36+ Epic Comebacks That Are Completely Savage


When it comes to the internet, opinions flow freely, and sticks and stones mean nothing because words have all the power. Let’s be real—on social media, a cleverly crafted burn from a stranger can sting like a thousand paper cuts.

From razor-sharp zingers to witty comments, these savvy wordsmiths have mastered the art of the savage comeback and we can’t get enough. Prepare to be entertained by these epic roasts!

Back to Basics

The internet has provided a space for fans of just about anything to get together and chat about their beloved topic of choice. Need a recommendation for a niche sci-fi romance movie or a novel about space? Social media has you covered.

This person probably should have spelled their inquiry out better if they were looking for a serious response. They should master the basics first before moving on to the big leagues.

Florida Man

People do the craziest things. We can guarantee that even the most unimaginable scenario of wild behavior you can think of, has already been done before—probably by someone in Florida.

If you search “Florida Man” and your birthday, or any date you like, you’ll be hit with tons of headlines from that day of Floridians getting into all kinds of trouble. Congratulations to the Sunshine State for earning the most ridiculous reputation there is.

Busting the Wrong Guy

Back in the days before Netflix ruled the movie scene, we would pick up our DVDs in person at Blockbuster. Sure, it was inconvenient, but the trip to the store was always part of the fun.

Nowadays, all these subscription services are causing trouble by raising their prices and changing their rules. But beefing with the Blockbuster social media intern isn’t going to get you anywhere—the poor people behind those accounts probably don’t even get paid.

Stay True to Yourself

For some people, using pet names is a force of habit. Most of the time they’re not to be taken seriously, but you just never know who might take them the wrong way.

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