36+ Hilarious Posts That Perfectly Capture Sigma Males


In a world that often takes itself too seriously, there’s a treasure trove of humor to be found in the everyday antics of sigma men. Sigma men, or men who are independent and don’t follow societal norms, have become super trendy in the online world, inspiring countless memes, pranks, and quotes.

From dating disasters and quirky habits to unexpected acts of kindness and corny dad jokes, these funny posts capture the essence of sigma males—and then some. Join us on a hilarious journey as we explore the joy and absurdity of being a guy in the 21st century.

Take a Chance

We’re all for self-improvement, but this tweet from Chance the Rapper feels like a classic humble brag. We’re pretty sure no one’s ever been criticized for reading, cooking, and working out—they all sound like things everyone is striving to do more of.

We think everyone should respect each other’s path of self-improvement and stop comparing themselves to others. That way, we can all do better without feelings of shame or inferiority.

Super Dad

Nothing tugs at our heartstrings like hearing that a young boy has been abandoned by his dad. We all know that this can lead to lots of issues, including not being equipped with the basic knowledge that a dad would teach his son.

This man decided to make the best of his situation and make sure no other boys have to grow up without those useful dad-taught skills with this heartwarming public service. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Heart of Gold

From learning all about each other to feeling that spark of electricity of connecting with someone new, first dates should be exciting. However, sometimes it’s hard to know whether the other person is also feeling that connection.

Luckily for this girl, her date’s smartwatch let her know that she’d gotten his heart pounding. We’d love to know if this pair is still together because clearly, the chemistry was on point.

Pick Up

In today’s world, most of us are not only chronically online, but glued to our phones for most of the hours we’re awake. We shudder at the thought of looking at those screen time statistics, because they can’t be good.

That being said, it’s all about texting and there are few things worse than having to pick up the phone, let alone from an unknown number. This just goes to show that you never know when you might need to pick up.

Small-Town Girl

Some guys love a grand gesture. For some girls, a big romantic show is just what they want, whereas for others it’s a total turnoff.

Luckily for this guy, even though his date scoffed at the fact that he drove eight hours to see her, she was also willing to see past his goofiness and give him another chance. We love a happy ending and we hope this cute couple is still thriving.

Giving Credit

Most people don’t hang around to watch the credits of movies—why do we need to know the name of every single person who worked on the set?

However, this Twitter user likes to stick around for all the unknown people for whom it is a big deal to see their names crawling across the screen. Credit where credit is due—we need more thoughtful guys like this in the world, please.

Quacking Up

Dads always find the cutest, corniest ways of showing up for us, and this rubber duck treasure hunt is a truly adorable quirk. To find another rubber duck four years after he passed away must have felt like the sweetest message from beyond.

We wonder if there are any more rubber ducks waiting to be discovered in the years to come. If this dad has anything to do with it, we’re guessing the answer is yes.

Always Bee Alert

The internet is full of fake news and seemingly true statements that are more fact than fiction so it’s always good to be on your guard. Some guys will make up anything just to sound smart.

This guy decided to take a chance and fabricated some pretty wild stats about honey, but the other person in the discussion was wise to his lying ways. Having said that, we should never waste honey. It’s a precious resource even if it doesn’t take the bees 25 years to produce.

Memory Mailbox

Nothing is cuter than a dad on Twitter who wants to share his heartwarming parenting techniques in case others want to adopt them as well. Props to Sage for being so thoughtful and sensitive.

We love the idea of having a kind of electronic scrapbook of achievements and we just know that this guy’s son is going to be so grateful when he finally gets the password to his mailbox of memories.

Better Together

Women are always intrigued by what men do together when they hang out. Usually, they’re not going shopping or going for brunch so it’s hard for us to understand what they get up to.

According to this post, they just do whatever they’d be doing alone at home but in the same room. Honestly, we get it. Scrolling reels next to your buddies is infinitely better than doing it alone.

Five Star Review

In our Amazon-dominated market, good reviews from the public can mean the difference between a best-seller and a flop. As the author, you just have to wait and hope that other people respond well to your book. Or do you?

This author decided to take matters into his own hands and give himself credit where credit is due. He worked hard, he’s pleased with the results and he wants the world to know.

Gym Buddies

Gymtimidation is real and it’s very difficult to get into a good workout routine if you don’t feel like you don’t have the fitness level and physique to be seen exercising in public.

Luckily for this guy, his friend decided to step up and find a creative solution so that he could work out without feeling like all eyes were on him. This friendship is adorable and we are proud of both of them—keep it up, guys!

Lunch Fairy

It’s small acts of kindness that make the world a better place and we’re grateful for any guys who go out of their way to do good. When this guy accidentally ordered lunch to his former address, he didn’t bother fighting to get a refund.

Instead, he gave this delivery driver a chance to have lunch with his deceased brother and made a huge difference in his day. This exchange restored our faith in humanity.

Nothing Without Her

Behind a lot of men is a woman who acts as their personal secretary. Even when relationships are modern and equal, there is often a gender divide when it comes to organization and remembering schedules and details. We’re not saying it’s all men, but it’s definitely a thing.

To be fair to the guys who don’t know their drink order, Starbucks does tend to make it unnecessarily complicated to just ask for a coffee.

One Dollar Question

People like to share every aspect of their lives on social media, even things they should probably keep private. When this girl shared her shamefully meager financial worth, she was probably hoping someone would pity her and transfer some funds.

However, this guy dashed her hopes by requesting her very last crumb of cash. Now that is just too cruel, Jeremy—what are you really going to do with that dollar?

Driving Me Crazy

There is no one who can get back at a dad more easily than his children. Kids know exactly how to push all the right buttons to make their point.

We love that this family spent a year monitoring the drivers in Subaru Outbacks just to prove that they are not, in fact, driven by “cool dudes”. The stats speak for themselves, Jon Acuff, you lost that one big time.

Giving Thanks

Someone hacking into your Netflix account is never good news. Apart from illegally using a service you are paying for, they also mess up your algorithm and can make it harder for you to watch when you want to.

However, some hackers are more courteous (and creative) than others. We’d forgive this unknown Omani anything because of his hilariously resourceful thank-you note. You’re welcome, buddy, hope you enjoyed all that “Baby Shark”!

That’s So Cheesy

Gift-giving is an important love language and bringing a present to a first date is a sure-fire way to make your girl feel special and pampered.

This young farmer decided to go with what he had available and we applaud this attempt at wooing. While a 12kg wheel of cheese might not be a traditional romantic gift, we don’t know a single girl who wouldn’t be pleased with all that cheesy goodness.

Going Dutch

Even in the 21st century, some girls expect their dates to pay for their meals as a matter of course. It may be old-fashioned, but it still happens all the time.

This guy decided that enough is enough—if his date didn’t bring money then she’s not eating. It’s a bold move and from the look on her face, we’re not sure there’ll be a second date in the future for these two.

Style Icons

It’ll be interesting to see how fashion-obsessed Gen Z will age, but this photo paints a pretty accurate vision of the future. The dowdy beiges and lavenders of regular old people will be replaced with popping colors and trendy sneakers.

We feel like any guy who wants a wife to grow old and flex on their grandkids with will have any number of girls queueing up to be with him.

Kodak Moment

We love a guy who’s happy to participate in whichever photoshoots his girlfriend has planned. He might not care so much about the perfect couple pics, but he knows it’s important to her and that’s what matters.

This boyfriend was not only willing to do a sunset piggyback modeling sesh, but he was also ready for this old guy to hop on his back afterward for this truly iconic snap.

Fueling Up

Most of us have a daily routine that we like to stick to, but we would never expect that other people would remember that routine as well.

We’re sure it made this guy’s day when he walked into his local gas station only to be greeted with a fresh, hot burrito waiting especially for him. Thoughtfulness goes a long way, folks. Also, burritos every day? This guy is living the dream.

Selfie Time

Texts from dads often just go to show that the gender divide exists within couples even after spending many years together. Some guys are just wired differently and it only seems to get more extreme with age.

This dad randomly sent his wife this adorable selfie with no explanation and she was totally non-plussed. However, we’re happy to see that decades of confusing male behavior still doesn’t get in the way of a happy marriage.

Model Citizen

We all know that sinking feeling when someone posts a photo of you on the ‘gram and you’re not looking your best. Angles are everything and we hate when people take photos when we’re not ready for our close-up.

This man decided that showing his best self to the world was the most important thing, even more important than evading law enforcement. Yes, that’s a much more flattering photo, but we have a feeling he’s not going to be “wanted” for much longer.

Best Uncle Award

There are a lot of things men do to feel manly and not all of them are very appealing. From being aggressive to not listening to others, manliness can sometimes be a pretty toxic trait.

But this guy has truly found the cutest way of affirming his own masculinity. We’re sure his sister is grateful that he’s worked so hard to be the best uncle and those kids will never forget the joy of being lifted into his arms.

Kitten Around

When they say cats sleep anywhere, they really mean it. Most people have experienced that feeling when a cat has given you the great honor of choosing you as their bed and you cannot possibly disturb them.

With a kitten asleep on his foot, we understand why this cat-loving guy wasn’t able to get up to answer the door. We hope someone else was able to let in his girlfriend and avoid waking the tiniest sleepiest kitten in the world.

Caught Square-Handed

In the world of Minecraft, the possibilities are endless. There are no limitations on the things you can create in this square universe, so the world really is your oyster. But this guy found out the hard way that whatever you do online, it’s not quite as secret as you think.

We, for one, are impressed that he managed to create something so complex and so top secret in the world of Minecraft. But did you really think that one through, buddy?

Smell You Later

Although women can do everything men can do, there are some things that a woman would never do out of principle and this is one of those things.

From this guy’s face, it’s clear that he’s very proud of his stinky accomplishment, but we feel bad for anyone sitting in his immediate vicinity. Does Wendy’s have a policy against customers deliberately emitting noxious gases? We’re starting to think that they should.

Like Father, Like Son

We all know those dads who make the corniest dad jokes and pull the silliest pranks and fall about laughing. But be warned, dads, your sons are following in your footsteps.

We love that this son gave his dad a taste of his own medicine with this dad-est of dad jokes. Guess the apple never falls far from the tree and this son has really internalized his dad’s brand of corny comedy.

A for Effort

There are some men who will keep trying even when everything is telling them that they are never going to succeed. We’re honestly not surprised this photo of a guy desperately stuffing a huge dresser into his car door went viral as it feels like it can be applied to so many situations.

We wonder when he finally realized it was never going to work and gave up (and whether it was before he caused any permanent damage to his car).

Il Papa

It’s a classic dad thing to think they’re too tough to go to the doctor. Throw in some proud European heritage and you’ve got yourself a dad who thinks he’s invincible when in actual fact, he’s just a regular older guy with bad knees.

Let’s hope this daughter can convince her dad that even Roman-blooded bulls from the mountain tops of Italy can access modern healthcare every now and again.

Pet Peeves

The way guys behave during breakups can often be a sure way to realize you’ve made the right decision. If they came around being all mature and thoughtful, we might think twice about letting them go.

Luckily, there’s no danger of that with this guy. As well as only apologizing to his ex’s furry friend and not her, he also dropped and did 30 push-ups before leaving. If that’s not proof of what an insensitive jerk he is, we’re not sure what is.

Keeping it in the Family

Even though it should be a matter of course by now, there is still nothing more heartwarming than a great dad who always goes the extra mile for his kids.

This dad wanted to make sure his baby didn’t feel self-conscious of their medical helmet so he had his whole family kitted out with their own headgear. Even if that baby doesn’t realize how sweet this is right now, this photo is definitely going to be treasured in the future.

Research Revenge

Aside from all the partying, university or college is a time when your academic prowess feels like the most important thing. Any slight on your intellect is insulting, although we’re not sure most people would stoop to this level of petty.

We’re guessing this girl never mocked anyone’s presentation again after this humiliating experience. We’re having second-hand embarrassment just reading this!

Self Improvement

It’s never too late for self-improvement and we love to see a guy who admits his past faults and works to become a better man.

The fact that this guy took the time to find a mean comment he’d left eight months earlier to a stranger on the internet just so that he could apologize goes to show that he really is becoming a nicer, more thoughtful person. Keep at it, buddy.

Hot Diggity

Even against all odds, some guys never give up. This guy had an entrepreneurial spirit that couldn’t be dampened, even in the face of adversity, and his story offers hope for us all.

Everyone loves hotdogs and it’s so satisfying to hear that his cart made 75% more than the employer who rejected him was offering. Anyone could see that any business would be lucky to employ such a hard worker. What an inspiration.

Dirty Laundry

One of the great things about social media is that it’s easier than ever to sell your old belongings online. You can list your old appliance on Marketplace and have the cash in your pocket before the end of the day.

However, you also have to watch out for scammers coming into your home. This guy came up with a clever plan to do a load of laundry for free before anyone realized what he was up to.

Dress to Impress

If there’s anything a girl loves, it’s a guy who has a special relationship with his grandma. It shows he’s patient, respectful, and family-oriented. This guy’s grandma wanted her beloved grandson to have something special to wear to events.

Even though it may not be the height of fashion, this beautiful hand-made vest shows hours of work and a whole lot of love. There’s no denying that it’s a conversation starter.

Hindsight is 20/20

Sometimes it seems like men will just do things on a whim, without truly considering the consequences of their actions. Usually, this doesn’t have massive global consequences unless you’re the richest man in the world.

It’s crazy to think that this seemingly throwaway and casual exchange is the origin story of Elon Musk’s controversial Twitter/X takeover. We’re not going to lie, Twitter user Dave Smith has a lot to answer for.

Waffling On

It may be a generalization, but boys often don’t need a lot to be happy. Unlike the rest of us who need a whole lot of reassurance and words of affirmation to function, some men can dine out on one compliment for years.

This cat has definitely got the cream, and we’re happy for the guys for whom this state of affairs is a reality. Now excuse us while we go make a waffle.

Feels Good

Some guys find it hard to understand how other people see them. Sometimes they have a very inflated sense of self, while others might assume they don’t make a good impression, even when they do.

We’re pleased to hear that this guy was pleasantly surprised when he was reunited with his schoolmates and they were all delighted to see him. Let’s hope he’ll take a renewed sense of self-confidence away from this experience.

I’m Lovin’ It

When this popular fast food chain posted this tweet gently ribbing their customers for taking too long to decide what to order, we’re sure they weren’t expecting this response.

If what the replier said is true then we’re shocked (and a little impressed) that they managed to pull this off, but they really shouldn’t be posting about it on a public forum. Sounds like McDonald’s needs to spend less time on Twitter and more time improving its security.

Couple Goals

We love to see older couples who are still as appreciative of each other as they were when they first got together. Even after all those years, this guy is still in awe of his wife and wants to share it with the world.

We only hope we have a partner texting this kind of adorable stuff to our kids in the future because that feels like a life well-lived. Now excuse us while we go stand by some daffodils and wait for them to lean towards us.

Top Taste in Decor

Men often get panned for not having good interior design skills. While we definitely wouldn’t say that it always takes a woman’s touch to make a house a home, it’s definitely true some of the time.

While this man may think he’s got all the essentials sorted (TV, chair, and fan), this set-up looks like it belongs to a serial killer (or a paid assassin at best). Try adding a rug and a standing lamp and it will look a whole lot cozier.

Young Philanthropist

There are certain things you do as a kid that you only realize later are not as innocent as you thought they were. It wasn’t until this question was posted on Reddit that this guy realized the immorality of his seven-year-old self.

We’re sure no one had the heart to refuse to give to a kid collecting money for charity, not knowing that the money was going straight into his pocket. What a villain origin story!

Setting an Example

It’s a sad truth that lots of young girls don’t know the respect they deserve from a male partner. It’s a great idea to instill value within girls from early on so that they’ll be able to recognize when a man is treating them badly.

This guy decided to make sure his girlfriend’s sister would always know how a good boyfriend should treat her when she’s older. It’s a little presumptuous to assume he’s a model boyfriend, but at least the intentions were good.

Double Standards

There are a lot of double standards when it comes to dads’ attitudes to their sons versus their daughters and this meme perfectly illustrates a major one.

Why are dads so keen to see their sons admired by girls, but want to rip the head off any guy who looks at their daughters? Hats off to any dads who unpack that bias and treat their kids equally, whatever gender they are.


One of the saddest things about breakups is that you don’t just lose your partner, you also lose their family with whom you might have built up a close relationship.

When this couple broke up, the guy decided that he wasn’t willing to give up on everything, much to his ex’s horror. Despite the heartbreak it will cause, maybe it’s time for this father and ex-son-in-law to end their online chess relationship once and for all.

Beary Good

It’s the little things in life that get us through the day and this tweet from Adam Harrison is a great example of how much difference a small silly thing can make to your life.

We can just imagine how much these bears would cheer us up after a bad day if we lived in this neighborhood. Where can one buy a lifesize stuffed bear? Just asking for a friend.

Being British

Some guys on the internet will say anything, so long as it’s a conversation starter. It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to get people talking.

According to this one, the British aren’t allowed television, knives, or any of the ingredients needed to make Funfetti cake. It may not be accurate, but it sure got us thinking. At least he was quickly willing to admit that he made it up.

Stats Don’t Lie

When it comes to their looks, some men like to think that the rules don’t apply to them. Or maybe, according to this hilarious meme, they just don’t understand how statistics work.

We would say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so there can be no accurate stats when it comes to how many attractive or unattractive people there are in the world. These guys just need to stop worrying and be themselves.

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