Moments Where Someone Had Absolutely No Idea Who They Were Dealing With


Most of us using the Internet know of the one cardinal rule—think before you tweet. However, there are some who believe that they know better. From the guy who accused the Cowboys player for jumping on the bandwagon to the clueless person who called Natalie Portman a “stupid hipster” to Neil Patrick Harris himself not knowing who Rachel Bloom was, here are some moments where people had no idea who they were dealing with.

How more educated can she get?

This woman decided it was time for her Twitter followers to know just how worried she was about climate change. Well, one guy did not appreciate her sharing her perspective and he decided to give his unwarranted opinion on the matter.

Unfortunately, this actually ended up backfiring on him when he learned his lesson the hard way. Telling someone with a Ph.D. in astrophysics that they need to educate themselves sure sounds excessive.

The ultimate fan

The individual over here was attempting to demonstrate that he was the ultimate *Star Wars* fan until he destroyed his credibility. He didn’t recognize that the person he labeled as a “stupid hipster chick” was actually Natalie Portman.


As in, Natalie Portman, the actress who was in many films from the franchise! Can you believe it? He has nobody but himself to blame.

Now that’s embarrassing

Using a credible paper as a way to demonstrate that someone should rethink their analysis isn’t a bad idea. But perhaps this guy should have checked who the author of the paper was.

Not only did he prove that he had no idea what he was talking about, but he also made an absolute fool of himself in front of the author of a paper that he held in such high regard.

Not only is she a true nerd, but she gets paid for it

It’s pretty interesting how people are eager to test whether someone is a true fan or not, instead of just being excited to have found a fellow nerd.

This guy found out pretty quickly that he had wasn’t the brightest when he decided to quiz this girl on her knowledge of comics. Dude, this chick is on the Marvel payroll. If that isn’t enough of a credential, we don’t know what is.

Patronizing the professor

Ah, the joys of being patronized about a topic that you are so well versed in that sometimes it makes you want to punch it in the face. This guy had no idea who he was dealing with and this woman sure let him know.

In fact, this response deserves a slow clap while this guy goes to find some ice to put on that burn. It hurts to be patronized, but it feels so good to reply with vengeance.

Her moment has arrived

It’s not like winning a number of Golden Globe Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Academy Awards, and Grammy Awards was enough. Finally, there was a talent scout who recognized what a talent Annie Lennox was and offered her the opportunity to make it big.

It seems like Lennox finally had a chance—a chance to show this talent scout that perhaps she should be doing a little background checking on the artists she was trying to sign.

Daddy knows best

Being the dad of a football star like Jay Rodriguez must come with some pretty cool perks. We think that debunking rumors and gossip that go around on Twitter is probably up there on the list.

Just look at this savage response that Enrique Rodriguez had to this guy who was going around saying that he heard Jay may be retiring. Those three words of “I’m his Dad,” pack quite the punch. It’s almost painful to read.

He’s right there!

Taking a photo with a poster of a celebrity is pretty cool, but taking a photo with the celebrity themselves is so much cooler.

Unfortunately for these guys, they were so busy posing with this poster of Lewis Black, that they didn’t even realize the comedian himself was sitting just a few feet away. They are even facing him and his face is turned in their direction. We just want to turn their heads.

“Son,” that’s a burn

When this guy that plays on the Dallas Cowboys got told he was jumping on the bandwagon after posting his team’s success, he had quite the response. You know that you’re in serious trouble when someone begins their sentence with “son”.

We kind of agree with this guy—this person really needs to go and stand in the corner, where they can do some serious self-reflection on what they called this football player.

He needs more

Hmm, we may not know much about terrorism ourselves, but we would certainly expect that the former head of an anti-terrorist intelligence and special branch in Northern Ireland would know a thing or two about the topic.

Apparently, though, this was not enough for this guy to validate that he was talking to an expert on the subject. We don’t really know what else this guy wanted, but we can’t imagine what credentials would be enough.

Hopefully a joke

We really hope that Neil Patrick Harris was making a joke here because we can imagine that this would be pretty awkward the next time these two are in the same room.

Not only did Rachel Bloom remind Harris that they met a number of times, but her husband wrote for Harris’ sitcom for five years! We can imagine Neil was pretty embarrassed by all this.

Don’t question the master

We appreciate that people don’t take things at face value on the internet and that they question where people get their sources, but a lot of embarrassment would be avoided if people checked who they’re questioning and the information they’re questioning.

Not only was this guy super qualified to be giving his opinion, but he also made this other guy seem like an absolute fool for questioning him in the first place.

Seeing the bright side

There’s always a way to take bad reviews and this guy took it well when someone on Twitter told him that he thought his horror movie was “boring” and “not scary”.

It’s pretty cool to see that there are people out there who still see the bright side of things, like the fact that this guy took the time to watch his movie in the first place.

Olympian turned photographer

We’re guessing these two ladies are not sports enthusiasts, seeing as they would rather have Olympic gold medalist, Katie Ledecky, take their picture, as opposed to being in the picture.

We can imagine that it was a relief for Ledecky, who’s probably used to being asked to be in photos, to be given the camera to hold instead of having to smile and pose. We hope she’s as good of a photographer as she is as an athlete.

One truth and one lie

One of these guys is lying, and yet they both claim to have been there, so we wonder who over here is not telling the truth?

We probably would have to say that it’s the guy who the story’s about, yet maybe he’s just trying to cover up how embarrassing being booed off the stage must have been for him. Well, we certainly were not there, so we can’t give our opinion on the matter.


Ah, we kind of feel bad for Mike Joyce over here. First, he wasn’t recognized as the drummer from the notorious rock band The Smiths. Then, he was told by a fellow audience member at some gig that the guitarist from his band was on stage.

Things got worse when they recognized the song being played was from Joyce’s band, but they still didn’t realize who Joyce was. Now that has got to hurt!

Eight Bucks

There are all kinds of ways to raise money. While some are a bit sleazier than others, asking individuals to donate a few bucks here and there is a perfectly reasonable way to fundraise.

Next time you use someone else’s actions to make you feel better about yourself, you should probably make sure that what they’re doing is actually a bad idea. Don’t worry, a simple explanation should set this person straight.

Ahead of the headgear trend

It’s usually a good rule of thumb not to comment on what people look like, because you never really know what they’re going through. This is a prime example since this guy is wearing a bandana because he’s currently undergoing chemotherapy.

There’s no denying that he does look like Michael from The Office, but honestly, we think it’s a cool look for him. Much better than some of the toupees and dodgy hairpieces we’ve seen on our screens, that’s for sure.

The world isn’t purple and white

The world of cosplaying is a very nuanced place. It’s like its own little ecosystem, with rules about exactly how to do it, and which practices are and aren’t acceptable. We had no idea it was so much more than just dressing up.

We think this woman did a great job of cosplaying as Amethyst. Of course, it’s important to be sensitive these days, but last time we checked, the term “people of color” didn’t include people who were literally the color purple.

Great suggestion, wrong guy to give it to

It’s always a good idea to read news reports from different sources—from the more conservative to the more liberal. However, it’s not smart to recommend reading conservative news sources to a guy who’s the editor of an online conservative editorial magazine like *National Review*.

It would be pretty weird if he was not already reading conservative news sources, so we don’t think he needs this person to tell him that he needs to start doing so.

Not just any ‘blogger.’

Okay, this guy is correct that a lot of people get questionable information from blogs, but perhaps he should check out who some of the authors are of the blogs.

He might be interested to learn that there are very qualified individuals out there who are running blogs and some of them may know a little more than he does.

He is literally that guy

It must have been a bittersweet victory for this guy after he received this email from a recruiter.

Basically, the recruiter rejected this candidate which is pretty standard in the job-searching world, but what’s unique about this situation was that the recruiter recommended he study a write-up written by none other than the candidate! We’re sure this recruiter feels pretty stupid after reading the candidate’s response.

Nice job calling out the writer

Maybe Paul Cornell hasn’t binged through all 12 seasons of Dr. Who, but he sure has written them. We can understand how people watching the TV series may not know who the writer was behind them, but a true fan would certainly know who Paul Cornell was.

Well, this guy tried to assert himself as being all about Dr. Who, but all he has managed to do was successfully make a fool of himself. Congratulations, dude.

A for effort

It is pretty cool that this guy tried to make a chess analogy to explain his perspective on what was going on politically. Unfortunately, the International Chess Federation felt the need to point out how his whole analogy made no sense at all.

It seems like he could not handle being corrected and decided to correct the International Chess Federation. Although we feel like these guys do not need any explanations on how chess works.

Save Jesus

We feel pity for this priest who thought he was doing a good deed by calling the police about a homeless person who was sleeping on a park bench. We can imagine he was trying to get them to a safe place, where they could be looked after and sheltered.

What they were unable to recognize, however, was that the person they were busy trying to save was the Savior himself—Jesus.

Starting drama

It goes without saying that there are simply a lot of people on the internet who are just lurking around, trying to find things that they can start up some drama with.

This girl over here is one of those people, who called out another girl for only posting photos of women with “light skin”. Maybe next time she should settle down and take a closer look. If she had done so, she would have realized it was all the same woman.

You Musk Be Joking

It’s not every day that a personality like Elon Musk buys a social media giant like Twitter. That’s how you can tell we’re only moments away from chaos. And there was chaos, alright.

People have been mocking his decision to charge $8 to stay verified on the platform since he announced it because surely you can’t put a price on free speech—right? But it looks like the King of Twitter isn’t going to be changing his mind any time soon.

Give credit where credit is due

We just love when people try to educate others using sources that the people they are trying to educate have written. That was sarcastic, by the way, if you were unable to tell.

This guy has made himself look like such a fool trying to give these sources to this journalist to read up on. This woman’s work being sourced over here makes her social media posts so much more credible than this guy’s piece of advice will ever be.

Exactly like the skateboarder

Oh man, it must be the worst to be Tony Hawk and only look like Tony Hawk from the side. We wonder what this guy thought Tony Hawk looked like from the front, if he was unable to recognize the skateboarder when he was right in front of him?

He probably read this social media post later and was kicking himself for being so oblivious to the fact that he had a legend standing right in front of him earlier that day.

She’s the artist

Plagiarism is one of the worst things one can do to an artist, but it is also a very intense accusation to call someone out on.

When these guys tried to accuse this artist of stealing artwork, she certainly showed them who was boss and put them in their place, letting them know she was the one who had created it. At least they had the decency to acknowledge that they were incorrect and respond to her with a pretty shameful “oh…”

Double checking goes a long way

We are finding it pretty interesting how quick people are to offer their opinion without checking who they are giving their opinion to. You would think that before saying something to someone about a company, you would check whether they had any association with the company.

Well, apparently that is not standard procedure and many people find themselves digging a hole deeper than they could have ever imagined. We hope these people learn from their mistakes.

A baffling moment

Yes, it sure is frustrating when people express their opinions on matters that they clearly know nothing about.

This person however, seems to have expressed their opinion on a subject that they had a lot of knowledge of, except that it was not an opinion that this other guy appreciated. Apparently this gave him the right to express how baffled he was by the “absolute dimness of people.” All we have to say to this guy is that we are truly baffled by his lack of respect.

But, she wrote it

People on the internet get pretty heated when it comes to conversations about *Harry Potter*. With all of the theories that go around, it is hard to keep up. It feels like everyone has an opinion they need to share when it comes to this Wizarding World.

Apparently, not even the author of *Harry Potter* can keep up with her fans. This guy decided to share what he felt Snape’s true intentions were to J.K. Rowling herself.

The man, the myth, the unrecognizable legend

It is safe to assume that this TSA agent was probably not expecting to be checking Tony Hawk’s ID when he rolled into work that moment. But here he was, glancing at an ID that happened to look like the skateboarder with the same name as the skateboarder.

At least this guy knew who Tony Hawk was and was actually interested in what was going on in his life. We think this it’s pretty cool.

Missed the shot

We are guessing that no one really expects to get scouted in their lifetime, especially not by a talent scout working for Marvel. In defense of these guys, we would have dismissed this guy just as easily if we did not know who he was.

Unfortunately for them, they missed out on having their work checked out by one of the biggest names in the game. This could have been the big break that they were waiting for.

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