22+ Cringeworthy Texts Kids Accidently Sent to Their Parents


As much as we hate it, it’s basically an unwritten rule that parents are meant to embarrass you. But with the development of technology and communication, there’s a whole new world of humiliation that’s been opened up—which is accidentally texting your parents something you shouldn’t have. From accidentally texting Dad instead of Dan, to unintentionally telling your mom you’re married, to sending your parents naughty Valentine’s Day memes by accident, check out these hilarious “Oops, wrong person!” mishap messages that kids sent to their parents.

Laughing Off the Mishaps

What a perfectly classic “Dad” way to respond to this text. Not only did he catch on that his kid meant to send that text to their S.O., but he even went ahead and shared the hilarious moment with Mommy.

What can we say? There’s just something so special and heart-warming when you see a family getting along so well together, laughing at their little mishaps.

A Cheeky, Yet Supportive Mom

Many people struggle with coming out and being open with their family about being LGBTQ and try to plan out the right moment to share this type of news. And it looks like this kid was nervous about letting their family know, but somehow let the cat out of the bag sooner than expected.


Thankfully Mom was there with a hilariously cheeky, yet heartwarmingly supportive reply.

Blame it on the Autocorrect

Melissa here supposedly sent her mother an accidental text message, stating that she would be providing the “green” party supplies for Christmas this year.

And since her mom clearly didn’t react well to it, Melissa had nothing else to do but settle down the situation and blame it on autocorrect, explaining that she meant to type that she’s bringing Doug, not dope.

Love Makes Us Do Crazy Things

We all know how romantic a plate of pasta can be and how it can bring all sorts of lovey, dovey feels.

Yet it looks like this kid got a little too excited for their special dinner, that they messed up and sent a message to their mom, instead of their significant other. Whoops!

At least they could laugh about it, instead of feeling shame.

Dan Or Dad

It looks like Ashley almost got away with sending her dad an inappropriate makeshift emoji of letters, in hopes that he would actually believe that it was just a normal smiley (we’re gonna guess it was a combo of an eight, equals sign, and capital “D”).

Too bad it turned out he’s much savvier than expected, and grounded her instead.

Accidentally Texting Papadukes

Sometimes, it’s hard to really comprehend how someone can mess up sending a message to their mom or dad, instead of their significant other—especially when their dad is listed as Papaduke.

Oh well, it doesn’t really seem like it was that big of a deal. While Papadukes might be a little unnerved, it looks like his son has a nice sense of humor and can laugh off his embarrassing mistake.

Revealing Your Master Plan to Mom

This girl was so excited that she got away with sneaking out at night, that she accidentally texted her mother about it instead of her friend!

And the best part is that she even revealed her master plan to her mom, not yet realizing who she’s talking to. Whoops! It’s so hard to watch, but so hard not to laugh.

When Your Mom is Endearingly Innocent

There are all sorts of things that we don’t want our parents finding out. So there’s nothing like having a naïve mother, who just lets things fly over her sweet head, thinking her children are so innocent.

It’s clear that this kid isn’t talking about working out, that’s for sure. But Mom is so concerned for her kids’ wellbeing, that she seems to completely miss the innuendo.

World’s Greatest Dan

Anytime you upload and send an inappropriate picture or GIF to the wrong person, it’s just absolutely heart-shatteringly humiliating and even a little bit terrifying. So, can you imagine how mortified this girl was to send her dad this photo?

Pro tip: adding a last name (or even initials) to your contacts will help differentiate between “Dan” and “Dad” to avoid a mess like this in the future.

Just Dew It

Well, well, well. What can we say? When Valentine’s Day comes around, and Cupid’s got you in a chokehold, it’s hard not to get consumed by all of the intimate, raunchy memes and greetings cards out there.

And while it’s pretty funny that this kid sent their father a punny Mountain Dew Valentine’s Day card there’s something else that seemed even funnier to us.

We love how the contact name for their dad is “Head Chief”. Amazing!

“Totally Not Supposed to b Texting u”

Clearly this person was trying to text their hot date about how delicious they look! So, what exactly were they doing texting their mom about it? Poor guy, this is definitely awkward and uncomfortable.

At least they both could laugh about it, and their mother took it with a grain of salt and tried to be light-hearted about it all!

Nervous but Excited

Usually our parents are there for us during big milestones. And we guess taking things to the next level with your boyfriend is definitely a big one.

There’s no doubt that this daughter wanted her father to be the last to know about it. Can you imagine just how morbidly embarrassed she was when she found out that she texted her dad instead of her friend? Yikes!

Like a Deer Caught in Textlights

Like a deer caught in headlights, many of us find it hard to think on our feet when caught by our parents doing something we shouldn’t have. Just like this kid who accidentally sent a text about getting some, what seems to be, illegal substances.

They clearly had an out and could’ve told their mother they’re just messing with her, but instead chose the worst strategy—telling the truth.

Too Excited to Speak Politely

Sometimes when we’re so excited about something, we can’t help but let loose and release a little bit of profanity out of pure enthusiasm. Right?

Of course, it’s not polite or respectful, but it seems like this kid was super stoked for cereal. Who can resist a bowl of delicious cheerios?

We just hope that they threw in a “please” or “sorry” once they responded back.

Some Parents Do Understand

Sometimes, parents just don’t understand. But other times, they know just exactly what to say!

It looks like Katie here is pretty PO’ed at someone considering what she accidentally sent her dad. And instead of scolding her for feeling super aggressive, her dad decided to take a more supportive approach, and give her some dad-jokey type advice to help her through her times of trouble.

Wrong Group!

We really can’t think of anything more embarrassing than sending a message in the wrong group, especially when parents are involved.

But kudos to this lady right here, who was quick on her feet and sent a second message to lighten the mood.

We just hope this text isn’t the reason her boyfriend is now her ex.

Dedicated Dad

When this girl texted her dad to let her know she was staying at a friend’s for the night, she probably wasn’t expecting this response.

As well as letting his daughter know that he’ll accept her partner, whatever gender they are, this dad wants to warn her that men are bad news and she shouldn’t forget it. While this is a little extreme, we applaud him for being open and accepting.

Ashleys All Around

Telling your parents that you’ve met a new love interest is never going to be an easy conversation. Some people like their parents to get involved and for some, it’s only ever going to be cringe.

This guy clearly didn’t mind sharing the good news with his dad, but it didn’t help that the wonderful woman he’d met shared the same name as his dad and his mom… Ashley.

It’s a smiley

We all know that you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but we have a feeling that this kid wasn’t on about Dan’s smile in the message that she accidentally sent to her father. To begin with, it seems as though her father doesn’t quite understand what’s going on.

And we bet that Ashley thought that she had got away with it. Unfortunately, her world soon came crashing down around her, and we bet she didn’t see Dan’s smile for a while after that.

An Awkward Autocorrect

This mess up is so bad, it even has us covering our faces with our hands from the cringey embarrassment. You can tell the utter fear and shame this daughter immediately felt, considering that she followed up her cringey text with an explanation in ALL-CAPS.

We feel for her. It’s times like these that the “delete message for everyone” could really come in handy!

Who’s Your Daddy

Looking at the timestamps from this conversation, we can guess that this texter was probably super tired when they sent this message which is probably why they ended up sending it to their dad and not their crush. Whoops!

But it looks like this kiddo was quick to cover up their mistake with quite an interesting excuse.

Dad-Styled “Love Yous”

Even if we have the coolest father in the world, we all know that they can’t resist a chance to make a dad-joke and tease you.

Just like Mariah Jolene’s dad right here, who decided to poke fun at her for sending him an “I love you” text which was clearly meant for her S.O.

Even though she might be feeling embarrassed, this is actually quite adorable!

Roasting Your Kid

This hilarious dad decided to jump on the opportunity to roast their son, John, in front of all of his co-worker’s business meeting.

As much as we hate it when our parents embarrass us, it’s basically in their nature to. And once we come to terms with it, then at least we can enjoy the situation a little bit. Right?

“You’re Not Really My Type Hun.”

Ah no! There’s nothing worse than expressing your feelings or sharing something super intimate with the wrong person. And it’s only that much worse when you accidentally do it with one of your parents – yikes!

At least this mom seems to be down-to-earth enough to have responded with a silly reply instead of only a serious ‘we need to talk’.

A Spiderweb of a Mess

There are a few options here: either the son is married and dating someone on the side, or he’s just trying to play a gag on his mother. But there’s also an “Option C”.

What if he thought he was getting a text from his ex and tried to make her jealous while not realizing it’s his mother all along.

It’s unclear, but at least the mother seems excited.

Holy Cow

We can’t count the number of times that we’ve been grounded and once our parents said we were grounded, there was no changing their minds. But how can you ground a kid like Bobby when all he did was answer his teacher in the most truthful way possible?

We’re just a bit lost as to how cows give homework, but we have a feeling it’s a diss at his teacher.

Dazed & Confused

What makes this conversation between “M0m” and their kid go from funny to hilarious, is paying close attention to the timestamps.

Who knows? Maybe they really were just climbing around outside on the tall trees at 10:30 at night. But it seems more likely that they were a bit dazed & confused, sobered up an hour later, and realized they had texted mom instead of Jr. Whoops!

When Your Mom’s Got Your Back

Another really fun thing to happen to you as a kid, is to go from getting grounded to immediately having the punishment revoked because your parents finally get it.

We’re not condoning any violence here, but bullying is never an easy struggle to deal with.

So, it’s nice to know that this daughter got her mom’s back–even if she initially wanted to ground her for her behavior.

One Sassy, Salty Daddy-O

We get how frustrating it can be when your parents won’t let you hang out with your friends. So much so, that it might blind you from seeing who you’re actually texting—sending a nasty text to your Dad about how much of a prick he’s being.

But we just can’t get over how sassy this dramatic dad was in his reply to his daughter. Absolutely hilarious!

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