your Back

While on a walk in search of a grazing spot, these elephants found themselves in an unfortunate situation. Not only is the land devoid of luscious green food for the mammals, but in the distance, a pack of lions has also noticed them.

A Stunning Moment Of Beauty

This beautiful picture owes its existence to the invention of drones. Artist Saype created this amazing outdoor piece of art using biodegradable paints, lying down on top of his masterpiece to achieve the stunning result.

The Chase Is On

Gazelles are recognized for their skittish behavior, constantly needing to evade animals that consider them prey. Getting close to these animals without a drone would be nearly impossible. Their perpetual state of high alert can be draining, as these creatures rarely get a break from the need to stay vigilant.

The Red River

Found in Cusco, Peru, this eerie-looking red river might seem like something out of a horror movie, but there’s nothing sinister about it. This vibrant creation is the work of Mother Nature herself, as the Red River gets its color from the mineral deposits found in the clay bed.

A Free Meal

This massive mammal is one of the largest in the world and has been a resident of our oceans for millions of years. Unfortunately, the time on Earth for this humpback whale has come to an end, and its lifeless body has surfaced on the water.

A Different View

A drone captured the stunning Sagrat Cor Church in Barcelona, Spain, from a completely new angle. Perched on top of a hill, the church provides a breathtaking view that stretches for miles, revealing the scenic beauty of its surroundings.

Catching An Intimate Moment

Flying over the happy couple, a drone managed to capture a marriage proposal on the shoreline of a blissful, romantic beach. The man got down on one knee, creating a memorable moment as he asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

The Star Fort

Having the opportunity to witness this incredibly beautiful sight from a bird’s-eye view is truly special. Situated in a quiet and quaint town in East Holland, the image showcases a Dutch fort from the past.

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