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Embarrassing things can happen to us any time, anywhere, but if there’s one place we’d like to keep awkwardness-free, that place is our office. There’s nothing worst than humiliating yourself in front of your boss and colleagues, and still having to go to work the next day, but these people have survived, and they’re ready to share their hilarious stories:

Flipping out

This person was on her second day of work, sitting at her desk and minding her own business, when she felt a little piece of hair in her cleavage area, so she swept it away. Moments later she felt a tickle again, looked down to properly remove the hair, and…

…She locked eyes with the dime-sized spider that had been sitting on the front of her top. So she did the only thing that could be done in this situation – she completely flipped out, frantically trying to get rid of the eight-legged monster and exposing her undergarments to her coworkers in the process.

Foaming at the mouth

Swallowing pills was a challenge for this person, so when they were in the office one day with a raging headache, they cut a pill into three pieces and tried swallowing them with a big gulp of the drink they had at hand – diet coke.

The problem is that the fragments of the med started to react to the soda, and suddenly they had an uncontainable amount of foam in their mouth. They were able to reach the trash can in time, but of course, the board of directors walked by just as our hero started to spit foam into it.

Popping time

One person misjudged the popping time of popcorn in their office’s microwave, and they accidentally charred it. The smoke from the bag was enough to set off their fire alarm, and the entire building had to be evacuated while the firefighters assessed the situation.

People had to wait outside in 40-degree weather for half an hour, while OP could hear many of them complaining about “the idiot who set off the alarm.” The irony is that they had had a popcorn-related fire drill the week before, and OP had been very vocal about “how dumb someone has to be to burn popcorn.”

Bad kitty

This person was at work with a terrible cold one day, and noticed people walking by her were giving her strange looks – but she had no idea why. She checked herself in the mirror, and there was nothing on her face, or on her clothes.

It was only around lunch time that she realized why people were staring. Her nose started to clear up, and she could suddenly smell… ammonia. It turns out that her cat had done its business on a piece of her undergarments, and she hadn’t realized because she couldn’t smell anything.

Spelling bee

A man named Maurice sent a work email to someone, and they replied, calling them “Maurite.” He felt deeply disrespected that the person didn’t get his name right, so he got right back to them, in a rather unpleasant way, telling them how the name is properly spelled.

After all, how hard is it to get someone’s name right? Just copy/paste it from their introduction or from their signature – it’s that easy. But as it turns out, that’s what the other person had done. They told Maurice to check his first email; he had misspelled his own name.

Kiss kiss

Working with many French colleagues, this person was used to saying hello to people the French way – a kiss on the right cheek, then another on the left. The movement became so natural to them, they didn’t consider how, in other cultures, you may start kissing from the other side.

One day, the person went to greet a colleague from Italy, and turned their face for the kiss kiss thing. They didn’t realize the man was turning to the same side, however, and the kiss was planted right on his lips. The worst part is that now, every time they cross paths, “he has this stupid grin on his face.”

Failing to read the room

Knowing how to read the room is definitely an under-appreciated skill, and one that the person in this story probably wish they had developed sooner. The scene is that they were in the office, and they saw one of the guys was leaving early for the day.

When the guy came over to say bye, the OP was all cheery and happy for them – after all, leaving early is always good, right? -, but as it turns out, the colleague was saying goodbye because he had just been fired.

Making a statement

When you make a bold fashion choice, that’s called “making a statement,” but the man in this story didn’t mean to do that. He bought a pair of black pants for work that were a little loose around the waist, but he liked the way they looked.

The first time he wore them, he was in the elevator with a woman he didn’t know, and the pants fell all the way down to his thighs. He dropped everything to hike them back up, and apologized profusely, but unsurprisingly, she quickly got off at the next floor.

A slap in the face

When we hear about a woman slapping a man in the face, we can usually assume he did something bad and he should be ashamed of himself, but surprisingly, that’s not the case here. This woman had a good relationship with her boss, and they joked around all the time.

One day, they were talking, and he said something sarcastic. She meant to playfully mock-slap him on the shoulder, but he moved suddenly at the same time, right into her hand, so she basically fully slapped him on the face. He was shocked, she was mortified.

A series of unfortunate events

We’re warning you: this starts bad, and ends awful. The story began with a major no-no – a guy sending a romantic poem to a girl in his office, via his work email. Then, it gets worse, when he noticed she was cracking up from the other side of the room.

It then gets even worse, when he receives a forwarded email from her, with his own message attached, saying “Tom just sent me, so cringe.” She had meant to send it to another Tom, but accidentally cc’d the wrong one… And she copied the whole office, too.

Getting a little inky

Many employees have a “tell” that shows their coworkers that they are uncomfortable or nervous, and one worker used to chew the end of a pen.

When this new employee was trying to get to grips with a new system at their company, they found themselves chewing on their pen a little more than they normally would. While this had never resulted in anything messy beforehand, their intense chewing meant that the whole pen exploded, and ink stained their lips, teeth, and tongue for the rest of the day.

It’s totally normal

Everyone makes mistakes, right? How you style out these mistakes is what really makes the difference, and one psychiatrist thought that they dealt with their embarrassing situation perfectly. As someone who loved to drive barefoot, this psychiatrist always made sure that they didn’t leave the house without shoes to put on after their commute.

Yet, on one particular occasion, they forgot the all-important shoes. Rather than show their clients they were embarrassed, they decided to pretend as though everything was totally normal instead.

Making a decision

Working all day, every day can put you under a lot of pressure, and that pressure is sometimes released when you least expect it. When one worker was in a meeting and realized that they desperately needed to use the bathroom, they had a choice to make.

They could either run up the two flights of stairs to go to the office bathroom, or they could run out of the door. In the end, the pressure got to them, and they chose the latter option. They ended up doing their business on the sidewalk.

Putting their foot in it

Meeting your new boss for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, and the pressure is on to ensure that you make the right kind of impression. One worker hoped that they would be able to win over their new boss, but things went awry when they smelled something a little odd.

As they questioned whether it was the boss that smelled a little funky, the new employee soon realized that they had actually put their foot into a pile of dog doo-doo and had walked it into their new boss’s carpet.

You must be kitten

If you have ever found yourself daydreaming at your desk, you may have been a little startled when someone made their way over to you and forced you out of your reverie.

This was the case for one particular worker, who was sat daydreaming in their chair about their cats and having a cat nap on the couch with them. Because they were in the midst of such a deep daydream, they couldn’t contain their loud “meow” when an IT guy made their way over to their desk and startled them.

Just popping out

While some people work in offices, other people work out in the midst of the action. This is the case for ambulance workers and emergency responders, who often have to deal with pregnant women giving birth in their ambulance.

When one worker was in the midst of delivering a baby, they struggled to keep hold of the baby as it was so slippery. Before they realized what they had done, the baby had slipped out of their hands and onto the floor in front of them. Thankfully, the baby was alright!

Return to sender

If you work in an office, you’ll know that the office email chain can be the bane of your existence. Things get even worse when you make a mistake and send an email to someone you didn’t mean to – just as one office worker did.

While attempting to forward an email from their boss to their coworkers, they not only dragged the boss and criticized their instructions, but they also forgot to check that they were forwarding the email. When they checked later, they realized that they had replied to the email instead…

Not so thankful

Thanksgiving is a holiday that many workers enjoy with their families away from the office, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always a good holiday. When one worker contracted food poisoning on Thanksgiving, they tried to take the day off for Black Friday.

However, their boss thought that the employee was lying and forced them to go into work and complete their shift. That same boss probably regretted their decision when the worker threw up on two customers just a short while into their shift.

The ultimate typo

Have you ever gone a little awry on your keyboard and typed out a word that sounds very similar to the word that you really wanted to type? Well, one employee did just that.

When writing an email to their coworker who was called Dani, their fingers accidentally made their way around the keyboard and spelled “Daddy” instead. They didn’t realize they had done so until the email had been sent, and they were mortified. Every time they saw Dani after that moment, they hid under their desk.

Knock knock

Work can be pretty uncomfortable sometimes, and many workers try and diffuse some of the workplace tension by telling a few jokes here and there. One employee decided to lighten up their presentation by adding a knock-knock joke onto the end of it – and they thought it was going to make everyone roll on the floor laughing.

However, when nobody asked “Who’s there?” and refused to laugh when the punchline was said, they knew they had read the room completely wrong and should have left the jokes at home.

A right stitch-up

Many people like to be the helping hand around the office, and one new employee wanted to do just that on their first day. When the lightbulb blew just a short walk away from them, they offered to stand on the desk and change the bulb so as to not inconvenience any of the other staff members.

Unfortunately, as they tried to make their way back down off the desk, they heard the almighty and tell-tale sign of their pants ripping. In the end, their new boss offered to sew them back up.

A half-empty pot

Whether you live by the rule that the glass is half-empty or half-full, do the rules change when yogurt pots are involved?

When one worker realized that their yogurt in the staff refrigerator had been opened and that half of it had been eaten, they entered into a fiery tirade and accused everyone in the office of disrespecting them. It wasn’t until they relayed the story to their wife that they realized that they had accidentally taken their wife’s half-eaten yogurt instead of the unopened one.

Starting a new trend

What you wear to work can really change the way that you feel about yourself and how others feel about you in return. Of course, most people dress appropriately for work, but one particular worker found themselves in a rather odd situation.

While in a rush to get ready for a big meeting, they were heading up that involved a whopping 230 audience members, they accidentally picked up two different shoes. So, they took their meeting with two odd shoes right there for everyone to see and laugh at.

I love you

Striking a balance between your professional life and your personal life can be hard if you take part in the same kind of things. For example, you probably send emails and take phone calls both at home and at work.

One worker soon discovered that it was easy for these two lives to have a crossover, when they ended a phone call to the boss with “I love you, see you later!” While they didn’t really love her boss, the habit of talking to their family and announcing their love crept into the work environment.

Feeling the (road) rage

Many people say that your first day at a new job starts as soon as you shut your front door – and one worker realized this for themselves. After getting into their car and making their way to their new office, they found themselves in the midst of some road rage.

They flipped off the car next to them and threw some curses their way, thinking that they would never see the other driver again. It wasn’t until they met their new boss for the first time that they realized they had already met…

Better out than in

Although we all go through the motions of bodily functions, most people try and hold in these bodily functions until they get home, or at least until they get to the bathroom. However, when one employee was sat at their desk with an awful cold, they just had to blow their nose.

What they didn’t expect was for their body to let out some serious gas at the same time that they blew their nose. As the worker turned around to face their other coworkers, they could see from their stifled laughs that it wasn’t silent.

Getting a little messy

If you have ever worked as a waiter or waitress, you’ll know that carrying hot plates of food can be difficult – especially on your first day. When one server made their way to their first-ever job in a restaurant, they got a little nervous about their ability to carry all of the plates across the room.

Their nerves eventually got the better of them, and the server accidentally dropped a steaming hot dish of food onto a woman’s lap. Thankfully, the woman was sympathetic and still tipped them.

Bleeding all over the place

While there’s no doubt about the fact that accidents happen all the time, most people hope that they would never have to deal with such an accident on their first day of work. After all, it’s pretty embarrassing, right?

Well, one new employee had to deal with that embarrassment when they tripped up the stairs on their first day and broke off their toenail. They were bleeding everywhere and searched high and love for a band-aid. From that day forward, they became the “klutzy bleeding girl.”

Totally flipping out

Are you a teacher? If you are, you’ll know that there is nothing more important than maintaining an air of grace and decorum in front of your students. Unfortunately for one teacher, this went out of the window during one embarrassing day at work.

While in the midst of a lesson, the teacher tripped over the desk, fell to the floor, and flipped over the desk in the process. To make matters worse, they weren’t wearing the most appropriate underwear at the time, and they showed their students a little more than they wanted.

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