36+ Inspiring Posts That Call Out Toxic Work Culture


Remember when we used to take whatever garbage our bosses dished out? Well, not anymore. Workers are done putting up with nonsense and they’re shouting it from the rooftops.

We’ve gathered some of the juiciest stories from folks who’ve hit their limit and couldn’t care less who hears about it. Get ready for a ride through the tales of brave employees who’ve said, “Enough is enough,” and turned their backs on toxic work culture.

Zero Compassion

Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences we go through. It’s up to workplaces to be supportive and make sure their workers are cared for when they’re grieving.

Unfortunately, this heartless boss had the opposite idea and tried to force this employee to come in on their day off just a day after their dad passed away. Apparently, they don’t care about their own family members dying either. We’re sure this won’t be the last person to leave this toxic workplace.

Party Time

Some people hate being the center of attention and an office birthday party thrown in their honor is their worst nightmare. Socializing with your colleagues can be awkward at the best of times, let alone when you have anxiety.

We’re sure this workplace regrets ignoring their employee’s legitimate requests and then firing them on ridiculous grounds because now they’re $450K out of pocket. We think we know who’s having the party now.

Completely Confused

When you get let go from a job, it’s perfectly understandable to have some negative feelings towards your former employer. You’re now faced with unemployment, no income, and a stressful job search ahead.

Rather than letting this chef have a clean break, this employer had the gall to think that they still had the right to demand work from them, even after they’d been fired. Let’s hope that inventory was a real nightmare to sort out.

Home for the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for workplaces because, understandably, most workers want time off to spend with their families. While being short-staffed is difficult, there are ways you can make sure your employees feel valued when asking them to cover holiday shifts.

This employer didn’t get the memo that demanding a worker come in on Thanksgiving and Christmas, even after their vacation had been approved, wasn’t the right move. We’re happy to see this employee told them what’s what.

Secret Salaries

One of the most frustrating things about the job search is that so few companies will actually advertise the salary they’re offering. It often takes several interview stages to even discuss the subject of pay.

Let’s hope employers take notice of this billboard and start being upfront about salary, benefits, and other key information. It would save everyone so much time.

Big Oops

Sometimes workplaces can be too quick to try and erase employees who have quit, without acknowledging the valuable contribution they have made to the company.

Unfortunately, this boss was a little trigger-happy when it came to deleting someone’s email account and it looks like all meetings are canceled for the foreseeable future. We wonder how long it will take to remake that company calendar—we’re guessing a while.

Get the Picture

When most of the essential workforce is on strike, it shows that the problem is not with people being “too lazy” or unwilling to work, but that the issues lie within the system itself.

If we want a successful education system, functioning public transport, and effective healthcare, then we need to look after the people, not the one percent. It’s just an idea.


Tipping is already a broken system—if hospitality workers were paid a decent wage then there would be no need to pay an extra 20% on top of your regular bill. However, it is what it is, and most of us are happy to pay a little extra knowing it goes to a good place.

But this worker revealed that that’s not how things work in this cafe. The boss is taking their employee’s hard-earned tips for themself. Let’s hope this sign shames them into making a change.

Making Threats

Some bosses just don’t appreciate that their employees are human and can’t keep on working without a break. Yes, being short-staffed is a nightmare, but it doesn’t mean you can demand someone to work nine days on the trot.

This boss even had the cheek to threaten their exhausted employee with taking away their health insurance. The inhumanity is breathtaking and we’re not surprised that employees are quitting this workplace left and right.

On the Flipside

Many people believe that the reason why unemployment is high and folks are striking is that young people today are too lazy to put in a hard day’s work and are too proud to take menial jobs.

However, most people would be willing to do any work, so long as they are paid well. Yes, $350K for flipping burgers might be a bit extreme, but we’ll take enough to actually live off any day of the week.

Major Blooper

The older generation often thinks they know it all, and that the rest of us are just fragile snowflakes who don’t know the value of hard work. But the world is a very different place today from how it was when the older generation were entering the workforce.

This person tried to prove how well they understood the struggle and it turned out that all she was doing was proving how well she had it back in the day. Try working for minimum wage in today’s economy and then get back to us with your thoughts.

Some Reward

There are lots of ways companies can try to motivate their employees—good benefits, perks, professional development, and more. Inspirational quotes aren’t usually high on the list, and this one is definitely bottom of the pile.

Rewarding your employees with a heavier workload when they excel is definitely NOT a way to encourage people to work harder. We have a feeling a lot of people are going to be slacking after reading this sign on the way into the office.

Sorry Not Sorry

Losing a friend and coworker is always devastating. This company tried to make things a little easier on their employees by saying they recognized how difficult a time it was and promising they would give them time and space to grieve when they needed it.

Their intentions may have been good, but the execution was abominable. The mixed messages here are mind-boggling, and the threat of dismissal at the end is downright despicable. This management needs to do better.

Parting Gift

Being fired is never a pleasant experience. It’s typical to feel bitter, angry, and rejected, making it almost impossible to work as usual until your contract is officially terminated.

This billing officer decided not to waste her final two weeks in the office and worked hard to methodically undo all of the good work she had done for the company during her time there. What a thoughtful parting gift.

Back to Work

During the pandemic, many workplaces realized that actually, they could still get a lot done even when employees were working from home. These days, hybrid working is the norm, meaning employees can blend in-person and remote work to fit their schedules.

Some people, however, have decided that they don’t “believe” in the new way of doing things. Good luck to this manager—it sounds like he’ll be spending a lot of time alone in the office.

Time Management

Getting to work on time is a struggle for some people, while others have the morning commute down to a fine art. This person obviously falls into the latter camp, but their boss is still keen to chew them out for being late, even when they were a minute early.

Even if they were a couple of minutes late, what’s the big deal? This boss has too much time on their hands.

Money Talks

It’s not surprising that problems can arise when employees have access to the office bank account. Even when they’re making approved payments, their bosses can be quick to question where the money has gone.

This person had used the office account to pay for a conference, authorized by another senior, but that didn’t stop their boss from accusing them of embezzlement. Let’s hope Ivan has a good explanation, otherwise, this could get messy.

Pay For Each Hour

Whether you usually clock into work at 8am on the dot and leave at 5pm exactly, or you’re more flexible about the times you stop and start working, the usual agreement is that you’re paid for the amount of hours you’re on the clock. That means the time you spend at work.

A lunch break has to be worked into that somehow, that’s the law! All people want is to be compensated for the entirety of the time they’re working, people. Most of us aren’t doing that for free.

Don’t Fall For It

This Twitter user pointed out an uncomfortable truth about the Western world and almost 60,000 people agreed with him. When did we decide that working for most of our lives until we get to enjoy retirement was a good idea?

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to the fact that it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s hear it for a healthy work-life balance.

Now, That’s Entertainment

It often seems as though most CEOs are pretty out of touch with their workers. But what if they spent some time walking in their shoes?

We’d definitely watch this reality show and we have a feeling that the minimum wage would go up significantly after a bunch of CEOs spent three months eating ramen and struggling to make rent.


In a competitive market, companies have to do everything they can to incentivize their employees to continue working there. This company knew that a rival company was trying to poach their employees by offering them 20% more pay, and this was their response.

Sorry, but a few single-serve cereal boxes are not going to cut it. A few more empty gestures like this and we predict a mass exodus.


The lottery exists so that those of us in low-wage jobs can imagine a better life when we don’t have to constantly worry about making ends meet. Yes, we probably won’t win, but at least we can dream.

This awkward exchange shows just how out of touch this boss was with how much her employees actually make. If she doesn’t think $100,000 a year is enough to live on, how much is she getting paid?

The Truth

Picture this: two store workers quietly chatting while no customers were in the store. The next day, they come in to find this poster taped to the wall.

The “Work is not meant to be fun” underlined in red really did it for us, as did the dedicated snitching line. We have a feeling this store isn’t going to have employees for much longer.

Sick Days

We’d never really thought about this, but it’s true that the idea that taking a sick day is somehow wrong and bad is drilled into us from when we’re kids.

How about changing this culture and encouraging employees to take the time they need to recover when they’re unwell (and keep other employees safe from catching viruses while they’re at it)? Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

This Takes the Cake

When you’re really invested in your job, it usually means you’ll put up with worse conditions because you’re doing what you love and learning all the time. Unfortunately, this can also mean you get taken advantage of.

This tweet tells such a sad story. We only hope that this enthusiastic baker finds a new job in a bakery that really values her.

Not Worth It

When you really excel at work or make a lot of money for the company, it seems fair for senior management to reward you with a little bonus. But sometimes, this bonus can sting more than anything else.

A Subway gift card clearly doesn’t cut the mustard (pardon the pun), but at least Subway saw the funny side and weighed in on the conversation.

Skewed Logic

This Twitter user is telling it like it is. Andrea Junker pointed out that it’s always the low-income workers who are blamed for their lack of money, rather than the CEOs and their expensive habits who create the massive wage gap.

We’re pretty sure that even a kindergartener could figure out that it’s not paying for brunch that’s preventing people from making rent each month.

Bye Felicia

It seems like some companies will pay their employees as little as they can get away with and this ambulance company is no exception. They conveniently forgot to have the pay scale with them at the interview and they went on to underpay their most experienced employee during her time there.

We’re 100% behind this resignation letter and we hope the company takes stock and starts treating their paramedics better in the future.

Not in the Contract

Contracts mean that employees get a set number of hours, benefits, and more, however, they can also make them feel like they can’t speak up and set reasonable boundaries with their employers.

This independent contractor is really taking advantage of his freelance position and not putting up with any nonsense from this company. Lie-ins and speaking freely? Looks like he’s living the dream.

Big Brother is Watching

Someone spotted this chilling poster in a popular fast-food restaurant and it’s definitely making us think twice about where we buy our next burger from. Discussing your salary as grounds for suspension seems wildly unfair, and we have to wonder why they’ve written ‘pay’ in inverted commas.

We’re sending strength to any employees working under these toxic conditions. Let’s hope they can move onwards and upwards as soon as possible.

Clocking In

We all understand that stores have opening and closing hours, but when it’s 10:55 p.m. and you haven’t had a customer in over an hour, it seems reasonable to pack up a few minutes early.

Rather than speaking to their employees about this issue, this store decided to threaten to withhold employees’ paychecks to stop them from leaving early. We have a feeling employees might start clocking out forever with this kind of treatment.

Company Loyalty

Have you ever sneaked a taste of a grape or a cherry tomato when perusing the produce aisle? We have, but we always feel a little guilty about it. This guy decided to check with the produce guy to make sure he was allowed to take a sample, and the answer he got was more than a little alarming.

This answer does not speak well of the grocery store’s employment practices and the state of this guy’s mental health. Let’s hope he’s okay.

Big Win

Breaks are very important for us to rest and relax in between hours of focused work. You would hope that companies would recognize this and ensure that employees get adequate breaks throughout the day.

This company thought they were being generous with these 10-minute break coupons but they kind of missed the mark with the list of caveats. We happen to know that the recipient of this “prize” left their job soon after. No prizes for guessing why.

No More Burgers

This tweet sums up the state of employment discourse over the last 20 years, and honestly, it’s never been easier to see how we got where we are today and the sight ain’t pretty.

Look at it this way: if we don’t start paying people an adequate wage then burgers are going to be a thing of the past. No one wants that.

Salary Matters

We have a feeling that when Amrit Singh wrote this tweet, he was hoping for the opposite result. What this poll glaringly shows is that most people aren’t working to fulfill their dreams, they’re just there to get a salary.

Sorry Amrit but most of us can’t afford to pursue our dreams, we just want to feed our families and have a stable, happy life. Work culture is changing and we’re here for it.

Spilling the Beans

There seem to be a lot of people out there who have a lot to say about “unskilled workers” and think that they don’t deserve a proper wage. This Twitter user has pointed out that those are the people who usually have to buy a latte every morning.

Try being a barista for a day, making beautiful hearts with milk foam, working at top speed, and standing on your feet all day, and then call it “unskilled labor”. We’ll wait.


Broderick Hunter is yet another voice in the growing call for better work-life balance. The model and actor has reminded us that just because we have a gap in our schedule doesn’t mean it means we can be drafted in for yet more work.

Having free time to do self-care, see friends, and relax is sacred and that’s the truth. Let’s all fight to keep our free time free.

You Get What You Pay For

We all know that it’s hard to find enough staff to cover shifts, especially on the weekends. However, there are ways to make sure your shifts are staffed without demanding people come in on their day off.

This employee decided to get real with his boss and make it clear that he wasn’t coming in for a weekend shift on short notice without getting a higher hourly wage. We just hope the boss did the right thing.

All Ears

When your employer refuses to recognize your hard work with a raise, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little bitter and want to get your revenge.

We’re sure this boss will wait til after the shift next time they deny someone a raise after listening to screamo and heavy metal all day. We support the cause but we’d definitely be taking our coffee to go.

Artificial Intelligence

For years now, we’ve all been told that super-efficient worker robots are just waiting in the wings, ready to replace us if we demand a higher salary.

However, this Twitter user has pointed out that they don’t seem to be taking over any time soon, and in the meantime, companies are desperate for workers. Sounds like it’s time for a pay rise.

Just Brew It

People love to do the math to figure out how much we millennials are spending on so-called frivolous items and just how much we could be saving if we weren’t obsessed with iced coffee and avocado toast.

However, Erik Hoke is telling it like it is and reminding us that even if we didn’t enjoy our lives, we still wouldn’t have enough for a deposit. We may not be on the property ladder, but at least we can enjoy a nice coffee.

Nice One, Alex

This store probably thought they were naming and shaming Alex when they made this petty sign, but it seems to have had the opposite effect.

We’re sure most people who spot this print-out will just know that Alex had a justified reason for walking out and not hold it against him that it meant the store had to close. We wish we knew the full story, but we can imagine it.

Pushing Buttons

This classic meme just got the most accurate update we’ve ever seen. Companies need to realize that they can’t have it both ways, but they still continue to do both these things at the same time with zero shame.

Record profits should mean pay rises all around, not just for the people at the top. As soon as companies accept that, we guarantee that work culture will get a whole lot better for everyone.

Means to an End

There’s pressure when we’re at school to choose a career path and told that working our way to the top of a field will be what brings us joy and fulfillment.

But these days, it seems like people are waking up to the fact that for most people, this isn’t the case. Yes, work is important, but it’s not the be-all and end-all, and for the majority of us, it’s a means to an end.

Monday Blues

The cheek of some employers is breathtaking, and this email would certainly not have been a good start to the week first thing on a Monday morning.

It seems so basic that employees shouldn’t be expected to work over the weekend but seems like this boss still needs to be reminded. 28 minutes is a perfectly reasonable time to not reply to an email, and we hope the OP takes time to get a cup of coffee and take a deep breath before responding.

Riding the Storm

Sometimes, it’s good to see a reminder about the real state of the world we live in, and this quote puts it perfectly. People like to say we’re all in this together, but the truth is that the vast differences in our circumstances mean that we are forced to cope in very different ways.

Let’s hope that those with “yachts” take a good look at this and think about how they can help out those who are drowning. It’s not that hard.

Uh Oh

Some employers think they can treat employees however they like with no consequences. But people are starting to realize that this is a two-way street and their employers are not happy about it.

Let’s be real: it’s amazing to see workers becoming empowered to demand their rights and we are here for it. Let’s just hope the bosses start to embrace this sea change as well.

Insult and Injury

It’s good to have protocol pinned up to make sure workers know what to do in case of an injury. Unfortunately, this protocol only goes to show how little this company cares for its employees.

Clearly, they don’t want to fork out health insurance costs, but advising your employees NOT to go to the emergency room seems downright dangerous. The sad thing is that we’re not even shocked.

Time to Quit

This exchange really takes the biscuit. The employee was reprimanded for sitting down on shift, even though they packed things faster than anyone there. When they tried to defend themselves, their boss chewed them out for having a bad attitude.

It’s super satisfying to see that the employer was taken aback when they quit and desperately tried to backtrack. Sorry bud, you’ve just driven your best worker out of the company.

Keeping it Real

There are many reasons why we might covet the lifestyles of rich people, but Lauren here has hit the nail on the head. When we see influencers or celebs enjoying life, we’re not jealous of their pretty things, we’re jealous that they actually have time to enjoy them.

We wish everyone had time to pursue their interests, but sadly the reality is that this isn’t the case for the vast majority of people. Give us a four-day working week now, please!

Generation Gap

It’s ironic that the older generations love to call out the younger ones for being rude and lazy when the reality seems to be the other way around. You won’t catch most young people being rude to people in customer service, because chances are, they’re working a similar job.

Shout out to anyone dealing with angry and demanding older people every day—you deserve a gold medal (not to mention a raise).

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