40+ Weird Products People Have Actually Purchased That We Never Even Knew Existed


People love owning things that set them apart. A different kind of dress or a shoe, a unique vase, everything is acceptable. These products are not only unique but they’re also a little out-of-the-box. From avocado roll-on sticks to gasoline-scented candles, these products border on the corner of cute and strange. Here are some purchases that will amaze you with their existence, but you’ll still want to buy them immediately because wasting money, on unnecessary things, is a passion!

Hamburger Dinner

When this person purchased a hamburger dinner, you’d assume he thought he would receive a hamburger of some sort that he can eat. Turns out, he received a ready-to-eat dish that was not ready-to-eat at all.

Not only is the food not hamburger, as you can clearly see pasta featured on the box, but the instructions are also to add beef to the meal. We think that this customer definitely got ripped off.

Lightning McQueen Roller Crocs

Your footwear is supposed to stabilize you, making walking easier and more effective. However, these roller crocs look like they do the absolute opposite, as the buyer must have found out immediately after putting them on.

The roller probably makes it impossible for the person to walk around, only making gliding feasible. The print and the size of the crocs look like it’s a child’s purchase, but even then the parents should have known better.

Pickle Toothpaste

There are some things that go great when they’re paired with pickles. These include sandwiches, devilled eggs, certain salads, and drinks. But, one thing that definitely should never be pickle-flavored is your toothpaste.

This person probably thought that this would be a great and tasty way to start the day, but it’s easy to predict what a disaster this probably was. Pickle fresh breath — a hard pass from us and probably everybody else who ever saw this product.

Bacon Banaids

Everybody loves bacon, right? Sizzling hot, straight from the pan and into your breakfast plate, it’s a perfect addition to any eggs and toast meal. But, do we really want to be thinking about this greasy food when we’ve just been hurt?

Clearly, someone does. Otherwise, these bacon bandages wouldn’t exist. Although, we really can’t imagine why anyone would want to buy this… Maybe for the prize inside?

Vent Cover Golf

Mini Golf is a great thing. It’s a wonderful place for cute dates, to hang out with your friends, or just to pass your time having fun. This person took his love of golf to another level and brought a vent cover that turned his house into a mini golf course.

This thing seems to be serving no purpose apart from blocking a perfectly good vent and creating a nuisance in the household. Not to mention, that horrid green color is an absolute no-no.

Face Pillows, or Something

We’re not sure what we’re looking at with this picture. There seems to be something that looks like a cross between a horror story and a pillow sitting behind the man.

Either he’s a locally famous celebrity who decided that his merchandising worked best as pillows, or he just can’t get enough of his face. Either way, let’s hope they’re only at his house and not turning other residences into horror houses.

Back Glasses

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be if you had a way to monitor what was happening behind your back? Well, somebody thought about it and invented a device to do exactly that. But, they didn’t quite nail the look.

These glasses seem to have only one purpose, to work as side mirrors that help you look behind. Looking at them though, it’s safe to say that side mirrors only look good on cars and should be kept as far away as possible from human faces.

Lettuce Umbrella

If you live in a place where it rains constantly, and umbrella thieves roam around in abundance, this purchase might be for you. Any other reason for buying this piece of rain protection just doesn’t make the cut.

This particular green umbrella looks like lettuce when it’s rolled shut. Yes, we get that it is a funny design, but it’s also hideous. So, the real question is — is the humor worth the murder of fashion?

A Blanket Bar

We all struggle with finding the perfect balance between cozy and hot when adjusting our blankets. And for those who want to keep their feet out of the blanket always have the option of just pulling up the covers and leaving their feet exposed.

However, this person went the extra mile and brought this blanket bar just to keep the blanket off their feet. It’s a legit question to ask, after seeing this — why use the blanket at all?

Head-Like Helmet

If normal helmets, where all your hair is covered, make you sad, then this monstrosity is something that you might like to buy…. Or maybe just give it a pass even then.

Shaped and designed to look like a head, it looks like a man’s balding head, with tiny hair follicles and ears. The best use of this is to trick police officers into thinking you’re not wearing a helmet. Bazinga for sure, but it’s not the funniest one!

Egg Cuber

Eggs are oval-shaped. Every time you use an egg as a whole, boiled, or in any other form, it’s still oval-shaped. So, what’s the point of this metal trap that turns a perfectly fine oval egg into a cube?

To use this purchase, you put the warm, peeled, and boiled egg into the egg cuber, and then compress it into a cube. A good way to burn your money on useless things!

Cosmic Brownies Cereal

Sugar is addictive, and pretty harmful, if consumed in large batches. It’s hard to quit the sweet substance. This Kellogg’s cereal is all sugar and then some. This Cosmic Brownie Cereal looks like something a 10-year-old boy on a sugar spree would buy.

At that age, everything sweet is acceptable. However, it’s best to make your breakfast healthy and protein-filled to get you through your day. Maybe put this cereal in the dessert category instead of breakfast.

The Live Fish Purse

How much do you love your pets? Maybe you love them just a bit, maybe with all your heart, or maybe you love them too much to sum up in words.

If your answer is the last one, and the pet in question is a fish, owning this live fish purse might not seem like the most bizarre item. It comes with a carrier and its own temperature gauge. But, it also looks like a mini prison, so maybe learn to love your fish from afar instead of making it into a handbag accessory.

Seat Savers

We’ve all been there, desperately trying to hold in the pressure, scared that if we get up we’ll lose our seat at the table. One such desperate person decided that enough was enough, and came up with this funny, and wasteful, item.

The Seat Saver is basically a replica of what spilled food looks like. From spilled coffee to ice cream, even dirty spoons are a part of this collection. It gives the illusion that the particular spot is dirty, thus saving your spot. Next time, just try to tell somebody to save it for you.

Clip & Dip

We all like to eat while on the go, after all, that’s why to-go counters in fast food joints are always so full. This person seems to be an avid user of the to-go services, and has also brought the accessories necessary to facilitate this habit.

This Clip & Dip can be attached to your AC vent, and you can pour any dip you want, from ketchup to mayo, for easy eating. Or this purchase is just a way to make your car a little less appealing by making it smell like condiments.

Gone With the Wind Manga Series

Classic pieces of writing have often been translated into various languages. Shakespeare’s books have been translated into more than 100 languages. But, rarely do books get the manga treatment.

This Gone With The Wind manga collection seems to have no purpose. The spoiled and beautiful Scarlett O’Hara has no place in the world of anime. Maybe Rhett Butler would be a great fit, but otherwise, everything is a big fat NO.

Hot Dog Couch

Furniture should always be suited to your taste. You could be a person who leans towards the modern options, or maybe traditional ambiance is more your style. Either way, your purchases should always reflect who you are.

What does this hot dog couch say about its buyer though? We think it points to an owner who loves food a little too much, so much so, that even his couch is reminiscent of this appetite.

Parasite Pen

This Japanese item comes with a side of live worms swimming inside its case. Definitely not a purchase for the faint of heart, this one writes as well as it scares the bejesus out of everybody who uses it.

What exactly could be the reason to buy this? The only one we can come up with is to buy it as a prank on a friend.

The Chair to Wear

Chairs are made to be comfortable, to sit in and relax and forget all the worries that your two feet need to carry. However, this chair didn’t seem to have gotten the memo about what it actually needed to do.

A chair that you can wear is a ridiculous concept, and even more of a strange product. We will give it brownie points though if somebody wore it to a Halloween party, only they might need to cut a hole for the face.

The Taco Sleeping Bag

We all clearly like food-themed items, otherwise, companies wouldn’t keep making and selling food-themed products. And don’t you just want to take a bite from this taco-inspired sleeping bag?

While it does look pretty inviting, we’re not actually sure how well it would function as a proper sleeping bag. But, as a fun way to feel cozy as a Mexican meal, this would be pretty great.

Gasoline Scented Candle

Scented candles are used to fill a house with soothing calming smells, from lavender to vanilla. But, just like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, sometimes you get something you never expect.

Take this candle for example. It’s a gasoline-scented candle that will make your house smell like, well, gasoline. The candle also comes in other, rather unusual smells like garlic and wet grass.

Cowboy Crocs

Crocs make another entry on this list. You can either love ‘em or hate ‘em, there is no in-between with crocs. But, it’s safe to assume that when it comes to these particular cowboy crocs, the verdict is hate ‘em through and through.

The amalgamation of two very different styles (crocs and cowboy boots) is this footwear. But, we have to wonder — who would be brave enough to sport this fashion faux pas?

Tech Aquarium

This is another gadget that will make your pet’s life easier, or just plain disturbing, depending on the pet in question’s temperament.

This mini aquarium comes with a pen stand and other such tech additions. Keep the stand on your desk while you work, so that you and your pet can be closer. Or, like normal people, just buy a bowl for your fish to keep it close.

Face Heater

This has to be a prank gift — a face heater that will keep your face warm no matter where you are. Whether you’re at a football game or in the yard in mid-winter, this gift will come in handy.

Or not, because some things cross the threshold of ridiculous right into the valley of insane. It also comes stamped with the words ‘Sherpa approved,’ making it seem both more and less legit.

Watermelon Bag

If you’re the kind of person whose middle name should have been fancy, then this bag is for you. Designed by Japanese craftsman, Yusuke Kadoi, this bag is used to carry one thing, and one thing only — one watermelon.

We have our doubts about the product and its usage, but to each its own when it comes to quirks. We just hope that this person didn’t have to go buy two watermelons at once.

Mesh Pants

How far would you go in the name of comfort? What would you sacrifice? If you opt for these mesh pants, then your answer is your entire sense of style.

The mesh pants look exactly like what they are, and give off a vibe that they belong in a swamp instead of in the middle of polite company. Unless you live in a bug-infested area, put these pants back where they came from, the back of your cupboard.

Burger Lingerie

It seems that burger buns are a front-runner when it comes to inspiration for silly products. After the hot dog couch, we have with us a set of burger lingerie that is just flabbergasting.

This is another thing that would work wonders as a Halloween costume but wearing it anywhere else is just ridiculous. This purchase seems like a bizarre thing to have been brought, and we doubt there was any real thought behind this buy.

Avocado Stick

There are two things popular when it comes to roll-on sticks — deodorants and butter. One is for the armpit and the other is for your toast. Now, you have a companion item with your butter stick — the avocado stick.

Those who like to eat avocado toast in bulk might find this invention necessary, but it’s a purchase that definitely can be skipped. It’s always better to opt for a fresh avocado spread rather than one that looks as unappetizing as this one.

Anti-Theft Bags

Yes, we all know that the safety of one’s lunch is very important. Just look at Ross Geller and his breakdown over his sandwich. This is why this extremely creative company has come up with this — the anti-theft bag.

This bag will make your sandwich look like it has fungus in it, hence safely deterring the thieves from taking your food. Or maybe you can just put a name sticker on it, and trust people.

LED Slippers

If you’re a midnight snacker, these slippers will make your way easier and light up your path to your treats, literally. These home slippers come fitted with mini LED lights in the front that will give you enough light even in the dark.

It’s a question to be asked about how lazy you have to be to click “buy” on this purchase. Unless you’re a thief, these slippers just seem over the top.

The Baby Wiper

No, this item doesn’t wipe your baby. But, it ensures that your baby wipes everything else. This hilarious baby mop is in actuality a onesie for your toddler that is fitted with a mop brush.

When your baby learns how to crawl, he can take away with him some of your stress and tension, as well as many, many dust bunnies. Why waste a good opportunity to put money into purchases that don’t make sense?

Finger Cover-Ups

We’ve all had that moment, that one particular second when eating chips or a powdered snack seems like a wrong decision. Mostly, this point comes when all the powder is transferred to your hand.

These finger covers are made to protect your fingers from all the cheesy and salty powders on your food and keep your hands clean. But, what’s the point of eating a fry if you can’t enjoy licking the cheesy residue off your fingers?

Ostrich Pillow

Nothing hits as hard as a nap in the middle of the workday. When you catch a few zzzs instead of earning the dough like you’re supposed to do, the nap feels extra special.

This particular ostrich pillow will cut off all the disturbances in the background and give you total peace to enjoy that nap you want. Unnecessary purchases always give an extra thrill when compared to regular ones. Who wants a flat pillow when you can have this?

Money Deodorant

If you love money, you want to swim in it (Scrooge McDuck style), and you want to smell like money, this absolutely wasteful product is for you.

This deodorant is supposed to smell like freshly minted money and is perfect for those who think motivation should be present in the air they breathe. Just be careful somebody doesn’t think you literally do swim in money and hold you for ransom.

A Cat Apron

Who doesn’t love cute cat accessories that they swath their pet in, making them look even more Instagramable?! Just like this ‘Meowbucks’ apron from Starbucks which will turn your cat into the barista of the day.

Just ensure that your order is simple, with no extra ounces of espressos and vanilla. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a face full of scratches. A purchase to be made if you have too much dough and nowhere to spend it!

Salt Shooter

Pesky flies are a dime a dozen, especially in swampy areas. But, this is a great way to get rid of them, or just a way for your husband to go crazy and live out his gaming fantasies.

This salt shooter actually helps in taking out flies one by one. It’s fun, it’s not harmful, and you can also use it for its intended purpose, adding salt to food! A perfect purchase for frat boys and bachelors!

Stress Balls

Stress Balls are an amazing invention. They help channel your aggression and anger in a non-harmful and safe manner. This person took the term “stress” a little too close to the heart and created face-shaped stress balls.

It’s a great device for those who get easily aggravated. Just squeeze some fake faces and you’re good to go. Funnily enough, the faces also seem to have different expressions.

Fish Sandals

The question of fashion vs quirkiness is one for the ages. People love quirky, random things that are passably cute. But, these fish sandals are nothing like that. Just look at the open-toed mouth of the fish.

This is one purchase you can definitely skip. Maybe look for some other fish accessory, like the tech aquarium. Whoever brought this willingly, to them we say, seems pretty fishy to us, bro.

Puking Gravy Boat

If you’re on a diet and wish for your appetite to flee at every dinner, this gravy boat might just do the trick. Shaped like an animal of some sort (is it a cow? is its a cat? who knows), it pours the gravy through the open mouth in the front.

Sadly, the gravy pouring from the gravy boat resembles an animal throwing up, all thanks to the shape of the item. A purchase that should be kept as far away from the dining table as possible!

Sullen Cat Candle

Misery loves company, that’s for sure. A sad person would never want to hang out with a happy person. They seek out other sad folks.

For such gloomy days, this sullen cat candle is the perfect addition. Just light it up whenever you feel down, and watch the sullen car burn to the embers. Not to mention, this purchase is a definite win in the cute column!

Piggy Steamer

Available online, this extremely cute and funny steamer is also what qualifies as an absolutely unnecessary addition to your house. The steamer comes with a pig face on top.

The nostrils let out steam. Just place this steamer, made up of microwave-safe silicone, on top of any pot to steam your food. It will be ready to eat in no time.

LED Chopsticks

This purchase will make all your Star Wars dreams come true, but your battle won’t be with a dark and evil force. Instead, it will be with your own sibling over the last piece of dumpling.

The pair of chopsticks light up and will bring a dramatic flair to your dining experience. It is also a perfect way to get your kids to eat their veggies — if they’re not too busy Jedi-fighting each other!

Balloon Animals

Whoever signed up for this class surely regretted it as soon as they reached it. Because they must have realized that sensual balloon animals are a thing that would have zero use in life, even in hypothetical situations.

You can’t really pull it off at children’s birthday parties, the only place where balloon animals are interesting to the attendees. Unless your partner is really into clowns and trickery, this is one skill that you can definitely forgo.

Chicken Holder

Mother always said that you shouldn’t play with your food. But, who said it had to be boring? These guys definitely didn’t think that decking up the food was wrong, and they came up with the most bizarre item — the chicken holder.

Shaped like a chicken, every holder seats one chicken. It’s the perfect purchase if you are throwing a dad party or a barbecue in your backyard. Useless, but quirky!

Spin the Bottle

Spin the bottle is a pretty simple game. Sit with your friends in a circle, place the bottle in the middle, and spin. Whoever it lands on has to perform a task, depending on the rules you’re playing with.

It also requires very few things to play with, namely just a bottle. However, capitalizing is a game that all companies play. Lo and behold, an absolutely useless game, Spin the Bottle. No matter the reason, we fail to see how this purchase can be counted as money well spent.

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