40+ Times People Acted Badly and Were Called Out For It


Paying it forward has become super trendy over the past few years—people have become invested in doing acts of kindness to brighten other people’s days. But for every good deed, there are tons of people who act like complete jerks.

These people found joy in ruining everyone else’s days and they’ve been called out for it on the internet. You won’t believe how far they went!

Bah, Humbug!

While it’s always magical to drive through neighborhoods full of twinkling Christmas lights, we’ve all heard about neighbors who get a little too competitive over their holiday displays.

However, we’ve never heard of a neighbor being shamed for NOT decorating their home. This angry letter-writer needs to chill out and enjoy the festivities, and leave their neighbors alone to enjoy the holiday season however they choose.

Flight Behavior

Ugh, this photo makes us feel icky just looking at it. Airplane etiquette can be a challenge, but this is next-level gross. Forget taking reclining your seat too far, putting your bare feet up on someone’s armrest is all kinds of nasty.

Let’s hope it was a short flight and that the poor person in front didn’t have to put up with this unpleasant imposition for hours on end.

Photoshop of Horrors

It’s already hard enough to be a step-child and feel like you’re not as loved or wanted as a parent’s biological kids. Instead of making sure her stepson felt secure and part of the family, this mom decided to do the opposite.

We’re glad to see that people had the same reaction to this post as us. We’re sure that no self-respecting Photoshop whizz would agree to take on this heartless request.

Keyboard Warrior

Shoplifting is always a problem for store employees, but this keyboard kleptomaniac really got creative with their crime. We have to wonder whether they were actually upgrading their own keyboard with new keys or whether they just took these letters to inconvenience everyone else in the store.

Either way, we’re sure they’re now on a watch list and won’t be welcomed back to this store any time in the near future.

Karma is Coming

We all know that disabled parking is a crucial way of making daily life accessible for disabled folks and their families. For this car to park right in the middle of a clearly marked disabled spot is not only disgraceful, but it’s also problematic for people who actually need the extra space.

There is most definitely some bad karma heading for the owner of the offending car.

Train Wreck

Putting your feet up on public transport is always a no-no, but this person really went all out with their relaxed posture and happily took up a table for four.

While this photo was taken on a train taking people to the airport, we feel for whoever had to sit near her on the flight. We have a feeling she’d be a nightmare airplane seatmate.

Perfect Revenge

We all know that some people take a lot of pride in their cars and make sure they’re always looking pristine and perfect.

We’re guessing that this vandalism is the work of an angry ex and that this person’s partner knew how to hit them where it would hurt the most. That paint job is going to be pretty pricey to fix—let’s hope they deserved it.

Car Collector

It’s totally understandable why some families need multiple vehicles—maybe several household members need a car for work or have other transportation needs.

However, owning six cars is going a little overboard and we can’t see why anyone would possibly need so many. This person needs to get a garage or a bigger driveway because using the sidewalk as a parking lot extension is not going to fly for much longer.

Bad Boss

In this day and age, we hope that most bosses will be supportive of their employees when they want to start a family and consider their needs as their expenses grow.

Unfortunately, this boss has an alarmingly old-school attitude when it comes to his workers. We’re sorry to hear this guy got fired, but at least he won’t have to work for this jerk anymore.

What a Rip-off

No one could deny that these images are pretty much identical. Ripping off another artist’s work is bad enough on its own, let alone when you use the rip-off to win money and prestige.

We hope this artist finds a Luxembourgish speaker to help fight her case and show this copycat that he can’t get away with stealing other people’s work.

Paternity Test

Finding out you’re not blood-related to your family members is always a bombshell, but there’s nothing quite like a dad finding out he’s not the real father of his child.

From the mom’s response, it’s safe to say that this relationship is over, but let’s hope that this guy can carry on being a great dad to the child he’s raised for three years.

Package Thief

Having packages stolen is often a problem in big apartment complexes, but we’d hope that most people would have the decency to at least return packages that clearly contain medical supplies.

This package thief must have a heart of stone not to give back this package even after the rightful owner promised not to press charges if it was returned to their apartment. We’re losing our faith in humanity.

I Don’t

Engagement rings can be a source of conflict, especially if the woman has a very clear idea of what she wants and the ring doesn’t live up to her expectations.

However, this woman’s behavior is terrible on so many levels that we don’t even know where to start. From snooping in her BF’s nightstand to publicly shaming the ring he carefully picked out, she doesn’t deserve a proposal in the first place. Let’s hope her BF realizes before it’s too late.

Date Night

Dating can be tricky when the parties involved have very different ideas about what constitutes a romantic date destination.

Although Applebee’s isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we wonder whether this woman had to be quite so rude to her potential suitor. We have to think he dodged a bullet when she rejected him because she doesn’t sound like a fun date.

We’re Stumped

We can’t believe that someone decided to ignore the fence and plaque and chop down this tree that was planted in honor of a beloved member of the community who passed away from lung cancer, leaving nothing more than a stump behind.

We’ve never seen anything quite like it! Whoever committed this horrible act deserves some seriously bad karma their way.

Karen Energy

Working in a hot kitchen during the summer months can be pretty unbearable. We’re happy to see that this diner decided to give their chefs a break during the hottest part of the day.

However, not everyone was pleased with this compassionate move. This disapproving Karen needs to work a few shifts flipping burgers in July and then let’s see how she feels about a mid-afternoon break.

Turf War

After winning a big game, we can see why football fans would want to take a souvenir home with them to commemorate the triumph.

Instead of buying a foam finger or t-shirt like a regular person, this fan decided to deliberately destroy the football field by pulling up a square of turf. After being caught on camera, we have to wonder if this is the last football game she’s allowed to attend.

Always a Cheater

Unfortunately for this girl, most people would tend to agree that cheating on your partner is “wrong” and “bad”. Breaking someone’s trust and betraying them is a surefire way to end a relationship.

While this woman might think it’s a successful strategy for making her man obey her, the fact that she’s had seven long-term boyfriends might suggest it’s not the most sustainable tactic.

Worst Dad Award

This dad abandoned his kid more than 30 years ago and started a new family. They never speak, apart from when he has a little too much to drink and starts sending texts like this.

This takes toxic parenting to a whole new level and we hope that this person at least has a happy relationship with their mom. Seems like it might be time to block their dad’s number and move on, once and for all.

Ready to Erupt

Kids love learning about volcanoes and there are plenty of fun ways to create eruptions out of things you have lying around the house. But those activities should be limited to your own home or yard.

These parents didn’t get that memo and let their kids make volcanoes at Jersey Mike’s. We feel bad for the staff who had to clean up this mess—they definitely didn’t get paid enough.

Ruff Day

Owning a dog is a great joy and a big responsibility. If you want to have a furry pal, you need to be ready to walk them every day, pay for their vet bills, and yes, pick up after them when they go to the bathroom.

The proximity of the mess to this friendly sign is such that we have to think that the owner allowed their pet to do it on purpose. We hope they are spotted and fined next time.

Dear Daughter

When a parent is diagnosed with cancer, most children just want to make sure their final years are full and meaningful and that they are as comfortable as possible.

This dad with a terminal diagnosis decided to fill what time he had left with enriching experiences, but his daughter had other ideas. Anyone with this attitude shouldn’t be entitled to a penny of inheritance and that’s a fact.

Cheap Seats

Going to the theater is always a thrilling experience, but it’s true that where you sit does make a difference. However, if you receive free tickets to a show, you should be grateful for any view at all.

This unappreciative person thought that it was appropriate to complain to the person who gifted them the seats. The lack of gratitude is breathtaking especially when the gifter seems so kind and sweet.

Seeing Red

Inconsiderate parking is one of those pet peeves that really make us mad. If everyone had the courtesy to park well, the world would be a happier place.

Although this is a pretty extreme reaction to someone parking across the sidewalk, we can understand why the paint-throwers felt like they needed to take drastic action. That car owner must have gotten a shock when they saw their precious vehicle streaked with red.

Road Rage

We get it—when you get home from work and you can’t find a space to park on your own street, it can be pretty frustrating.

However, leaving a threatening note that you’re planning to slash someone’s tires feels like a bit of an overreaction. Let’s hope this guy found a different parking spot before he had to face the wrath of this angry street.

Bee Kind

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows that the bees are in trouble (and that it’s a very big problem for life on our planet).

That’s why poisoning beehives feels like one of the most mindless, destructive crimes you can commit against nature. We’re so sad that all those bees were killed and we can only pray that the perpetrator is brought to justice.

Room for Improvement

Landlords usually want to get the most money possible out of the smallest spaces and unfortunately, we, the renters, are at their mercy.

We feel bad for anyone in Poland who rented one of these sorry excuses for a “room”. Let’s hope this violates some kind of European housing law and the landlord gets taken to court and rinsed for all he’s worth.

Pressing Charges

Many of us are glued to our phones. We can’t go anywhere without them, even to our jobs. If we were to hire employees, we might also be nervous that phones might make them less productive.

However, there are all kinds of situations where a phone might be needed on hand. To refuse your employees from plugging their phones in at work them is simply unreasonable. How much electricity are you really losing from a few chargers?

H2 No

We’re not exactly sure what drives people to steal from others, but people must have their reasons. But stealing from a guy in a wheelchair, who can’t even run after you? Now that’s a whole new low.

We can’t believe this man dared to make eye contact with a person in a wheelchair before walking slowly away with their stuff. Karma is coming for him, make no mistake.

Christmas Miracle

We’ve all heard plenty of stories about men not pulling their weight when it comes to Christmas shopping. It’s always disappointing when you don’t receive what you were hoping for.

This woman has decided to help a sister out and encourage women to trap their husbands by pretending to be pregnant. Are Christmas gifts really worth this kind of psychological manipulation? We don’t think so.

Say It, Don’t Spray It

Yard sales are a fun and sustainable way to find a new home for household items that you no longer use. If your yard doesn’t back directly onto the street, then you need to find a way to direct people to your home.

Rather than permanently vandalizing your neighborhood like these people, why not make cardboard signs or even a Facebook event inviting people? Just an idea.

What a Rat

We get it—you should always tip your servers or delivery workers if you can. Many salaries depend on tips and service industry workers deserve a decent wage.

But it seems to us that poisoning those who don’t tip with a potentially lethal chemical is not the way forward. You never know the reason why someone isn’t tipping and no one deserves to get super sick just because they didn’t pay a few extra dollars.

Pay it Forward

Paying it forward is a great way to help out others and make someone else’s day with your generosity. Paying for someone else’s Dunkin’ might not feel like a big deal to you, but it could make a huge difference to them.

Unfortunately, this staff member decided to pocket the money as a tip instead of paying it forward. Karma is heading his way, especially since he was silly enough to post about it online.

Facebook Friends

We all have those people on social media who we haven’t seen or heard from in years. This guy wanted to share his anniversary with his Facebook friends, but not everyone was happy to hear his news.

We detect just a hint of jealousy in her unpleasant reply and we have to assume that she is not celebrating five happy years of marriage.

Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted

Lots of people don’t like to have unwanted folks on their property and they make that very clear. But we’ve never seen someone so against having other people’s animals on their land.

Poisoning other people’s pets is truly horrifying and we hope that the local pet owners catch on quickly. At least dogs can be put on a leash, but we’re worried for those free-roaming furry felines.

Bread Bandit

Comfort while browsing at the supermarket is key to a pleasant shopping experience. But this lady has taken things a little too far. Unless she’s going to buy that squashed bread, and we would bet the whole bakery aisle that she’s not, this is pretty brazen behavior.

Having said that, squashy loaves of bread do seem like they’d make excellent kneepads so we applaud her for her ingenuity. Just don’t try this at your local supermarket, kids.

Candy King

People who act like this have obviously never worked in the service industry. This guy couldn’t even be bothered to leave his candy wrappers on the table, he just dropped them straight onto the floor.

If he was a toddler then we might be more understanding, but we can’t tolerate this behavior coming from a grown man. Whoever cleaned this up is a saint and we’re sorry they had to do it.

Mom of the Year

Cheating on your husband is one thing, but trying to take half of everything he owns while trying to avoid custody of your own children is on another level. Plus, posting about such a personal matter on Quora raises another red flag.

To be honest, we think the kids are better off with their dad anyway, especially if this woman is as good a mom as she is a wife.

Mind Games

Some parents think they know what’s best for their kids and they’ll do anything to try and enforce their rules. This parent thought it would be a good idea to smash up their adult child’s property to get him to stop gaming.

At least he’s 18 and can move out as soon as he’s financially independent and then he can do whatever he likes.

Space for Four

Trucks seem to think they own the road just because they’re so big and tough, towering above the other cars. But the worst thing is when they think they own the parking lot.

This truck is taking up four spaces at once and doesn’t care who they’re inconveniencing. The thoughtless owner will be lucky if their vehicle is still there when they come back.

Terrible Tourists

Traveling around somewhere when you don’t speak the language can be confusing and stressful and we’re sorry to hear that these tourists had a difficult day.

However, a public transport mishap definitely doesn’t excuse deliberately vandalizing Pompeii. The city survived a volcanic eruption and lasted over 2,000 years in perfect condition, but five minutes with these two and it’s looking worse for wear.

Spilled Milk

During the pandemic, food deliveries were a lifeline for many people who had to shield for health reasons and couldn’t leave the house.

This mom had her groceries stolen before 7 a.m. almost every day for a week. We pray the milk thief felt bad when they read this note and replaced what they had taken, but we’re not holding our breath.

New Paint Job

The kids of today face challenges previous generations never dreamed of and it’s great to see them away from their screens and enjoying some healthy, outdoor fun.

However, these kids decided that it would be a great idea to ride their dirtbikes around this vehicle and give it a brand-new paint job. Maybe their next outdoor activity could be learning how to wash a car.

Kodak Moment

If you decide to betray your partner, you have to be ready to face the consequences. This guy cheated on his girlfriend for five months, so we have to agree with her that the world deserves to see him crying his eyes out after she left him.

This boy is never going to live this down and we’re guessing he’ll think twice before cheating again.

Drink Up

We’ve all enjoyed sipping on a drink while walking around a store. Shopping is tiring and refreshments are necessary to keep those energy levels up.

But it’s not okay to just leave your dirty garbage on a shelf amongst the brand-new toys. These pandas would be a whole lot happier if someone hadn’t hidden an empty drink cup amongst them. Take your trash home with you, folks.

Blocked In

Living in a crowded area is not ideal for someone who works late and drives a car. If you’ve ever come home after 8 p.m. and had trouble finding a parking spot, we really feel for you.

However, in the middle of the day, in a suburban area with tons of parking on every other side of this car, there’s no good excuse to park in front of someone’s driveway. We’d tow their car right then and there.

Taking Priority

Flight delays mean that there’s often a lack of comfy seating at airports for people who have been hanging around for hours on end.

Even if you’re exhausted, it’s still not okay to take up four priority seats that are supposed to be reserved for pregnant, elderly, or disabled people. But if there’s a petition going around for nap rooms or couches at airports, we’ll be the first to sign it.

Thanks a Watt

Driving at night can be tricky enough at the best of times, let alone when people are blinding you with insanely bright LED lights on the front of their cars.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the traffic police got a ton of complaints about this vehicle that’s so dazzlingly lit that it looks like a UFO. Dim your lights, buddy, or else you’re going to cause an accident.

Museum Menace

Everyone knows that the first rule of museums is that you’re not allowed to touch the art. It’s usually old and/or priceless and you could easily damage it beyond repair.

This girl decided that ignoring the rules was worth it if she got enough likes on social media. We can only assume that she was escorted out by security soon after this was taken. Good riddance.

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