How To Identify Common Foods Storing Wrong This Whole Time


Ever get frustrated when you toss out food just days after buying it? Wilted salad, soft cucumbers, and stale cereal can be a real buzzkill. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s also annoying. Good news: you might be storing your groceries wrong. Stick around, and we’ll share some common mistakes and how to keep your food fresher for longer!

Regrow Your Scallions And Save Some Money

Ever thought about turning kitchen scraps into a mini-garden? Instead of rushing to the store, why not use the parts you usually throw away to grow more food? It might sound a bit quirky, but many foods can be regrown effortlessly right at home.

Freeze And Preserve Herbs In Olive Oil To Make Cooking Easier

Tired of herbs wilting away before you can use them? Cooking with fresh herbs adds flavor, but they often go bad, leading to wasted money. If you’re keen on keeping your herbs fresher for longer, we’ve got some tips to save both your greens and your wallet.

Make Onions Last Up To 8 Months By Storing Them In Pantyhose

We get it, it might seem a bit odd, but bear with us. If you’re an onion enthusiast and struggle to keep them from rotting, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve. Say goodbye to onion spoilage with this unconventional yet effective solution.

Turn Cottage Cheese And Sour Cream Upside Down To Vacuum Seal Them

Cottage cheese and sour cream add flair to many recipes, but they tend to lose their freshness quickly in the fridge. It’s frustrating when you only need a bit for a dish, and the rest goes to waste. Worry not – we’ve got a handy trick to help you prolong the freshness of these creamy delights.

Wrap The Tops Of Bananas In Tin Foil So They Don’t Over-Ripen

Bananas, the love-hate fruit – perfect one day, too sweet the next. Sure, banana bread is an option, but what about those times when you just want a perfect banana with peanut butter (the ultimate combo)? We’ve got your back with a tip to keep your bananas in the sweet spot a bit longer.

Milk Does Not Go On The Door Of The Fridge

Milk – a staple in many households, often residing in the convenient fridge door. But, here’s the catch: that easy access spot might be making it sour faster. If your family zips through milk, you might not notice. However, where you stash it can significantly impact its freshness.

Ginger Should Be Stored In The Freezer

Ginger, the versatile kitchen hero, finds its way into cold remedies, DIY acne care, and diverse recipes. But here’s the scoop: not everyone knows the best storage trick. The secret? Pop your fresh ginger into the freezer for optimal freshness.

What To Do With Left Over Avocado

Avocado lovers, unite! Avocado toast with chili flakes is a mouthwatering delight. But, there’s a hitch – the leftover half turns brown within hours in the fridge, putting a damper on our avocado dreams.

Clean Your Fridge

Cleaning the fridge may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many folks skip this chore. While some might chuckle at the thought, there are more reasons to tidy up your fridge than just hygiene – let’s spill the secrets.

Never Store Mushrooms In A Plastic Bag

Mushrooms, the flavor boosters in Asian, Italian, and many other cuisines, are a go-to for enhancing taste and serving as vegan or vegetarian substitutes. With various varieties to satisfy your fungi cravings, there’s a catch – they tend to go bad easily.

Put Ice Cream Containers In Plastic Bags

Ice cream, a delightful treat, usually disappears from the freezer in no time. Yet, for the disciplined few who stash a carton away and forget, a sad discovery awaits. The next scoop reveals a frosty surprise – freezer burn has turned the once creamy delight into a ruined dessert.

Melt Crystalized Honey To Get The Original Texture Back

Honey, a pantry essential with countless uses – sweetening tea to DIY face masks. Every honey type eventually crystallizes, but fear not, it’s not destined for the trash. There’s a sweet solution to revive your honey crystals.

Bread Should Never Go In The Fridge

Bread boxes on countertops make it clear – bread shouldn’t go in the fridge. However, some believe refrigeration prevents mold growth in bread, which can happen swiftly. The question arises: to fridge or not to fridge for a longer bread life? Let’s clear the confusion.

Where Do Tomatoes Go?

The eternal question: where should tomatoes go? The usual suspect is the fridge, like most fruits and veggies. Surprise – that’s not the right answer! For perfect tomatoes, let’s debunk the myth and discover the correct spot.

Green Onions Should Be Frozen In A Plastic Bottle

Green onions, the Asian cuisine staple, often come in bunches, leaving you with extras that can spoil quickly. Instead of tossing them and wasting money, there’s a nifty trick to save those surplus green onions.

Make Sure Your Lettuce Stays Crispy And Fresh

Ever faced the disappointment of wilted lettuce because you couldn’t polish off the entire bag? Soggy, limp greens are nobody’s favorite when you could have enjoyed fresh, crisp lettuce instead. It’s a problem that’s all too familiar and universally vexing.

Put Red Spices In The Refrigerator So They Stay Flavorful

Spices, the culinary game-changers, have the power to transform even the blandest dishes. While some believe spices are immortal flavor warriors, that’s not entirely true. Incorrect storage can strip them of their potency, leaving you with lackluster meals. Let’s ensure your spices stay as vibrant as your taste buds deserve.

Treat Your Delicate Herbs Like Flowers

Fresh herbs, the flavor and color heroes in the kitchen, often end up wilted within days of purchase. But fear not, a simple solution lies in treating your herbs like you would fresh flowers. Keep them perky and vibrant for longer with this easy trick.

Use Vinegar To Keep Berries Ripe

Berries, the year-round snack champions, can quickly turn mushy and moldy if not devoured promptly. The disappointment of opening a container to find all your berries gone bad before you can enjoy them is all too familiar. Let’s tackle this berry dilemma with a solution to keep them fresh and delightful.

Cucumbers Should Be Kept At Room Temperature

Cucumbers might not be the most thrilling veggies, but their versatility with dips makes them a snack favorite. Yet, for frequent buyers, the frustration of cucumbers turning mushy and rotten, especially the smaller ones, is all too real. Let’s tackle the challenge of keeping those cucumbers crisp and delightful.

These Ethylene Gas Absorbers Are A Must For Your Fridge

Ethylene gas, though not a household name, plays a crucial role in the ripening process of fruits and vegetables. Unlike something with a noticeable scent or color, ethylene is invisible to the eye. Think of it as the growth hormones for plants, aiding in their natural development much like hormones do for humans.

Freeze Maple Syrup Forever

Maple syrup lovers, especially those with a Canadian-level passion, will appreciate this trick to extend its lifespan. Pure maple syrup doesn’t come cheap, so wasting it is out of the question. If you stumble upon a sale, consider buying in bulk and make that liquid gold last for years.

The Bottom Of Your Oven Can Be Used For Keeping Food Warm

Like many, we always assumed the bottom drawer on our oven was for storage – a handy extra space to stash things. Since storing items inside the oven is a no-go for safety reasons, it seemed logical. But, surprise surprise, turns out we were mistaken about its purpose.

Never Have An Exploding Juice Box Again

Kids and messes – a classic duo. Picture this: attempting to soothe a screaming child with a juice box, only to have them squeeze it a tad too vigorously, resulting in a sticky juice explosion. Now, you’re dealing with a wailing child covered in juice, adding another cleanup task to your list. Oh, the joys of parenting!

Revive Raisins In Hot Water

Raisins, beloved by people of all ages, sneak into everything from trail mix to cookies. Even when you least expect it, there they are. Yet, over time, raisins can become dry and hard. Before you toss them aside, hold on – there’s a trick to revive those seemingly lifeless raisins!

Butter Will Stop Cheese From Drying Out

Cheese – a delight so irresistible that even the lactose-intolerant are willing to brave discomfort. Yet, once you slice into that wedge, the end can dry up, and suddenly, it loses its charm. Nobody wants to nibble on a dry cheese end. But fear not, there’s a solution to salvage that last piece!

Nut Butters Should Be Upside Down

Peanut butter enthusiasts, unite! The disappointment of reaching the bottom of the jar only to find it dried up is all too familiar. It began with oil on top, but evidently, that moisture didn’t make it to the bottom. The struggle of spreading dried, crumbly peanut butter is real, but fear not – there’s a way to salvage the situation.

Rules For The Perfect Refrigerator

Organizing the refrigerator is an art, and everyone has their own method. But fear not, we’ve uncovered the optimal spots for different types of food to ensure longevity and prevent them from going rancid. First things first, set the fridge temperature to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) or below to deter bacteria growth, and don’t forget to adjust the settings on the vegetable drawers too. Let the food preservation mastery begin!

The Dent In The Milk Bottle Is Actually Very Important

Ever pondered the purpose of that little dent in your plastic milk container? It might seem insignificant, but it actually serves a quite useful function. This tiny dent can spare you from the dreaded smell test, giving you a simple way to determine if your milk is still good. Let the mystery of the milk dent be unveiled!

Potatoes Should Stay In Dark Places

Unless you’re conducting a potato science experiment, you probably want to avoid the sprouting stage in a potato’s life. Sprouting indicates that they’re no longer edible, and throwing them away feels like tossing money in the trash. Let’s navigate the journey of potatoes and learn how to save them from the sprouting fate!

Certain Alcohols Never Expire

If you have had a bottle of alcohol sitting on your shelf unopened for a few years, you don’t need to worry about rushing to drink it. While most things in the kitchen have an expiration date, alcohol can last for years without going bad. 

Roast Nuts And Then Freeze Them When You Get Home From The Store

Nuts are a fantastic go-to for quick, nutritious snacks and versatile recipe additions. However, the excitement fades when you discover soft nuts that have been lingering in the drawer for too long. Fear not – there’s a simple solution to bring back the crunch and revive those nuts to their former glory!

Oily Herbs Are Come Tied Together For A Reason

Contrary to popular belief, not all foods should be treated equally, especially herbs. Each type of herb has its own storage rules to maximize flavor and utility. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario; you can’t just toss them all in the fridge, as each herb type comes with its distinct properties. Let’s unveil the secrets to proper herb storage for maximum freshness and flavor!

Aluminum Foil Is A Life Saver For Keeping Veggies Fresh

Indeed, aluminum foil is a true lifesaver, akin to the duct tape of kitchen essentials. It’s not just for quick fixes around the house – wrapping vegetables in foil makes it a definite kitchen staple. With aluminum foil, you’ve got a versatile tool to tackle various kitchen challenges, including efficient veggie storage. Let the foil do its magic!

Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps To Close Plastic Bags

While plastic isn’t the best for the environment, sometimes it’s necessary. But fear not, you can give old plastic a second life through various DIY hacks, including this one. Those flimsy plastic bags from the store don’t stay closed unless you tie a knot. However, what if you need to open them quickly? Let’s unravel a clever trick for hassle-free bag access!

Freeze Mashed Potatoes Like This

As Thanksgiving approaches, followed by the holiday season, you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by an abundance of leftovers. Yet, it can be challenging to go through all that leftover goodness before it’s time to bid them farewell. The struggle of dealing with heaps of leftovers is real, but fear not – there are tricks to make the most of your holiday feast remnants!

Freeze Fresh Herbs For This Reason

The mystery of fresh herbs: they never seem to come in small amounts. Regardless of where you buy them, you’re left with more than you need. Instead of letting them go to waste, save those excess herbs for your next culinary venture without making another trip to the store. Let’s unravel the secret to preserving those precious herbs!

Remove Beet Leaves To Keep Them Fresh

Beets, despite their earthy taste and potential for staining everything from clothes to hands and mouths, can be surprisingly delicious when cooked right. These vibrant veggies, rich in vitamins, contribute to strength and overall health. So, if you can conquer the taste of dirt, you’ve got a versatile and nutritious ingredient ready to elevate your meals!

Spray Left Over Guacamole With Cooking Spray Before Putting It Back In The Fridge

Guacamole, arguably the best dip in the world, is a heavenly delight when paired with fresh tortilla chips. However, the magic fades when you’re left with leftover guac that turns an unappetizing shade of brown in the container. Let’s address the plight of brown guacamole and find a solution to keep it looking as delicious as it tastes!

Freeze Green Beans Without Blanching Them

If you have a green thumb, take a moment to appreciate your garden’s bounties, especially those hard-earned green beans. Growing them isn’t a walk in the park, but the payoff is worth it. Green beans are versatile and can fit into numerous recipes, showcasing the fruits of your gardening labor. Before diving into any tricks, let’s give a nod to your green bean triumph!

Store Asparagus Like Flowers

Just like herbs, each vegetable has its own set of storage rules. We’ve covered tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots, each with its specific needs. Now, for asparagus enthusiasts willing to brave the after-effects, here’s a trick to keep them fresh until you’re ready to cook them. Let’s unlock the secret to maintaining the freshness of this beloved green veggie!

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