36+ Hilarious Tweets That Show the Struggle is Real


Life is hard—every day is a struggle. When you’re going through hardships, it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone. Luckily, the internet is a great spot to go if you’re looking to laugh at what life has to throw at you.

These hilarious posts will bring a smile to your face while helping you feel like your struggles aren’t worth stressing about. Prepare to have a good laugh.

Hungry and Single

Living as a third wheel in your roommate’s relationship can be pretty annoying. But if their significant other happens to be willing to cook for all three of you, that’s how you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

We’re glad this guy has his priorities straight. Never mind that your roomie is going through a breakup—losing your personal chef is obviously a hundred times more devastating. Now he might actually have to learn how to cook for himself.

Dream Home

Not long ago, Marie Kondo had the world mesmerized by her tidying techniques that encouraged us all to declutter everything that failed to “spark joy”. Though it worked for some, we think she’d shudder at the sight of this bedroom/living room combo.

This person’s 2-in-1 setup probably won’t be making it into anyone’s Pinterest inspiration boards any time soon. Unless this is what they mean when interior designers talk about Minimalism. Hey, at least the carpet looks comfy.

Pizza Party

Pizza is one of the tastiest foods on the planet. It’s a reliable choice because it’s hard to go wrong with pizza, whether it’s homemade or from the store.

This person went to the effort of making their own and oh, we had such high hopes from that “before” pic. It might not look like the most appetizing outcome, but we can bet it probably still tastes delicious. And if not, Domino’s is always just a phone call away.

The Real Slim Shady

The options are truly endless when it comes to dying your hair with different colors, designs, and styles. It looks like this person was going for a clean bleach blond look and they got a little more than they bargained for.

If you’re going to use a grocery store bag to help seal the bleach in your hair, make sure you choose a plain one. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a style that turns you into a knockoff Eminem.

Feeling Crushed

Crushes are called crushes for a reason. Social media can often make crushes more difficult to navigate because everyone’s business is always out in the open.

There’s no feeling on earth more devastating than when your crush doesn’t like you back, except, perhaps, when the object of your desires shows their affection to someone else. We really feel for this person. Plenty more fish in the sea, eh?

You But Better

With all the self-improvement stuff on social media and in self-help books these days, we’re constantly being encouraged not to compare ourselves to others and instead, to become the best version of ourselves.

This kind of comment is definitely not the way to make that happen. We can’t imagine this poor guy is going to forget that cruel burn any time soon.

This is Bananas

How old were you when you learned how to eat a banana? Anyone would think that they were pretty easy to understand, considering that they literally grow with their own convenient handle to hold on to and keep your hands clean.

Surely holding onto the peel-less banana is a much more complicated and messy way to eat the fruit. He’s definitely going to have a much more a-peeling time now he knows how to do it right.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Cereal

Cereal is one of life’s underrated pleasures. Cereal loves will know that eating a fresh bowl in bed is practically the peak of the human experience, and all it takes is one tiny arachnid to ruin that completely.

Most of us don’t have to deal with spiders often but when we do, it’s bad news for everything and everyone in the vicinity. We’re seriously hoping this person caught the pesky spider that caused all this chaos in the first place.

Pool of Tears

Life comes at you fast. Just when you feel like everything is hanging by a thread, and there’s only one thing keeping you going, somehow that ends up going wrong too.

For Carson, playing 8Ball pool is pretty much all he had left, but even champions have to lose sometimes. We’re rooting for you, Carson! You’ll get ‘em next time buddy.


Before you start ordering mysterious snacks from any international website, this is your reminder to make sure you know what you’re getting. Google Translate is your best friend in situations like these, or you might end up with pet food for your afternoon treat.

This is like those soaps they put in hotels that look like chocolates. We’ll say it once and we’ll say it again—if it’s not for humans to eat, why do they make it so stinking cute?

Laughing Stock

Free trials make everyone’s life easier. It’s the best way to test something out before committing to buying it. Unless, of course, you’re the forgetful type—then these services are probably not for you.

There’s nothing more annoying than when you find out you’ve been paying too much for a service you didn’t want to be paying for in the first place. Think about all that stock photo money that could have been spent on something else!

Bad Apple

Technology is an expensive investment. Most of the time it’s worthwhile, however much it hurts your wallet to splash out on a new laptop or gaming product.

The price for this monitor alone was probably through the roof already, knowing Apple, which is why they never considered that they weren’t purchasing the product they actually wanted. Here’s hoping that they can exchange it for the computer they wanted without having to take out a mortgage, too.

Good to Know

Air fryers are the new craze that have totally taken the world by storm. They’re meant to be super simple, though most people don’t actually know what you can and can’t put in there.

We’re here to remind you that an air fryer is not the same as a microwave oven, so definitely don’t go putting your plastic Tupperware in there. Take a leaf out of this person’s book.

Now We’re Cooking

People spend a pretty penny on high-end hair products to make sure they have the most luscious locks imaginable. Now, at-home hacks like using olive oil and apple cider vinegar are all the rage.

If you don’t have any of those to hand, an egg might suffice—only if you like showering in cold water, that is. This person might have made a mess with their new breakfast creation, but at least they were already in the shower!

Phone it In

The elderly generation and cell phones are a complicated combination. While some people consider themselves to be tech wizards, others struggle to know their way around a smartphone.

Even the least tech-savvy person knows that putting a wet phone in the oven is not going to end well. This kind of series of events is so wild it could surely only happen in an old-school slapstick-style movie.

Odd One Out

Internet comments can be so brutal sometimes, even if they’re not intended to be. What might sound like a compliment to some can actually end up being super hurtful, especially if you’re the one who gets left out.

Like poor Ike over here. What did he do to deserve getting called out like this in a TikTok? Surely the commenter could have extended her compliment to all four boys, just to save the self-esteem of that fourth straggler on the end.

Not Your Average Gamer Girl

The beauty of online gaming is that you have no idea what the people you’re playing against actually look like. There’s a stereotype about the kind of people who enjoy video games, but we all know that they’re not always true.

And in the Year of the Barbie movie, we’re definitely not here for men making unnecessary comments about women’s bodies. It shouldn’t matter what you look like for you to be able to play the games you like!

Oh Boy

When you’re a kid, the last thing you want to do is go to school. However, for their sakes and everyone else’s please, encourage your children to attend all of their classes.

Otherwise, they might end up tweeting to their hearts content as they try and convince the world that a Constitutional Republic is completely separate form a democracy, instead of a part of it. Stay in school kids. Please.

Big Trucks

For one reason or another, height seems to be a huge factor when it comes to men and dating. It’s hard out there for a short king.

We have to admit that this is a huge truck and it makes this guy look teeny tiny. But just because you come across a huge truck and it makes you insecure about your height, that doesn’t mean it should be illegal. What’s next—should we make buses and trains illegal too?

Mum’s the Word

Some folks excel in the kitchen and cooking comes pretty naturally to them, while others have a hard time following a recipe and always seem to burn everything.

We applaud this guy for making the effort to cook for his girlfriend, even if it went unappreciated. She could at least have had the decency to give him feedback to his face! Hey, it’s the thought that counts. Looks like he’ll be back to making Kraft Mac n’ Cheese quicker than he can say “gourmet chef”.

Pasta La Vista, Madison

We all know how important it is to look after the planet we live on. Recycling, turning off lights that we aren’t using—there are tons of small changes that make a big difference. Making coffee with leftover pasta water doesn’t have to be one of them.

Wait, why is she having pasta for breakfast in the first place? At least she acknowledges that it wasn’t tasty, just as expected. We can’t imagine this trend catching on any time soon.

Foolproof Plan

Asking someone out is always scary because the fear of rejection is so intense. Doing so on your birthday is a genius way to guilt someone into getting what you want.

Apparently, if this guy’s tragic story is anything to go by, you’re not immune to rejections even on your birthday. He shot his shot after announcing his intentions on Twitter, so maybe the girl saw what he posted and prepared a response beforehand to try and let him down gently. Brutal!

Stats Don’t Lie

Tracking your habits can be a great way to look back at your year and see how far you’ve come. It’s a great way to self-reflect on all the important things in life like how much you laughed, cried, and interacted with others.

2022 was a big year for Aella. Socializing almost half the year is honestly impressive, especially if she only showered less than once a week. This girl must have an incredible deodorant.

Toot Toot

Since the pandemic, working from home culture changed the corporate world completely. Now, it’s not unusual to be having important meetings or running a business in your literal pajamas, because why get dressed when only your face is on camera?

What you do in the comfort of your own home is nobody else’s business—unless your microphone gives the game away and exposes you as the windy culprit. Oh, the embarrassment!

Playing Chicken

Being stuck in an airport during a layover isn’t ideal, but there are many ways to pass the time. Eating an entire chicken that you’ve prepared previously is a pretty good one.

This is a whole other level of meal prep and organization that we certainly haven’t reached yet. Airport onlookers can laugh all they want, but they’re probably just jealous of this guy’s sneaky snack.

Getting Ghosted

It takes a while for most couples to be fully comfortable around each other. Some couples might get comfy right away and poop with the door open after a week while others won’t ever do it. And that’s okay!

What’s less okay is that this man had the audacity to ghost Rachel after suffering an unfortunate incident at her place. Ghosting says more about him than this toilet mishap ever will. Rachel clearly dodged a bullet.

Weighting it Out

The 2006 hit movie Night at the Museum had us all wanting to get locked in a museum overnight. This poor guy’s tweet has unlocked a new fear that we’ve never even considered before—the stress of getting locked in a gym at night.

That sounds like a very different movie, and we’re on the edge of our seats with this one. Did he ever get out or is he still roaming the halls of PureGym now?

Unhappy Birthday

What is it with the strange corporate tradition of the person celebrating a birthday being the one to bring treats for the rest of their coworkers? We’ve never understood why they should provide for everyone else on the one day they should be being provided for.

Having to spend your birthday at work is already rough enough but this is a perfect example of why this tradition is so flawed. Someone get this person a donut ASAP.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Social media is the place where people love to shamelessly share their updates for other people to praise. While we’re all for celebrating your achievements, this lady might have taken that a step too far.

On one hand, you’ve got to respect the commitment she’s giving to her side hustle. But on the other hand, this post is making us feel a little nauseous. Whatever floats your boat, right?

Tall Mindset

Men can be self-conscious about their height. It’s the one thing, above all else, that really unites guys everywhere because they think it’s always a make-or-break factor for women.

Is this the kind of sentence that comes out when you ask a guy how tall he is these days? We’d say this was a bit of a reach, but this Tweeter sounds like he probably can’t reach very far.

Fight for Me

Schadenfreude is a term to describe the pleasure we humans get from witnessing the misfortune of others. It can help to explain why some people laugh when seeing people fall over, or why we can’t help but watch when there’s a fight.

We have to admire the confidence of this girl promising to deliver an entertaining fight to her followers. Getting absolutely destroyed in a fight probably makes for much more entertaining content than a fight where there’s no drama.

Front Seat Cheat

Getting cheated on is something that no one wants to experience. But unfortunately, it happens more often than we might expect. This was a very unfortunate way to uncover your partner has been unfaithful.

Everyone knows that you don’t usually get into the front of an Uber, so for this girl to have been picked up from her man’s house by another guy? That’s low.

Doesn’t Sound A-Peeling

Everyone has those food combinations that they secretly enjoy but would cringe at the idea of anyone knowing about them. Some people’s guilty pleasure food combos include strawberries with balsamic vinegar, watermelon and cheese, or even cheese and jam.

We have to say we’ve never heard of a banana and mayonnaise sandwich, and we can’t imagine it would taste great. Is this really what’s happening in North Carolina these days?

Dear Diary

Journaling can be a really healthy hobby that encourages you to write down your most private and unfiltered thoughts as a form of therapy. But the practice only works under the condition that it’s for your eyes only—and no one else’s.

Reading your mom’s journal is an invasion of privacy at the highest level. Sure, her comment was definitely a day-ruiner, but that’s what you get for snooping around in someone else’s private business.

Three-Way Relationship

Many people in love go to the ends of the earth to show affection to their significant other. Sadly, on the other end of that scale, there are people who won’t even drive to the end of the state to see their girl.

It’s a good thing this guy is an ex because luckily, now he has all the guilt-free time in the world to go to as many meet-and-greets as he likes.

Don’t Wanna Know

Does anyone remember the old Instagram feature where you could see the people your followers were liking and interacting with? It caused so much trouble that the platform literally took it away.

Instead, the app still maintained its cruel way of hitting you where it really hurts and right when you least expect it. Yes, this person might know this guy, but they certainly don’t want to. Stop reminding them, Instagram!

Life’s a Gas

It’s pretty well known that the internet is a really weird and wonderful place. Most of the time, the emphasis is on “weird” because there are some seriously strange people out there.

We’re not here to judge anyone’s side hustle or their dating habits. To avoid any more horrendously awkward situations like these, just remember the age-old advice—don’t go oversharing about your gas habits unless you’ve received a deposit.

Looking Spotless

Cleaning comes naturally to some, and for others, it can be a real struggle. Usually, the moment you finish putting everything into piles to sort, you’re exhausted and the room is messier than when you started.

We haven’t got any before pictures to compare it to, so we’re going to bet that this person put one sock in the laundry and called it a day.

Three Motivational Musketeers

It’s very easy to get bogged down with the weight of the world’s problems. Sometimes, when life feels tough, all it takes is one inspirational message or word of encouragement from a loved one to keep you seeing the good side of life.

While a chocolate bar probably shouldn’t be the only source of positivity in your life, we are totally here for chocolate bars with motivational quotes on them. And they’re right—you’re doing great!

Gee Thanks, Mom

Kids can’t stay young forever. And as soon as you leave the nest, youngsters often confirm their anxious parents’ worst fears by failing to call them regularly to update them about their lives.

But this person clearly can’t catch a break because even when they do make the time to check in with his parents, they get reminded that they’re a disappointment. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Showered With Hate

Choosing roommates really can be like playing Russian Roulette. If you move in with a stranger and not a trusted friend, there’s always a chance that things could go sour between you and things will quickly end in disaster.

Of all the things he could have stolen to get back at his ex-roomie, a showerhead really is the most petty. At least this person has more intense water pressure now, if we’re looking for the positives here.

That’ll Leave a Scar

We all know that honesty is the best policy. If there’s one group of people out there who you can count on to be brutally honest, it’s little kids.

In their defense, they’re still learning the ways of the world, but this person’s niece really has no filter at all. Did no one teach her not to point out things like that? We’re glad her aunt sees the funny side.

Be More Specific

Pizza is one of the most versatile, crowd-pleasing takeout foods. There really is something for everyone, regardless of your food preferences and intolerances. What’s a pizza without the cheese?

This must be what happens when you say “extra cheese” and they hear “X the cheese”. For those dairy-free folk or vegans out there, this is the perfect pizza. Unless you’re a cheese fan, then it’s pretty disappointing.

Stressed Out

People measure success in different ways. We often get told as kids that our success in life isn’t linear, and can look different to others depending on our values.

Sure, your kindergarten nemesis might be killing it in the looks department these days, Em, but that doesn’t mean your dedication to Twenty One Pilots fandom goes unnoticed. Followers and looks aren’t everything!


Much of the magic of Twitter is that words are so powerful. People can be devout followers of a certain account they think is hilarious and never even know what the face behind the account looks like.

It has nothing to do with photos and it’s never about looks—except if you’re this guy. His followers said everything they needed to say without saying a word at all. Yikes!

Leave Him A-Loan

Love languages are the latest way to categorize the way you show emotions. For some, quality time really gets you going. And for others, gift-giving is how you show your appreciation for a significant other.

This poor guy is clearly a gift-giver and found out a little too late that he poured his love into someone who didn’t appreciate it. Fellas, this is your reminder not to use your student loan on a girl (unless, perhaps, you’re sure she’s the one).

Try Again Tomorrow

Life has a way of kicking you whilst you’re down. On your worst days, it can often feel like everything and everyone is against you, and nothing you do will help.

For this unfortunate fella, cheering himself up only made him feel worse in the end. All we have to say is that we respect his resilience and unwavering optimism in the face of a tough time.

Doggone It!

Watching movies as a sensitive soul can be tough. The characters we so easily get attached to often face terrible fates that leave us with jaws dropped and completely devastated.

If you’re an animal lover, like this person, don’t get too attached to any dog you see in a movie—or any animal, for that matter, because you never know when they’re going to be brutally killed off and it’ll literally ruin your day.

Hindsight is 20/20

Glasses come in all shapes and sizes. Unless you’re blessed with 20/20 vision, you’ll have been through the trauma of picking the right shape that suits your face and sticking with it for as long as possible. Anything happens to those, and it’s game over.

Just remember to tape your glasses to your head the next time you’re leaning over a hot surface frying food. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like this girl who’s clearly cosplaying Edna Mode.

Roasted By Strangers

Who remembers the days of Omegle? It was an absolute social phenomenon that anyone under the age of 30 will most likely shudder to think about. The idea of talking to strangers on the internet now is probably not the smartest thing, but it really was everywhere.

This guy’s experience is honestly reason enough to avoid the website altogether. Way to knock his self-esteem, ladies. Not cool!

Terrible Coincidence

The stereotype goes that men are more likely to be unfaithful and cause problems in relationships. But as many of us might know, that’s not always the case.

We have no words for this one. For any of those things to happen individually is already crushing enough, but all on the same day? Jeez, that’s got to go on record for one of the worst days ever.

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