If you want to live a healthy life, you need to eat healthily. One of the most common characteristics of most people in the world is that they love eating. Today, the food choices that we make are usually limited by our imaginations. People prefer food combinations with different textures and flavours; however, certain food combinations shouldn’t be consumed because they can result in digestive problems. Not many people understand food combinations that don’t match. Eating the right food combinations will make your body well-nourished and healthy. Below are some of the top unhealthy food combinations to avoid.

Fruits and Meal

Fruits digest more quickly than most other foods. Consuming fruits with meals, especially heavy meals or proteins, can cause fermentation and digestive issues. It’s generally better to eat fruits on an empty stomach or as a snack between meals.

Banana and Milk

This combination looks very healthy, although people will be shocked that it’s not a healthy option when combined. This is because the two meals are hefty and shouldn’t be taken together. Digesting banana and milk is difficult and can even slow proper brain functioning. The two are from opposite food quality. One has cooling quality whereas the other one has heating quality. Bananas turn to be sour during breakdown and become toxic when mixed with milk. Due to this, some problems such as rashes, cough, cold, and allergy may arise.

Burger and Fries

It’s common for people to have fries alongside burger. The bitter truth is that this is a disaster. The two foods are rich in fat. Therefore, consuming the two will make you tired and lazy within no time. Both foods are fried in nature, and they result in a rapid increase in sugar and cholesterol levels in the body — these further results in increased appetite and weight gain.

Beans and Cheese

Cheese is a dairy product that’s rich in protein. In most cases, these foods result in stomach bloating and weaken the digestion process because they’re both heavy to digest. Naturally, cheese has heating quality whereas beans have either heating or cooling quality, which brings digestive system confusion. In case they reach the colon, then the sweating, urination, and faecal movement gets infected and slows down.

Pizza and Soda

This is everyone’s favourite combination. However, this combination is acidic. Pizza is rich in both proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, it utilizes much of the body energy during the digestion process. On the other hand, drinking soda slows down the digestion process. This eventually leads to stomach and gastric related problems.

Food and Water/Juice

One of the worst and toxic combinations is drinking water or juice while taking a meal. This is because the water or juice you take dilutes the acid in your stomach and reduces the effectiveness of carbohydrates, protein and fats breakdown. Therefore, it’s recommended that you should take water for at least ten minutes before you take a meal. This’ll prevent diluting the stomach enzymes and overeating as well.

Yoghurt and Fruits

Combining yoghurt with fruits isn’t a good idea because the stomach digests yoghurt at a much different pace. Yoghurt has a lot of bacteria that acts on the present sugar in fruits. On the other hand, the acids in fruits will interfere with yoghurt digestion. Although the combination may taste good, it’s advisable to enjoy each food separately. Taking these foods at the same time will result in a digestive fire, which can lead to cough, cold, and skin allergies.

Eggs and Meat

Although some people think that taking this food combination is very healthy, the truth is that it’s not. These are two foods that are highly rich in protein — taking the two overloads the digestive system since they both take a long time to digest.

Potato and Meat

Many people prefer fries with a steak. Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be the case. Potatoes are rich in starch, which demands a lot of alkalotic digestive fluids. On the other hand, meat requires a lot of acidic digestive liquids. After consuming the two, they get stuck in the stomach and thus bringing some gastrointestinal disorders such as heartburn, gas, belching, etc.

In conclusion, these are some of the top unhealthy food combinations to avoid. You might see as if you’ve chosen the right combination only to find out that you’re harming your body.

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