34+ Social Media Lies That Totally Backfired

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When it comes to the internet, it’s easy to believe everything you see. Many of us like to present idealistic versions of our lives, even if that means bending the truth a little.

From heightened truths to bold-faced lies, these people thought they could get away with posting weird and wonderful stuff until someone came along and burst their bubble. Prepare to cringe from second-hand embarrassment!


We’ve often wondered what celebrities get up to in their spare time—if they have any. Maybe Harry Styles likes to play Just Dance or Zendaya is secretly on Fortnite. Well, at least we now know what the hit band AJR aren’t spending their free time doing.

The last thing this person was expecting was for the actual verified band to respond and crush their friend’s dream so bluntly. If it wasn’t Ryan from AJR on that Xbox, who was it?

Let’s Bee Honest

If there’s one thing the internet can unite in their love for, it’s animals. Cats, dogs, you name it—people on social media go crazy for them. We all know what that means—major views and engagement.

You might be thinking that posting about your dog’s unfortunate fate is the way to internet fame, but if that’s your method of choice, don’t copy and paste a random person’s animal and claim it as your own.

Empaths Be Like

You know when someone tells you something they’ve gone through or complains about a tough situation they’re in, and your natural reaction is something along the lines of, “I feel your pain!” It turns out that when some people say that, they’re not exaggerating.

Arctic Wolf might have a different definition of “literally” to the rest of us. There’s empathy, and then there’s whatever this is.

Not So Secret Admirer

There are tons of jobs that don’t get the recognition they truly deserve and we’d argue that teachers are close to the top of that list. How can we tell? One reason is that there are teachers writing notes to themselves pretending they’re from secret admirers.

Though the beautifully neat handwriting was a good giveaway, the signature move of switching pen colors was enough for her friends to spot that there wasn’t really an admirer at all.

Immunity Shield

The chances of being bit by a rabid dog are probably low, in the grand scheme of things, but never zero. Unfortunately, you can’t just be immune to rabies—it’s actually pretty well known that no one is immune. Except this person actually!

Trying to pretend that you’re immune to one of the worst diseases known to mankind just for attention on TikTok is a strange hill to die on, that’s for sure. Maybe there’s something they aren’t telling us. Is this the next Spiderman?

Two Dudes Not Hanging Out

Airports are the one place on earth where all rules of how to live like a normal person go completely out of the window. They’ll have you sleeping vertically against a window, or even enjoying a glass of bubbly at ridiculous hours of the morning.

It’s not often that you bump into a celebrity, which makes it even more exciting when it happens at the airport. This interaction might be why they say you should never meet your heroes. That reply has got to hurt.

Millionaire at 15

While some people love to post genuine advice on social media to inspire others to reach the same level of success that they have, others like to frame their bragging as “inspirational content” just for the sake of showing off.

Luckily, Twitter added their community notes feature exactly for moments like this one. Should we give Dylan the benefit of the doubt this time? Nah, he definitely rented a Ferrari just to take pictures next to it.

Beast Mode

The Actors’ Strike that took place for most of 2023 completely transformed Hollywood and the entire acting industry. The last thing anyone wanted to be seen doing was crossing a picket line during that time.

This account tried to call out Mr. Beast for breaching his contract, so he had to reply and set the record straight. Sure, there are a lot of things that this guy could be called out for doing, but breaching his contract isn’t one of them.

Gotta Back Yourself

Veganism is a social phenomenon that is getting more and more popular these days. Plant-based seems to be the way to go, but that doesn’t mean the bad reputation that some vegans earned for the entire group has gone away.

While we’re all about being your own biggest fan and believing in yourself, that doesn’t include responding to your own posts pretending to be someone who’s inspired by what you’ve said. At least cover your tracks first!

News to Us

Have you ever said a word aloud too many times, and then it sounds strange and you start to question why that’s even a word in the first place? Sometimes, we say things without even knowing or questioning why they are the way they are.

This person was so wrong that the actual dictionary’s Twitter account had to set the record straight. It’s just called news because it’s new information, people! No need to overcomplicate it.

Here’s Some Advice

Social media can be an oracle for firsthand information. With the click of a couple of buttons, there are thousands if not millions of people ready to give you advice, if you only ask for it.

The only problem with this is that most people don’t question whether someone is telling the truth when they ask for advice because surely, it would be strange to lie about such serious things. That’s why it’s even more satisfying to catch a serial liar out, like this one.

Not So Chipper

Giving restaurants a bad review can be bad for their business which is why these people don’t take it lightly, especially when there was a perfectly good reason for the chips being soggy in the first place. The service might have been average, but the takedown was excellent.

Just for Men

Since the dawn of time, there have been some extremely strong female leaders who have taken their countries into battle, as well as hundreds of men in positions of power. War isn’t just for men, history tells us that it’s for the girlies, too!

Making a claim this strong without doing at least a little bit of research beforehand is only going to set yourself up for embarrassment. At least they didn’t have to wait long before getting shut down by facts.

Sharp Delivery

There are so many takeout spots to choose from these days that reviews can help make the decision for you. After all, if the food sucks, you have a right to complain about it and other customers are probably going to want to know.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the owners are banned from responding. This one definitely didn’t mince their words when they tackled Laura’s complaint. If you can’t handle the heat, Laura, get out of the kitchen!

He changed the story

It’s hard for anyone to know what’s real online these days, and who’s just making up nonsense for views. People will do or say anything for likes and comments on social media.

This could have been a cute post, celebrating their love story from five decades ago, if only they weren’t lying about the story. Whatever the real story behind this picture is, it’s probably still cute. We want the truth!

Protective Mom

Most moms are fiercely protective over their kids. Even the ones who pretend to be chilled are likely hiding a lot of their angst and worry that something could happen to them at any moment.

This mom went on the defensive right away, blaming her ex for taking out her kid without permission. But if she’d actually checked, she’d know that it was the kid’s dad and he just hadn’t told her yet.

Brotherly Love

The relationship between siblings is so unique within each family, and yet if you have siblings yourself, you’ll totally understand. These brothers got into a huge fight as it turned out that the younger one had once made a book of pictures he’d edited himself into, with his brother’s ex-girlfriend.

It was only ever meant to be a silly inside joke between him and his friends, but once it got sent to the girl, it wasn’t so funny anymore.

A to Zedd

Meeting celebrities out in public is always strange, and meeting their partners is stranger. How are you meant to act? In this case, we have to wonder whether it’s the original poster who’s lying about meeting someone famous or the woman in the bathroom pretending to be Zedd’s wife.

If the man himself has confirmed he’s not even wifed up in the first place, maybe they were both lying? Guess we’ll never know.

Changing the Order

Door Dash has revolutionized the way we order and eat food. It’s never been easier to get food to your doorstep—hey, you can even type a message to personalize your order even more!

The weird thing about this is that there are already enough rude customers on these food apps, without having to lie and make up fake orders with rude messages attached. Don’t you all have more important things to do?

R.I.P Twitter

The absolute chaos that ensued the moment Elon Musk became involved in taking over Twitter is something that truly should be studied. Should we be calling it X now? We’re still confused.

All we know amongst all of this premium business is that most people would much prefer to mindlessly scroll through social media without having to worry about whether Big Internet is harvesting their data. Take us back to the good old days, please.

Game On

During the pandemic, there wasn’t much to do to occupy us other than binge-watching TV and gaming online. With supplies running low everywhere, no one would have expected the internet to be one of those things on the verge of running out.

This so-called “breaking news” about gamers causing the downfall of the internet was just flat-out wrong. Don’t come for the gaming community unfounded because they’ll set the record straight faster than you can press “resume” on your favorite video game.

Nature is Everywhere

Nature is all around us. While most of us have to travel for miles to get to a scenic and beautiful hiking location, some have the privilege of a perfect walking spot as close as their backyard.

There wouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary about this girl posing here, if only she had been honest, instead of tagging her location as a national park. Even still, she’s the real winner here—we’d be posing in the yard too if ours looked like that.

Heroes After All

In the respective universes where Wonder Woman and Superman save the world, they don’t discuss things like salaries and the gender pay gap—probably because it wouldn’t make for very interesting cinema.

With this lie debunked by DC superfans, we’re just glad to hear that the company isn’t stuck in the past after all and that a female superhero is being paid the same as her male counterpart for a change.

That Famous Quote

Supporting a cause online is never without a little trouble. You simply can’t support one thing without that one person slating you for not also supporting another cause.

Whatever side you’re on, making up fake quotes is not the way to win an argument. To give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they weren’t talking about that Abe Lincoln and they actually meant another one. You know, that one who goes to another school you wouldn’t know him.

Look Behind You

Kids get a lot of flack these days for causing the problems that older people believe to be ruining society. It’s got so bad that they’re even blamed for things they’re not doing.

If there were actually inconsiderate kids taking up all the disabled seats, there might be some cause for concern. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look behind next time and see that there’s a seat available before trying to slate people online for things they haven’t done.

Now That’s Strange

Mom, come pick me up—Netflix writers are beefing with each other on Twitter again. It looks like the official Netflix France page was one of the last ones to hear about the SAG-AFTRA strike that completely shut down the film industry in 2023.

We have to admit that the strangest part of all this is seeing France, of all the nations in the world, not adhering to a strike. Surprising!

Child Prodigy

Every parent truly believes that their child is the best one that’s ever been born. If your parents aren’t going to believe in you to an astronomical degree, who is?

We would love to meet the one-year-old baby who can string together a sentence like that, and dress up in their mom’s clothing all by themselves. Did this woman give birth to some kind of genius child prodigy? He even perfectly wrote his own name on that badge! Wow.

Best Date Ever

A good date story makes for excellent conversation and a bad date story is oftentimes even better. In the realm of good conversation material, where would we put a totally fake date story?

This single mom has a great imagination. Now that we think about it, though, we’d probably be less skeptical of her story if we were there and basking in the warm applause of the crowd and staff. Who’s to judge?

Just Purrfect

The morning before a flight has got to be one of the most stressful periods of time for any person. However prepared you might feel, it’s just not enough.

Most people don’t pack their literal cat in their suitcase, though! Do you think that saying “I’m not even lying” guarantees that a story is true, just like how saying “no offense” before saying something offensive means that it’s not offensive anymore? Asking for a friend.

Talking to Myself

Working with customers of any kind requires some serious acting skills. Being able to put up with silly questions and requests, or just downright rude people, is not easy. It’s no wonder that the snarky comments slip out sometimes.

This person has clearly cracked the code for what to say when a customer catches you saying something you shouldn’t. Pretend you’re talking to yourself! It’s genius and totally foolproof.

Invest in Your Future

When you’re a parent, it’s important to teach your child necessary life lessons and skills that they should carry with them for the rest of their lives. We would probably all have benefitted from learning about stocks and investing at school.

Dave over here clearly has some of the most intelligent kids of all time because they know much more about the value of money than most people their age. Unless, of course, this interaction never actually happened.

Karma Police

People often do nice things out of the blue, just for the sake of being a nice person. Or secretly to earn themselves some karma points. But surely, lying about a “good karma” story is the opposite of getting actual good karma, right?

It does leave us wondering what the point is in making up stories to make yourself look like a good or inspirational person when it’s clear that it’s not true.

The Girls are Fighting

Some people on social media are so mean-spirited and competitive that they can’t help but tear other people down to make themselves look better. We knew it was bad, but we didn’t know this phenomenon was so bad that even companies are doing it!

The sooner that O’Charley’s learns to embrace their competition, the better. Besides, it’s pretty bold to come up against the almighty Waffle House in a fight. We know who we’d put our money on.

Uber Driver Savior

For anyone who spends most of their time glued to their phone screen, the idea of losing your phone is always the worst-case scenario. Once you leave it somewhere without realizing it, you can kiss that phone goodbye.

This is wild. The chances of having the same Uber driver more than once are pretty slim, so the chances of having the same driver who saved your phone eight months ago are practically impossible. There’s no way this is legit, right?

Emotional Service Raccoon

Service animals can be real life-savers. For anyone with a medical condition that requires monitoring, they’re so well trained that they can act almost as human as other human beings can.

Usually they’re dogs, but there are some cases where horses, pigs, or cats have become service animals. Raccoons, though? That’s a new one. Maybe Liz was hallucinating—wait, did we gloss over the part where she said she has raccoons living in her yard?

What Does Rural Mean?

We’re not sure what’s going on here. It seems the original poster is making a comparison between an area of rural China that looks like another wonder of the world and a random corner of the U.S.

If we’re talking about real rural America, we’d expect more open greenery and farmland, which we know there’s plenty of, without major infrastructure and a literal gas station. What’s rural about that?

Hidden Professor

The state of today’s college education is a whole topic in itself. But we can imagine however college life is around the country, one thing that unites everyone is that it’s not easy for any professors these days to keep their students engaged and interested in their classes.

If only all professors were as cool and down with the kids as this one seems to be. Though we must admit this isn’t the best strategy to earn students’ respect.

Shoot Your Shot

We’re living in a world nowadays where dating apps are the norm and people struggle to put themselves out there to meet new potential love interests in real life. Sometimes, we’re so not used to being hit on that we can’t tell it’s happening right in front of us.

This server clearly wasn’t impressed when a customer supposedly tried to hit on them with this strange pickup line. It’s not the smoothest, we’ll admit. Is it even true?

Feeling Delulu

In any relationship, getting along well with your partner’s family is a nice added bonus. But when the time comes and you call it quits, it can make it even harder knowing you’re also losing those extra people.

Going through something tough like a breakup can make people act all kinds of delusional—like pretending your ex’s family told you the words you’re trying to tell yourself to feel better. If you want to pretend they said that, you do you, boo!

Cold Shower Propaganda

Are you a morning shower or a night shower kind of person? We’d like to bet that whichever one you are, that shower is probably hot and steamy. Cold showers are reserved for a brave type of individual.

Did a cold shower write this post? Whoever is walking around chalking up their achievements exclusively to cold showers needs a lesson about how correlation does not mean causation. Unless, of course, they know something that we don’t about the power of a cold shower.


Celebrity talk shows are the backbone of late-night television. We can’t get enough of watching our favorite famous faces talking about their projects with the likes of the Jimmy’s: Kimmel, Fallon, and of course, Conan O’Brien.

This time, special guest and iconic actor Kumail Nanjiani had to take to Twitter to set the record straight that he didn’t actually flunk out of filming just for jokes. You can’t cancel him that fast!

Don’t Attack Attack Attack

One of the reasons musicians and bands have official social media pages is so they can promote their stuff and interact with their loving fans. They certainly don’t want to hear about individual testimonies of people who decided not to listen to their music anymore.

When this person tried to come for Attack Attack for putting on a bad show, the band responded by catching them out in the most satisfying way. Which band were you talking about, bro?

Not My CVS

People-watching is so much fun that it could almost be a professional sport. Sometimes you get so sucked into watching people live their mundane lives that it feels like you’re watching Big Brother the way you start to psychoanalyze others’ behavior.

We’re not sure which CVS this person is going to because there’s no chance any shopper is going to miss out on an empty cashier spot just because they’re following other people.

Mac Attack

Have you ever been in a class or working with someone who’s using a Mac laptop? It’s like an exclusive club that only the loudest typers and snootiest individuals are allowed to join.

That being said, we find it hard to believe that people in Starbucks even care enough to look up from their own screens in someone else’s direction—let alone staring for long enough to judge them for their choice of laptop.

Driving Me Crazy

People seem to have a lot to say about female drivers, even though it’s one of the oldest and most outdated digs in the book. Believe it or not, girls can get road rage too, boys!

Nobody has enough time in their day to be interrupting their commute to get out of the car and clap for someone else, Saad. We won’t believe this one til we see proof.

No Hablo Ingles

Learning another language, especially English, is not easy, and we applaud anyone who takes the time to do it. When the time comes to take that final test, it’s not all that unlikely for nerves to get in the way and ruin everything.

This guy magically developed language skills in Spanish in the face of his nerves. If we’re making up fake superpowers now, can we choose to go invisible when we get nervous? It would help things out a lot.

Google is Free

Social media is the one place where regular citizens can become experts in any topic they want, just by deciding that they are. Suddenly, you type something out and press “hit tweet”, and that makes it a fact.

But we’re not all tweeting in a vacuum, here—other people also have the ability to see and disagree with the things you’re saying. You can bet that when you post things like this, there’s always going to be someone to correct you right away.

Unhappy Meal

Everyone knows that the ice cream machine at McDonald’s is broken more than it’s working. But running out of Happy Meals—we thought that was impossible!

We do have to wonder why someone would go to the effort of ordering food just to ruin a little kid’s day. Now you mention it, why does this kid know about the Happy Meal stock levels? Something doesn’t add up with this story.

Jumping the Gunn

Some people will do or say anything just so that famous people are forced to respond to them. Besides, making up rumors is practically what feeds the internet—we don’t know what it would be without them.

This time, James Gunn himself was quick to squash this rumor about a certain Ben Affleck cameo in his movie. You know a rumor is ridiculous when the head of DC studios has to crawl out of the online woodwork just to prove you wrong.

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