36+ Cringey Posts That Make Us Feel Uncomfortable


It’s no secret that people on the internet love to overshare. We’re talking juicy details, unfiltered reactions—all that good stuff. There’s no shortage of cringeworthy posts online, but it takes something truly special to send shivers down your spine.

From unwanted Facebook comments to awkward dating app rejections, we’re bringing you the crème de la cringe of social media. You’re not going to believe people posted these things on the internet!

Cars on the Table

When it comes to cars, going through a dealership is usually meant to land you an honest price. But if you’re being duped by the dealer, it’s usually better if you don’t find out directly to your face.

We’re betting that Rob wants to throw his phone in the ocean right about now. The only silver lining here is that hopefully, the poor person on the end of this awkward text thread got a good deal out of it.

Bet on It

There’s so much protocol in the dating world. What to say in every situation and how long to leave before texting back. Now there’s a whole debate about whether or not it’s okay to ghost someone.

After going on a date with someone, it must hurt to be told they weren’t into it. But in this case, the person on the receiving end is lucky that they didn’t click. What kind of crazy energy would they come at you with if they actually did feel a connection?!

Four Birds, One Stone

To some people, dating means going on a series of dates with one person. And to others, it means playing the field a little, with multiple people on the roster. If you ever need to break up with four guys at once, here’s a perfect way not to do it.

Haven’t we learned by now the perils of creating an accidental group text? At least this cold-hearted texter got called out for it.

Not a Face Swap

The hold that Snapchat filters had on the entire world is something that seriously needs to be studied. Everyone, no matter the generation, was jumping on the trend and suddenly had cat ears or were swapping faces with their parents, though.

We never expected to see such a savage accidental roast from the Washington Capitals, of all people. She took it surprisingly well because that was a devastating slip-up.

Speedy Switch-Up

One of the things that really unites us as humans is our collective fear of rejection. Nobody likes getting rejected and it takes some serious courage to put yourself out there in the first place, no matter the response.

This rejection is honestly as polite as it gets, but the original texter did not respond well. That might be the understatement of the century! The switch-up is almost painful to read.

One of Your Girls

Social media can be one of the best ways to shoot your shot. If you see someone attractive online, why not slide into the DMs and let them know? Our only advice would be to make sure you’re shooting that shot into one person’s inbox, and not in a group of 40 women.

Mr. Bunny Emoji-Heartbreak Emoji clearly did not listen to that advice. To make matters worse, now he’s fumbled 40 girls at once!

Cousin Swol

Everyone loves a good family photo. If you can use a family gathering to set one of your friends up with a family member—well that’s the best kind of gathering.

This person couldn’t help but enquire about a beefed-up family member sitting innocently in the corner of the photo. Unfortunately for them, flirting with their mom is probably not their intended outcome, here. Hopefully, their mom was flattered by the attempt at a compliment. Or at least maybe the nickname “Cousin Swol” stuck.

Gatekeeping Tofu

Get a load of this, people—you heard it here first. Being vegan is absolutely not cool or fun. And tofu is absolutely off-limits if you’re actually a meat eater because that’s basically vegan appropriation.

While we hate to say it, it’s militant people like these who let the team down and give vegans a bad rap, when they already get so much unnecessary hate. Why can’t we just let people enjoy the food they want to eat?

Not Phil-ing It

Dating using apps is already hard enough without the people you’re meant to be falling in love with sending messages expressing disappointment before the conversation has even started.

Apparently, you’re supposed to either have Tinder notifications on at all times or obsessively check the app every second of your life, otherwise you might miss your chance with a keeper like Phil, over here. This person clearly dodged a bullet with Phil. That last message has some serious cheek!

Drop the Act, Jared

Not everyone is born with innate charisma that causes people to fall in love with them. It’s especially difficult to charm someone over text, but we’d bet that Jared’s strategy is not going to yield strong results.

You know what they say, nothing gets a girl interested like role-playing and pretending to stutter! And don’t forget to stare confused at the metaphorical wall. Everything about this flirting technique is borderline disturbing.

Instant Regret

Jealousy can drive people to do all kinds of things. It can even turn you into a keyboard warrior making rude comments on someone’s Facebook post. Luckily, this person came back with facts that totally shot them down.

The regret was literally instant after they got totally put in their place. You can’t insult someone unprompted and then get offended when they call you out for it!

You’re Getting Coal

It’s not always easy to read someone’s tone over text message. If you’re not careful, you can have someone totally misinterpreting your words and coming back with a salty reply.

This receiver snapped back with some serious attitude, and that smiley emoji at the end only makes the whole message read more snarky. Someone clearly doesn’t want any nice presents for Christmas.

Better Start Packing

Finances in a relationship are a private and personal thing. If every relationship had to be 50-50 to work, the human race would probably cease to exist. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

Not only did this person not want to pay their portion of the rent, but they were clearly totally unappreciative of their partner’s efforts to pay it for them. How entitled can you get?

Sorry Stepmom

The cringiest feeling in the entire world is sending a mean text about someone to the very person you’re talking about. Whether it’s happened to you in real life or not, we can all feel the pit in our stomach when we see it happen.

This person meant to text their sister about a bad gift from their stepmom, but ended up sending it straight to the stepmom. Ouch! That had to be one awkward conversation at the Christmas dinner table.

Get Cool Soon

With all the lingo that the kids are using these days, it can be hard to keep up. By the time we’ve wrapped our heads around “slay” and “gnarly” it’s far too late and we’re probably moments away from being called a Boomer.

This person misinterpreted the word “sick” in the most awkward way possible. But now, even the word “ill” means cool, so we’ll admit we’re still confused.

It’s a Trap

The dating pool these days is not the most inspiring place, to say the least. It can be easy to lose any hope that you might find someone special when you have to wade through hundreds of horrible conversations to get to a singular good one.

This one is certainly not one of the good ones. We have to admire the persistence it must have taken for this person to make sure they asked their wildly inappropriate question.

Cold-Hearted Rejection

Back in the early 2010s, people were oversharing their relationships on Facebook like it was nobody’s business. The best part was that it really was nobody else’s business, but that didn’t stop people from posting breakup announcements and commenting on each other’s walls all day long.

We’d love to know the relationship between these people. It’s great to share your love with the world, but definitely comes off a little creepy when the person you’re loving doesn’t want to hear it.

Shoot Your Shot

Selling something online should be an easy process, but we all know what strangers on the internet can be like. Asking for a normal interaction over a second-hand product would just be asking for too much!

Everything was going great until this guy said too much and ruined it. Now she feels unsafe knowing he has to come to her address, not to mention that this is just not a good way to flirt with someone. Save that talk for Tinder, bud.

Getting Humbled

Before our time was split so much between other social media apps, everyone and their mother was using Facebook to document every little life event like we were the narrators of our own reality shows.

Most of us weren’t showing off how popular we were like this person who tried bragging about how many notifications they had. We’re betting that savage comment humbled them right away.

Still Waiting

“She thought the view was pretty but I thought she was prettier” is one of those classic lines that never gets old and this comment is like that one’s older, cringier sister.

The last thing you want to happen when trying to secure a girlfriend is your other side chicks finding out. But with a 7.5% success rate, we’d argue that’s worth telling all the chicks about. Keep shooting your shot shamelessly, king.

It’s Your Funeral

In a world where people are able to text their bosses and staff, you would think that we’d all be giving a second look before sending a mean or uncomfortable message, just in case it ends up in the wrong hands.

This is a textbook example of thinking before you text. At least this person had the guts to own their mess-up and apologize. This is dead awkward.

Nice Save

They say that the things you come out with after you’ve had a few too many drinks are the things you’ve been thinking but are too afraid to actually say. Unfortunately, it’s easy to enjoy yourself a little too much and grab your phone to text everyone you’ve ever had feelings for.

This person had the first legal drink of his life on their 21st birthday and luckily, their friend was able to claw this conversation back from the deep, dark depths.

Less Confidence, Please

Learning to take a compliment is one of the hardest things someone who’s used to having low self-esteem will ever do. We’re all about taking and appreciating compliments over here because there’s truly nothing wrong with appreciating yourself a little more.

If this guy is already making it clear that he likes his women meek and self-deprecating, it’s lucky he said it so early on and saved this girl the trouble.

Sorry, Grandpa

Everyone exaggerates things sometimes, especially through texting. This person forgot that their friend was going to say goodbye to their grandfather when they sent this message that totally came off the wrong way.

We honestly have to commend their friend’s ability to make the best out of a bad situation. It might not be funny, but in this case, you have to laugh or you’ll probably cry.

Smart Guy

Ghosting is never the answer to a conversation that’s not going well. It’s always better to send some kind of response, but in this case, they weren’t even given the chance!

This person was practically begging for someone to ask about their IQ, just so they could brag about it. When they noticed the original texter wasn’t replying, they just couldn’t let it go. Probably not the most successful way of securing a date.

Wasn’t Talking to You

Humanity wouldn’t be where it is today if we didn’t all experience the phase of sharing dramatic heartbreak-related quotes on social media for all our friends and family to see.

The only problem with it being so public is that the person you’re intending to see it will scroll past, and you might just end up with the wrong person interacting. Cue the awkward shut-down.

Bad Timing

The search is finally over! At long last we have finally found the most eager Aldi shopper of all time. Forget Black Friday, this person is waiting to get in and grab a good deal a whole hour before the store opens.

Yes, it’s true that they could have looked for a sign to find out the correct opening hours, but there was still no need for such a snarky comment.

What’s You’re Problem

Grammar police have been on the internet since the dawn of time, and it’s likely that they’ll still be there when everyone else has left the internet—if that ever happens.

Their their, we can’t all get are spelling write every time (see what we did there?). Maybe this blunder will teach them to check themselves before slating other people for their grammar slip-ups. It happens to the best of us!

Friendzoned Via Playlist

Making a playlist for someone in today’s day and age is one of the most romantic and personal things you can do. It’s practically like writing a love note or flying a banner from a plane confessing your adoration for someone.

So to hear that this person shared their special playlist with their boyfriend must have felt like a stab right through the heart. We feel your pain, buddy.

Seeing Red

When a word is pronounced the same but spelled differently to another word, it’s called a homophone. Lots of people learned about them in school, and others are just learning about them now thanks to social media.

Every day is a school day and that’s certainly the case for Evelyn over here. We love that she tried her best to get involved and hey, she got a couple right. Good for you, Evelyn!

Special Delivery

Back when Vine was still a thing, it was such a saturated market that only the really popular ones made it into the big leagues. If you’re gonna be successful, especially in the online world, you have to believe in yourself.

Depending on others is never the most reliable strategy, and besides, we’ve always said that it pays to be your own biggest fan. Clearly, Thomas is just embodying that confidence and we love that for him.

You Must Be Kitten

Online dating can be a real minefield. When you’re talking to strangers, you just never know what you might get. Especially because some people have no shame in showing you who they are right away.

We’re not here to shame anyone for their interests, but launching straight into what we can only describe as “kitten energy” might come off a little too strong for most people on the first conversation.

Roll With the Punches

When asking someone out, even if it’s with other friends, it requires a level of boldness to get what you want. Rejection hurts at the best of times but there’s always a classy way to move past it.

Everything was going fine with these two until that last message made things weird between them. Why didn’t they just delete the message or backspace instead of sending it that way? There’s no recovering from an awkward conversation-ender like this one.

Take the Hint

Some people are great at taking hints without it having to be spelled out right in front of them. Unfortunately for this person, they don’t seem to be one of those people. If at first, you don’t succeed, give up! That’s how the saying goes, isn’t it?

The fact that they’re saved in this person’s phone as “Creeper” probably doesn’t bode well for them patching up the awkward vibes. Better luck next time, Creeper.

Give Me the Refund

When a date goes badly and it’s acknowledged by both sides, the most uncomfortable part is letting someone down gently without bruising their ego.

Whether this person really didn’t feel the connection either or they were just offended by their date’s rejection, that’s no reason to get salty and demand a refund. While money might be tight, do we really need to fight for an £8.30 refund? We feel a court case coming on.

Wrong Number Mishap

Going to text a potential love interest and then finding that they’ve given you the wrong number, accidentally or on purpose, can be devastating. That said, there’s no need to take it out on the innocent person whose number has been wrongly given out.

If this were a message we received, we wouldn’t have a clue how to respond. Luckily, this not-Hannah had an A-plus perfect reply to put this overconfident guy in his place.

You Snooze, You Lose

Contrary to what you may believe, it’s not just guys who can play hard to get. Girls often spend hours calculating the optimal time for the perfect response so you find the balance between interested and overly eager.

If you’re not careful, all that strategic planning gives your man the perfect opportunity to go out and find someone who will actually respond in a normal, timely manner.

Dude Number One

Dating requires a certain level of vulnerability that’s difficult for people to reach. When a pair of people get to that stage where they can really open up to each other, it’s a pretty special thing.

Just when we thought this would be a sweet conversation between partners, she dropped a bombshell. At least she’s honest, but that has got to hurt.

Feeling Ella Lonely

Does anyone remember the fan fiction that took over the internet where you replaced the main character’s name with your own so it felt like they were talking to you? That’s basically what’s going on here, but in a much sadder way.

Having to create a fake conversation with a fake person just so someone will like you back is truly devastating. It’ll happen for you one day for real, buddy, we just know it! We’re all rooting for you.

Say it Back

To different people, “I love you” means different things. Hearing those three words from someone you truly love is an unmatched feeling. Hearing them from a stranger on Instagram, though, is a different story.

We’d all love to blame our awkward text messages as the result of having a few too many drinks, but when you’re sending “I love you” texts at 8:19 in the morning, it’s feeling more like a cry for help. At least they apologized.


People like to argue that men and women can’t be friends with each other because one party will always get the wrong impression about the other.

Leah is keeping herself extremely busy with two dates in one day—we don’t know how she has the stamina. Getting told to your face that what you thought was a date was actually just friends hanging out is totally brutal. Way to let them down gently, Leah!

Mom’s the Word

Some folks excel in the kitchen and cooking comes pretty naturally to them, while others have a hard time following a recipe and always seem to burn everything.

We applaud this guy for making the effort to cook for his girlfriend, even if it went unappreciated. She could at least have had the decency to give him feedback to his face and not gossip to her mom about it! Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Thanks, Tinder

When it comes to dating apps, not everyone is looking for something serious. Some people just use these apps for a much-needed confidence booster through the means of racking up likes from others. What’s wrong with a little superficial attention?

Tinder is really beating this person while they’re down. Not only do they have zero likes—the app itself is practically telling them they ain’t cute. Ouch!

Works Both Ways

Some girls deserve a massage after navigating through the minefield of dating apps. Why, might you ask? Because their backs must be hurting after carrying every single conversation.

This is just no way to talk to someone, whether you’ve been rejected or not. You can’t help not being interested in someone, and it wouldn’t hurt for a guy to ask a girl a question every once in a while.

It’s Not Mutual

If you’re lucky enough to have multiple friends, chances are that you’d probably consider some to be closer than others. That’s totally okay, as long as everyone’s on the same page about where they stand.

Discovering your best friend has another “best friend” feels like a stab in the back—the ultimate betrayal. We would not have liked to be in Mond’s place that day at school.

Stick to the Script

Sliding into someone’s DMs with a pickup line is a risky strategy from the get-go. You never know how the receiver will react and you can’t guarantee that they’ll follow the script you’ve set up in your head.

This pickup line immediately backfired and they had to go off-script to bring it back. Unfortunately, it went terribly. If you’re going to use a pickup line, you have to know when to give up.

Changed My Mind

In a world where most people believe that chivalry is dead, the idea of someone bringing you chocolate “just because” is practically unheard of. This person seemed like they had a knight in shining armor until their next text shattered that image.

This is a reminder to double or even triple-check before sending a gross text message right before you’re about to get some. Way to ruin it for yourself before it even happened, bro!

Can’t Be Scammed

Internet scams are nothing new. The only difference with scams these days is that the scammers seem to have lost all semblance of shame and are resorting to all kinds of tactics to swindle people out of their hard-earned money.

This person’s scamming technique was about as smooth as a rusty cheese grater. Sure, we respect the hustle, but you’re not fooling anyone that quickly.

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