How to Make an Ordinary-Looking Couple Flip the Script

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It sounds like you’re talking about a couple of incredibly talented dancers who have made a significant impact in their field. Even before they start dancing, the MC’s introduction serves as a powerful reminder of their stature and influence within the dance world. Their reputation and skill precede them, making their performances highly anticipated and respected.

So we now know we are in the presence of greatness even before the music starts, and then when the record gets spinning, these two get spinning, too.

Jeremy Webb and Kalin Ellis are evidently masters of the Carolina Shag, showcasing exceptional skill and expertise in their performance. Their dance likely serves as a remarkable demonstration of the artistry, precision, and style associated with the Carolina Shag, highlighting their talent and proficiency in this dance form.

Jeremy Webb is a professional dancer and instructor known for specializing in the Carolina Shag, the official dance of his home state. Renowned for winning multiple shag titles, he has an extensive background in this dance style, evident from the numerous accolades mentioned by the MC before their performance. Webb expresses his passion for the Carolina Shag, highlighting how it brings joy to his life and expressing a desire to share that joy with others through his dance instruction.

The Carolina Shag

Phil Sawyer beautifully describes the Carolina Shag in his book “Save The Last Dance For Me” as “A cold beer on a warm night with a hot date and no plans for tomorrow,” capturing the essence of carefree enjoyment. Southern Living credits the popular dance’s origin to the beaches of South Carolina in the 1940s.

The dance itself involves partners mirroring each other’s movements, appearing entirely synchronized and harmonized. In its basic form, both partners execute the same steps, but with opposite feet—typically initiated by the man’s left foot and the woman’s right foot. As dancers gain experience, they can explore more intricate and faster steps, adding layers of complexity and enjoyment to the dance.

As both Jeremy and Kalin show, they have a ton of experience as they fly through a series of highly involved steps.

The fancy footwork put on display here is extraordinary.

It sounds like the dancing skills of these two individuals are truly impressive! The way they move must be so captivating that a YouTube commenter remarked, “Wow! There’s a show just watching their feet alone.” Their footwork and movements seem to command attention and create an engaging spectacle all on their own.

The Capital City Shag Club puts on the Shag Extravaganza every year in Columbia, South Carolina.

Jeremy Webb and Kalin Ellis are highly accomplished Carolina Shag dancers, winning multiple awards and titles for their extraordinary performances. Their synchronized footwork and expertise have captivated audiences, with viewers marveling at their skills. They’ve triumphed in prestigious competitions and are celebrated for their talent in this dance form, known for its vibrant history in South Carolina. Webb and Ellis showcase their passion and expertise annually at the Shag Extravaganza, an event that unites dancers worldwide for a celebration of the Carolina Shag.

Sit back and watch this gem. You’ll be witnessing two of the finest shag dancers to hit the circuit in a long time.

Their infectious youthful energy might inspire you to hit the dance floor or even consider taking some dance classes yourself!

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