How A 58-Year-Old Model Shuts Down Body Shamers


Renowned figure of the modeling industry, Paulina Porizkova, sparks a wave of debate with her bold bikini photos shared on social media. Rather than succumbing to criticism, she seizes the opportunity to promote a profound message of body positivity and self-acceptance, which reverberates throughout the online community.

Her career started at a young age

Born in 1965, Paulina Porizkova embarked on her modeling journey at the tender age of 15. She has adorned the covers of numerous prestigious magazines and extended her talents to the realms of film, television, and music videos. In recent times, Porizkova has gained recognition for her candid and thought-provoking writings, delving into subjects as diverse as beauty ideals, as well as experiences of grief and loss.


Fearless Paulina challenges ageism

At the age of 57, Porizkova boldly defied societal norms, continuing her modeling career and sharing confident bikini photos on social media. She unabashedly challenges ageist stereotypes, stating, “I am a 57-year-old woman, and it seems that in society, once you reach middle age, wearing a bikini is somehow deemed unacceptable.”

Furthermore, Porizkova courageously addresses the disparaging remarks directed at her, which include being branded a “desperate grandma” and being judged as “too old for such pursuits.”


Undeterred by harsh critics, Paulina Porizkova continues to exude joy and positivity. “I start my 58th year with nothing but sunshine and a smile,” she shared in an Instagram post on her birthday.

Having been a supermodel in the past, she acknowledges the nostalgia for the attention she received in her youth. Yet, she wholeheartedly embraces the challenge of aging in a society that places high value on appearance. For Porizkova, this phase of life is her prime—a time of personal growth, wisdom, and an acceptance of wrinkles as symbols of a well-rounded existence. She feels compassion for those who equate beauty solely with perpetual youth.


She advocates for women to embrace the journey of growing older

Paulina Porizkova is a fervent advocate for embracing the natural aging journey, challenging societal norms. She boldly opposes cosmetic procedures and enhancements, proudly declaring her choice to embrace aging authentically. Her empowering message encourages others to embrace their true selves.

In her eloquent reflection, she gently admires the visible traces of time, sharing, “What I appreciate about my face now is that it tells the story of my life, like a well-written novel etched into my features.”


Alongside her individual decisions, Porizkova has underscored the significance of shifting societal perspectives on aging. She has urged more women to embrace their years and proudly highlight their achievements, stating, “We need to make aging cool. I’m doing my part, but we need more women to boldly embrace their age and continue to champion it, saying ‘look at what I’m achieving at this stage of life.'”

In her tireless dedication to empowering women, Porizkova goes beyond her personal choices to focus on a larger mission: reshaping society’s perceptions and attitudes towards aging.


Porizkova’s fervent call for societal transformation stems from a steadfast belief that every individual, regardless of age, deserves to be honored, valued, and fully embraced for the distinct path they’ve chosen.

Older women, wise and resilient, possess a unique strength that enables them to approach aging with grace. Drawing from their life experiences and wisdom, they proudly celebrate the inner beauty that shines through while maintaining a youthful spirit.


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