The Waiters Who Made Their Customers Come Out on Top: How To Make a Difference


Being a waiter comes with its fair share of challenges – dealing with unruly customers, enduring endless rushes, and being on your feet constantly. However, some waiters have discovered a way to make their shifts a bit more enjoyable – through sarcasm and humor. After a long day, there’s nothing better than a good laugh. Explore this list of waiters who delivered more than customers bargained for. The next time you’re out at a bar or restaurant, remember to tip your waiter well for the entertainment they bring to your dining experience.

Long Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, this bartender, the sole worker behind the bar at the only Irish pub in town, decided to earn herself a well-deserved nap. Judging by the stack of cash on the table, it seems her extra-long day was definitely worth it. Well done, miss. Well done.

Smooth Move

Sometimes you don’t need to say a thing when you are trying to make a move on someone. This barista was clever enough to let his cup do the talking for him. It’s clever and straight to the point. I hope she left him her number.

Brian With A “Y”

Some people are quite particular about certain things, and judging by this picture, it seems Bryan is particular about having his name spelled correctly. However, the barista seems to care less about how Bryan spells his name. While she heard exactly what you said, Bryan, it seems she has more important things to do than worry about spelling your name right.

Pac-Man Pancake

The best way to get through a long shift is to inject some fun into it. When this cook noticed a Pac-Man resemblance while flipping a flapjack, he fully committed to the idea. Kudos to the chef for being awesome and bringing a playful touch to the kitchen!


The real question is, has this shirt ever worked for him? While it’s intended to be funny, some people can’t resist a man with a good sense of humor. Regardless, it’s clear that this bartender knows how to have a good laugh. I’d definitely have a beer at his bar!

Casual Skate

Why walk to your table when you can skate? This waiter is wasting no walking, she has too many tables to take care of. Let’s just hope someone didn’t spill a drink on the floor. That could make for one nasty fall.

Rude Customer

When this customer overheard another patron being rude, he made sure to let the waiter know that she was doing a good job. It’s evident that the waiter appreciated the man’s compliment. A reminder to everyone: don’t be rude to your waiters; they have to deal with a lot more than you might think.


This plate stack is perhaps the most impressive I’ve ever seen. If I were to attempt picking up this tower of dishes, it would undoubtedly come crashing down. I’d love to shake this busser’s hand, once he puts down his dishes, of course!

Working Smarter Not Harder

This waiter has it all figured out. Why wander around aimlessly, waiting for someone to need assistance, when you could sneak in a quick power nap at work instead? I, for one, prefer being left alone at my table when I’m eating anyway. This is definitely my kind of waiter!

Be Nice To Your Bartender

This incident serves as a reminder of why one shouldn’t be rude to the bartender. They wield the power to cut off your alcohol consumption and make your drinking experience a bit more challenging than you’d hope for. Hopefully, this customer was a little too far gone to successfully retrieve his final beer.

Crackers, Anyone?

The customer clearly had strong feelings about having extra crackers with their chili, and the person working the register made sure to note the request precisely. The real question is whether they actually received that many crackers and if they were dutifully placed in the chili bowl for them.

Tips For Shoes

People tend to be more inclined to tip well when they know their money is going to a good cause. This waiter seemed to understand that and advertised exactly where the customer’s hard-earned money would be directed. The real question is whether she’ll keep the duct tape shoes even after she buys some new ones.

Picky Eater

Some people can be incredibly picky when it comes to their food, and this customer certainly takes the cake for being the pickiest eater. One can only hope that the chef managed to fulfill all these requests while preparing the meal. If so, the customer better have offered a generous tip for such meticulous attention to detail.

Phallic Dessert

It might take a moment, but what does this dessert remind you of? Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s great for chefs to have fun with their creations; after all, you can only make the same old boring cake so many times before things get a little crazy in the kitchen.

Say It How It Is

Sometimes, honesty is indeed the best policy, even if it means being completely blunt and a bit sarcastic. This waiter must have done an excellent job to pull off this level of confidence. If this had been my waiter, a generous tip would have surely come their way.

Chilly Customer

When this customer complained to their waiter about being cold, the server did the only thing that came to mind – brought them a tablecloth. Restaurants typically don’t have extra sweaters on hand, but this woman seemed perfectly content with a tablecloth blanket. Kudos to the server for quick thinking on their feet.


No topic is off-limits at a bar, and if you’re a bartender, you’re bound to overhear all the conversations happening. So, when this bartender anticipated that Game of Thrones might come up in conversation, they made it clear to customers that they weren’t caught up yet. Communication is key, even in the realm of fantasy TV shows!

T-Rex Bartender

When in doubt, put on a dinosaur head. While I’ve never personally tried it, I can only imagine that it significantly boosts the amount of tips you receive. The challenging part is likely doing your work while wearing the costume. Yet, once you master working as a dinosaur, you’ll probably never want to work as a human again.

More Foam Please

Telling your bartender how to do their job is generally not a good idea, especially if they happen to be Irish. This customer pointed out that their Guinness wasn’t filled to the top, and in response, they received more foam and a subtle message on top. Take a closer look, and you’ll see it.

Plate To-Go

When this customer requested to have her plate to go, the waiter couldn’t resist a little joke. They returned with a small plate neatly placed inside a to-go container. It’s quite amusing, but if I were the customer, I’d certainly hope that my actual food was still on its way!

That’s What She Said

There’s nothing quite like a good “that’s what she said” joke. It’s a classic that you’ve heard and been saying since you were in junior high, and when done right, it can still be funny. This cashier seized the opportunity to drop a good “that’s what she said” joke, and if you ask me, they nailed it.

Cat Check

Sometimes, it’s the smallest gestures that have the biggest impact. When this waiter drew a cat on the bill, the customers were delighted. Though it may not take much time, it’s something the customers will likely remember for a while, and it will undoubtedly be reflected in their tip.

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