Why This ‘Naked’ Wedding Dress Sparked A Social Media Frenzy


Picking out a wedding gown is a significant moment for brides worldwide. Model Ellie Gonsalves discovered her ideal, albeit slightly unconventional, dress for her special day and chose to unveil it to her followers. However, a few of them expressed dissatisfaction with the attire, even going to the extent of critiquing Gonsalves's distinctive selection.

Ellie Gonsalves is an Australian model and influencer

Ellie Gonsalves, a 33-year-old model, actress, and influencer hailing from Australia, has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram by offering glimpses into her everyday life. Her profile is replete with dazzling photoshoots, snapshots from her travel adventures, and most recently, images from her extravagant wedding.


Gonsalves got married and posted a video of her dress reveal that went viral

Among the videos and photos Ellie Gonsalves shared from the most significant day of her life, one particular reel sparked some controversy. In the video, the joyful bride confidently walks in, donning a short, white lace dress. She beams, strikes poses for the camera, and also for her unseen husband. However, the caption humorously states, "My husband's expression when he saw me in this dress during our wedding," followed by playful emojis.

Gonsalves’s husband loved her dress, other people were less awed by her choice


Despite the positive response from Ellie Gonsalves's husband upon seeing the dress, some of the model's followers expressed concerns about its suitability for a wedding. One person commented, "I'm sorry, but this dress doesn't seem suitable for a wedding," while another wondered, "It looks like a beautiful evening gown, but where's the wedding dress?"

Despite the negative comments, many others came to her defense.

Luckily, the negative comments didn't dampen Gonsalves's special night. She later shared another short video of herself dancing and enjoying the party at her wedding. Captioning the post, the joyful bride wrote, "My response to people getting upset worldwide about my 'naked wedding dress.'"


Despite some disparaging remarks towards Ellie Gonsalves, there was an even greater outpouring of support. "Absolutely stunning!! This dress is perfect for you!! You look amazing," one follower commented. Another person stood up for Gonsalves's right to choose, stating, "Why is anyone expressing their opinion? It's THEIR business."

Experiencing judgment for your choice of outfit is never a pleasant feeling. Recently, another young woman also found herself having to defend her gym attire. You can find more about her response in one of our earlier articles.


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