36+ Hilarious Texts From Dads That Have Us Laughing Out Loud


Dads have many hidden talents and making corny jokes happens to be one of their best. They have a special kind of humor that makes us feel loved and humiliated at the same time.

From using hilarious puns to throwing in out-of-place photos and emojis, these funny texts showcase pure dad energy. Prepare to laugh at a dad joke or two!

Party for One

When you’re feeling insecure about your friends, or lack of, you can always count on your parents to pick you up and have you feeling better about yourself again. Or so you’d think.

Your dad will be there to make a cheesy joke at your own expense. If the kid wasn’t conscious about not having a budding social life, they are now.

Cracking the Code

Asking for what you need straight up can be seen as a little rude, especially when it’s cash. In some cases, you have to drop hints and hope that the other party gets the me$age.

This dad picked up on his kid’s subtleties, but he wasn’t having any of it. Not only did he give his child a taste of their own medicine, but he also ended the conversation with some sound, fatherly advice.

Moving Out Early

Annoying your children with corny jokes comes with the territory when you’re a parent. After all, you tolerate their outbursts and tantrums for years, so there should be some perks to the job.

This is one foolproof way to become an empty nester! Drive your children into finally moving out by avoiding all questions and answering inappropriately. That’ll do it.

Cute Nicknames

Growing up, you may have had a cute nickname or two that your mom and dad called you as a term of endearment. You can only hope that the nicknames stayed just as cute when your back was turned.

This kid learned the hard way that their dad’s nickname for them wasn’t so sweet. At least he was apologetic when he was caught out, right?

Fire-Breathing Girlfriend

Dads just want their children to be happy. They want you to have everything that you could possibly want or need. But they aren’t wizards. Some things even they can’t magic up.

When you’re sarcastic with your dad, you should expect a sarcastic response back. Maybe this kid’s request was a bit of a stretch. Perhaps they should settle for something like a video game.

The Force is Strong

When your dad is a sci-fi nerd, there’s no escaping Star Wars references. Your parents naming you Luke probably doesn’t help the situation, either.

We have to admire the dad’s dedication to the continuation of the joke. Changing his own name on his kid’s phone? This joke is so cheesy that Darth Vader himself would probably crack a smile under his mask.

Unhappy Father’s Day

When you’re a father to more than one child, treating them equally isn’t always an easy feat to master. When you’re closer to one of them, favoritism can become a huge issue.

But this kid seems to know their place in the ranks and happens to be totally fine with their station. Maybe the solution really is disliking them all equally.

No Answer

In a world where technology is at the center of all communication, it’s difficult to remember life before it. What did we even do all those years ago before texting?

We can appreciate that this dad’s first response was to reach out to his kid in the fastest way he knew possible—it’s sweet! But maybe a little thought should have gone into it first.

Spaced Out

Texting is a skill and for many parents, it takes some time and practice to master the art of it. However, it can make communication between parents and children a bit frustrating.

Luckily, this pops is fortunate enough to have a child who is ready and willing to teach him how to use his phone properly. It’s just too cute!

Who’s Your Daddy

Laughing at your own bad jokes is never a cool thing to do. And when it’s your dad who’s doing the laughing, it can make you want to be swallowed into the ground whole.

This text double entendre is both hilarious and cringeworthy—the true mark of any good dad joke. This dad is definitely coming through and providing the comedy.

Fried Fish Fiasco

While dads have many useful skills that they pass on to their children, cooking usually isn’t one of them. It’s certainly not a given to receive a text like this from your father, especially at 1:15 am.

We love the way this dad is so oddly specific about his “lightly fried fish fillets for dinner”. That’s one way to start the morning!

Repeat After Me

Because most dads are members of the boomer generation, getting a handle on modern technology doesn’t usually come naturally to them. In fact, it can result in some funny blunders and mistakes.

Thank goodness that there is a Gen Z kid for most boomer dads out there to point out their technological mishaps. Honestly, what would they do without us?

Shock Factor

Most dads want their children to have every opportunity to succeed in life. But finding out that they’re about to become a grandpa is the last thing they want when their kid is still in high school.

Luckily for this dad, his child was only kidding. He was probably relieved that it was only a biology test that his kid had flunked and not a pregnancy test.

Bad Education

Nobody likes to hear that their child is being bullied in school, let alone by their teacher. What kind of full-grown adult picks on a little kid?

While it’s not usually encouraged to talk back to your teachers, especially in this tone, this dad couldn’t be happier to hear how his kid stuck up for themself. Way to go, Dad!


Having a close relationship with your dad is a great thing. But not every detail needs to be shared—there are some things you just can’t unhear.

There’s nothing worse than learning something new about your parents that you wish you didn’t know. While this kid is probably relieved that their dad’s health is in check, we can’t help but think they’re a bit mortified.

Going Green

Some things are worth sharing with the rest of the family, and some things are best forgotten about. This instance is definitely the second one.

We have tons of respect for this dad for playing off the awkward typo with humor, but we can’t get over how embarrassing it is. Here’s to hoping this conversation never went any further than this text.

Serious Business

Whatever the weather, dads are always ready and willing to answer our burning questions with unserious, non-related answers. While this can have us laughing in hysterics most of the time, we sometimes wish they’d cut it out.

Even in what sounds like a pretty serious situation, this dad isn’t able to put his humor to the side for a minute and focus. At least the lawn will look great!

Back to Basics

When you’re talking with your children about body parts, it’s super important to proofread your texts before sending them. If you don’t, you can get yourself into some pretty awkward situations.

Even though this dad managed to correct himself in time, we can’t imagine a worse text to send to your kid. Thank the high heavens that that was a typo. We’d be super worried if it wasn’t.

Bathroom Break

Don’t even pretend that you don’t take your phone into the bathroom with you. We all do it. But what we don’t do is text selfies to people while literally doing our business.

While we get that this dad needed tech advice from his kid, couldn’t he have waited until he left the toilet? It must have been super urgent!


Teaching your parents text abbreviations should make your life a whole lot easier. But as it turns out, it can result in quite the opposite.

While this dad seems thrilled he learned a new abbreviation, we can’t help but think his kid regrets teaching him it in the first place. Maybe it’s time they taught him a new phrase he can use.

Daily Headlines

Staying up to date with current affairs is always a good thing, and with modern technology, we have no excuse not to. Hats off to this dad for keeping his kids in the loop by sending them all the relevant scoops.

Some dads wish you good morning. Some tell you to have a nice day at school. Some dads text you important news highlights.

Rise and Shine

Waking up in the morning can be hard. The harsh light peeking through the curtains, the loud alarm clock, and the noisy bird song. But there might be a way to make it easier.

This creative dad has officially rendered alarm clocks a thing of the past. While we happen to think this is hilarious, the kid receiving these texts clearly thinks otherwise.

Fishy Sense of Humor

We pretend that we dislike dad jokes when in reality, they’re absolutely hilarious and we cannot get enough of them. Honestly, the cheesier the better.

Just when we thought the joke reached its final cringy punch line, this dad threw in another play-on-words that has us in fits of laughter. We can only hope his kid has the same sense of humor as us.

Little Birdy Said

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to be with loved ones, have a good time, and enjoy great food. It’s also a time to enjoy dad’s great sense of humor.

While he technically did answer the question, we get the feeling that that wasn’t the answer their kid was looking for. We can only imagine the insane eye roll this kid gave when they read the latest text from their dad.

Late Night Musings

Getting a text from your dad after 1 a.m. is already an unusual thing, let alone a text about his opinions on the music industry. That’s hardly urgent news.

We can only wonder what their dad was up to at that time of night when he felt the need to message his kid about Avril Lavigne. Whatever the reason for the text, we agree.

Goat Attack

Having a positive outlook on life is so important. It can drastically improve both your mental and physical health, and give you a more optimistic perspective on things.

This dad happens to be all about positive affirmations and he’s raising his kids to think the same way that he does. We love that he’s doing it in the most hilarious way.

Sunny Disposition

The best dad jokes are the ones that seemingly come out of nowhere and catch us off guard. They lure you in, making you believe that they’re onto something, and then surprise you with a cringy pun or two.

While this kid is clearly appalled by his dad’s sense of humor, we think that it’s hilarious. Keep the dad jokes coming!

Bean There Done That

Sometimes, the best way to get someone to quit bugging you is to act as though what they’re doing doesn’t bother you at all. Just don’t rise to it. That’s maybe what should have happened here.

This dad knew what he was doing. Once any dad knows how to push your buttons, do you seriously think he’ll stop? Rookie error.

Date Night

A close father-son bond is special. Feeling as though you can ask your dad anything without fear of judgment is a luxury that not everybody has.

Here’s a great example of how asking stupid questions can get you stupid answers. We reckon that this kid will be doing his own grocery shopping from now on to avoid the embarrassment.

Taco Talk

Text abbreviations have made all of our lives so much easier. They get the message across without having to say too much. But most dads struggle to understand these phrases.

However, this dad has all of us shook, as well as his kid. He’s managed to keep up with what the kids are saying. How many letters even is that?

Moth to a Lame

We’ve all been in this situation. Trapped in one part of the house for too long because of a beast at the threshold. But clearly, someone’s dad has been watching too many horror movies.

While this is a hilarious response to the messages from his kid, we can’t imagine his sense of humor was appreciated at the time of the disaster.

Cue the Crickets

With air travel being so common, it’s easy to forget how dangerous it can be. It’s always a good idea to check in on people that are flying, just to make sure that they’re safe.

This dad thought he’d save his family the trouble of asking and updating them on his whereabouts. We feel kind of bad for him—what a response! Or lack of.

Common Ground

The reason that we all love dad jokes is that they’re light-hearted, wholesome, and corny. But sometimes, these jokes can be taken a little too far.

This dad’s humor got a little too dark for his kid and he had to act fast to backtrack what he said. He’s gonna have to do some serious damage control after this.

The Gull

While some dad jokes will actually tickle your funny bone with their sharp punchlines and witty twists, jokes about flying creatures don’t always land.

Even though we found it kind of funny, this kid was less than impressed with this seagull joke. When you can’t think of a good response to a bad joke, sometimes an emoji says it all.


Let’s face it, math sucks. It’s one of the classes in school that everybody dreads, and the homework isn’t that much better. It’s a good thing you always have your parents to help when you need them.

But don’t ask your dad for help unless you’re prepared for an onslaught of dad jokes. This kid needed his problems divided and halved, not multiplied.

Art is Everywhere

Having a skill such as drawing is an incredible talent to possess. The ability to muster up an image from only a few words isn’t something that just anyone can do.

This dad used their kid’s amazing art skills to showcase his own sense of humor and we love it. Not only is this artist super talented, but their dad is hilarious!

Page Turner

The cheesy charm of a dad joke is usually strong enough to bridge the generational gaps. But however funny the jokes can get, kids of jokester fathers will often cringe at the ridiculous puns.

Sure, this dad had the decency to warn his son of the impending dad joke, but he decided to go for it anyway. Dad jokes never get boring!

Kind Stranger

Throughout life, you’ll have many friendships and relationships that will come and go. But the one you have with your parents is something that’s irreplaceable. So when you lose your mom or dad, it can be hard to move on.

Thankfully, friends, family, and even kind strangers will almost always show empathy and help you through these difficult times. We’re glad this person stepped up!

Parenting Done Right

No matter how you raise your children, they’ll eventually start to think for themselves. You just have to hope that they have enough sense to do the right thing.

Wow! This dad has nailed good parenting. He taught his son how to have a wicked sense of humor, but still punished him when he acted disrespectfully to members of authority.

The Truth Can Hurt

With every parent and child relationship, there can be bumps in the road. They’re not always smooth sailing, and when you live in such close quarters with your folks, tensions can arise.

Airing grievances via text is always the preferred choice for those avoiding a conflict. But this text is definitely a little on the toxic side, especially as a response to asking to throw a party. Yeesh!

Happy Birthday to Me

Dads have a lot on their plate—supporting their family, keeping their marriage happy, and keeping up with the football scores. Remembering every birthday of each of your children can be challenging.

After all, the miracle of childbirth can really take it out of you, allowing you to lose track of time. We’re sure that this dad appreciated the gentle reminder.

Feeling Proud

Coming out of the closet is a big deal, especially to your mom and dad. Many children fear that their parents will have certain expectations of them and will not take the news well.

However, this dad, not only took the news well but made sure their child knew that they were totally okay with it. The kid must have been really relieved.

Magical Sense of Humor

While there’s a great amount of dad jokes that we will still snigger at, there’s a decent amount that just fall completely flat. Landing the perfect dad joke is all about knowing your audience.

We can’t help but think this child wasn’t a huge Harry Potter fan because we think the dad joke is pretty funny. We love a HP reference!

Wrong Number

Millennials and Gen Zers have ruled the web for a while. There happen to be enough abbreviations and emojis for them to conceal their true intentions from the older generation. However, slowly but surely, they began to catch on.

We honestly can’t think of anything more embarrassing than texting your dad instead of your boyfriend, but sending a text including explicit codes takes the cake. Awkward.

Not for You

Teens love getting surprises from their parents, and the idea that they could be getting a new cellphone is enough to make them jump for joy! Well, jumping in a cool way.

But imagine just when you thought you were finally getting the newest piece of tech, you’re bubble was completely burst by your dad. It couldn’t have been an easy bombshell to accept.

Backed Up Puns

Puns can be super witty if they’re said right. If there’s even the slightest hiccup in the delivery, the joke can fall totally flat.

It’s one thing to bring up a pun in a face-to-face conversation as it comes to mind, but it’s another thing entirely to think of one, find a contact in your phone, type it out, and send it. This is one dirty pun!

Wrong Kid

It can get really confusing for parents to stay on top of things when they have multiple children. Each of them is an individual with their own needs, and sometimes wires get crossed.

This dad clearly has a few children on his mind and he has completely lost track of who needs what from him. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

To the Moon and Back

Watching our parents’ generation try to keep up with modern trends, like the use of emojis, can be super cringy. More often than not, they’re completely misused and totally out of context.

However, sometimes there are exceptions. We can’t get over how on-point this dad’s emoji game is. Here’s to hoping that we get a sweet text like this from our dad.

Getting Busy

With a generational gap as large as the one we see today, close father/child bonds aren’t as common as they once were. It’s rare and touching to see openness in these kinds of relationships.

While it’s always nice to receive a warning for things you don’t want to see, what happened to the old “sock on the door” concept? We hope this kid isn’t scared for life!

Fruity Humor

There’s nothing like a visual pun to get the comedic juices flowing. Get ready for the scoffing and eye-rolling.

Tech-wise, this dad might be living in the Middle Ages. But humor-wise, he’s living in 3023. It’s just a shame that his kid doesn’t see it that way too. The apple seems to have fallen far from the tree.

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