75 of the Worst Wrong Number Texts Ever: How to Avoid Them


Getting a text from the wrong number can be amusing. Some are so funny or bizarre that there are even social media pages dedicated to sharing them. But be careful, because some messages might be important and need to reach the right person. Just be mindful of potential angry reactions if someone realizes they’re being pranked or given the wrong number.

1. Girl, dump him

A mistaken text can surprisingly offer the support you need. We may not know Ryan’s perspective, but he doesn’t appear to be one for conversation anyway.

2. Accidentally

That’s tough for the guy. His date not only had a different view of the evening but also blocked him on Tinder and gave a wrong number. Sometimes, honest communication seems to be a lost art.

3. Big pimpin

It’s unclear what “kissing like a porn star” means, given that there isn’t much kissing in adult films. Nonetheless, it’s unfortunate this person might be missing out. On the bright side, they took it in good humor when they realized they had the wrong number.

4. But we’re still on for cuddling, right?

That’s a bit harsh! The person who got the wrong number decided to mess around with the texter for a while. Even a photo didn’t convince him it wasn’t Nicole. A teenage boy had some fun with a lonely heart, who just wanted someone to cuddle with.

5. Nicely handled

Informing someone about the death of an immediate family member via text can seem insensitive. The message comes across as if they weren’t too upset about it. Surprisingly, they appear more annoyed by the response they received.

6. Delete my number

This guy probably doesn’t need to worry about a text back, so saying “delete my number” is quite amusing. It seems Sally wasn’t their soulmate anyway, as the texter was perfectly fine moving on with whoever they happened to be texting.

7. Ladies night fail

A single girl’s margarita night is unmatched. However, it seems Ashley will be enjoying those cocktails solo if she doesn’t update her contacts.

8. You owe me child support

Co-parenting might not go smoothly for this woman, considering the way she delivered the news about having a child on the way. Bringing up money before anything else could raise concerns, and it wouldn’t be surprising if someone wanted a paternity test before discussing financial matters.

9. Say what

The term “tight nipples” might be unclear, and it’s uncertain if it’s slang or related to a beauty trend. However, at least the wrong text came with an apology for any unintended discomfort caused by the mention of nipples.

10. Paging Dr. Google

It’s concerning that a doctor couldn’t research a procedure, but it’s amusing that they texted back. The incident might be a reminder to look for a different orthopedic surgeon when the need arises.

11. But we cater

Thanksgiving plans were saved by the thoughtful employees of Qdoba, and it’s nice that they had the decency to text back so the person could make other arrangements. After all, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without sweet potatoes.

12. Just in case

It’s unclear if relationships have started this way, but it seems like people are still attempting to make it work despite some challenges. Apologies to the white shirt caught in the middle of it all.

13. On point

Having 200 gay men to go bar hopping with might mean that people aren’t focused on your clothing. Nevertheless, dressing your best is a good idea no matter who you’re hanging out with, even if it’s a large group.

14. Move straight to the breakup

A text breakup doesn’t come across as classy. He might need to put in the effort to copy and paste this message into another text. There’s also the possibility she gave him the wrong number initially because she wasn’t interested in a relationship.

15. Perfect strangers

What a heartwarming story! When a group of guys was mistakenly added to a newborn-related group text, they played along and even offered to bring presents. The best part? They followed through and showed up with the gifts!

16. It’s ugly

A wig as a gift is indeed interesting. Setting that aside, it’s surprising that the person who sent the accidental text had a sense of humor after the recipient called it ugly.

17. I’m not gonna threaten you, but…

Reading these in numbered order, it’s impressive how this person initially announced their impeccable self-control before eventually losing it. The build-up and release of frustration make for quite a story!

18. Oh, c’mon man

It’s concerning if this guy isn’t close to 18, making his actions questionable. Regardless, it seems like Jenna made a smart move by giving him the wrong number and potentially avoiding a problematic situation.

19. This cat loves you back

One would expect to have the number of their loved one reliably programmed into their phone. Luckily, in this case, the person caught on with good humor to the cat’s replies, adding a lighthearted touch to the mix-up.

20. That dog though

Meeting someone’s dog sounds like a delightful offer! It’s too bad we don’t have the details on how the texter responded. The curiosity adds an interesting twist to the story.

21. Meh, whenever

Anthony does seem lenient if he let those initial comments slide without any discipline. It’s hard to say whether he caught on after the photo or assumed his employee was drunk. Either way, it adds an element of mystery to the situation.

22. We hope Kelli is ok

Absolutely, the first call should be to 911 in such a serious situation. Hopefully, Kelli wasn’t traveling and got the correct message promptly; otherwise, it could have been quite stressful for her. It’s crucial to prioritize emergencies and ensure immediate help is on the way.

23. Dueling photos

Using photographic proof to let someone know they have the wrong number can be a creative approach. It’s heartening that the couple took it in good humor and even went on to congratulate the new grad. A positive and light-hearted response can make such situations more enjoyable for everyone involved.

24. Everybody’s trash

Co-parenting can indeed be challenging, but it’s nice that the accidental recipient was understanding about the texter’s frustration. It’s interesting how assumptions about gender can come into play, highlighting the subtle biases that can occur in communication.

25. Not Jessica

It’s amusing that the texter thought correcting the spelling of the name would lead to a reply, only to find out it’s not Jessica or “Jesica” either. Mistaken identities and playful responses can make for entertaining text exchanges.

26. Kid approved

The fact that this dad had all of his kids approve the dress is endearing, and storing the number under “no idea” adds a touch of humor. The curiosity about which dress she chose makes the story even more intriguing. Family dynamics and decision-making processes can lead to entertaining and heartwarming moments.

27. Tony

It seems Tony’s initial test text with just his name wasn’t a genuine trial, as he persisted in trying to make it work. The enjoyment of the photo response adds a humorous twist to the situation. It’s always entertaining when a text exchange takes an unexpected and amusing turn.

28. Precious Caitlin

The characterization of suburban cul-de-sac moms as “straight up nasty” and using “my precious” like Gollum from Lord of the Rings is likely exaggerated or meant in a humorous way. It’s common for people to playfully stereotype certain groups for comedic effect, but it doesn’t necessarily reflect the reality of how individuals behave.

29. But wait, there’s more

It seems Brittney made a low move, and having the whole story provides some context. However, banning mom from the cul-de-sac barbecue might be a bit extreme. The situation does add an interesting topic for conversation at the event, though, making it a memorable occasion.

30. My bad

It’s often amusing how people may not realize how their behavior looks until it’s mirrored back to them. While some might enjoy these kinds of selfies, the accidental texter probably didn’t appreciate the response. It’s a reminder of the unexpected and humorous turns that communication can take.


The title “75 of the Worst Wrong Number Texts Ever: How to Avoid Them” suggests that the content will likely showcase humorous or awkward text exchanges resulting from sending messages to the wrong recipient. The inclusion of “How to Avoid Them” implies that the compilation might serve as a light-hearted guide on preventing or navigating such situations. Overall, it promises an entertaining collection of text mishaps along with potential insights on avoiding similar communication blunders.

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