35+ Funny Text Conversations Between Parents and Their Kids


If it weren’t for our parents, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. These are the people who dedicated years of their lives to raising us, and for that, we’ll always be grateful. However, just because we love them like nothing else, that doesn’t mean we can’t sometimes laugh at them for acting clueless.

What do you mean?

Words seem to be so much effort nowadays. That’s why so many things are shortened into acronyms, like “IDK” for “I Don’t Know” and “TTYL” for “Talk To You Later.” They make messaging one another so much quicker, provided the person you’re talking to knows what they mean.

It’s safe to say that this mother doesn’t fit in that category, hence why she asked her child to explain them. Unfortunately, she misunderstood her kid’s response as them also not knowing, so she decided to ask their sister instead.

You only live once

The chances are that you’re familiar with the acronym “YOLO.” It stands for “You Only Live Once” and is what people love to say when they want to justify doing something crazy. This mom is presumably familiar with the term, or at least knows that it’s a popular saying.

That’s presumably why she threw it out when telling her child to be careful driving on icy roads. It came across a little more sinister than perhaps intended, though, with the reply informing her it’s not meant to be a warning.

You forgot your phone

The chances of someone leaving their phone anywhere nowadays are slim to none. After all, so many people are basically attached to these devices that they wouldn’t be able to lose them if they tried. However, it appears that one person did manage to forget their phone at home, leaving their dad to stumble upon it.

The man figured the best thing to do was to let their child know they’d forgotten the device. However, it seems they made a pretty clueless mistake when trying to do that.

For the likes

With social media sites so popular nowadays, people have gotten into the habit of constantly sharing photos of themselves. Some of these pictures are more artistic shots designed to attract likes, much like this one. Unfortunately, it seems some parents aren’t familiar with this concept.

That’s why, when this mom saw her son’s photo, she couldn’t appreciate what he’d done with his hand. She told him to snap another shot that didn’t cover his face, thereby defeating the point of the picture in the first place.

He will be missed

Emojis are a great way to express emotion when you’re not talking to someone face to face. They can really transform the tone of a message, which can be crucial if you want people to know when you’re joking.

Of course, with so many emojis available, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to pick. That’s especially the case if you’re new to using them and aren’t sure what they all mean. This mom made the mistake of choosing a laughing emoji instead of a crying one.

Well that’s fantastic

If parents don’t understand acronyms, then they really shouldn’t use them. After all, it can lead to some horrible misunderstandings. Although moms and dads sometimes know what these letters stand for, other times, they get the completely wrong end of the stick.

They assume things like that “W T F” is a shortened version of “Well That’s Fantastic.” The good news here is that this mom had good intentions with her response. The bad news is that her child discovered she’s completely clueless when it comes to acronyms.

No laughing matter

Ah, another instance of parents misinterpreting emojis. Once again, this laughing face has been used when a crying one was what they were after. We’d hope that no-one would be in stitches about their dog passing away.

It’s a sad moment when something like this happens, so this choice of emoji certainly isn’t appropriate. We’ll let this mom off the hook, though. After all, the emoji is crying, so we can see why she may have mistaken it as being more serious than it actually is.

Online exposure

The great thing about social media is that you can use it for so much more than just keeping in touch with people. One thing you can do on here is sell belongings you no longer want anymore, just like this mom did with her wardrobe.

If you’re going to do that, though, just make sure that any pictures you post aren’t inappropriate. It seems that when she uploaded a photo of the wardrobe, a mirror in the shot exposed more than she intended to. Thankfully, someone let her know.

The man in the mirror

People love taking selfies nowadays, and not all of those photos are safe for work. Well, we suppose if you feel comfortable in your skin, there’s no shame in celebrating that. Just be warned that those pictures may come back to bite you, as was the case here.

A mom needed to send photos of a mirror to a carpenter so that he could recreate it. However, the only ones that she could find were of her son posing in them in very little clothing.

Left behind

If you’re bored at home and looking to pass some time, a trip to the store is always a good shout. If your mom’s going there anyway, there’s no harm in joining her and spending an hour browsing the aisles.

Of course, if you do this, you’ll want to make sure that she doesn’t accidentally leave you there when she’s finished shopping. You’d think this would go without saying, but it seems some parents aren’t the best at keeping track of their children.

Share it on social media

It’s thanks to social media that a lot of us know what’s going on in the world right now. This platform is excellent for sharing news with other people, as well as a whole host of other stuff.

Clearly, this person’s mom saw something they liked on one of the sites, and she wanted to share it to her own page. However, it appears she got a little confused about how everything works. We’re not sure how you can be quite so clueless, but it did make us chuckle.

Would you like some love?

Before we had emojis, people originally expressed emotions in text by using letters, numbers, and symbols to create images. You’d make a smiley face using “:)” and write a heart by putting “<3.” It seems that this mom is familiar with this form of communication…

But she’s not completely up to scratch with what all the images mean. She thought that the heart was actually an ice cream, which caused some confusion when she messaged her child. At least she realized her mistake in the end.

Living with a stranger

If there’s anyone in the world who should know what you look like, it’s the people who raised you. After all, they’ve spent years seeing your face every day, so they shouldn’t have any trouble telling you apart from other people.

Unfortunately, it seems this mom is one of those rare parents who apparently has no idea what their child looks like. She sent this picture to her daughter, saying that she didn’t remember it. That’s probably because it was a photo of someone completely different.

It’s not what you think

When parents are clueless about something, they usually turn to people they trust to fill in the blanks. That can be dangerous, especially when you ask kids about stuff related to technology.

It appears this woman’s son played a mean trick on her by having her think that a certain string of symbols represented a smiley face. It was only once she sent that image to her other child that she discovered the truth. Well, at least the mom learned something new that day.

Let’s get some toast

It’s always painful when parents try to prove that they’re down with the kids but fail miserably. It’s what happened here when a son told his dad, “Let’s get this bread,” and the father tried to put his own spin on it.

At first, the man seemingly had no idea what the meme even was, believing that his child had “lost [his] brain in New York.” However, the following day, he appeared to get into the spirit, albeit cluelessly, when he told his son: “let’s get some toast.”

Can you repeat the question?

This person seems to be incredibly confused about what their mom is asking them, and we’re right there with them. We have no idea what the woman is trying to say. The only thing we can grasp from this is that they’re trying to ask a question…

But what that might be has definitely gotten lost in translation. Do ducks have jackets? Did muck save maggots? Does husk make gaggles? These are all great questions, but they’re not what this mom wanted to ask.

Happy Father’s Day

You should celebrate the people who raised you on a regular basis. However, if you don’t, then at the very least, you should make them feel special on the holidays designed for them. After all, the only reason you exist is because of these people.

These parents are well aware of that, and it seems they couldn’t help but think back on those times they helped create a life together. We’re glad that the father “enjoyed the collaboration,” but we expect his kids are probably cringing at such a response.

Ghosted by her child

It’s incredible how language changes with every generation. People introduce new terminology all the time, and it gradually becomes popular until it’s officially recognized in dictionaries. One term that’s cropped up a lot in recent years is ghosting, which refers to when someone suddenly stops speaking to another person.

It’s the kind of thing you use when talking about people who ignore you on dating apps. It’s not something that your mother should use when she feels like you don’t respond to her anymore.

Turn the volume up

If people aren’t expressing themselves through acronyms or emojis, they’re usually doing it via gifs. These moving images are incredibly popular, and they’re not too difficult to wrap your head around. Well, unless you’re a parent, it seems.

This person sent their dad a gif of Marcia Brady saying, “Sure, Jan,” to which he responded that he couldn’t hear her. Their kid tried to explain that you’re not supposed to be able to hear a gif, but the dad still couldn’t understand.

The personla touch

In the past, credit cards didn’t bother trying to be flashy. They were just pieces of plastic that let you spend money and worry about the consequences later. However, recent years have seen these cards offer more and more personalization options, including the choice to use your own picture as the background.

It’s a nice touch, but it seems that this dad got a little confused about it all. He thought the image was just going to be a small one in the corner, not the entire backdrop.

We don’t know everything

When people see something funny online, they usually share it with others. After all, if you liked it, then the chances are that your friends and family might too. The only problem with showing it to your parents is that they might start asking questions like this that you don’t know the answer to.

Parents just seem to assume their kids know everything when it comes to the internet, but even we’re clueless sometimes. We might know our way around online, but we’re not psychic.

A distorted view

If you want to take a nice landscape shot, a panoramic photo is usually best. Most smartphones offer this option, and the pictures typically turn out great, provided you have a steady hand. If you can’t keep the phone still, you may see some distortion in the end result.

This gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect when that happens. It appears this person’s dad is a little clueless when it comes to panoramic photos because he did his daughter dirty with these pictures.

Watch your step

There’s nothing cringier than having one of your parents say things that definitely aren’t age-appropriate. It makes you wonder where they learned them from, and whether or not they know what they’re actually saying. We’re going to go ahead and say this mom definitely doesn’t know the full context of this phrase.

She thinks she’s just using another term for slipping over and hitting the ground, which is why she warned her child about the frost on the deck. However, she definitely wasn’t using this term correctly.

Did it work?

We appreciate why parents aren’t always the best when it comes to cell phones. After all, they didn’t exactly grow up with these devices the way their kids did. That’s why we’re usually willing to give them the benefit of the doubt when they make mistakes.

Worrying that your texts aren’t going through is a perfectly reasonable concern if you’re unfamiliar with texting. However, she should have realized that there wasn’t a problem when her child messaged saying they were going through. That should have cleared everything up.

Suspicious parents

Parents love to be suspicious about their kids. It comes from a place of love, with moms and dads merely worried that their children might be going down a dangerous path. However, just because they mean well, that doesn’t mean they’re not clueless.

This mom was apparently fearful that her child was getting involved with illegal substances. She thought that there were pictures of it on their socks. Evidently, though, that wasn’t the case, because the design was just one of ordinary leaves.

Which child is which?

It shouldn’t be hard for parents to tell the difference between their children. Obviously, if you have kids that look identical, then perhaps it’s a little more understandable if they make mistakes. However, even then, a parent should know which child is which.

When they forget, it makes their kids feel a little unimportant. Moms and dads don’t usually mean anything by their cluelessness. However, if this kind of thing happens repeatedly, it leaves you wondering why they can’t remember who you are.

Try this on

Parents sometimes seem to think they know everything that you like purely because they raised you. The thing is, tastes change as people grow older, so what you liked as a child probably isn’t the same once you’re an adult.

This kind of problem often crops up when it comes to clothes. Moms, in particular, have a tendency to pick out outfits for their kids that they assume will be appreciated. However, half the time, they’re usually clueless as to what their children actually like to wear.

Return the favor

Not everyone who grows up in a religious family is religious themselves. They may understand and accept their parents’ beliefs, but they don’t actually share their views. We reckon that’s probably the situation here, with this son definitely not as into religion as his mother.

While she’s eager to go to midnight mass with her family, he can’t think of anything worse. Unfortunately for him, she won’t take no for an answer, and her response to his acronym was brutal. Does she actually realize what it stands for?

They’re never wrong

It’s pretty clear from all these examples of clueless behavior that parents are capable of being wrong sometimes. However, the chances of them ever admitting that are slim to none. As the primary adults in your life, they’re the ones who are supposed to know everything.

They can’t ever let you think otherwise, which means trying to tell them that they’re wrong is like talking to a brick wall. You can stand there all day making your point, but it won’t actually change anything.

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