45+ Rare Photos That Reveal the Unseen Side of Things


Our everyday life is full of some amazing things that we don’t pay much attention to; things that we never really think about; things that would amaze you and leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, to help you enjoy the beauty as well as the hidden truth of our world, we bring you some rare photos that reveal the unseen side of things. Let’s jump right into it!

An Apple With Red Flesh

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ — but what about an apple that looks fleshy on the inside? Does a doctor need to check the apple when you bite into it?

If you have a hard time believing it, then you should know that there are indeed apples with red flesh and this picture should provide enough proof for you. We can’t make any promises about it tasting different from an ordinary apple and so, the only way to find out is to try one for yourself.

Have You Seen a Clump of DNA?

Our DNA is one of the most complex things to come out of evolution and these swirls of microscopic strands are filled with lots of codes that make each of us unique.

We’ve all been taught that DNA resembles a blue and red ladder of sorts that has been twisted. This is also known as a double helix but have you ever wondered what DNA looks like when it’s clumped? Well, here you have it!

Cancer Pills Worth $12,000

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death with no permanent remedy that can help us to battle this disease — except for these pills, which are worth far more than many patients can afford.

Instead of chemotherapy, which is sometimes painful for the patient, people who have cancer can instead opt to take these pills to prevent the cancer from spreading. This could save a lot of lives if sold at a cheaper price and mass-produced.

50-Pound Lead Container

Cancer is a dangerous thing and can take some extreme treatments. Thyroid Cancer, for instance, absorbs almost all of the iodine present in your body. The treatment requires the patient to often take radioactive iodine, also known as RAI, in a capsule or liquid form.

The RAI concentrates on the thyroid cell. The radiation from it can destroy the thyroid glands or cells that hold the cancer. This therapy can greatly increase the chances of survival.

Easter Island Heads

Everyone knows the mysterious and ancient ‘Easter Island Heads’. They were carved from rock by the ancient Polynesians around 1100 to 1500 A.D. They are traditionally called moai, however, most people know them as giant heads — which is why it can often be quite surprising to find that they have bodies.

The actual reason why people think that they’re only looking at giant heads is due to the fact that most photographed and famous statues on the side of a volcano are buried in the ground up to their shoulders.

Baby Flamingo

Well, you’ve most likely seen the adult flamingos in pictures, around lakes, or even at the zoo — but, have you ever seen what their babies look like? You might just think that these cute, little, fluffy creatures are baby ducklings that have been blessed with some really gorgeous legs, especially since they don’t really have their infamous pink feathers.

Adult flamingos feed their babies bright red milk from their upper digestive tracts, which is how the babies eventually get that pink hue that all flamingos have.

Taking a Closer Look at Salt

Yeah, you have salt with your food; you sprinkle it over your meal or put it in the water boiling your pasta, but we hardly doubt that you’ve actually taken a look at grains of salt through a microscope — until now.

We know that the sight of these grains might be a little shocking, but they’re not giant stacked-up unpainted Rubik’s cubes. You’re looking at crystals of table salt and they’re made up of sodium and chloride atoms.

Ever Seen a Large Ice Crystal

Ice crystals can be found in cold regions all around the world but the precipitation of ice crystals varies with a lot of things — such as size, shape, and even intensity.

In their 1974 paper, Hobbs and a few others explained, “In the absence of supercooled liquid water, the growth of ice crystals to precipitation size is most likely dominated by aggregation of smaller ice crystals, which depends on the ice crystal number concentration and temperature.” Even if you don’t know the science behind it, it’s still really pretty.

Globes for the Blind

Stephen Preston Ruggles, a craftsman and engineer from the 1830s decided to take on a project for the blind for the Perkins School print shop, in Watertown of Massachusetts. He made a map of Boston with wooden divots to mark roads, streets, squares, and bridges.

Blind people had no way of formally learning geography for centuries and this was one of the earliest recorded and archived attempts. The school’s founding director, Samuel Gridley Howe, along with Ruggles, re-invented this method to emboss maps in 1837.

Dark Side of the Moon

We’ve all seen the moon go around the Earth, all lit up and white, but what about the dark side of the moon? You may think that you’re just looking at a CGI image or a screenshot from another fancy sci-fi movie, but that’s not the case.

This picture of the moon passing in front of the Earth was taken from about a million miles away with a NASA camera that was aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) as the moon made its way in between Earth and the spacecraft.

Starfish Aren’t Always Stars

We’re all certainly familiar with starfish and how cute they can be because of the adorable five-pointed-star shape that they have.

However, as it turns out, starfish can sometimes have a square shape due to a certain birth defect. Something else you may have not been aware of is the fact that about 1500 species of starfish are known to us.

Empress of Uruguay

Amethyst Geodes are hollow rocks containing crystals that face inwards, which are formed through many different processes, especially through mineral material that fl0ws into the rock’s air pockets.

The Artigas region in Uruguay is one of the most well-known regions for geode mining and amethyst mineralization. The largest amethyst geode is 11 feet tall and weighs about as much as a car!

What Does an Actual Virus Look Like

This weird-looking creature comes from the bacteriophages family, also known as phages. This virus was independently discovered by Frederick Twort in 1915, then Félix d’Herelle in 1917. Even though scientists didn’t entirely know how they worked, they used phages to treat cholera.

Scientists only realized how they work and what they look like when they were seen for the first time under an electron microscope in the 1940s. This virus basically infects bacteria and is unable to survive or even reproduce without it.

The Truth Behind Baby Driver

The red Subaru WRX in Baby Driver is the star of the movie as it’s shown flying through the smallest of gaps in bumper-to-bumper traffic, skidding around obstacles, weaving through the lanes, and jumping barriers.

The director and writer of the movie, Edgar Wright, rounded up a team full of experts to coordinate all the chase scenes, which he was determined to shoot in Atlanta. CGI was only used in some quick shots and touch-ups but 95% of the movie was shot on camera.

An 8-Year-Old’s Hand

Okay, now, this might look scary and is probably freaking you out if you’re a germaphobe. You may have already locked yourself in a room far away, but don’t fret because the majority of the germs in this photo won’t really harm you.

You’re protected against infectious agents like these with the help of your immune system. It’s suggested by many doctors that letting kids grow up in a more ‘natural’ environment helps them to develop a stronger and more balanced immune system.

The Inside of a Boeing 787

Also known as the ‘Dreamliner’, the Boeing 787 can seat passengers from around 242 to 335 in total. The 787 was intended to replace the Boeing 767 and was designed to be about 20% more fuel-efficient compared to its predecessor.

The Dreamliner has most definitely become a commercial success, though it initially had some issues. Still, the model was back up and running again within a few weeks.

Spacesuits Are Very Complex

NASA has given out some cool facts about spacesuits. First, without an astronaut in it, the suit weighs about 280 pounds, and it takes at least 45 minutes to put on — then another hour is spent adapting to the suit’s lower pressure.

Spacesuits are designed to be white to reflect heat from the sun, which can get up to around 275° Fahrenheit in space. There’s really no difference between male and female spacesuits apart from sizes. Spacesuits are made of interchangeable parts varying in size to accommodate each individual astronaut.

A Salt Mine From the Inside

Mining salt was one of the most dangerous and expensive things to do and was often done by prison laborers or slaves before modern-day technology was invented, now making the process of mining salt a lot easier and safer.

Salt may be very plentiful now, however, during the Roman times, having salt on your table was a trademark of money and wealth. This resource was so valuable that soldiers were originally paid with salt — which is where the modern word ‘salary’ is derived from.

The Fossilized Footprint

It’s crazy to think that before the human race came into existence, dinosaurs used to roam the Earth. That’s how this OP must have felt upon finding this fossilized dinosaur footprint in Utah. What we’re looking at here is 200-million-year old tracks of a Theropod, similar to the infamous Velociraptor, pressed into the Entrada Sandstone.

You can visit the Bull Canyon Dinosaur Track Trail where these prints can be found. It looks as though the dinosaur ran off the cliff — about 1,000 feet above the floor of the valley.

Single Atom in an Ion Trap

This breathtaking photo was captured by David Nadlinger, a student at the University of Oxford. It’s titled, “Single Atom in an Ion Trap”. It shows an atom that’s situated between two metal electrodes less than an inch apart from each other, like a speck of light.

This photo was awarded the top prize in the National Science Photography Competition in the UK by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The single bright dot is a strontium atom that’s positively charged.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Yeah, we all love to see a box full of sweet and bright red strawberries. It’s an amazing treat and calls for a great snack when you’re hungry, but have you ever thought of what the surface of a strawberry looks like if you were to capture a macro photograph — showing the individual seeds and skin of the fruit?

Well, you might be surprised to know the “seeds” on the strawberry surface are actually ovaries that hold the actual strawberry seeds inside of them.

Sperm Whales

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what the largest predator on Earth with teeth looks like, here’s your answer — sperm whales. They’re the largest species of toothed whales and they have heads that are almost a third of the whole animal’s length.

These giant-headed animals have around 20 to 26 pairs of teeth that are cone-shaped in their lower jaw. However, interestingly enough, they have no teeth but rather sockets in their upper jaw for their lower teeth to fit in.

Vinyl Pluck

It may come as a surprise, but vinyl records are created using these little pucks. Vinyl, records, LPs — whatever you prefer to call them — didn’t just manage to survive through this era of digital music, but they’re actually thriving!

There’s something so special about vinyl records. Everything from the artwork to the smell; the way the needle crackles as it finds the groove; the deep and rich sound that definitely resonates with all music lovers.

An Eclipse From the Space

This photo that was uploaded in the Astronomy Picture of the Day shows a part of the Earth being darkened due to the shadow of the moon during a solar eclipse. This picture was captured by the crew aboard the former Mir space station.

It’s also estimated that this shadow was moving across the Earth at an incredible speed of about 1,243 miles per hour. While others only get to see a partial solar eclipse, the observers in the dark circle get to experience a total solar eclipse.

The Verdun Battlefield

While you may think that this site looks quite lovely and peaceful, this is actually where the First World War’s longest battle was fought. The Battle of Verdun took place on the 21st of February in 1916 and lasted a total of 303 days, ending on the 18th of December in 1916.

This battle took place between the French and German troops on the North Eastern France hills. From our records, it’s found that about 337,000 German and 377,231 French soldiers passed away in battle.

A Scar That Doesn’t Get Dirty

We’ve all experienced a rough and dirty day at work that left us feeling filthy. Well, what happens when you have a scar on your body that doesn’t get dirty no matter what you do?

If the scar runs deep enough, chances are that it replaced the original tissue housing the sweat glands, hindering the sweat glands from regenerating. Without the formation of sweat glands in the scar, it doesn’t capture dirt.

A Tiger’s Skin

We’ve all most likely seen a tiger — perhaps in a picture, in a Netflix or National Geographic documentary, or even at the zoo. They are truly majestic creatures that can also be quite terrifying at the same time.

We’re all used to seeing a tiger’s fur covered in stripes. You may have assumed that these stripes are only surface-deep but it turns out that tigers actually have these stripes all over their skin… beneath their fur! According to specialists, the pigmentation in their skin is actually what creates the dark stripes that we see on their fur.

How Are Biscuits Made in Factories

The British have a special place in their hearts for biscuits. You’ll most likely be given a tin of biscuits with a nice hot cup of milky tea if you’re ever to visit someone’s house in the UK.

The staple of any tin biscuit, the digestives, were introduced by two Scottish doctors back in 1839 to help with digestion, hence the name ‘digestives’. These presses just make the procedure a lot easier and create those yummy biscuits in bulk, almost in no time as well.

How to Keep Perfect Posture

Growing up, you were probably told by your teachers and elders to not slouch when you walk and maintain a straight back for proper posture in order to avoid horrible back pain as an adult.

Well, turns out the Chinese soldiers take this quite seriously. The People Paramilitary Police Officers aren’t playing around when it comes to training for the Beijing Olympics. To ensure perfect postures, the force had to train extensively with crosses on their backs and pins in their collars.

Potato Storage

This might just be heaven to people who love French fries. All they need is a French fry cutter, oven, deep fryer, and deep-frying oil to prepare a feast. French fries aside, here are some cool potato facts — potatoes were first cultivated in Peru and the Andes of Bolivia in 1537.

After it was discovered by the Spanish conquistadors, it made its way to Europe and eventually to the United States. There’s even a potato museum in Washington D.C that has more than 2,000 artifacts of potatoes.

Tall People Problems

Turns out that if you’re from anywhere where the average height for men is over 5’5″ (average height in China for adult males), you’d most likely have to keep your head in check. A traveler from the Netherlands — where the average height for men is 5’9″ — quickly found out during his trip to China that the country’s architecture wasn’t designed to fit the European standards.

He ended up having to crouch and make sure he didn’t bump his head into everything during his trip. If you’re tall and decide to visit China, beware of potential head injuries.

A Secret Bunker

Life is full of unexpected surprises. This traveler was more than a little surprised when he found something exciting in his hotel room.

A sauna, dungeon, bomb shelter — and we can’t forget the golden mask. It looks like someone was preparing for a zombie apocalypse, or perhaps the room belonged to a villain straight out of a comic book. Neither of those explanations make sense, much like the odd combination of things discovered in this secret bunker of sorts.

Giant Moose

You’re camping with your friends. You gather around the bonfire when you suddenly notice a tree nearby rustling. You go to check it out and find yourself face-to-face with a 10-foot-tall furry monster — but it isn’t Bigfoot.

It’s a moose who came across your site, thanks to all the noise you were making. What people don’t expect to find out is that moose are bigger than they seem. The biggest ones can even grow to be about 1,200 pounds!

The Cloudy Canyon

Everyone wants to know what it’s like to be in the clouds, but you don’t have to be on a plane to find out. That’s something this guy realized after hiking to the top of the Grand Canyon.

What they were expecting to see was a view of the entire canyon lit up by the sun’s rays, but he was instead met with a sea of clouds — a breathtaking sight indeed.

Feel the Melody & See it Too

Let’s be real — all of us tend to fill with excitement when winter arrives not only due to the holiday season, but also because there’s nothing quite like waking up on a crisp, cool day. You walk outside and take a deep breath in, only to see that cool air escape your lungs as you exhale. Kathryn Swoboda took this sentiment to another level when she captured this beautiful image of a bird chirping in the cold daylight.

You can even see the air flowing out of its beak — as if the song notes have a mind of their own! It looks just like something out of a Disney movie.

Rainbow Cloud?

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful phenomenons to ever occur naturally. The bright and colorful arch is always a welcome sight after every rainfall. Not everyone is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a rainbow — but there are even fewer people that have spotted a rainbow cloud in the sky.

This guy was able to thankfully take a picture before the cloud moved away. What’s surprising is the fact that this is an extremely rare sight in India, yet this OP managed to perfectly capture the moment.

A Sunset From Space

Sunsets can be absolutely breathtaking, and they look even prettier from a higher viewpoint. Have you ever wondered what it would look like to view a sunset from a different angle?

Well, if you have, then your questions have been answered — thanks to this satellite image. After seeing our planet Earth from this angle, with all its vibrant colors, we have a new appreciation for sunsets.

Horses on a Plane

It’s fairly common for passengers to take their pets with them on certain flights — especially if they’re an emotional support animal, or service dog. However, you might not have ever expected to see a picture like this… horses on a plane.

They each have a separate stable that’s boxed off to the next. We can’t say how comfortable it will be for the horses in case there’s any turbulence but let’s hope for the best!

An Iceberg Turned Upside Down

Icebergs are a hauntingly beautiful sight to come across unless you’re on a ship… with a really bad crew. These behemoths of ice are most common in colder oceans, but we don’t always get to see the entirety as most of it is positioned in the water.

You may wonder what the rest looks like. Well, you’ll be surprised to find out that the bottom of an iceberg is even prettier, with varying shades of blue. Just take a look at this iceberg, which has been flipped upside down!

Glacial Ice

Over time, there has been lots of beautiful things that have popped up across the globe and we’re sure that we’ll come across more. This floating piece of glacial ice is a perfect example.

There’s a lot about history we can learn by researching these cold wonders since they date back to about 10,000 years in the past. The glowing glass-like pattern makes these pieces of ice resemble sapphires — specifically sapphires of the deep blue sea, thanks to their blue crystal-like hue.

Sea of Ice Eggs

There are still many things about the world we have no idea about and that rings especially true when it comes to vast bodies of water. Take, for instance, these eggs that form across beaches when cold air is present.

This rare sight occurs on the beaches of Finland when ice is rolled around and around by the wind and water until they form these egg-like shapes. It looks as if hundreds of turtles have come to the shore to lay eggs together.

Redrum, Redrum

Countries with colder weather have some of the best spots to visit if you can handle the lower temperatures. Finland has made its way on the list yet again with another phenomenon that you might not see anywhere else. You may have seen a normal rainbow with multiple colors — but, sometimes, they may come in only one color.

A red rainbow was spotted over the cold waters of Finland and depending on your perspective, this rainbow can either be a gate to hell or a beautifully rare sight to see!


There’s something about the vastness of space that makes it so intriguing to some. But, to others, space can feel like a nightmare in which anything can go wrong. Going out in space without a harness cable to keep you connected to the ship may sound like a death wish, but not to this guy.

He had nothing to prove. Still, that didn’t stop him from becoming the first person to perform an untethered spacewalk — or free-fly through space — with nothing but his suit to help him maneuver through the darkness.

“Wavy” Brick Garden Walls

In England, you may come across brick fences with an arched pattern and while they may seem strange anywhere else, they’re a common sight in England.

The arch pattern creates a stronger wall and also uses fewer resources than a normal wall where you need an extra layer of bricks to provide support to the wall. This wave pattern is superior to the boring straight wall and we can all agree on the fact that they look much better too.

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