45 Posts That Ended Up Being More Wholesome Than We Thought


With the advent of social media, it became quite easy to share pictures and make your voice heard. Just recently, memes became a beautiful way of expressing feelings and thoughts. Though they can be quite funny, and sometimes critical, they also present some of the most heartwarming images in the world — those that change your perspective of things.

In order to give you the experience of this same feeling, we have decided to compile a number of images with incredibly great meanings for your viewing pleasure.

Crime to pizza

We love to eat pizza because it’s our tummy’s favorite. This food has a way of stopping criminal tendencies, true? Really, ask anyone who owns a pizza business if they ever wanted to go into crime — they’d say no, right?

The mafia crew in this guy’s town used the business as a front at first, but had to stop all crime related dealings and faced the pizza business full-time. The fact that one puts smiles on people’s faces whenever they deliver a pizza is enough to have a change of heart.

Animal generosity

Many times we have seen scenarios where the kindness and generosity of animals are depicted. The animal kingdom has some peculiarities with us as humans, and one of such is the show of love, affection and kindness. This horse carried a bucket with some good feed in it and then, he was surrounded by some pigeons.

These pigeons were obviously hungry and looking for food. Surprisingly, the horse put down the bucket of food so as to allow the pigeons to eat from it. Is this not kindness in it’s fine display?

Lovely dogs

Dog romance is certainly one of the most awesome sights to behold. Dogs are very lovable creatures, therefore, the romance between dogs can even be better than what exists amongst some humans. This guy’s dog always stops by to say hi to her crush every time they go for a walk.

Such heartwarming romance. Dogs are in love and it is such a great scene, more like Romeo and Juliet. This whole talk about love is making us emotional already.

Look alike

Is there a difference in these two images? Because we can’t seem to see the difference. These surely are two different pictures of Ryan. Jokes apart, even though the man does not look anything like Gosling.

Trying to look like Ryan Gosling is such a pleasant feeling, and to actually look like him might take a while lot of work from this gentleman. But the comment would surely have put a smile on the man’s face, probably the best comment he’s ever had.


It is common to see couples in long distance relationships video call each other on a daily basis. Long distance relationships can be really tough to maintain. This particular lady fell asleep while she talked with her boyfriend, which just made a perfect opportunity for him.

The boyfriend simply got inspired by this and drew a picture of her while she slept, isn’t this beautiful? If this is what it takes to keep a distant relationship, then get your pen and paper ready people!


It does not take much to make a child happy. All that is needed is to touch the critical part of the child’s heart and connect with it. This employee at the pizza house just did that.

This simple joke, the Puperoni, was all it took to put a smile on the face of this guy’s 6-year old. This employee surely deserves a raise. Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t have said it any better; it is that critical, don’t you think?


Can we ever live without the love and care of friends? Friends are truly important parts of our lives. Being separated from your friend and reuniting with them after 40 years is sure a great feeling.

This person’s grandma reunited with her best friend after 40 years, since they lost contact with each other. From the images, you can see the joy and happiness — such a feeling can be compared to no other. Happy reunion people!

So special

No matter what, we still like to believe that the world is changing and that people are getting treated equally. Though we still have some people who hate on others’ likings, that narrative is decreasing daily.

From this joke, of course, this user said there is a special place for those, and wherever it is, it is a pleasant place to be. To all the members of the LGBTQ+ community out there, you are doing just great and you are super awesome.

Dog connection

Dogs have this very strong connection with humans, surely a man’s best friend capable of many things, including healing from the inside.

This lady’s father had to go in for self-quarantine, and so she had to give him her dog so he won’t feel lonely. Guess what, the dog has fallen in love with her father and all it seeks to do all day is cuddle and walk around the garden. Isn’t this sweet? we need a dog to fall in love with us!

Advice gone viral

Your old man’s advice is one thing you should cherish in life, it is second to none — a very good guide. This man’s father once told him never to go on a date with a girl who talks smoothly from the get go, as one who really liked him would be nervous at first.

He shared this advice on social media and it got a buzz. He told his father and he got really happy and accomplished; the fact that his advice reached many made him feel like a father of forty thousand.

Batman’s best fan

You know those people who put on hijabs and jilbabs? Those who are completely covered, usually in black? Of course, an adult can relate with them, but a four year old? Certainly not. This person’s mother was shopping at the mall in her normal jilbab, only to have this little child staring and wouldn’t stop.

Until he whispered, “I love you Batman.” From the foregoing, the child loves Batman so much and wanted to show him (sorry, her) some love. Batman’s got one passionate fan in that child.

Poker not for dogs

Many people believe that dogs playing poker might not go down well. They’d be terrible at it with reason being that their tail would prevent them from bluffing without being caught. Well, this submission may be true, but not totally.

Dogs at the poker game would have their tails wagging most, if not throughout the game because of excitement. That way, they can bluff and leave you in confusion as to if it is bluffing or simply wagging.

Come in for a meal

When we see things like this, we begin to really have hope in humanity. This truly is a pleasant show of kindness and affection! What happened is that they offered free slices of pizza and a cup of water to those who would go through their dumpster just to feed.

Really, good people still exist in this world, and some of them work for Little Caesars restaurant. Quick question though, can we have some free pizza too?

Online request

Talking about getting your partner’s whole attention, this woman sure knows her way around it. She literally asked her husband to grab the storage key for her via a post in a social media community that she was certain her husband follows. This is really creative, and you should be thinking in this direction as well.

What a brilliant way to get the attention of your man. The fact that she knows her husband might scroll without reading makes it a whole lot interesting.

Mom’s heart size

To think that usually mom jokes are quite the offensive, inappropriate and demeaning, but this particular joke is just so sweet. A whale joke turns into an awesome mom joke, stating the basic fact of how big moms’ hearts are.

Truly, moms are the kindest people with the largest heart, always ready to do the needful for their children no matter the cost. As such, it’s safe to say that their hearts are as big as a whale, right?

Money is made

Some people find it easy to disrespect others without any cause whatsoever, and have it be okay. The lady at the shop this day kept on yelling at the teen attendant, stating that she didn’t have enough blizzard in her chocolate.

All pleas by the teen fell on deaf ears as she kept on claiming she was an expert. However, this man walked towards the teen and put some money in the tip jar, and the more the woman yelled, the more money he put in the jar. In no time, she stopped yelling.

Age is a Number

Though our bodies age, our hearts and souls never do. A love for dancing and music is something that lives with us forever, and this grandma is the perfect example.

When going to see Lewis Capaldi, this grandson threw his grandmother up onto his shoulders so she could have a better view, and she was loving it. This is the kind of energy we need in our lives.

T Time with Grandma

Older generations often come under a lot of scrutiny for having outdated opinions, especially when it comes to topics deemed controversial in society. In cases like this elderly lady overhearing conversation between two trans men, you never know how members of the public are going to react.

Luckily, this interaction was better than anyone could have asked for. The guys probably made that woman’s day by going with her to the store. How sweet!

Walking the Stage

While some college experiences are different than others, they all deserve to be celebrated. Though this guy got his degree at a school online, he made sure to celebrate his graduation the right way.

Dressed up in a cap and gown, the mailman was the perfect person to hand over his diploma. What an honor for both of them! Congratulations!

Put in the Work

Many people start their weight loss journeys because they feel unhappy or uncomfortable in their own skin, but this guy radiated positivity from the very beginning.

Whether he was at the point where he started or he’s shedding pounds and putting on muscle, this man clearly has his mental health and self-confidence in check. Now that’s the kind of inspiration we need to start our own journeys, whatever they may be.

Got the Girl

We all dream of the perfect proposal, where everything is set up perfectly and goes according to plan. But there are simply somethings you can’t predict.

The proposal itself for these ladies went as good as it could’ve, but it was made all the better by the little old woman who was there to witness and partake in the utter joy and love felt on that day. Just look at her excitement! She made this 100 times better.

Facetime with Grandpa

Lots of grandparents still find the technological developments of the modern world to be a marvel. It’s amazing that people who were born before TVs and computers were around can now video call their grandchildren.

We’re so glad this grandpa wasn’t quite sure how to hang up after his first FaceTime call because it meant his grandchild got to overhear this heartbreakingly adorable moment. We’re going to go call our grandparents now.

Found a Home

Adopting a child is a big deal for those new parents, but it’s an even bigger deal for the children themselves. When this little boy joined her parents as their legal child, he wasn’t the only overjoyed.

In fact, his whole kindergarten class showed up to show their love and support for their classmate. Their little faces are filling us with so much joy. What a lovely day for all of them.

You Can’t See Me

Once John Cena came up with the catch phrase, “you can’t see me,” it became synonymous with his name. On one hand, it boosted his popularity in popular media by tenfold. On the other hand, it bit him and his fans in the butt.

Imagine taking a photo with your role model and then having everyone pretend he’s not even in the photo. Hey, at least this guy was excited to meet the celebrity, even if no one else believes him.

The Power of Santa

Kids can be menaces. Sometimes, its hard to decide whether a kid throwing a tantrum is more frustrating for the parents to deal with or for the public to listen to.

Luckily, in times of trouble, adults can harness the power of the almighty powerful Santa Claus, who is the number one fictional person that can keep just about any child in check. We’re chuckling at how quickly this kid’s behavior turned around.

Lunchbox Superhero

The best people in this world are those who go out of their way to do something nice for someone else, simply because they might need it.

This person proved that she and her husband are just as wholesome as each other, first for him continuing to allow someone to steal from him and then for his wife keeping the reality a secret just so he could keep feeling like he was doing a good deed. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Sing along with me

The feeling of two strangers singing along to the same song can be the best in the world. Truly, that feeling is the greatest, at least for the moment it lasts.

This guy was at a long red light waiting patiently when the guy next to him started singing a song. He began to sing along and they sang together for just 15 seconds. Believe us, those 15 seconds carry a great feeling that can only be experienced and not explained.

A passionate game

Is this commitment or passion? This guy already said it — it’s being stubborn. To play a game with so much commitment that years after, you’re still stuck with the terms of the game? Just wow.

This guy played a romantic game with his friend way back in school. Fourteen years later, they’re happily together, living their best life with an adopted daughter. If they hadn’t played the game, they wouldn’t be together today, so it truly seems like a work of destiny.

Superstar lion

Who says animals are totally foolish and not smart at all? Well, this lion proves that statement wrong. This lion smiled at a photographer after giving a loud roar, knowing fully well that the roar had totally scared him. Who could have thought that lions could be such pranksters?

There are so many interesting, somewhat bizarre and insane things wildlife photographers and journalists see, that we can safely say that animals are quite smart creatures.

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