Here Are 35+ Photoshop Fails That Made Us Wonder if Anything We See on Social Media Is Real 


Everyone wants to look like an Instagram model but even influencers don’t look like their pictures. With heavy makeup, photo filters, and image manipulation, anyone can look like anything online. However, they run the risk of getting busted and that’s exactly what happened to these photoshopped individuals. They tried to look “perfect,” even if that meant setting unrealistic beauty standards, and now the internet is calling them out for it…

40 Going on 17

This woman appears to be around 40 years old but she’s filtered her face so much that she looks like a teenager in this image. Despite being perfectly gorgeous and making 40 look graceful, this individual felt the need to look unrealistically young on social media.

She’s even smoothed out her neck and chest so that she looks like a plastic doll! We don’t blame her, though — we blame the beauty industry’s obsession with youth. Since when is it “wrong” to look your age?

Who Needs Organs Anyway?

This woman has clearly edited her photo to whittle her waist down so small that, if it were real, there wouldn’t be any room for her organs! While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being slim, heavy, or anything in between, there’s a problem with setting unrealistic body standards.

No, her stomach isn’t actually that thin. This is clearly the work of someone who loves Photoshop more than she loves her body, and that’s the true crime here.

Thank You for Your Service?

At first glance, this man appears to be a soldier, however, we shouldn’t be thanking him for his service just yet. Upon photoshopping his face onto someone else’s body, this guy forgot about the reflection in his sunglasses.

Unfortunately for him, the sunglasses reveal that this was a selfie taken in a car, which makes us question the validity of the rest of the photo. Needless to say, impersonating military personnel is never okay.

Walking Between the Raindrops

These twins are Instagram influencers who really love to show off their abs. That being said, it’s pretty difficult to believe those six-packs are real when this image has clearly been manipulated.

Are we really meant to believe that it’s raining so hard, these guys’ shirts have been soaked through, yet not a hair on their heads is even dampened? We wish there were a hairspray strong enough to be rain-resistant, but unfortunately, this is just a dishonest photo.

Guess the Celeb

This image is actually the Instagram photo of a major celebrity. Good luck guessing who she is, though, as this picture looks absolutely nothing like her. Believe it or not, that’s… Madonna.

Now 63 years old, the Queen of Pop has altered this image so much that not even her incredibly famous face can be recognized. If one wants to see a hint of Madonna’s real age, they just need to look at her hands in this photo, which she clearly forgot to edit.

Toned and Tanned, But Fake

Most people tend to covet the tanned and toned look and this woman is definitely both of those things. However, her natural beauty doesn’t seem to be enough for her, as her photo was edited to an unrealistic version of her.

To make matters even worse, her legs have been photoshopped to be so long that she resembles an alien more than a model. It’s a shame, too, because this person’s natural photo is simply stunning.

Face the Facts

We’re sure that this woman is absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately, we’ll never really know since she’s wearing so much makeup, and has done so much photoshop, that it’s impossible to tell what she really looks like.

She’s even meshed the fence into her face in her attempts to filter out any possible “flaws” in her appearance. Maybe she was trying to be symbolic about how we’re all caged by society’s beauty standards or something like that?

G.I. Photoshop

It’s pretty clear that this woman wanted to show off how she’s been consistent with her workouts. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty clear that her results are completely faked.

In case anyone was fooled by those muscles, take a look at the lockers behind her arm… the lines on them have completely disappeared! It’s a shame that this woman didn’t choose to show off her real fitness progress, since we’d be a lot more impressed by that than her photoshop skills.

Not Even Dogs Are Safe

It’s already bad enough that Mariah Carey felt she needed to photoshop herself in order to look “more attractive” but she even photoshopped her dog! That pup has the smoothest fur we’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s a little too smooth to believe…

That poor animal looks more like a simulation than an actual canine. Apparently, not even dogs can escape Hollywood’s unrealistic beauty standards so there’s truly no hope for the rest of us.

He Skipped Head Day

This guy’s body seems to be proportioned a bit strangely, to say the least. It looks like he works out every single muscle in order to enlarge it but he appears to continuously skip head day at the gym.

In all reality, it appears that his body was broadened through image manipulation and they forgot to proportion his head accordingly. Don’t blame the guy, though, as he was just the model for this photo. The real crime was done by Asos, who actually ran this ad.

Apparently, Hips Do Lie

Shakira may have told us that “hips don’t lie” but that was before Instagram was invented. Unfortunately, this woman’s hips are most definitely lying and the proof is in her reflection in the window behind her.

We don’t see anything wrong with this woman’s natural figure, yet, she felt the need to pull her waist in and make her hips curvier. Let’s just hope that Shakira doesn’t see this photo… she’d be so disappointed.

This Guy Is Making Waves

This man has been making waves over the internet and we do mean that literally. He’s photoshopped this image in such a way that it’s actually morphed the water behind him.

Even the sand under his arm has been altered in the process of this guy getting the exact guns he wanted. Clearly, this is a manipulated photo, which is a true shame, as we’re sure that his body is just perfect.

Actually Jenny From the Block

Jennifer Lopez posted a photo of herself getting ready for an event but, while she looks beautiful, she seems entirely different in a photographer’s photo from that exact same day.

We argue, that she looks even better in the second image that shows her true face. It’s clear that JLo had manipulated her own photo in order to make herself look younger. Ironically, she still looks young, naturally, for her then-age of 49.

We Don’t Talk About Grandpa

This woman is clearly a natural beauty, as she was named Miss Slovakia in 2015. Unfortunately, not even that coveted title was enough to convince her that she’s perfect just the way she is.

Instead, she decided to heavily filter an otherwise lovely photo of herself and her grandfather but she neglected to filter him too. The contrast between the two family members just makes it all the more clear that this image has been photoshopped. Poor grandpa!

Are They Sisters?

This young woman wanted to take a cute photo with her car, a goal which she most certainly achieved. Sadly, she decided to alter her face in the picture to the point in which it doesn’t even look like her anymore!

She looks like her own, plastic, sister more than anything else. Lucky for us, we can see this woman’s true reflection in the car window and it’s absolutely beautiful. No Photoshop is necessary here.

Are We Sure It’s Her?

This popular Instagram influencer had fans fooled for a long time that her social media photos showed a true depiction of her. However, when she finally made a TV appearance, the audience was shocked and confused, as they didn’t even recognize her!

This woman looks absolutely nothing like her pictures online but the gig is now up. We just hope that not too many young fans were deceived into thinking there’s something wrong with them if they don’t look like that…

Something Looks Off Here…

While using a little bit of a filter can be understandable, sometimes people can really overdo it. While some may use a filter to blur out a bit of acne or rectify unflattering lighting, this woman has chosen to completely obliterate her nose.

It’s unclear if erasing her nose was intentional or not but we have no doubt that she looked better with it. Remember, folks — filters should be used with caution and any nose is better than no nose at all!

“Teen Mom” Has New Meaning

For some reason, many people are afraid of visibly growing older. Yet, there are perfectly attractive people who are upwards of 30 years old, who have some wisdom to add to their beauty.

Unfortunately, this woman didn’t seem to feel that way about herself, so she photoshopped her pictures to look like she’s in her 20s. What’s life without a few wrinkles or grey hairs? Boring, with everyone looking exactly the same — that’s what.

She’s Not That Innocent

Britney Spears is undeniably healthy and fit, as showcased by her physically demanding performances, making the decision to Photoshop her images all the more confusing. It’s clear that Britney had her team manipulate this photo to make her back seem slimmer.

We can even see that the edge of the pool is inexplicably missing from the photo, where Britney’s back truly was. Britney’s not fooling anyone, we all know she’s got a strong back because we’ve seen her carry her family’s finances on it for years.

Shine Those Flourescent Whites

As far as image manipulation goes, digitally whitening one’s teeth is a pretty harmless alteration to make. That being said, this man has gone way overboard and made his whites less pearly and more… fluorescent. In all honesty, those teeth are brighter than some of our futures!

Any Friends fans out there, will recall that episode in which Ross whitens his teeth before a date. Something tells us that this guy hasn’t learned from that classic sitcom mistake and he’s in for a similar evening.

Unrealistic Expectations

This influencer is perfectly gorgeous just as she is. However, she seemed to feel that her photo needed some editing. We can understand feeling insecure about one or two things but this woman touched up almost everything, despite the lack of necessity for it!

She minimized her stomach, volumized her hair, changed her facial features, perked up her breasts, got rid of back rolls, and cleared some folds around her arms. She now looks like a Sims version of her beautiful self.

Real-Life Anime… or Not

We all have goals in life, some are bigger than others, but they’re all valid. Well, this influencer’s dream in life is to look like a “French doll” and she often photoshops her pictures in order to achieve that.

While her age is unknown, she has revealed that she’s been getting cosmetic surgery since she was 19 year old. We don’t know what she looked like beforehand but we have no doubt that she was perfectly doll-like before the editing and procedures.

Is He Being Ironic?

It’s hard to believe that someone could look at this photo and not realize that it’s way too filtered. For that reason, a lot of John Mayer’s fans think that this image he posted of himself and Ricky Van Veen was done so ironically.

However, those who have a little less faith in the singer insist that he seriously thought he’d done a good job in editing this photo. We may never know the truth but we do know that this picture will give us nightmares.

Friends Don’t Edit Friends

Taylor Swift is well-known for hanging around with her model-esque friends. In this particular scenario, T Swift was on a boat with the sisters of Haim.

Seemingly unaware of how to handle hanging around non-Victoria’s Secret models, Taylor edited her and her friends’ bodies in the photo, as evidenced by the warped railing behind the women. It’s too bad that the singers couldn’t just shake off their insecurities because all four of them are beautiful!

That’s One Flexible Thigh!

This woman is either impossibly flexible or she’s edited this photo to carve off a part of her thigh. The unfortunate result of this photoshop is a leg that resembles a Twizzler more than it does a human limb.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a little more to love around the thigh are, in fact, most women do. Someone needs to tell this woman that thighs are beautiful, no matter what their size!

Photoshop’s Two-for-One Deal

These three women posed for a lovely photo together but, a few days later, two of the three ladies were tagged in another image in which they’re unrecognizable.

While the woman in the middle is not the same person in both photos, the two individuals on either side don’t look like the same people either… but they are! That’s some pretty heavy editing when we’re not even sure which person was swapped out.

Outed by the Photographer

This woman tried to get away with posting a heavily edited photo on her Facebook and she nearly succeeded. However, the photographer of the image uploaded his own version, as a way of promoting his retouching work.

Needless to say, the con was up, and the woman was outed as being of perfectly normal proportions. It’s sad that she was ever ashamed of such a beautiful photo but something tells us she won’t be working with this photographer again anyway.

Is He Even Human?

This man took a vacation photo, and it probably would have been an incredible shot, had he not messed with it to the point that he doesn’t look human anymore. His face has been altered so much that we can’t tell what he actually looks like at all.

Furthermore, there are white marks below his chest, which imply some form of editing of the torso. Finally, the background looks to be a bit warped too. We really hope this poor guy didn’t spend his whole vacation on that!

We’re Getting Motion Sickness

This woman’s less edited social media photos show a beautiful girl with curves many would kill for and piercing eyes. However, this picture shows her completely warped and seemingly painted onto the background.

This image is so heavily edited — and so poorly — that we’re kind of getting motion sickness just by looking at all the warped bits. This just goes to show that even the most gorgeous individuals can fall victim to body dysmorphia.

We Still Love Mother Monster

Lady Gaga is known to preach self-acceptance and love, so it was extremely disappointing when she posted this gym photo that had clearly been photoshopped to make her appear slimmer. The edge of the mirror in the background is warped, as is part of the wall and floor.

We think that all the Little Monsters should unite and tell Mother Monster how beautiful she is, even without photoshop. Maybe Lady Gaga just needs to hear some of her own words repeated back to her.

A (Fake) Vision in Red

This beautiful woman has altered her photo so much that she appears to be a significantly different weight and has a completely new nose, amongst other facial changes.

The truth is that her original picture was stunning, as her red dress fit her perfectly, there was really no need at all for retouching. It’s a shame that society doesn’t promote women of all body types; since a curvaceous body is just as gorgeous as a thin one.

Beautiful BFFs

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have been friends for years and have gone through the ups and downs of fame together. Unfortunately, that includes the pressure Hollywood places on them to look “perfect.”

We can see the effects of that pressure in this photo in which the floor seems warped, indicating that Jordyn photoshopped a thigh gap for herself when she doesn’t necessarily have (or need) one. There also seems to have been some (unnecessary) retouching around the ladies’ waistlines.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kylie’s unawareness of how beautiful her natural body is can possibly stem from her mother, Kris Jenner. The famous “momager” posted a cute photo with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay but when Gordon posted the exact same image, it looked entirely different…

The picture Kris uploaded was heavily filtered in order to erase her age, while Gordon’s photo seems untouched and natural. While both celebrities look great in both photos, we see nothing wrong with people in their 50s and 60s looking appropriately aged.

Beauty or a Beast?

This fitness influencer is undeniably toned and built but some of her photos are seriously exaggerated. In an attempt to solidify herself in the industry, this influencer has simply gone overboard. How do we know? Just look at her shadow — it tells the real story.

We see no need for this fitness instructor to enhance her muscles, they’re perfectly beautiful just the way they are, and she’s certainly earned them with all of her training!

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most photoshopped of them all? This woman is perfectly beautiful just the way she is, but for some reason, she felt the need to edit herself to look slimmer than her already thin self.

We can see her real figure in the mirror, though, and she looks great in that dress! We wish she’d see her reflection the same way that we see her.

Before and After

This woman posted an adorable photo shortly after joining Instagram and we actually think that she looks like the beautiful actress Blake Lively! However, over time, this gorgeous individual found internet fame and became an influencer, which changed her life… and her physical appearance.

She now looks like exactly every other influencer on Instagram — rather than her lovely, unique, self. This is probably the most depressing before and after transformation we’ve ever seen.

Six-Pack of Lies

We all know the expression “abs are made in the kitchen” but it seems that this woman’s abs were made in Photoshop, instead. She clearly painted on some fake muscles for this photo during her desert hike.

We have no doubt that her natural stomach is beautiful and it’s pretty sad that she didn’t feel confident enough to post the real image on social media. We would have preferred to see that one.

Unrealistic Expectations for Men

While women are known to suffer from unrealistic beauty standards, it’s important to note that men also feel the need to achieve unfair physical expectations. Perhaps that’s why this perfectly fit gentleman felt the need to alter his body to make himself even slimmer and his muscles even larger.

Seeing him backstage at this photoshoot, we actually prefer his more proportioned body rather than the final, photoshopped version. Even the poor car got warped in this disastrous image editing mishap.

Where Are Her Ribs?

We appreciate that this woman works hard at the gym and we have no doubt that her body is perfectly fit and toned. That being said, there’s no way that she actually has these insane proportions. Where would her ribs go?

There’s simply no amount of training, no diet, and no exercise that can give a human being that type of body. At least not without the help of Photoshop, and why would someone want that when they work so hard to sculpt their body at the gym?

Double Trouble

This influencer really liked a particular photo of himself, so rather than taking another one on a different day, he just used the same exact one and tried to pass it off as a new image. Of course, the internet noticed and called him out for it.

We understand that not every single picture can be a winner and it must be exhausting for influencers to need to come up with flattering photos every day but this was just an obvious faux pas.

How to Ruin a Party

Fashion designer, Vera Wang, was celebrating her 72nd birthday when someone posted this photo of her. Vera was furious that the image was unaltered, as all of her posts from the party were heavily edited, and she didn’t want the world to see her true and beautiful face.

It’s unfortunate because she still looks incredible and there’s nothing wrong with a few wrinkles at 72. We wouldn’t expect anything else. Something tells us that this party guest won’t be invited back…

When Muscles Have Muscles

This guy appears to be so ripped that even his muscles have developed muscles! Of course, he doesn’t actually look like this, as it’s the work of some pretty heavy Photoshop.

Not only did he heavily alter his body but this man’s face looks blurry and filtered, if not photoshopped altogether. It’s a true shame that in his efforts to look like G.I. Joe, he actually resembles a glitch in the matrix instead.

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

Like so many failed Photoshop jobs that came before her, this girl forgot to edit her mirror image in order to match her altered figure in this picture.

While the mirror exposes the fact that this woman edited her body, we believe she did a bit of retouching on her face too. However, we can’t prove that one. We think her real body is gorgeous and doesn’t require any changes at all — it’s a shame she doesn’t agree.

Kelly, Is Everything Okay?

Kelly Osbourne looks like a completely new person these days, which would be alright (everyone should live their best lives) if it weren’t for the fact that she’s denying that her new look is unnatural.

Teaching young, impressionable fans that this type of transformation is achievable without the help of some photo retouching, and/or cosmetic procedures, is dangerous and irresponsible. We know Kelly can do better and we’re looking forward to seeing her step up to the plate.

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