Unlock Iris Law’s Style: Elevate with Emotion-Infused Jewelry!


“Unlock Iris Law’s Style: Elevate with Emotion-Infused Jewelry! Enhance your look with pieces that resonate with personal significance.”

Uncover the fashion journey of Iris Law, a rising icon, as she shares her unique style secrets. From her breakout moment as the face of Miu Miu to her latest role as global ambassador for David Yurman jewelry, delve into her eclectic fashion sense and her personal style philosophy in this exclusive interview with In Style’s How I Get Dressed.

Her Simple Trick to Upgrade Any Outfit

“My go-to items are bangle bracelets; they effortlessly elevate any outfit. I enjoy stacking them, opting mostly for gold. Hoop earrings are my everyday choice; they complement my short hair beautifully with their simple yet intricate design.”

How She Masters Jewelry Stacking

“I’m rarely seen without a hoop earring, and I love experimenting with stacking accessories to match my mood. Mixing metals and materials is a must for me; in my opinion, style has no boundaries. Jewelry is a key element of my fashion expression, boosting my confidence and adding flair to my outfits. David Yurman’s timeless yet contemporary pieces, especially from the Sculpted Cable collection, are signature to the brand and perfectly align with my personal style.”

How She Plans Her Outfits

“I dress based on my schedule. While I enjoy dressing up, for casual days or when I’m on the go, comfort is key. Recently, I’ve been incorporating pieces from the Sculpted Cable collection into my outfits, experimenting with how they complement various styles.”

Why She Enjoys Vintage Shopping

I’d describe my style as eclectic, blending secondhand finds with new pieces. Shopping vintage offers endless possibilities for creativity, and there’s a special joy in discovering a gorgeous vintage gem and giving it a new lease on life.”

Her Most Memorable Vintage Finds

Some of my most cherished garments are the runway pieces my mother designed for her brand when I was a baby. Discovering them neatly boxed and folded in the basement was a surprise. These blouses and dresses are incredibly beautiful. As a teenager, finding them left me in awe and brought me closer to my mother. I wore them through different phases of my style journey, always feeling a connection to her.

The Shoes She Wears With Everything

I gravitate towards loafers and Mary Janes for my everyday footwear. A plain white tank top is a staple in my wardrobe, perfect for layering under jackets, cardigans, or button-down shirts.

Her Go-to Outfit Formula

I prioritize shapes and functionality when styling outfits. For instance, pairing a small top with oversized shorts creates balance, while incorporating layers and hats adds both style and protection for outdoor adventures.

The Beauty Trend She’s Loving Right Now

I adore my eyebrow slits and will continue to maintain them, regardless of changing trends. When you discover and embrace something that truly complements your style and feels uniquely you, it transcends being a trend—it becomes a part of your identity.

Her Personal Style in Three Words

“Exploration, comfort, change.”

Where She Finds Inspiration

I draw inspiration for my style from my travels, immersing myself in different cultures and meeting new people. Japan, in particular, captivates me with its emphasis on natural materials, neutral palettes, and impeccable craftsmanship.

How Her Style Has Evolved

Following my intuition has been my guiding principle. With nearly a decade in the fashion industry, I’ve cherished the chance for exploration. While still trusting my instincts, I now embrace bolder risks in bringing my vision to life.

How She Uses Fashion as Self-Expression

I believe emotions and self-expression are deeply connected. Listening to your emotions is crucial for expressing yourself through fashion. David Yurman’s Sculpted Cable collection is a constant in my wardrobe, offering a diverse range of pieces that allow me to express myself and my emotions every day.

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